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Frasi con modify (in inglese)

1. He learns to modify its form.
2. So I modify my formula to say.
3. But will not modify a tittle—.
4. Modify the acid intake in the diet.
5. Maybe that will modify her behavior.
6. Hell, I had to modify a car battery.
7. Modify the break-in process to have.
8. And modify the rest as you move along.
9. Of course, we could modify it, but not.
10. Then she said, ‘He used to modify them.
11. Will you need one or can you modify the.
12. Another tactic is to modify the risk premium.
13. How can I modify my recipes to be healthier?
14. He used to modify his appearance (hence comes.
15. You can then modify the portion size accordingly.
16. Furiously, they twist, connect, modify, and chain.
17. You may need to modify the language as appropriate.
18. MODIFY the column test_col2 char (10) as Test_col2.
19. And I still have the MAV to modify before then, too.
20. I didn’t need to modify a landing strut after all.
21. She did not change her schedule or modify her ritual.
22. If useful, choose and modify an individual statement.
23. Suppliers might want to modify some of the language!.
24. In essence we can modify human behaviour with a keystroke.
25. Moves would be the right-guy-in, but I want to modify this.
26. And here it is, you can use it, modify it, any way you liked.
27. It requires an act of courage to modify these attitudes of mind.
28. You can modify these images and commands to suit your needs but.
29. Provide others the ability to modify your content, brand it with.
30. We cannot modify or change the stand after expressing it in writing.
31. It is possible to modify the contents to have a different selection.
32. They had nothing to modify it with, even back at the command section.
33. These specifiers modify the access rights that the members following.
34. The only restrictions are that you may not sell it or modify it in any.
35. This means that every time you need to open, save, modify a file or do.
36. Delmons would have to have the ability to modify their energy fields in.
37. I do use some WYSIWYG editors and then modify the code by hand as needed.
38. Trading is difficult because we have to modify ourselves, not the process.
39. Use the dictionary built-in methods to add, delete and modify the persons.
40. Please modify these to fit your writing style and your products / services.
41. Raw HTML should be used by those that understand HTML and how to modify it.
42. Edit – this allow you to modify selected module based on your requirement.
43. When we do a long-term regression and modify the CAPM with current market.
44. Corporations would have to modify the way they did business or close up shop.
45. Because the code was open source, anyone could download, review, or modify it.
46. The only restriction is that you cannot modify the eBook or its content in any way.
47. It is a possibility that someone may have found her and gotten her to modify it.
48. Remember they're all categorized loosely here, you can modify and gel one into the.
49. It was designed to operate on the nation refusing to modify or withdraw its edicts.
50. History may modify the use and definitions of words, as classical languages do vary.
51. This also implies that it will not be easy to modify the system, if the need arises.
52. Man should try to modify mistakes but the tension of mistakes makes life complicated.
53. To modify a profile, you must make changes on both the server and workstation copies.
54. If I taught how to modify a line, then line weight was a given as the drawing concept.
55. If a pattern emerges from the plot, then modify the model to correct for the pattern.
56. Sometimes it is possible to modify the password protected document in such a way that.
57. Once that mind-set is established, it puts you in the posture of trying to modify the.
58. But when we think after taking actions then we have left no scope to modify our action.
59. Hypnotherapy can help you modify unconscious patterns so that you really can stop being.
60. They can break or modify the habit, so that it becomes harmless although still yielding.
61. We add, subtract, and modify rules as we see a need to be more proficient with our rules.
62. As the autistic child get older, he or she can modify this conduct to appear more normal.
63. Though humans have the ability to modify texts (and they certainly did), no human could.
64. The emphatic words of this law are, so revoke or modify, as that they cease to violate, &c.
65. This enables anyone with the appropriate skills to modify the OS to their own specifications.
66. The other two planes would be off to one side, and they would modify their approach accordingly.
67. I was wondering if you could modify the human biology so as not to interfere with the sex drive.
68. Why not modify it as follows: Treat every man as he would be treated, not as you would be treated.
69. Some preliminary checks that might help you catch something trying to modify your mind internally.
70. This voluntary organization was created primarily to help drug abusers modify or break their habits.
71. I say, at his discretion; and I ask gentlemen to take notice that the law reads, so revoke or modify.
72. Why modify a car? He looked at me like I had just asked the stupidest, most inane question in the world.
73. She was attempting to modify the ship's main computer to artificially mimic human brain activity in REM-state.
74. We’d better not attempt to modify this panel either then, just in case we damage it and can’t repair it.
75. Here is a selection of sample business letters and other correspondence that you can copy and modify as you wish.
76. As Grailem has nothing else to do until the starship reaches its destination he decides to modify the microchips.
77. As a result, the bridges may (or may not) modify their address tables to show Node 1 as being on Network B, not A.
78. Listen, our government has had the ability to modify the weather and create earthquakes for quite some time now.
79. There is nothing like technology and spirituality (for those who know how to use it) to modify and remap the World.
80. We use our power of choice to change and modify those habits and behaviours, which are not serving our best interests.
81. You should not modify these entries manually unless you are familiar with the function of every binary bit in the value.
82. She went to him earlier in the day seeking approval to modify her experiment and avoid violating her grant stipulations.
83. Why? Because faced with these ‘shocks’ the other side often back off or modify their aspirations and a deal is struck.
84. The vice president of the company insisted that I use what was there and if need be, modify it to the needs of the customer.
85. As a consequence, she had been forced to modify slightly her original cover story for her role as Jeanne de Brissac in 1846.
86. He could modify it to make it work, stick it into a corner (where it won't effect the rest of the world) or let the player.
87. You can specify two types of passwords, one authorising the user to open the file, another permitting him to modify the same.
88. No agency or office of government short of Congress has the power we do, so I suggest you modify your attitude, Miss Maxwell.
89. By default, a domain administrator account does not have the rights to modify the hardware configuration on the local system.
90. Correct; however, if I modify the electron spin orbitals in a few places… she drifted off, considering the possibility.
91. Shipyards all over the Federation were flooded with requests to modify existing ships to accommodate the new rescue equipment.
92. Not itself a pinpoint timing indicator, BOP will modify your assessment of the vital risk-reward ratio of a trade or investment.
93. You are not restricted to the intervals given in the standard definitions, because you also have the ability to easily modify them.
94. At this point, it will help if we assign a working definition to volatility, although we will later modify this definition slightly.
95. The more internalized an individual‘s beliefs, the less likely that individual will be to alter or modify his or her convictions.
96. If you trade it yourself, make sure you follow it completely - not modify it by taking only the trades you like, changing stops, etc.
97. The Write Data permission allows or denies users the ability to modify the file and overwrite existing content (applies to files only).
98. In that time, I need to modify the rover to carry the Big Three: the atmospheric regulator, the oxygenator, and the water reclaimer.
99. Why do we have both Pacholski and Pachulski? Perhaps someone just decided to modify the spelling of his name or someone just misspelled it.
100. Think through how you will handle losses and if you have a drop dead point at which you will cease trading and modify your trading plan.
1. A predicate adjective modifying the.
2. Modifying the 4% Rule to Address Limitations.
3. The screen went blank while I was modifying a.
4. From this point, he began creating and modifying.
5. It only makes it tougher for you if you battle modifying.
6. Green: restful, modifying energy, natural healing ability.
7. Since you have two, we’re comfortable with you modifying one.
8. And now they’re modifying the trucks to pump out extra black smoke.
9. In their minds, they were modifying Hebrew magical texts to work for them.
10. It was out of their hands though as they had no way of modifying the tent.
11. Lemonade was far more effective in modifying these urinary parameters than.
12. This has led to many traditional lenders modifying their lending criteria, and.
13. Surgical operations for the purpose of modifying the appearance of a pet animal.
14. Whatever it’s about it’s meant for the people Tennant was modifying the guns for.
15. Laid hold–Restrained another’s activity, thereby stopping or modifying their deeds.
16. Modifying its lasers, even in secret, must have taken only a small fraction of that time.
17. The same scientist says, modifying an FGM-148 missile with an accelerant, is a distinct.
18. It also refers to what systems of conditioning and modifying of temperature are installed inside it.
19. In addition, managing the VP is an easy way of modifying the properties of all of the VCs it contains.
20. Security involves keeping unauthorized users from accessing, modifying, or destroying valuable information.
21. It’s a method of gaining a political advantage for one party by modifying the makeup of voting districts.
22. The second method of embedding the forecast into the strategy consists in modifying the combination structure.
23. You will need to maintain the conversation while simultaneously analyzing it and modifying old conversational patterns.
24. Make some money using the resources we offer and when you are a more experienced marketer THEN start modifying your site.
25. At your check-up, your doctor may find something that requires refitting with a new lens or requires modifying your wearing schedule.
26. They are actively modifying their way of life, modeling their behavior on their new conceptions of a Starfleet Officer, specifically, you.
27. If it still wasn’t enough or if it was longer than 10 seconds, you could change it accordingly by modifying the number of the additions.
28. Modifying DNA so the child could have accelerated growth, modifying the brain to process data differently and using more of the human brain.
29. Steve tried to focus on his job, testing, adjusting, modifying, but hard as he tried, he couldn’t stop himself wondering what Zeke was up to.
30. When you specify the permissions for an object, such as a file, directory, share, or registry key, you are modifying the entries in that object’s ACL.
31. Since the Imperium was too powerful militarily to be defeated directly in battle, the Time Patrol and I decided to erase it by modifying history in 1942.
32. Unfortunately, users have a tendency to experiment with their computers, such as modifying the configuration settings or installing unauthorized software.
33. Consequently, in their lust for wealth and power, the political and religious leaders of Judea/Israel have perpetrated great fraud by modifying the words.
34. In the implementation section, we saw how to achieve interface conformance using the Adapter pattern without modifying the source code of the incompatible model.
35. Instead of downloading the file from the server, modifying it, and and uploading it back to the server, you can mount the remote directory on your local workstation.
36. More than one ex-spouse has been known to advantages from a insurance coverage security strategy security, generally because someone never got around to modifying the heir.
37. The biggest problem with this form of remote administration is security, but there are mechanisms that can prevent unauthorized users from modifying the server configuration.
38. Choosing the appropriate builder, which can even be done in runtime, gives us the ability to create different pizza styles without modifying any code of the director (Waiter).
39. We shall thus be enabled to see the part which habit and the selection of so-called spontaneous variations have played in modifying the mental qualities of our domestic animals.
40. The rejoinder of Benjamin Franklin to a lady who questioned him on his exit from the convention of the Continental Congress charged with modifying the Articles of Confederation.
41. The brain is chemically controlled, and experience has shown that it can be made permeable to the superfluous aspects of Mind-at-Large by modifying the normal chemistry of the body.
42. Discontinued in 2011, Microsoft Services for Macintosh made it possible for Macintosh systems to access Windows Server shares without modifying the configuration of the workstations.
43. That Americans are slow to embrace change is due in part to modifying values or customs embodied within the (broader) culture that (ironically) ―encourages‖ such values to begin with.
44. And the restrictions imposed by this act shall, from the date of such proclamation, cease and be discontinued in relation to the nation revoking or modifying her decrees, in the manner aforesaid.
45. The line is permanent because there are no telephone numbers or dialing involved in the connection, nor is it possible to connect to a different location without modifying the hardware installation.
46. More important, even the slightest alteration to the unencrypted message would cause the cryptographic hash to be completely different, thus preventing any interceptor from modifying the signed message.
47. To seek the communal perfection of freedom by modifying one's freedom to have it integrated with others', means the loss of absolute autonomy, of unhindered will, and unfettered choice for the individual.
48. Habit no doubt often comes into play in modifying instincts; but it certainly is not indispensable, as we see in the case of neuter insects, which leave no progeny to inherit the effects of long-continued habit.
49. Nearly three hours of technical discussions followed, with Shomberg projecting a 3D image of the KOSTROMA on his holographic display and modifying it as he responded with suggestions to the refit requirements presented by Tina.
50. Hall, of New Orleans, preached the second evening; after which, the Moderator made an address on Christian Unity, in the hope of removing or modifying some of the asperities and jealousies existing among the colored churches.
51. After all, what does His modifying some ayats or rescinding the others suggest? Above all, how could have He erred in such a vital matter of man’s rebirth, on which He changed tack in the Quran! First of all, there is this ayat, 55.
52. Many processing techniques now used in the food industry remove the needed nutriments the body needs for optimal health, by modifying food items in negative ways that were never intended for human consumption, solely for monetary gain.
53. I state this because it has been erroneously asserted that the element of time has been assumed by me to play an all-important part in modifying species, as if all the forms of life were necessarily undergoing change through some innate law.
54. Encouraged by the result, I began to think about writing more wedding poems for friends and family, but still being unsure if the Muse would deliver, I used Hux’s poem as a model, modifying the particulars to conform to the wedding in question.
55. For example, digital rights management software—software that decides who can see a file by appending access rights to a document—is useless without standards for authenticating and authorizing users for reading, modifying, or printing files.
56. Lhundrup adds that while there may be a considerable delay between the action and its karmic result [although there is also an immediate result in the moment of an action], we can experience profound changes in our lives by modifying our actions.
57. But from several of his comments, some oblique enough it took Owl’s analysis to tease them out of the underbrush, he’d come around—slowly and unwillingly—to the belief that Chihiro was … significantly modifying Langhorne’s original plan.
58. You might be wondering why is the controller part necessary? Can't we just skip it? We could, but then we would lose a big benefit that MVC provides: the ability to use more than one view (even at the same time, if that's what we want) without modifying the model.
59. They end up modifying their strategy, but when that modification doesn’t improve their performance, or worse, hampers their performance, they modify it again as they search for the answer to improved performance, but further modification only makes things worse.
60. Amélie has decided to intervene in the world that surrounds her, modifying it deeply, on the basis of a schematic and elementary morale, initially inspired by the principle to attribute that which is due to everyone or that which she considers to be best for an individual.
61. This technology, expressly designed for group collaboration, provides a virtual whiteboard drawing space that enables multiple collabo-rators to take turns authoring and modifying hand-drawn graphics, highlighting points of interest on digital images, or simply posting a slide for a presentation.
62. The effect of this personality on the outward form, and the influence it has in modifying the aspect of body and features, are the things that concern the portrait draughtsman: the seizing on and expressing forcefully the individual character of the sitter, as expressed by his outward appearance.
63. This is similar to one of my favorite theories set forth by another writer in which he stated he felt that you could publish a detailed trading system that was entirely perfect in the Wall Street Journal with the assurance most people would not follow it, without modifying or otherwise destroying it.
64. Such qualifiers that otherwise define an individual remain subject to revision; modifying attitudes, a (calculated) means toward an uncertain end, that, when understood in the aggregate, however, ushers a uniquely complex, multi-dimensional individual unrestricted by the limits of determined viewpoints.
65. I can see no more reason to doubt that this would be the result, than that man should be able to improve the fleetness of his greyhounds by careful and methodical selection, or by that kind of unconscious selection which follows from each man trying to keep the best dogs without any thought of modifying the breed.
66. The comparison would be in every way fairer with the effects which follow from unconscious selection, that is, the preservation of the most useful or beautiful animals, with no intention of modifying the breed; but by this process of unconscious selection, various breeds have been sensibly changed in the course of two or three centuries.
67. As a suggestion to reject or modify the proposition concerning the equality of the radii of a circle signifies an ignorance in regard to the circle itself, so also does the idea of rejecting or modifying, in the practical teaching of Christ, the commandment of non-resistance to evil by violence signify a misunderstanding of the doctrine.
68. Whatever influence long continued use or disuse may have had in modifying the limbs or other parts of any species, this will chiefly or solely have affected it when nearly mature, when it was compelled to use its full powers to gain its own living; and the effects thus produced will have been transmitted to the offspring at a corresponding nearly mature age.
69. Pinkney is directed in these words—If the British Government should accede to the overture contained in the act of Congress, by repealing or so modifying its edicts, as that they will cease to violate our neutral rights, you will transmit the repeal, properly authenticated, to General Armstrong, and if necessary, by a special messenger, and you will hasten to transmit it also to this Department—similar directions are given to General Armstrong.
70. Now the varying conditions to which domesticated animals and cultivated plants have been subjected, have had so little tendency towards modifying the reproductive system in a manner leading to mutual sterility, that we have good grounds for admitting the directly opposite doctrine of Pallas, namely, that such conditions generally eliminate this tendency; so that the domesticated descendants of species, which in their natural state probably would have been in some degree sterile when crossed, become perfectly fertile together.
71. Again, with respect to the singular fact that many terrestrial and fresh-water animals do not undergo any metamorphosis, while marine members of the same groups pass through various transformations, Fritz Muller has suggested that the process of slowly modifying and adapting an animal to live on the land or in fresh water, instead of in the sea, would be greatly simplified by its not passing through any larval stage; for it is not probable that places well adapted for both the larval and mature stages, under such new and greatly changed habits of life, would commonly be found unoccupied or ill-occupied by other organisms.
72. You will recollect that, by the act of the first of March, eighteen hundred and nine, interdicting the commercial intercourse between the United States and Great Britain and France, and their colonies and dependencies, after a certain period, unless they should so revoke or modify their edicts that they should cease to violate the neutral commerce of the United States, the President in the case of either power, so revoking or modifying their edicts, was authorized by proclamation to declare the same, whereby the interdictions were, as to the power so revoking, to be suspended, and in force only against the other; and I hope you never will forget the deep game that was played by Great Britain on that occasion, and the diplomatic trick that was practised on our Administration by Mr.
1. This may be modified by.
2. It was later modified to become.
3. Modified Version, as the publisher.
4. Egypt, productions of, not modified.
5. This 'given' may indeed be modified.
6. The truck had been modified back in.
7. They’re modified Anand-Style to be.
8. This modified latex will accept paint.
9. However, even that has to be modified.
10. In that case, the modified Z Score is 0.
11. One instrument looked like a modified.
12. License may not be modified without the.
13. The effects of karma are modified in a.
14. In the rear, in the specially modified.
15. Twenty years later, users had modified.
16. Richard and I modified the HRV-A virus.
17. To me, this is something of a modified /.
18. They may be modified and printed and given.
19. However, Professor Hojo has since modified.
20. I have, of course, modified the time scale.
22. As Modified Citrus Pectin still retains much.
23. However I have added some and modified others.
24. It was a gatherer and her kid that modified it.
25. It has been especially modified for this purpose.
26. Xzavier loads his modified Robot Revolver with the.
27. We’ve also modified the transporters so you can.
28. Was he genetically modified? Captain Palmer said.
29. But with Ahab the question assumed a modified aspect.
30. A Kenwood he’s modified himself that could shatter.
31. In a bear market this approach has to be modified a bit.
32. Modified Version under the terms of this License, in the.
33. We’re not sure you could fire a modified missile with.
34. The modified Egyptian rituals were passed down in secret.
35. It was later modified by the so-called Christian fathers.
36. I’ve included notes with each marked and modified verse.
37. TK catches Xzavier pulling out his heavily modified Robot.
38. They have modified the wisdom texts of saints, sages, and.
39. When all food sources are genetically modified and patented.
40. Using the IF function, the above formula can be modified as.
41. They may be modified and printed and given away--you may do.
42. It was later modified by the so-called Christian fathers and.
43. No law of nature was modified, abrogated, or even transcended.
44. To destroy abuses is not sufficient; customs must be modified.
45. If the Modified Version includes new front-matter sections or.
46. And now thousands of modified humans are still unaccounted for.
47. The equations for the two-pole modified Butterworth filter are:.
48. The question on the adoption of the resolution as modified by Mr.
49. Modified Citrus Pectin is currently under investigation to see.
50. It was modified with a stabilizing motor to hold the coordinates.
51. Cook, and modified by my own editing, clarification, and comments.
52. They arrogantly killed its author and then modified it to serve.
53. Hydrolyzed, autolyzed and modified anything is bad for our health.
54. Fisk modified his motion, so as to leave it blank as to the ratio.
55. This program is in the public domain and may be used and modified.
56. Whenever the model is modified, both the views need to be updated.
57. But this must also be modified for the option contract multiplier.
58. Javelins had been modified, and, were now back in their hard-cases.
59. The equations for the three-pole modified Butterworth filter are:.
60. We should be able to use modified LED bulbs to capture our signals.
61. This boat, however, was specially modified for cross-ocean voyages.
62. The Disruptor missiles have been modified since you last used them.
63. This is another reason why The Apocalypse was modified and falsely.
64. Isnt it out of danger now that we modified so many events of the.
65. A Schizoid person hears voices of persuations to suit a mind modified.
66. Even this plateau though solid granite had apparently been modified.
67. We’ve modified these Ravens so they can carry a few extra pounds.
68. The equation of the compensatory factor can be modified as follows: V.
69. In 1929 the bridge was modified and named the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge.
70. Smilie's amendment was modified so as to fix the number of officers, &c.
71. In fundamental finance, the word risk is always modified by an adjective.
72. In this sense, a modified Hilbert transformer is a predictive indicator.
73. The daily calorie consumption of runners can also be modified, depending.
74. Subjective - taking place within the mind and modified by individual bias.
75. These waves are modified or modulated by the presence of the dark matter.
76. It is to live in the world with one’s inward being profoundly modified.
77. Values were determined using a modified form of a log normal distribution.
78. Michael strapped himself into his seat and took over the modified controls.
79. Ones; that is modified to some extent by the Ray or type to which each of.
80. You are all mere modified copies of the persons found in timeline ‘A’.
81. O’Donnel corrected him, A modified or created body of a few months old.
82. Each group is derived from, is modified by, and is a function of the other.
83. Use the following key and steps to calculate a modified VIX futures contract.
84. They believe that every fetus should be free to not be genetically modified.
85. No person could have insured that Christians would have modified the texts.
86. The modified VIX futures contract is a useful method of smoothing VIX futures.
87. Yet, the founders of Christianity modified the original texts to change the.
88. After all, the Spirit – it's just the certain way modified Matter, no more.
89. I have modified this quote,.
1. It modifies ‘bride’s father.
2. The workstation then modifies the entry in its routing table accordingly.
3. This Bonus modifies a movement Power so that it helps al al ies within 60 ft.
4. Also, notice how rain modifies surface waters and the earth alike and how this serves as a.
5. Each nagual is preceded by a numerical coefficient between 1 and 13 which modifies its meaning.
6. According to general relativity, gravitation severely modifies space and time near a black hole.
7. This Bonus modifies a power or action that normal y takes a hard action and makes it use an Easy Action.
8. I confess that this notebook, which did not appear at the inquest, modifies any views which I may have formed.
9. We know that a higher rate of vibration governs, modifies, controls, changes, or destroys a lower rate of vibration.
10. When one user modifies the interface of a shared application, you don’t want those modifications to affect every other user.
11. Simply put, these industrial engineers had discovered that the mere act of paying attention to a person modifies their behavior.
12. Many other signs do not feel this way, but a Taurus does, especially if there is nothing in his or her personal birth chart that modifies this.
13. When a domain controller modifies an attribute as a result of direct action by a network administrator, it increments the property version number.
14. In the same way, if you add a new domain controller, the KCC modifies the replication topology to include it in the data synchronization process.
15. After the full backup, whenever an application or process modifies a file on the drive, the file system automatically changes its Archive bit to a value of 1.
16. The user, group, and computer accounts for the domain are stored in the DCs and are accessed whenever you use a utility that modifies the ACLs of system objects.
17. Intent, through our powers of observation, actually modifies and alters the course of the physical world and causes things to occur that would not normally occur.
18. Therefore, any given vibration immediately modifies every atom in the body, every life cell is affected and an entire chemical change is made in every group of life cells.
19. The proposal modifies the function of the money, giving new roles that bring the harmony and the well-being among the nations, as well as it eliminates the anonymous possession of the money.
20. To transmit its data, the workstation modifies a single monitor setting bit in the token to reflect that the network is busy and sends it to the next workstation, followed immediately by its data packet.
21. Researchers from the Institute of Food Research and the University of East Anglia have discovered that gut bacteria produce an enzyme that modifies how the cells in the lining of your digestive tract communicate.
22. When an administrator creates a new user account or modifies an existing one, for example, the User Manager for Domains utility must communicate with the PDC, even if it is located at a distant site connected by a slow WAN link.
23. The wave geometry of our outward Space-Time modifies itself constantly and becomes slightly more or less harmonious, depending on the intensity of our particular psychic states and the frequency of their vibration (quality Configuration).
24. If, for example, an administrator modifies a profile on the server by deleting certain shortcuts, these changes will likely have no effect because those shortcuts still exist on the workstation and copying the server profile to the workstation drive does not delete them.
25. And since the nose is the central and most conspicuous of the features; and since it perhaps most modifies and finally controls their combined expression; hence it would seem that its entire absence, as an external appendage, must very largely affect the countenance of the whale.
26. The geometry of our outer Space-Time modifies incessantly during active changes of our psychological, emotional, and spiritual states which influence greatly the quality of decisions we make and the length of fixation of our UFS on these or those synthesized Levels of ASTRO- and MENTO-Plasma.

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