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    1. Mike Biggs may have been a bit obnoxious to me the last time we spoke but at least he was professional and adhered to police procedure

    2. It is not unpalatable and is adhered

    3. One says that Constantine adhered to

    4. Each country had its own way of counting the years, for a King was likely to declare his ascension to the throne as Year 1, or some great battle as the start of the calendar, but even these year numbers were not strictly adhered to, and even the King’s court in various lands would get confused on the year

    5. With the Temporal Directive once adhered to more rigorously than the Bible to a priest, the question of even speaking to a human – much less risking any influence or interference – would have been beyond the pale

    6. I adhered to none of them; I just focused on staying in the boat

    7. I could sense he was annoyed that Dena had not adhered to his warnings from the beginning

    8. The Boy Scouts of America have traditionally adhered to and instilled principles and values in keeping with its (own) stated mission

    9. I’ve also heard it said that Thais never take the last bite from the serving bowl but I’m not so sure that custom is adhered to rigidly

    10. “The discussions at the Nicene Council (AD 325) revealed the fact that there were three parties present: the Strict Arians, the Semi-Arians and the Alexander-Athanasian party…The latter party, with the help of Constantine and the Western bishops secured the adoption of [the] creed…The sons of Constantine continued to favor the Semi-Arian party, which included a large majority of the Eastern bishops, but the Western Churches generally adhered to the Nicene creed…The distracted condition of the Orient, due to the war with Persia, and the demoralized state of many of the bishoprics under Arian leadership made it relatively easy for Theodosius the Great to espouse and support the Nicene party…Arianism was soon suppressed within the empire, but it continued for a long time to prevail among the Barbarians” (Encyc

    1. where the plaster still adheres to exposed rib lathes

    2. What could be more simple then John 3: 16? As long as one adheres to this verse,

    3. What could be more simple then John 3: 16? As long as one adheres to

    4. This adheres the sheets to the barrel

    5. Put another sheet phyllo over cheese, pressing firmly so that it adheres to bottom layer

    6. While classical Aristotelian logic adheres to the law of non-contradiction, superposed logic transcends it

    7. In fact, the true believer completely adheres to execute Al’lah’s Orders, for Al’lah says: “Believers, be true to your obligations

    8. But how long she adheres in her decision; then one day her old mother insisted her to get married as soon as possible

    9. notes an exceptionally cultivated man who adheres scrupulously to

    10. which adheres to the body alone as if it were the whole truth, and

    1. Even the hospital has to adhere to the officials

    2. supposed to cross did in fact adhere to the rules

    3. "Adhere to our orders

    4. That’s when it’s most important we adhere to them

    5. ‘You still adhere to that doctrine … even unofficially?’

    6. How would he have known that the Bible, as we have it today, would one day exist? How could he predict what would happen in the future and know the numerical requirements, which he would have to adhere to, for including codes about the future into his writing? Every single letter in the Bible fits perfectly into a masterfully designed, fully integrated compilation that can only serve its intended purpose, if each individual letter is in its intended designed position and remained there over millennia

    7. Lift out of syrup, turning to allow drips to adhere to apple

    8. With his lavishly plumed helmet held under one arm, he asked the general directly, who was still sitting down in his chair, too flabbergasted to adhere to protocol and pay proper respect:

    9. Who will adhere to him that abandons himself!

    10. “Ok,” persisted Michelle, “but what about cases where something unanticipated happens after an election? What if the Party in charge can’t adhere to its promised spending level, but can only try to do that? Like the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a big earthquake in California, a war, or maybe even a deep recession?”

    1. toward not adhering to it? Who is it that holds the “responsibility to make

    2. As Samuel signed for the check, Harry rose and in a calculated impulse, placed the respective contracts before each of the gentlemen who quickly accepted and signed them; Harry returned them to the document pouch nestled under his arm as calmly as if adhering to the script of a play

    3. Those young people not adhering to the statutes herein set forth shall be assigned employment at reasonable rates of hire at the discretion of this Council

    4. thank you for adhering to protocols, it is reassuring to know you are at our sides heart and soul

    5. of course, by adhering to a strict ethical code

    6. France was somewhat more subtle about adhering to the laws but

    7. I’d lost control over the rapidly changing state of things though, so adhering to the age old principle of going with the flow, I shot a glancing, pretentiously mildly indifferent look at the both of them before saying even as I stepped inside:

    8. Adhering to that tradi-

    9. occasion” monitors were “not adhering to the legal requirements” of the

    10. A series of laws was promulgated throughout the century to punish Jews for adhering to their faith…and to take away their children from them in order to educate them in true Christian homes

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    adhere in English

    obey conform heed follow observe hang cling to cohere hold fasten attach cleave

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    adhere cleave cling cohere stick bind bond hold fast stick to stand by stick by obey conform heed follow observe hang cling to hold fasten attach