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Frasi con contact (in inglese)

  1. I need to contact the.
  2. Not on my contact list.
  3. But the contact each of.
  4. The only type of contact.
  5. The contact was broken off.

  6. It made contact with his.
  7. We still keep in contact.
  8. It comes into contact with.
  9. But I’ll contact Mim to.
  10. Contact some of the covens.
  11. In fact, the only contact.
  12. Never tried to contact her.
  13. I will try to contact Mr.
  14. Also, have Trini contact Lt.
  15. You asked me to contact her.

  16. He did not make eye contact.
  17. I held eye contact with him.
  18. We need to make that contact.
  19. She‘d have to contact Jack.
  20. He shall probably contact you.
  21. Steve! He could contact Steve.
  22. I wanted the contact with him.
  23. His sister had barred contact.
  24. I have always been in contact.
  25. They both avoided eye contact.

  26. He made eye contact with her.
  27. She nodded without eye contact.
  28. Jimmy made eye contact with me.
  29. Roman broke eye contact with Mr.
  30. He will keep contact with the.
  31. Her eyes broke contact with his.
  32. My contact has a shaky lead.
  33. Instead, he would contact her.
  34. Always be in contact with your.
  35. He also needed to contact the.
  36. From their contact with pagan.
  37. Eye contact, a smile, thank you.
  38. We hold eye contact and listen.
  39. Later contact with Judean and.
  40. My contact details are on the.
  41. Contact with them is difficult.
  42. At first I avoided eye contact.
  43. We have contact with the truck.
  44. Ill contact you soon as I can.
  45. We’ve had no contact at all.
  46. Ill contact you in the morning.
  47. That was their first contact.
  48. I don’t have contact with him.
  49. She would contact us, when she.
  50. We will not be in contact again.
  51. Katrina's Contact with the Orbs.
  52. He realized he had to contact Dr.
  53. You cannot come in contact with.
  54. I have contact lenses for that.
  55. How much contact has AB had?’.
  56. Her next contact was Brian Carter.
  57. Avoid contact with corded phones.
  58. They’d stayed in contact since.
  59. I made more bodily contact with.
  60. And I can't contact engineering.
  61. They made eye contact and smiled.
  62. The water comes into contact with.
  63. We have little to no contact with.
  64. Katrina’s Contact with the Orbs.
  65. This contact may have information.
  66. I could contact Langdon for you.
  67. We can contact it through the MAV.
  68. Undine, contact Star Fleet Command.
  69. Contact us if anything transpires.
  70. That was the situation at contact.
  71. She and I were in regular contact.
  72. Always keep in contact with your.
  73. My contact should be in his office.
  74. Ford has lost contact with two of.
  75. For a moment, I missed the contact.
  76. Shit! He needed the contact number.
  77. The police have my contact info.
  78. The sponsor makes contact with you.
  79. Finally, he decided to contact her.
  80. He breaks the contact and stands up.
  81. To this day I am still in contact.
  82. The accountant did not contact him.
  83. It was unlike Carla to lose contact.
  84. It spreads by contact with the skin.
  85. He shrank from the physical contact.
  86. I've been in contact with your boss.
  87. She will contact with you very soon.
  88. In marketing you need to contact a.
  89. We have had no contact with any of.
  90. Contact Gomes and I will be in touch.
  91. Without any contact with each other.
  92. How will I contact you then?’’.
  93. She was afraid to break eye contact.
  94. He wouldn’t be able to contact me.
  95. In the Star Trek movie First Contact.
  96. He keeps in close contact with them.
  97. He pressed the button on the contact.
  98. I’ll contact you in the morning.
  99. He had tried to contact Wishy Wishart.
  100. When being in contact with esteemed.
  1. No way of contacting the father.
  2. I’m thinking of contacting her.
  3. We’ll be contacting you by mail.
  4. In contemplating contacting you, I.
  5. We will be contacting you later with.
  6. I took the liberty of contacting the C.
  7. It might be worth contacting them: once.
  8. After contacting experts who examined our.
  9. The inspector general will be contacting DD.
  10. Lucy was not concerned about him contacting any.
  11. Contacting a lawyer who will ask the difficult.
  12. Sookanan is contacting the station management.
  13. But you obviously have a way of contacting him.
  14. It would make contacting them out of the question.
  15. First order of business was contacting MacFarlane.
  16. Has anyone tried contacting the authorities?
  17. Contacting a guy she used to know was exactly.
  18. I resisted contacting but I had a place to go back to.
  19. We had no way of contacting when something went wrong.
  20. Contacting the websites that link to your competitors.
  21. I was waiting to hear from you before contacting them.
  22. Yes, you were correct in contacting us at this time.
  23. How about contacting landlords with For Rent ads in the.
  24. I planned on contacting Paul at the ‘Hustle Herald’.
  25. We've been having trouble contacting you, IWS Nighthawk.
  26. Contacting your customers and demonstrating that you are.
  27. I am contacting Hydro in the Plane of Order as we speak.
  28. He’d already done the worst duty, contacting next of kin.
  29. My brother and sister contacting me really shook me up, and.
  30. Thank you for contacting me, he said, and he hung up.
  31. Tomorrow I’ll start contacting my mates in other countries.
  32. After two days of contacting the listed people, I had drawn a.
  33. He had been contacting me for over a year, on a regular basis.
  34. The thing that scares me about them contacting me is that they.
  35. So I guess the reason they have been contacting me and my kids.
  36. When you are contacting a photographer, ask what camera they use.
  37. He’ll be contacting his boss, I think, speculated Taksin.
  38. But it is a good idea to back up those impressions by contacting.
  39. That would be just his luck, contacting some disease with all his.
  40. She was afraid of contacting him, but she knew she had to do it.
  41. Don’t let it change without contacting me, the man said firmly.
  42. Options include contacting local book shops to stock your books and/or.
  43. They also occur in adults after contacting sexually transmitted diseases.
  44. If that occurs, call LifeLock so we can help with contacting the credit.
  45. Don't delay in correcting your records and contacting all companies that.
  46. You need to know who the audience is on the show that you’re contacting.
  47. Contacting Bill Clayton now would not be a good idea, he was sure of that.
  48. At least I shouldn’t have any problems in contacting you if needed, Dad.
  49. Since I changed my email address, she could have a tough time contacting me.
  50. We also have the option of contacting a business and mentioning our concern.
  51. This can be easily overcome by contacting a local furniture rental store and.
  52. I also take account of the reasons you have given for not contacting me earlier.
  53. Our mutual friend has already informed me that you would be contacting me with.
  54. He put the sheet down and thought about contacting Deane, who was still in Oman.
  55. Sam will be contacting us when he has set up all my requirements said Carla.
  56. I just want you to consider the possibility that contacting Mac might help you.
  57. So what does he do? He tells the contacting person exactly what they want to hear.
  58. Don’t promise that you’ll call if you have no intention of contacting her again.
  59. Dahms had left the apartment three days ago with the intention of contacting Rogae X.
  60. Tadeo was still in her mind, but she had resisted checking her emails or contacting him.
  61. I’m contacting Admiral Sherman for permission to investigate the tender, Greg said.
  62. She was sure she had already spoken to many of them, but now she would be contacting them.
  63. My fellow wizards and I succeeded in contacting the Plane of Order in our time of need.
  64. Was she contacting something of that? Well of course, the communication system was ancient.
  65. Do not be in any way shy about contacting a psychologist or counsellor to help you in this.
  66. This can be a great way to maximize your time in contacting as well as following up on leads.
  67. It’s been said that he also attempted to discourage her from contacting the Giffords again.
  68. You can find out more about board and care facilities by contacting your Area Agency on Aging.
  69. He still had no money, no friends, and no close relatives that he felt comfortable contacting.
  70. After successfully contacting al-Mousta, Farah had been driven to the area where the missiles.
  71. Access to the corridor he has used for contacting his cohorts at the Station has been cut off.
  72. And be extra cautious when you begin contacting the rest of the volunteers, Paul interjected.
  73. After contacting the solicitor for what seemed the twentieth time, the final transaction took place.
  74. Freda had also remained in the resort of Cromer and so he felt more at ease in contacting her first.
  75. If you live in or near a larger city, you can find these shows by contacting the Chamber of Commerce.
  76. My nose was red and tender, so I thought about contacting my family doctor, or else my dermatologist.
  77. Be in Hanoi as directed on the sixth, same time, same place and I will be contacting you every day.
  78. Then the JV, oh that intimidating process of contacting the gurus to JV with you , then coupled with.
  79. At the time, I didn’t realize that this attempt at contacting a famous person would not be my last.
  80. She wanted to wait a bit before contacting the police, and then Roy Mack suggested that she come see.
  81. By contacting several allies of his, he had managed to have his brother admitted to the nearest facility.
  82. Mr Simmons left without leaving his phone number, not that John had any intention of contacting him again.
  83. When I talked about suppliers, they produced a list of new greener suppliers they said they were contacting.
  84. The interview process took me over six months, as I spent about 30 minutes each day contacting these sources.
  85. The friend who witnessed the abuse against Anna’s kitten blames herself for not contacting the authorities.
  86. Rather than keeping the lines of communication open, he started going as long as a week without contacting her.
  87. I had even tried contacting Detective Maguire but got nowhere with the trained receptionists in New Scotland Yard.
  88. And so we started contacting his fellow SEALs, veterans, friends, relatives, neighbors, and others to ask for help.
  89. I would however need to know first the exact year we are now before I could tell you who would be worth contacting.
  90. Has adequate consideration been given to the possibility of contacting hssswwx in any of these other locations?
  91. These ten names will serve as a starting point, because you will start contacting the easier influencers first.
  92. Dante, who was their driver, got out his radios and began contacting his various units, inside and outside the house.
  93. Pulling out his two-way radio he tried contacting his associate, then the chopper pilot, but both radios were off-air.
  94. How is she contacting me? I search for any icon I may have missed in the simulation, feel for a switch on the headset.
  95. She remembers flying a craft to the area where the Hopi Indian Reservation is now located and contacting the elders.
  96. A variation of this is to stamp down with the heel along the antagonist’s shin, contacting his foot with a sharp blow.
  97. That you have even thought of contacting me, but then shied away and took yet another route altogether and approached Freda.
  98. But he had no way of contacting her, until an idea suddenly came out of the blue and he slapped his fist into his open palm.
  99. No, because as soon as I’m off the phone with you, I’m contacting my cousin, and Nick will know exactly what to bring.
  100. He had no means of contacting the Stellar Cruisers that passed by the planet, now that the Link was smashed and his UPS gone.
  1. I would have contacted the.
  2. I Care can be contacted at:.
  3. I contacted these two women.
  4. You will be contacted by our.
  5. Walker contacted Ester for me.
  6. But luckily he had contacted M.
  7. They even contacted Star Fleet.
  8. Many humans have been contacted.
  9. I contacted the Specialty Drug.
  10. Not one academic once contacted.
  11. I can be contacted direct here:.
  12. One of our sources contacted us.
  13. Have you contacted him yet?
  14. I was even contacted by the woman.
  15. Roidon contacted the high commander.
  16. The lawyer must have contacted you.
  17. I contacted these companies with a.
  18. So I contacted QANTAS and arranged.
  19. I contacted Metatron for permission.
  20. He hasn't even contacted his parents.
  21. Creative Commons may be contacted at.
  22. He shook it off and contacted Jayden.
  23. James Hendersen was contacted by the.
  24. I contacted him and floated the idea.
  25. It cannot be contacted, unless there.
  26. BEE’s pushers, who had contacted him.
  27. And Clapping Hands has contacted me.
  28. Jeremy had contacted each of them to.
  29. Garcia contacted the New Constitution.
  30. Star Corps would have to be contacted.
  31. They each got contacted three or four.
  32. I straight away contacted my osteopath.
  33. When he contacted me two years ago he.
  34. I set schedules, contacted the workers.
  35. We would wait until they contacted us.
  36. The Marksons had contacted the Cypriot.
  37. Thats when I contacted our man in CSIS.
  38. Mr Lloyd, the London surgeon contacted D.
  39. Have you contacted your cousins yet?’.
  40. He thought she should have contacted him.
  41. One moment, he is contacted by Tithian.
  42. She can be contacted through her website:.
  43. Then, if he contacted me, to contact them.
  44. It was him: the man who had contacted her.
  45. Then they contacted Peter for instructions.
  46. Elena informs me that she has contacted Dr.
  47. I contacted the UAV team ‘Red’ in Offut.
  48. You will be contacted regarding collection.
  49. He had contacted the Professor at Medical.
  50. She contacted us today and said it was time.
  51. I have had visitors who actually contacted.
  52. I hadn’t contacted him at all, in fact I.
  53. I was contacted by a young lady in Singapore.
  54. The IRA… the IRA has just contacted us….
  55. Where I contacted more that 2000 Academics.
  56. They must be contacted and quotes extracted.
  57. So I contacted Larath and asked for his help.
  58. I contacted the property dealers of the city.
  59. I have contacted everyone, she concluded.
  60. She can be contacted at [email protected]
  61. That’s exactly why he was contacted first.
  62. Smith contacted me about thirty minutes ago.
  63. You've just contacted 1,000+ websites at once!.
  64. None the less, Voltak should be contacted and.
  65. Before he contacted me, I was going to call him.
  66. Adam never contacted anyone about the incident.
  67. They contacted me with demands for your release.
  68. My wife had already contacted someone to treat.
  69. Maybe I should have since he never contacted me.
  70. After that he rarely appeared or contacted them.
  71. Maurie Hopkins had not contacted them and they.
  72. Why has this aunt not contacted me herself?
  73. Actually, he first contacted our office in San.
  74. Trom has contacted you about selling your diner.
  75. I hadn't heard from Tom, nor had I contacted him.
  76. Exceptional Rent-A-Car in Charlotte was contacted.
  77. I even tried again but still no one contacted me.
  78. He secretly contacted his true love and put the.
  79. Have the girl’s family been contacted?
  80. I contacted them with hard evidence on the matter.
  81. Drasav had contacted them again, with another plea.
  82. He contacted the current Mars Council Chairman by.
  83. That‘s why none of them contacted you afterwards.
  84. They havent contacted me in the last twenty-four.
  85. Without delay Tanya contacted Julian over the radio.
  86. John reached the surface and immediately contacted.
  87. Then he contacted all of the employees, including.
  88. But how would he know if I contacted outside help?
  89. With nothing to lose Mikhail contacted the Dutchmen.
  90. In order to be considered and contacted for a phone.
  91. I contacted him and asked him to come here to help.
  92. You will be contacted at the time if you are needed.
  93. Relatives have been contacted and are in attendance.
  94. Tell me, Kris, how were you to be contacted?
  95. So I contacted Conrad, and several others I trusted.
  96. Those people that contacted you are not even people.
  97. Therefore, the superintendent contacted me and said.
  98. I was contacted a few years ago about a movie called.
  99. Turns out the other woman had contacted her the day.
  100. On Tuesday October 28, 2008, I was contacted by a Rev.
  1. I have a web of contacts, a.
  2. We have serious contacts in D.
  3. David made three more contacts.
  4. My contacts are all messed up.
  5. At first they were real contacts.
  6. I could see some of his contacts.
  7. This makes more validated contacts.
  8. Please, my phone, in the contacts.
  9. We have contacts in all those places.
  10. I have three contacts in this city.
  11. He even had contacts in the Thai and.
  12. If Brad and Lizzie have any contacts.
  13. That person had contacts who knew the.
  14. I’m going to take my contacts out.
  15. He had contacts who had agreed to help.
  16. The academics lacked my sort of contacts.
  17. Catch up with old contacts and friends.
  18. Most of my contacts are with Don Massimo.
  19. Unfortunately, the contacts on the list.
  20. He then phoned one of his contacts in St.
  21. And if you don’t have any contacts in.
  22. I always get asked about wearing contacts.
  23. Begin typing a name in your Contacts list.
  24. He could not match his eye contacts with me.
  25. All shoot-outs or contacts were unexpected.
  26. He inherited many of his contacts and went.
  27. He contacts the creator of the product and.
  28. What sort of contacts, exactly? she asked.
  29. Can you bypass the contacts on this slot?
  30. My contacts good, he continued with his.
  31. She found her phone and opened up her contacts.
  32. Jack contacts the other hunters over the radio.
  33. He had several contacts for new wells to be dug.
  34. Also, if Shadow contacts you, flag it with me.
  35. The most important contacts are the following:.
  36. Zachary, I have my contacts as you will know.
  38. But will you tell us if he contacts you?
  39. Contacts is a handy address book in your iPhone.
  40. It was his contacts with Hamas that led to the.
  41. Free gifts are attractive to contacts when they.
  42. He found Hal in his contacts list and cal ed him.
  43. Batistuta took off the contacts and handed them.
  44. We know that from the radio contacts that we had.
  45. He flicked through his contacts when a loud knock.
  46. I have some of the most amazing contacts on Facebook.
  47. Establish some contacts and build relationships in.
  48. By now, Alvin knew that these guys were his contacts.
  49. I was not a mafia don but I had my share of contacts.
  50. I searched through her contacts until I found Felton.
  51. Tony called all his contacts and decided to be creative.
  52. As long as the sun is down, I won’t wear the contacts.
  53. Until the captain contacts us on the radio with orders.
  54. Knowledge of the local environment, local contacts and.
  55. Knowledge of the local environment, local contacts, and.
  56. You have 250 Facebook contacts and 300 LinkedIn contacts.
  57. Colling maintained his contacts with the German community.
  58. He tapped Jane’s entry in his contacts list and paused.
  59. She still needed to make some contacts in that direction.
  60. Building solid relationships with some of those contacts.
  61. We have to use the contacts in government that we have.
  62. He turned on the phone and started to browse the contacts.
  63. After I got my contacts in, I stared at the outfit she’d.
  64. He went to the contacts screen and entered his information.
  65. Palestinians, you have the contacts, put the story to them.
  66. I asked my contacts in Istanbul to find out more about him.
  67. Contacts in Congress revealed total chaos behind the scenes.
  68. The FaceTime screen will appear with some of your contacts.
  69. The most important contacts I observed are the following:.
  70. I have contacts in the western agencies, I’m a useful man.
  71. I sat on my bed and stared at the number in my contacts list.
  72. I have no contacts anywhere near you for a hundred miles.
  73. I had contacts in the police and occasionally supplied them.
  74. The detention cells were isolated from all outside contacts.
  75. He relied only on intelligence from contacts he made at sea.
  76. Already got me on her contacts list, interesting, he thought.
  77. He had been so out of sorts the past few weeks, his contacts.
  78. The learning continues as we keep up contacts, he says.
  79. Maybe it was the contacts you made for her to get counseling.
  80. His tone was decidedly grim as he said, You wear contacts.
  81. Elvira here has contacts with a lotta high hats around town.
  82. I was thinking, with your contacts, you could get me out of it.
  83. From the Mail, Contacts, Calendars settings, tap Fetch New Data.
  84. Though my contacts with him were occasional, they had a profound.
  85. Simply enter the information for each of your contacts that are.
  86. Then, why is he sharing his contacts and chances with you?
  87. Our contacts with our colony are effectively quite infrequent.
  88. I will get in touch with my contacts and see what we can dig up.
  89. This woman seemed to have contacts deep within the criminal world.
  90. I have a contact in Canada who has contacts in the Soviet Union.
  91. She extends her arm into the space beside her but contacts nothing.
  92. More than half his contacts were women with only their first names.
  93. It takes years for a reporter to build his contacts and his worth.
  94. He reached into his pocket and brought out his case for his contacts.
  95. I’ve never worked in the City and don’t have any contacts there.
  96. My plan was to allow young Danton to proceed and track his contacts.
  97. The King said he intended to discuss his series of contacts with Mrs.
  98. At the top of the App Switcher are your favorite and recent contacts.
  99. Social contacts (and your overall likeability) boost the bottom line.
  100. Shoot-outs or contacts in SAP COIN terminology were nothing new to us.

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