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Frasi con convert (in inglese)

1. The Zeal of the Convert.
2. But I wasn't an easy convert.
3. Work out how you’d convert.
4. Some functions will convert all.
5. I think that she wants to convert.
6. We convert manuscripts to e-books.
7. Pocock quickly became a convert.
8. Convert to a coin-operated laundry.
9. Learn to transmute and convert it.
10. A new Convert? askt the Maid.
11. To convert them using R, we enter.
12. We may teach, but we cannot convert.
13. Hence we need to convert this char.
14. I started taking classes to convert.
15. I was a convert on someones scorecard.
16. Isa will cause many to convert to Islam.
17. Convert text into HTML with one click:.
18. He is our first convert in this country.
19. Mako rivers to convert it to electricity.
20. Uriah could have been either a convert.
21. However, know that it will not convert.
22. I know that you cannot convert your child.
23. Your job is to convert those calls into.
24. Caliphate was to convert the entire world.
25. That's no way to convert sinners, cook!.
26. As the price moves over 73, convert to a $1.
27. It primarily function is to convert fat to.
28. This was the standard model used to convert.
29. To convert nutrients to energy we need oxygen.
30. Thomas told the rabbi of his desire to convert.
31. In order to convert a merchant steamer into a.
33. Yes, I can convert it to pounds per cubic foot.
34. Although many companies will convert short-term.
35. The disciples used this doctrine to convert Jews.
36. I think he thinks I might turn, you know, convert.
37. He gave it to the Garden when he became a convert.
38. But why convert to blank verse, when it has always.
39. Even the efforts to convert extrapolated data from.
40. This helped to convert even more matter into pure.
41. Nebulizers are devices which convert for inhalation.
42. Redact an action plan: convert options into actions.
43. The next step is to convert that cart into an order.
44. You are not going to convert every prospect into a.
45. It took 30 years for Carey to win a convert in India.
46. This forces them to convert the number shown on the.
47. You need to be able to convert the traffic into orders.
48. You are about to convert your first lot of audio files.
49. Bergson, along with his convert, entered politics and.
50. The sugars convert directly to fat, because the body.
51. They tried a little to convert me to their faith; as.
52. Platinum was used within a dragon’s body to convert.
53. If spitting into a mouth could convert only one Hindu.
54. If anything, it gave Stallman new followers to convert.
55. Vitamin C is needed to convert cholesterol to bile acids.
56. Then why can’t you create a machine to convert radio.
57. Convert the tested field (say invoice number) to numeric.
58. Guess he was a convert, and buying into the story of Jimmy.
59. The barn loft was easy enough to convert into an apartment.
60. How to convert my options in real actions? What is required.
61. Yet, she adds with the fervent faith of a recent convert.
62. OBSERVED=TOTAL option, CONVERT statement (EXPAND) 207–212.
63. The CONVERT statement identifies the variable(s) to convert.
64. ChartAt(n);This function/method is used to convert all USAGE:.
65. That is, how to convert sex energy retained in the body into.
66. I understand she has been able to convert others to her cause.
67. They can still convert into relationships and eventually leads.
68. Cash is what we all hope to convert the gold into at some point.
69. I’m sorry I didn’t convert these dimensions to feet for you.
70. There is a way to convert more cheaply by using the DLR and DRL.
71. So, he decided to use Perl to convert email logs into web pages.
72. Convert the file to Windows/DOS format with the unix2dos command.
73. Q: All the attention I got was an attempt to convert me to their.
74. After this invitation to Islam, many refused to convert to.
75. There is no need to convert them, for there is no need to convert.
76. To remember 7, convert it into its word equivalent which is key.
77. If you don’t think taxes will be higher, you shouldn’t convert.
78. Elena, her voice turning grave: I shall convert you all into shadows.
79. He paused only briefly at the money-changer’s tent to convert the.
80. We received one new convert, and others are seeking the way of life.
81. It was one of the reasons she had chosen to convert to Christianity.
82. If you load up on carbohydrates, your body will convert it into the.
83. The above trigger will help to convert upper case characters for of.
84. LATENT HEAT is the amount of heat required to CONVERT one unit mass.
85. Ultimately you will want to convert this list into paying customers.
86. This means that you need to convert your DVD movies in to MP4 format.
87. When you convert the milliliters to ounces, that’s 74–111 ounces.
88. I've never had a product that has been so easy to promote and convert.
89. Convert your money into the currency of the country you are visiting.
90. I do not feel a great need to force people of other faiths to convert.
91. There is a cost to convert your Canadian dollars: TD charges roughly 1.
92. In that case you will have to convert it to the corresponding SAS value.
93. During this time Owen did his best to convert the other men to his views.
94. Additionally, these companies may only convert currency in one direction.
95. Once you’ve set all that up, you can convert all of that HTML code into.
96. ANNUALIZED VOLATILITY - Often, we need to convert data without having the.
97. And, the more likely you are to convert their friends into your prospects.
98. Google Inflation Calculator to convert these to current day dollars.
99. Sometimes, you need to convert a string to integer, then you can use the.
100. It’ll take years to convert every suitable human to the Primagnon force.
1. The one I'm converting ter run on gas.
2. Converting that traffic to orders for.
3. He began to consider converting to Judaism.
4. The Spanish who were intent on converting.
5. The law of the Lord is , converting the : the.
6. The trick was converting without sinking his barge.
7. Test until you are sure you have the best converting.
8. I am not convinced of the good of converting something.
10. They put the onus of proof and converting onto the cosmos.
11. What will I gain by converting to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?
12. What will I lose by converting to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?
13. E) Tips for Converting Audiences into Your Confined Spectators.
14. Bouddha went into its den and succeeded in converting the dragon.
15. The best converting squeeze pages are usually pure white templates.
16. This prospect of converting votes was a dangerous distraction to Mr.
17. Most minutes played without converting a free throw in a season.
18. It harmonizes two essential bodily functions: converting food into.
19. Pa began converting the numbers of alphabet positions into two rows.
20. This is a high converting method but it is still underused at this.
21. This was one of the problems associated with converting a merchant.
22. Let us assume that the universe is converting matter into energy at.
23. The Hassle of Converting Dollars (or Other Currencies) into Bitcoins.
24. He was very much against converting anyone from his/her own religion.
25. You can see which sources of traffic are converting to customers and.
26. The universe is basically a giant factory for converting matter into.
27. Little progress had been made converting the atmosphere on the surface.
28. This power is the actual process of converting our thoughts into reality.
29. In this case, you'd be converting a Chapter 13 bankruptcy to a Chapter 7.
30. I can count ticks, but my mind stops before converting them into dollars.
31. Promoting your newsletter, finding prospective buyers and converting these.
32. And so it was that Patrick and Declan became very busy converting the second.
33. They created a high converting online based multi-step screening, interview.
34. It helps to reduce tension of the nervous system as a resulting of converting.
35. Chapter 3: Converting Dates and Times into SAS Date, Time, and Datetime Values.
36. The time pressure mixed with an attractive offer results in OTO’s converting.
37. Chapter 3: Converting Dates and Times into SAS Date, Time, and Datetime Values 3.
38. Converting to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy could be the equivalent of two atomic bombs.
39. This does not mean that Paul was saying that converting was the only sin that was.
40. Bahkmar knew that the chance of many natives converting voluntarily was quite slim.
41. If you start thinking about the fruits then you are converting this energy into a.
42. Presuming that you aren’t overdoing it, your body will begin converting food into.
43. Now that we have defined the grammar, we can move on to converting it to actual code.
44. This signifies that the datetime is the end of the interval that you are converting.
45. Best fix: Find the correct informat that fits the character string you're converting.
46. Converting a traditional IRA or 401(k) to a Roth IRA has significant tax consequences.
47. It harmonizes two essential bodily functions: converting food into cells/tissues, and.
48. Going live with your new system is the process of converting from your old ways - old.
49. This signifies that the datetime is the start of the interval that you are converting.
50. It calculates which page is converting best and shows you the results in clear reports.
51. Most affiliates and JV partners will happily promote a sales letter converting at 5%!.
52. By showing that converting the 58,000 Lire into dollars would give each man about $242.
53. PROC EXPAND can also be used to interpolate missing values without converting frequencies.
54. This record type performs the primary function of the DNS, converting names to addresses.
55. As long as the ad is converting enough of this paid traffic to leads or sales (depending.
56. They started giving grants for converting to recyclables, so all the soil was trucked out.
57. That could be a great feature except this involves converting that four wheeler from snow.
58. If there are Pay Per Lead Offers in the niche, then you may have an easier time converting.
59. Are you thinking about converting that freshwater aquarium into a saltwater aquarium? We'll.
60. That first week of having that list you want to promote your highest converting thing, do a.
61. He ceased practicing Judaism and tried to prevent two Christians from converting to Judaism.
62. The pious purpose of converting them to Christianity sanctified the injustice of the project.
63. It is nothing but converting an analogue or digital image into a form or shape that conforms.
64. These are the things I'd consider if I was thinking about converting to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy:.
65. Whole new ways of converting to binary and getting it written somewhere would have to be devised.
66. Foreign companies have been helped in recent years when converting their local currencies into U.
67. The privilege of converting is sometimes not operative immediately upon issuance of the obligation.
68. The power of the Void transformed the stolen life-force, converting it to equal parts annihilation.
69. I’m converting a stimulus [stress] that could be strengthening people into a source of disease.
70. To eat the bread and drink the wine is not the way to obtain forgiveness of sins or converting grace.
71. Vitamin C is actually one of the substances, which can help your body in converting fats into energy.
72. The expertise gained from that industry alone would help facilitate converting to weapons development.
73. Antioxidants found in multivitamins keep nitrates and nitrites from converting into those carcinogens.
74. They extended it last year – converting an old barn to incorporate a small pool and some massage rooms.
75. The second method interpolates missing values in a time series without converting the observation frequency.
76. Optionz Traderz: In my opinion, Theta is the most important concept to understand when converting to options.
77. Start by taking your height, converting it to inches, converting that number to kilometers, converting it back.
78. Max instructed each bank to isolate the bulk of each account by converting to cash and holding it in their vault.
79. Extra shielding now encircles the huge engine while robots work furiously converting the starship into a warship.
80. She was eager to see how difficult or easy it was going to be converting their gold objects into cold, hard cash.
81. Though it was some work and effort67, Norbert’s gambit is usually worthwhile for converting amounts this large.
82. What do you think are the main variables to consider in converting my trend trading system over to using options?
83. And although it saved them an expensive mortgage, they had to fund the cost of converting it into two separate flats.
84. It breaks down the various organic matter, converting it into compost while giving off heat and steam in the process.
85. Jasra had broken my same hind leg as a Dragon but converting to my regular size had healed that injury without a trace.
86. But with each incremental increase in performance comes a lowering of the efficiency of converting the fuel to motion.
87. The process of converting and adding your music to iTunes may take several minutes, depending on how big your library is.
88. Collecting foreign dividends is typically delayed and subject to hefty commissions for converting dividends into dollars.
89. But it was also in a great part because of the difficulty of converting it into a form in which it could become available.
90. Geir had even expressed interest in converting when he had visited last month, which had Unni smiling and Brander gawking.
91. The nano-constructors had finished their build, finally converting base elements into quantum processors: the device’s brain.
92. We contacted a garage that dealt with cars from the VW family and asked about the cost of importing and converting a Skoda Octavia.
93. Jock makes his legitimate money by buying up failing farms, selling off the land and converting house and barns into holiday homes.
94. These formats work by converting a SAS date, time, or datetime value to that of the specified locale and then formatting the result.
95. Although these 12 bits are incremented as a single unit, when converting the binary values to decimals, you treat each quad separately.
96. Many chose to deal with bigotry by converting to Protestant faiths, calling themselves Scotch-Irish, and then hiding their Irish ancestry.
97. Also, even if you have cash in one currency (CAD), if you buy in another one (USD) you may end up taking out a loan rather than converting.
98. And, of course, once the thaw sets in, we’ll be able to begin expanding and converting Saint Kylmahn’s and the other northern foundries.
99. I will need the pilots and ground support crews of your wing to show up in about two months in Muroc, to start converting on their new aircraft.
100. The WEEK algorithms calculate dates differently, so it is critical that you use the correct algorithm for the week value that you are converting.
1. He hath converted my soul.
2. He converted a long time ago.
3. No, no I haven't converted.
4. If converted to % ,it is 9900 %.
5. Maybe it can be converted into.
6. It all gets converted into sugar.
7. He must show that he's converted.
8. This book was converted to LIT by.
9. These values are converted to colors.
10. It cannot be converted back into milk.
11. The half converted "church fathers,".
12. Converted to digital odds this would be 20.
13. The couch along the wall converted into a.
14. John the Baptist, if she were not converted.
15. He had almost converted the high security.
16. Such folks might be converted to her cause.
17. Gillenormand, had been converted into rags.
18. We never converted it when we needed money.
19. I think she was converted to our faith and.
20. As long as he stays converted, of course.
21. Saint Patrick converted him to Christianity.
22. The thief on the cross was converted right.
23. If I converted my money to Wocu, where could.
24. Kathy had converted the attic into three rooms.
25. A side room was converted to an office and it.
26. Sky's probably converted some of the clarinets.
27. The Lynx converted 41 of 59 field goal attempts.
28. She lives in that converted church, just there.
29. I have a right as Samual`s mate to be converted.
31. Our husbands converted to the Swordsman church.
32. Now, if Saul could be converted, why not Salome?
33. Seldom indeed are men converted when they are old.
34. Studio ships are generally converted freighters.
35. Most field goals converted of 50 yards or more.
36. Farebrother, almost converted by Dorothea's ardor.
37. In early autumn, berries are converted into fruit.
38. Chen already had a fire going, and soon converted.
39. The values of ASTM A-148 have been converted to MPa.
40. His dad had that converted into an elegant sunroom.
41. Sprug and converted to a theocracy, and it will go.
42. Wong Min was converted at Sacramento, in this State.
43. The dining hall had been converted into an infirmary.
44. Have you converted to one though? I hear you singing.
45. This simply means that he was converted by the truth.
46. It had been converted into a hostel but remained bleak.
47. Anzani's nephews converted the business into a company.
48. Can weeds be converted into wheat, or wheat into weeds?
49. She’d been a missionary and converted him to her faith.
50. The town’s ‘Old Cinema’ had been converted into a.
51. Complex carbohydrates are broken down and converted into.
52. Oh, he’ll stay converted, Sharleyan reassured him.
53. Imams made sure they had all been converted to the faith.
54. There are more being converted and saved than we suppose.
55. In our universe much of the matter is converted into the.
56. The old converted fishing boat sat motionless in the rain.
57. The converted balance sheet initially looks like Table 13.
58. Content converted to a PDF file and then sent to a printer.
59. The correlation value for each lag is converted to a color.
60. The half converted "church fathers," looking for a way to.
61. It was a small storeroom that was converted into a bedroom.
62. God Boy was still accepting his newly converted friend’s.
63. The trash of the fish house will be converted to fertilizer.
64. I hope to see the chief converted before a very great while.
65. Nitrites are converted to nitrates during the cycling process.
66. But that couldn’t happen because Paul was converted in 37 A.
67. Your trade will be converted to the currency of your account.
68. We also had a press that converted crumb rubber into outdoor.
69. The primordial nature of matter (Ashtdha) is converted into.
71. Have they who have been converted, we may ask, gained dharm?
72. There may be some old woman at Thornton Lacey to be converted.
73. Muslims in India were originally Hindus who converted to Islam.
74. He says he has been converted since he was ninety years of age.
75. Thus 29 billion shares of Citigroup were converted into just 2.
76. They are the only lenders lenient toward converted bankruptcies.
77. As a result, premium value has to be converted to dollar values.
78. Greek and Hebrew characters have been converted to HTML entities.
79. As matter was converted into energy, the universe was forced to.
80. The closet was hurriedly framed in when the house was converted.
82. But most of it is converted into the curving of space itself and.
83. Furthermore, it could not be converted to a federal cruiser either.
84. He was converted in 1872, and at once gave himself to the ministry.
85. Once the text has been converted it will be sent to you via email.
86. When the energy is converted to the curving of space itself, this.
87. Beta carotene is water-soluble and it can be converted to vitamin A.
88. Matter can easily be converted into pure energy but energy that is.
89. The hustle of a major train station converted into geriatric peace.
90. That was in addition to any locals that might somehow be converted.
91. We were filming that evening in a converted garage that Charlie’s.
92. If you aren't active, those sugars are converted into fat cells to.
93. Sonosh burst into flames, just like Lina, and he converted into ash.
94. I walked towards the house, a converted Victorian Mansion, in which.
95. U – without having the money get automatically converted back to CAD.
96. HMS Campbeltown, once the USS Buchanan, was converted for this purpose.
97. This means it can not be stored in the liver but it can be converted.
98. The college was still housed in the same converted junior high school.
99. The energy in the room converted from expectant to awkward dissonance.
100. Evidently he had been converted, going by his manners to every one of.
1. And if a Muslim converts to.
2. Espeak converts text to speech.
3. Those who wanted to make converts.
4. Let him know that he who converts.
5. A few converts have won some minor.
6. Refusal of the summons converts the.
7. This function/method converts all the.
8. The average product converts at about 2%.
9. Converts that had been in idol worship.
10. God converts his body into His own abode.
11. Converts the fear in people into profit.
12. Converts Added to the Church—Death of Mrs.
13. Thus, converts zig when most bonds zag.
14. Its friendship converts us and transforms us.
15. Christ a longer time than more recent converts.
16. But they were not able to win many new converts.
17. The Holy Spirit will guide converts into all truth.
18. They lived in a dispensation where converts were.
19. Search It! converts you into a business power-surfer.
20. Among their early converts were Stephen and Barnabas.
21. It converts the text and content that you will write.
22. LOWER ( )  converts every letter in a string to lower.
23. Here are some tps to write Honest Reviews that converts:.
24. These were called Conversos or Converts, but also.
25. The besieged man, alas! converts everything into a weapon.
26. Attracts Converts by the Thousands, Drawn Before and After.
27. The converts received the Holy Spirit after repentance and.
28. Most converts were previously Christians; the Jews resisted.
29. The Muslim overlords exerted subtle pressure to gain converts.
30. Ski Instructors, and even a few DownHill Skiing Converts Saved.
31. Fortune converts everything to the advantage of her favorites.
32. Her prophets and priests range the land looking for new converts.
33. He fed us the names of the converts and when they got out so we.
34. Paul’s converts did not have to travel to Jerusalem for the feasts.
35. Much of Paul’s ministry was conducted in the homes of his converts.
36. Jesus Christ Himself was more interested in disciples than converts.
37. Perhaps that saying was true as well: In a crisis, everyone converts.
38. Islam has always made converts by force and Jihad, this has been the.
39. Both the guys, by now, were total converts, at least here in Salado.
40. Peter and the disciples still forced converts to practice circumcision.
41. York Times about the thousands of converts to Islam after 9-11:.
42. In spring some of the starch converts into sugar to sustain new growth.
43. Linz, can you spell him something that follows when he converts?
44. One of the reasons that new converts to Christianity love Jesus so much.
45. It determines what combination of offer and creative converts more sales.
46. The second step is when this bacteria converts the nitrIte into nitrAte.
47. Converts an Excel date / time serial number to the day of a month EDATE.
48. A: 5-HTP may reduce sex drive in males, because it converts into serotonin.
49. It's better to have one lander that converts really well instead of dozens.
50. In 1861, there were reported to be 1,500 converts as the result of his labors.
51. There were some Jews to whom this did NOT apply, namely the Jewish converts to.
52. IT IS now a normal thing to see many new converts in Iranian House Churches.
53. In fact, many experts would argue that it converts much better than links from.
54. Jesus wanted converts to enjoy the liberty of freely worshipping Him without the.
55. No longer in bondage by the myriad laws of Moses, Paul’s converts were assured.
56. He never spoke without auditors, and rarely without making converts to his opinions.
57. Let him know that he who converts a sinner from the error of his way shall save a.
58. It appears that, once our brain converts the wave frequencies from ‗The Field,‘.
59. Apparently, once our brain converts the wave frequencies from The Field, it projects.
60. To review a very significant point, the converts at the house of Cornelius skipped the.
61. And they (Peter’s converts), continuing daily with one accord in the temple….
62. Six months of boredom follow while Grailem converts hundreds of thousands of microchip's.
63. Many underground Churches still have an abundance of converts and new Christians joining.
64. They could not reconcile the fact that the converts received the gift of the Holy Spirit.
65. This converts into setting more goals and the cycle continues, this is called being in a.
66. The additions of hundreds of converts a few months previously in 1904 were to his church.
67. What converts even higher than webinars and teleseminars, is one-on-one phone selling, so.
68. If the reason anyone converts is because of a fear of Hell, his or her conversion is just.
69. The book of Matthew was written for Jewish converts, which, as Smith’s Bible Dictionary.
70. Additionally, Paul had to convince some elders who insisted that Paul’s converts must be.
71. It fills the first-comer with the force of events; it converts everything into projectiles.
72. The Field, collapses the wave function and converts them into particles to create physical.
73. Gymnast converts text files to Adobe Acrobat PDF format without the need for any additional.
74. It is important to realize that Gentile converts were former pagans who had served Greek and.
75. The impact of this news on the twelve disciples, as well as on their converts, would have been.
76. The former consists of shavings from old documents, and the latter of birdlime for new converts.
77. Their converts among the native races were even more naturally welcomed, as friends and brothers.
78. Two of the pupils of Rodan arrived in Jerusalem and made many converts from among the Hellenists.
79. This sheath, when properly grounded, converts ambient noise into a current, just like an antenna.
80. The sect proved to be surprisingly popular at first, attracting converts from all over the country.
81. Christian believers, some of the Jews wanted to enforce circumcisions on all new male converts, but.
82. I think Jason's only converts are those that are forced, or those that are seduced by the use of force.
83. This is a religion which does not seek new followers by natural means but makes converts with the sword.
84. The example shown in the following screenshot converts a virtual switch named WA to an internal switch:.
85. The function ultimately returns the datetime value in seconds and the formatted value converts the result.
86. It is the fermentation process that converts energy to the plants as readily available sugars, and minerals.
87. This father was one of the first group of Chinese converts whom it was my privilege to receive to the church.
88. Mixing milk/cheese/yoghurt with legumes, lintels, pulses and cereals converts the protein quality considerably.
89. The most important transaction of social life, he who is the idealist philosopher converts into the most brutal.
90. A Christian converts who went to rescue a young woman from the dragon, either a Palestinian or Egyptian soldier.
91. This means that when your card converts to an unsecured card, you will get a check for more than you started with.
92. In the Book of Acts, arguably over 25,000 new converts occurred within the first year of the history of the Church.
93. The wind causes the twenty-five by twenty-five foot structure to wobble, which converts this energy into electricity.
94. As for not being devout, that was about the story of half of the converts in this country, starting with Lord Harunobu.
95. The spread of Christianity became bastardized from a self-help dynamic; into a venal, preying upon gullible, rich converts.
96. Even more amazing, he came up with an EEG headset that converts electronic brainwaves into Bluetooth signals that control it.
97. L-phenylalanine is another amino acid that converts to mood-affecting substances (including phenylethylamine and norepinephrine).
98. Think of your site as an interactive brochure that speaks with different groups and converts visitors into prospects and customers.
99. Some converts undoubtedly are persuaded, but the masses are neither convinced, nor alarmed, nor won by a 'love that passes knowledge.
100. Lacking acceptance by mainstream Judaism following the death of Jesus, Christians had set out to attract converts wherever they could.

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