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Frasi con commute (in inglese)

1. Save gas Try and commute.
2. It must be a long commute.
3. But a fair commute to Penrith.
4. Now I call them my commute buddies.
5. It costs a fortune to commute to work.
6. That's quite a commute from here though.
7. It’s how the fucking mole-men commute.

8. The daily commute was ready for another mass.
9. He had long hours on top of the long commute.
10. At one specific moment in the commute morning.
11. During the commute, Herbie talked with Charlie.
12. As we commute home we find ourselves in another.
13. It enabled people to commute long distances that.
14. He seemed at times to be asking God to commute these penalties.
15. Advice for Receiving Online Accredited Degrees ~ without the Commute.
16. It should be close enough to London to commute if I want, he said.
17. Into the commute, all of the vehicles started to merge into the center.
18. On my commute home I’d outline scenes I’d then write the next morning.
19. We save 440/574 or 77% in gas expended for the average commute per average.
20. Quit while I’m ahead, live with the hour commute to the Kassikan forever.
21. I rented an apartment in Forest Park and had a short reverse commute to Franklin Park.
22. He used to commute from Denver up the canyon, even in severe winter driving conditions.
23. On his commute to work he kept pondering the meaning of all of the recent financial turmoil.
24. The research was going to be held in the building next door so it was relatively easy commute.
25. And since his new residence required a longer commute, he had upgraded his mode of transportation.
26. In a strange way then, the fare for today's commute can affect the movements of the markets next week.
27. For another three days I had to endure Spencer’s non-stop chattering on the commute to and from work.
28. It was a sticky eighty degrees that summer morning in September as Alice began her commute to Harvard Yard.
29. And I had no desire to live in and commute from a major city such as Los Angeles, Chicago, New York or Boston.
30. He intuitively felt that people would prefer residing near to their office place and save on the commute time.
31. The king, in his inexhaustible clemency, has deigned to commute his penalty to that of penal servitude for life.
32. What a character! It was this rugby player who used to commute by bike all over the Lower Mainland and up the valley.
33. Several years ago, my business partner and I used to make a daily commute from Ashburn, VA to Washington, DC and back.
34. I could never afford it on my own, and would have to commute without it, which would be costly in time as well as money.
35. His morning commute was only about twenty minutes, if he didn’t stop for coffee, and if he drove at or about the speed limit.
36. In the current economy, it can be tough to find a great job with a great boss, a quick commute, and a salary that makes us happy.
37. Pennington would have quite a commute seeing her hubby on visiting days at the Federal Corrections Facility in Petersburg, Virginia.
38. My sleep was confined to the commute on the subways where annoyed passengers would push me away when I nodded off on their shoulders.
39. One of our former sales people made the decision that the commute would be too much to handle and found other employment in Scranton.
40. The third and fourth years of my degree course were at the Montreal campus of McGill University, too far away to commute from home daily.
41. INTO THE EVERGLADES Arriving in Florida, I found a house we could afford to rent in Perrine, about a thirty-minute commute to Coral Gables.
42. Many of the people she recruited were unpaid volunteers who spent their own money to commute from their regular jobs to contribute to the project.
43. We need to move into our cities and revitalize them for shorter commutes and get away from suburbia thinking to lower the average commute and create and/or maintain farmland.
44. Despite the long commute from Darling Harbor, it had provided her with a haven where she’d been able to lick her wounds in private and heal without well-meaning interference from others.
45. If he had a 40mi round trip commute to work, I’d have him start out in the mild hybrid mode allowing the electric motors to bring the car up to speed for the gas engine and to help it decelerate for stops.
46. And didn’t the sign you parked under, Aunt Kathy, say something about towing zones during the morning and evening commute hours? Amanda added, revealing the fact that her aunt hadn’t parked the van in a good spot.
47. I told both Anna at KLR and Leigh upon his return to work in March that I did not intend to complete my six-month assignment due to the above reasons as well as the 108-mile commute in the worst winter of my 26 years in CT.
48. In light of that information, the court decided to commute the husband’s penalty to imprisonment for only five years, taking into consideration the circumstances of the case and the difficulties through which he had passed.
49. Yeah, I guess…I sold my little bungalow in Boulder for a small fortune that enabled me to get the nice house I now live in…but the renters don’t benefit, and I now have a long commute into my job at the pharmacy in Boulder.
50. This fact I know, from having presented that proclamation to a court at Northampton in Virginia, to induce them to commute the punishment of death, passed on some of the victims of his perfidy, to working in the mines; which they did.
51. In June 1995, after Mike graduated from MHS, and was living near the Norwich border with his girlfriend, Christie Hendrickson, and their baby Aubree (born unknown to me in May), I was tired of the 15-mile commute to the shipyard, so I moved to Groton.
52. For example, when you use to commute about 10 miles to your old job from your old house before, but now, it would take about 60 miles for you to commute from your old house to your new job, this shows that there is a great difference in distance between the two.
53. And how on earth had she managed the long commute to the city, and the isolation of living so far into the suburbs? And why did West Indians like to pick neighborhoods in the most out of the way places they could find? By the time she reached Angie’s door, Manda was exhausted from the trip.
54. Having no commute can save you money on gas,.
55. His family loved living in Virginia, where he had a thirty minute commute to Langley,.
1. In New York, my commuting ate up the hours.
2. The commuting option allowed families to live.
3. Ron lived in Chicago; half of his day was spent commuting.
4. This made me happy because commuting would be easy and the.
5. After commuting between the two jobs for a semester, Thomas was.
6. We should be the imitators by commuting with him for the good life.
7. You have no boss, no commuting to work, and neither are you having any employees.
9. Even so, she could only afford to use it very sparingly, certainly not for commuting to work.
10. My family was growing and the commuting ate into the little time that I had to spend with them.
11. Crab fishermen commuting from Yaquina Bay, Oregon, into the Pacific and back often confront changing seas.
12. I mentioned my days of commuting but I didn’t relate the fact that I saved drive time, wear and tear on my.
13. Melissa had worked for the last few months of her pregnancy, commuting to Montreal everyday and returning to St.
14. In that Florida gig, we were there for ten hours each day or a total of thirteen hours for work and commuting – a really long day.
15. It’s no joke commuting into Bristol every day … am I likely to meet him in the near future?’ she asked coyly, replenishing my glass.
16. Maybe Carmine had gone to the hospital, and they’d passed right by each other at some point in the last hour, one commuting out, one in.
17. He had considered commuting to Oxford every day, but concluded that it was not terribly practical, as well as being a waste of time and money.
18. There was still a measure of commuting between the capital and towns to the south but by and large the station was becoming less and less crowded.
19. I think there will still be lots of in commuting, because all of those rich people will still want to go to restaurants, bars, health clubs, and so on.
20. We finally located a two-bedroom, first-floor corner apartment in Westchester County on the fringes of Rye, NY, and my routine commuting into the City began.
21. Not that there was really a need for much commuting between the two capitals, since most of the work carried out between London and the Amsterdam site of the bank’s world headquarters, was done electronically.
22. Conklin focused his attention on Nicole Worley, watched her body language as she told him that she was a biologist and was hoping a teaching job would open in one of the schools within commuting distance of the Ellsworth place.
23. Then Blunt spoke up, Today we’re heading to old downtown, we have seismic reports that indicate there may be as many as two dozen zombie vampires living in the basement of these old buildings and commuting through the tunnel system that connects them.
24. The basic truth is; that people would be healthier, less sick, if they did not over-accumulate or over-eat, or over-work, or watch too much TV, or be on the computer too long, or play video-games too long, or drive too many hours commuting, or eat too much pizza.
1. His Majesty commuted that.
2. Could not the death sentence be commuted now?
3. Becoming friendly with Joseph Stalin, Roosevelt commuted.
4. I had commuted to Albuquerque one weekend per month to visit her.
5. On other estates the serfs’ compulsory labor was commuted for a quitrent.
6. I worked at one company where people commuted from different areas of the state.
7. And there was the Quack, who was petitioning to have his death penalty commuted.
8. One of them, Rob Springsteen, was on death row before being commuted to life because he was a juvenile.
9. Our operations foreman, Willard Piatt, commuted faithfully from Scranton into our central New York territory for years.
10. In January 1935 the lease was commuted by a lump-sum payment resulting in the redemption of the Tobacco Products 6½s at par.
11. Our inspector on second shift, who we called "Ned the Fed", was a goof who lived three states away and commuted home every weekend.
12. Again, I was highly interested because I could have commuted each week from Oakland leaving Dixie and Will in the house we could not sell.
13. Corporal Lamb we have appealed to the C in C to either have the conviction quashed or the death sentence commuted on account of your age.
14. The last five years before I retired, I commuted to Rochester from Buffalo for my software contracts, driving alone, so I put on a few miles.
15. He was arrested, tried, kept in prison two years and finally death sentence was imposed on him, but was afterward commuted to hard labor for life.
16. I knew Springsteen who was on death row but he had his sentence commuted when the Supreme Court decided it is unconstitutional to execute juvenile offenders.
17. John Harvey Adamson spent time on Arizona’s death row facing the gas chamber, which later was replaced by lethal injection, until his sentence was commuted to life without parole.
18. I confronted Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona about her refusal to set free an elderly convicted killer even after her own clemency board unanimously recommended his sentence be commuted.
19. Bob maintained contact with the Party and commuted by train to New York from Woodstock to manage the state party organization and Patsy stayed at home on the farm, raising three children.
20. By then, my younger brother, John, had completed junior college in Vallejo and he and Edana had moved into San Francisco, from which he commuted three days per week to Cal State—Sonoma in Santa Rosa to finish his BS.
21. On 3 July, two days after Francis's death sentence was commuted to transportation for life, John William Bean also tried to fire a pistol at the Queen, but it was loaded only with paper and tobacco and had too little charge.
22. In his more romantic moments, my father would claim kinship with Terence MacManus, one of the Young Irelander rebels of 1848, who had been convicted of treason only to have his sentence commuted to transportation to Van Diemen’s Land.
23. Although the sentence was commuted to hard labor in Siberia, and although six years later he was freed and again took up his writing, his mind never rose from beneath the weight of horror and hopelessness that hangs over offenders against the Great White Czar.
24. The meschanka Katerina Maslova is hereby informed that his Imperial Majesty, with reference to her most loyal petition, condescending to her request, deigns to order that her sentence to hard labour should be commuted to one of exile to the less distant districts of Siberia.
25. If not, when my punishments evolved into restrictions on my movements, I quickly discovered that I could drive my mother nuts by saying There’s nothing to do? This made the punishment more hers than mine, and she soon commuted my sentence because she did not want me in the house.
26. I responded to an ad in the west coast edition of the WSJ for a job in Navy OGC at General Dynamics’ Pomona cruise missile plant which would have been great because I could have rented a small apartment locally and commuted home to Orinda using the dirt cheap air fares on Air Cal and PSA, allowing Dixie and Will to keep the Orinda house.
27. After the usual compliments, he told my father that the suspicions of my complicity in the rebel plots were only too well founded, as had been proved,—that an exemplary execution might have been my fate, were it not that the Empress, out of consideration for the father’s white hair and loyal services, had commuted the sentence of the criminal son.
28. Did Christ die only in the sense in which other men die? Was His death the curse of the Law? Or was it some modification of that curse? Did Christ suffer a pain and misery of the same sort and of equal weight, with that threatened to Adam in the day of his creation, or did He bear some commuted penalty, which, in consideration of His Divine Nature, was accounted a sufficient expiation?
1. I only suspect that he commutes to work in New York.
2. I learnt that the soft-spoken mother of three commutes on.
3. We had many conversations over those 90+ minute commutes, as you can imagine.
4. There are still societies at YingolNeerie where everyone commutes to a career in an enclosed outdoor motorcar.
5. Check out some of the tapes produced by the Nightingale organization and start listening to them during your commutes.
6. Battery technology improvements will lead to all electric commutes and then we can use gas to tour the countryside leisurely, enjoying the fresh air while on vacation.
7. We need to move into our cities and revitalize them for shorter commutes and get away from suburbia thinking to lower the average commute and create and/or maintain farmland.
8. Until you get the two-car couple that commutes to work, lets off their children at day-care centers, after-school programs, comes home to watch television, and calls itself a family.
9. So if you love technology, but hate cubicles and commutes,.

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