convey sätze

Wählen Sie eine Sprache aus, und geben Sie dann ein Wort unten um Beispielsätzen für dieses Wort.

Convey sätze (in englisch)

  1. Please convey my thanks to.
  2. I didn’t want to convey to.
  3. You can convey this impression.
  4. Purport (to convey to the mind).
  5. It is my duty to convey to thee.

  6. To convey information that is not.
  7. Conveys what you need it to convey.
  8. They will convey important messages.
  9. Frank didn't convey that he noticed.
  10. Convey the impression of advancement.
  11. The numbers within the water convey.
  12. All I was trying to convey was that.
  13. What does the article try to convey?
  14. As I am introducing a very new convey.
  15. How anyone can convey those qualities.

  16. The Messenger's sole duty is to convey.
  17. Was the dress meant to convey a message?
  18. Please convey my deepest appreciation of.
  19. Okay, Bugs, convey your story to me please.
  20. That is what I want to try to convey to you.
  21. They convey through song the beauty of Jesus.
  22. It will at least convey the quickness of my.
  23. And convey the thought "You can do it too!".
  24. O'Connell offered, I will convey that to Mr.

  26. Those preaching Newton try to convey the idea.
  27. To convey humor, you don’t need a punch line.
  28. I trust you will convey my message to your son.
  29. Thomas did his best to convey a big smile and.
  30. Request received and will convey immediately.
  31. Worst of all, if they wish to convey the idea.
  32. He had had no time to convey this to the scribe.
  33. But now, there’s great news to convey to you.
  34. An expression, touch or look can convey so much.
  35. But it was enough to convey that she understood.
  36. The thing is, I need to convey them a message.
  38. There is no word, no concept that can convey this.
  39. More was said but I choose not to convey any more.
  40. I somehow wanted to convey to her that I had the.
  41. I must convey to you a sad and terrifying story.
  42. There is a cab coming to convey you to Norwich, Mr.
  43. Q: Do you intend to convey that you are just nothing.
  44. We convey ideas not only with the use of elaborate.
  45. Please convey how you were treated to your superiors.
  46. Casaubon's, Will would convey it to Lowick in person.
  47. Step 3: Quickly convey the main point by paraphrasing.
  49. I’m certain that this is the best method to convey.
  50. After a fifteen second pause, I managed to convey the.
  51. I will convey your wishes to the rest of the monks.
  52. Before she could convey this to Sygoss, Dave spoke up.
  53. It should convey the key point raised in your opening.
  54. Olin needed to convey the fact that the plan was ethical.
  55. Nirvanic language to convey the sense of Nirvanic things.
  57. But what will convey to you what the Day of Justice is?
  58. Q: Again the same excuse that words cannot convey reality.
  59. Again! What will convey to you what the Day of Judgement.
  60. Furthermore, your mannerisms should convey a message of.
  61. But what will convey to you what the Night of Decree is?
  62. When and if the smoke clears and you’re up to it convey.
  63. Now, most media content purports to convey just the facts.
  64. Mandy, I think it is past time that I convey my MANIFESTO.
  65. At the Communicative level, your goal is simply to convey.
  66. Words could never convey the utter despair and horror that.
  67. One more thing, Rocky was able to convey a couple of short.
  68. The words pinch and sink convey only mild bearish emotions.
  69. Q: Can the gnani convey his experience to the ignorant? Can.
  70. I stopped and looked up at him, attempting to convey my love.
  71. The manager used hand signals to convey his instructions to.
  72. She tried to convey this to Wemyss, but he didn't understand.
  73. Searching for appropriate words to convey this ghastly news.
  74. Visitors with leaping hearts to Ireland that I meet convey a.
  75. It was too soft to identify but loud enough to convey a mood.
  76. First, that the expressions alluded to convey a certain idea.
  77. I wish I could somehow convey to Dolly, without upsetting Mrs.
  78. Words cannot entirely convey the spiritual teachings of holy.
  79. Paul to convey the idea of indestructible existence in torment.
  80. The way a person looks equal the message he is trying to convey.
  82. Another thing, you’re forbidden to convey any details of this.
  83. Ask for action items based on measure and convey the importance.
  84. He hoped that this would convey his weariness with the pacifist.
  85. I didn’t understand what she was trying to convey to me at all.
  86. It strikes the heart with some of the pain it is meant to convey.
  87. It is up to you to convey that to the Valley Lander high council.
  88. Then again, what will convey to you what the Day of Justice is?
  89. Tom: How should I convey the news to my father that I've failed?
  90. Q: The essence of art is to use the outer form to convey an inner.
  91. A type of deed used to convey title after real property is sold at.
  92. Chip, please dont run! Thomas gave me a message to convey to you.
  93. We talked about her life and I told her what I could convey of mine.
  94. Remember your goal is to stay in control and convey the message that.
  95. The kind of wagons that farmers used to convey their goods to market.
  96. Imperialism seemed to convey more than Webster’s entry when.
  97. It’s a desert world with practically no atmosphere to convey sound.
  98. Words like pleasure, lust and love convey the feeling only awkwardly.
  99. Likewise, she said, managing to convey the sentiment in a very.
  100. Even a teacher of peace and silence needs words to convey his intent.
  1. Hence, we should focus on conveying our.
  2. And a conveying of power from me to Quinn.
  3. Those are fine words conveying a fine idea.
  4. You should be conveying the message that.
  5. Yes? he answered, conveying his annoyance.
  6. However, that didn't stop him from conveying an.
  7. Remember?’ The honesty conveying through her eyes.
  8. I could think of nothing but conveying Linda’s message.
  9. Corey began to tremble as he was conveying the story to my.
  10. After conveying my story the Prime Minister wholeheartedly.
  11. After conveying my story to Greg, he agreed that something.
  12. After conveying the good news to Toby he leaped up into the.
  13. It was obvious to him, to the person conveying the story to.
  14. With all of the stress and tension of conveying my story, I'd.
  15. My mother began to feel groggy, while Corey was conveying his.
  16. Mitchell kissed the top of her head, conveying the love he had for her.
  17. When you deceive by conveying untruths and cheat to mislead, then your.
  18. Antoine does when she is conveying to me that the butter has come to an end.
  19. She gulped in some much-needed oxygen, conveying her gratitude with her eyes.
  20. A lovely thought quaintly expressed, but conveying the great truth that every.
  21. Almost as if she were conveying some sort of compassion for his having to work.
  22. Often times there is not one singular person or entity conveying this information.
  23. Whether conveying meaning simple or complex, words are little pieces of imagination.
  24. Oh? Jarin Huss said, his expression conveying more surprise than he meant it to.
  25. Conveying that void of emptiness first witnessed by the lake, his brother could or would.
  26. I think, Hopkins, that you should lose no time in conveying your prisoner to a place of safety.
  27. This knowledge was conceived as a method for conveying to the public the reason for the atrocities.
  28. Thus they are capable of spreading the most outrageous rumours as well as conveying truth and light.
  29. To find in them a meaning conveying the insolent and indecorous idea that our Government knew of Mr.
  30. The scene was shot several times before lunch, Mara doing an abysmal job of conveying any real emotion.
  31. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to go through him, I said, without conveying the basis of my interest.
  32. Eric wasn't sure if one of them said that, or if it was just his own mind conveying a feeling of readiness.
  33. As they held their hands thus, their eyes were locked, conveying to each other the convulsions of their souls.
  34. Earnshaw had come out to examine the mischief he had caused, and he was then conveying the poor thing upstairs.
  35. Earnshaw had come out to examine the mischief he had caused, and he was then conveying the poor thing up-stairs.
  36. Only the eyes would still be conveying some intensity, a frozen intensity that could be blotted out with one blow.
  37. Neither are we conveying new age, spiritual, or religious unconditional love such as ‘hug a tree’ type of love.
  38. Its right eye in slow motion like it was exaggerating the act, like it was…like it was conveying a message to her.
  39. Yep, finished Spencer, with a look conveying I was dense for not understanding the importance of Shark’s progress.
  40. With the cutting away of the primitive support of fine outline design and the absence of those accents conveying a fine form.
  41. I wish I had a better way of conveying it, but I have an ice cream headache right now and that’s the best I can come up with.
  42. Byron stood slowly, his face remaining blank and emotionless, which had the strange effect of conveying deep uninterested malice.
  43. That an individual may suddenly ―feel‖ the unexpected ―loss‖ of a close friend or loved one who is still living; conveying an.
  44. In proof, he repeats, and more eagerly, what he said at Portsmouth about our conveying you home, and I join him in it with all my soul.
  45. Muslims always believed that Jesus Christ, while an important prophet to be respected, was only a simple man conveying the word of God.
  46. Writing humor isn’t easy, and conveying the same tone to a wide and mixed audience can be difficult as apposed to just acting it out.
  47. The prisoner glanced at the windows—they were grated; he had changed his prison for another that was conveying him he knew not whither.
  48. It is my belief from personal relationships with the people involved that we are conveying this crate to the most likely rightful owner.
  49. Recall what I said about putting who you are into your book and you can see that conveying hilarity may actually come quite easily for you.
  50. The contrast well marked the difference between being fetched by a thriving farmer and conveying oneself whither no hirer waited one's coming.
  51. Fulton was, instead of conveying it by means of a diving-boat, to convey it by the action of the current to the place where it was to operate.
  52. Of these, it is not my intention to speak otherwise than as conveying a general idea of the geological relation of the wacke above referred to.
  53. He was not intending, however, by such action, to be conveying to her that unqualified approbation and encouragement which her hopes drew from it.
  54. They had a range good enough to talk to the ship from here, and they seemed pretty competent at conveying inflections and little nuances of expression.
  55. Smith, Secretary of State, conveying the idea, that the Executive Government of the United States had knowledge that the arrangement lately made by Mr.
  56. What was said about long vertical and horizontal lines conveying a look of repose and touching the serious emotional notes, can be said of large flat tones.
  57. The capital of the country would be the same, though a greater number of pieces might be requisite for conveying any equal portion of it from one hand to another.
  58. Do you have a way of conveying such a large number of additional people off world in search of a new one, where both our peoples can start over again as one?
  59. His descriptions and attempts to communicate the experience of his torturous rebirth also proved woefully inadequate in conveying the intensity of the experience.
  60. In the principal post-Homeric versions, the Tyrrhenians endeavor to kidnap Dionysos under pretext of conveying him to Naxos, the circumstances being variously related.
  61. He insisted, moreover, on conveying all their letters to and from the post for them, and would not be denied the satisfaction of sending them his newspaper every day.
  62. Montgomery takes in our modest office, conveying with a shrug what it suggests about our inappropriateness for this huge case and about our chances in the upcoming trial.
  63. Sunny was conveying them all necessary information quite successfully and was doing a great job for which he was there in that mission rather proving more than a machine.
  64. I’m sorry Corrie, maybe some other time… Joel declined with an implacable smile, his tone conveying to her that this ‘nightcap’ would most likely never happen.
  65. I wonder if there is any way of delicately introducing Germans into the conversation, and conveying to her that I have guessed about Dolly's husband and don't mind him a bit.
  66. Schoenberg and others of his ilk completely turned their backs on the established rules of structure and harmony to explore new ways of conveying emotion and ideas through music.
  67. The small but infinitely important part of nature that pure drawing is capable of conveying has been neglected, and line work, until recently, went out of fashion in our schools.
  68. He had hesitated between “the dog” and “your dog,” but had decided against the latter, being fearful that it might, perhaps, be construed as conveying a subtle hint of reproach.
  69. For only thus, when related to rhythm, do the form, tone, and colour of appearances obtain their full expressive power and become a means of vitally conveying the feeling of the artist.
  70. I didn’t know you spoke Russian, said Colling, the tone of his voice conveying his annoyance, both at her concealing her linguistic ability and her flirting with the two soldiers.
  71. I saw an unnatural understanding in his brown eye, and something small and artless entered my mind, like a delightful firefly dancing in the vastness of my mind, conveying simple messages.
  72. Oddly enough, although their voices were absolutely of a different timbre, Gram Parsons has that same vulnerability and the sense of conveying more than a lyric sheet might have revealed.
  73. As our client wishes the delivery made as soon as possible, we shall be obliged by your having teams ready at King's Cross at the time named and forthwith conveying the goods to destination.
  74. Good style depends on a clear idea of what it is you wish to do; it is the shortest means to the end aimed at, the most apt manner of conveying that personal "something" that is in all good work.
  75. Otherwise these ancient and interesting ideas, these interpretative names, and these aphorisms, conveying the "power of qualities", are worse than useless and serve but to increase responsibility.
  76. Somonik was honored for his communications brilliance, and it was pointed out that at one point he had been conveying or participating in over eighteen hundred different conversations simultaneously.
  77. So why do you believe you’re pathetic? He reached into his shoulder bag for a pair of magnets to use as a therapeutic metaphor conveying that we attract negativity by thinking negative thoughts.
  78. President Taft made public cablegrams received from the King and Queen of England, and the King of Belgium, conveying their sympathy to the American people in the sorrows which have followed the Titanic disaster.
  79. The count smiled as if the child bade fair to realize his hopes, while Madame de Villefort reprimanded her son with a gentleness and moderation very far from conveying the least idea of a fault having been committed.
  80. The Russian captain seated himself on the receptionist’s desk and said he would wait until Colling returned, a wink at Colling conveying his apparent intention to use the time to flirt with the pretty receptionist.
  81. The majority of these nouns and verbs are used by Plato again and again in the Phaedon, a dialogue on Immortality, expressly for the purpose of conveying the idea of the literal destruction or extinction of the soul.
  82. After my Chicago years, my bosses at Salomon Brothers’ storied Bond Portfolio Analysis Group let me balance research and market roles, always stressing the value of conveying complex ideas as intuitively as possible.
  83. It took me a while to put this sentence together so that it would both make sense when reading the sentence itself, as well as providing the appropriate letters in the desired positions for conveying the hidden message.
  84. I have not time for writing much, but it would be out of place if I had, for this is to be a mere letter of business, penned for the purpose of conveying necessary information, which could not be delayed without risk of evil.
  85. A certain portion of his time was passed at Cambridge, where he read with undergraduates as a sort of tolerated smuggler who drove a contraband trade in European languages, instead of conveying Greek and Latin through the Custom-house.
  86. Linton paid us several visits, to be sure, and set things to rights, and scolded and ordered us all; and when Catherine was convalescent, she insisted on conveying her to Thrushcross Grange: for which deliverance we were very grateful.
  87. How does the moon seem to live and die in a copper heaven? And how can snow shine like sand? The whole thing is not merely unintelligible, but, under pretense of conveying an impression, it passes off a string of incorrect comparisons and words.
  88. If the serpent in the desert is in any way conveying a message about events that were to occur in the future, looking at this logically, we have in the desert people who dying because of their involvement with sin (being bitten by the serpents).
  89. Neither are they to be accounted barely significative, but truly exhibitive also of those heavenly things whereunto they have relation; as being appointed by God to be a means of conveying the same to us, and putting us in actual possession thereof.
  90. With not one tenth of England's experience in the fishery, and not the thousandth part of that of the Americans, they have nevertheless furnished both nations with the only finished sketches at all capable of conveying the real spirit of the whale hunt.
  91. Elinor contradicted it, however, very positively; and by relating that she had herself been employed in conveying the offer from Colonel Brandon to Edward, and, therefore, must understand the terms on which it was given, obliged him to submit to her authority.
  92. What did all this portend, and what portended the swift hoisting-up of Monsieur Gabelle behind a servant on horseback, and the conveying away of the said Gabelle (double-laden though the horse was), at a gallop, like a new version of the German ballad of Leonora?
  93. We come now to the letter of the 23d of October, in which, according to the resolution, is contained the insolent and indecorous expressions, conveying the idea that the Executive Government of the United States had a knowledge that the arrangement lately made by Mr.
  94. As was said above, their relation to the sides of the composition to which they are parallel in rectangular pictures is of great importance in uniting the subject to its bounding lines and giving it a well-knit look, conveying a feeling of great stability to a picture.
  95. I turned and looked into Her eyes, then touched Her forehead with My hand conveying how much I had changed, what I had seen, what Earth had said, that unbeknownst to anyone I had been gone a long, long time in preparation for what task was soon to call Me back to Earth.
  96. As Fanny could not doubt that her answer was conveying a real disappointment, she was rather in expectation, from her knowledge of Miss Crawford's temper, of being urged again; and though no second letter arrived for the space of a week, she had still the same feeling when it did come.
  97. The warm, smooth texture of the wood that he had gripped for the past fifteen years offered a small amount of comfort, as if conveying to Edward that, if it came to it, he could use the cane as a weapon against this man that had taken it upon himself to invade his personal, private time.
  98. Bulstrode's point of view, and he interpreted it as a cheering dispensation conveying perhaps a sanction to a purpose which he had for some time entertained without external encouragement; he interpreted it thus, but not too confidently, offering up his thanksgiving in guarded phraseology.
  99. No fact in literature is capable of clearer demonstration than that the majority of these nouns and verbs, denoting destruction of some sort, are used by Plato again and again in the Phaedon, a dialogue on Immortality, expressly for the purpose of conveying the idea of the literal destruction or extinction of the soul.
  100. That great chemist observes, When very small conducting surfaces are used for conveying very large quantities of electricity, they become ignited; and of the different conductors that have been compared, charcoal is most easily heated by electrical discharges,[78] next iron, platina, gold, then copper, and lastly, zinc.
  1. I conveyed with a smile.
  3. He conveyed his thoughts by.
  4. It conveyed through her body.
  5. The same idea is conveyed in S.
  6. Worse yet, it was conveyed to.
  7. The words I conveyed to Timmy.
  8. I conveyed to him my life story.
  9. I conveyed my story to the Mayor.
  10. Very little can be conveyed in words.
  11. His smile conveyed kindness, and his.
  12. Because this story is being conveyed.
  13. However, after he conveyed his story.
  14. Shri Maharaj conveyed this to all and.
  15. I have now conveyed a good story to you.
  16. Witness: It conveyed no meaning to me.
  17. That ancient bottle now conveyed by the.
  18. Their gloomy presence conveyed the same.
  19. It’s nice that conveyed your secret to me.
  20. The master conveyed his words to the old man.
  21. The fact was accordingly conveyed to Lavrushka.
  22. I spoke to them, and conveyed your invitation.
  23. The fact was accordingly conveyed to Lavrúshka.
  24. I went ahead and conveyed the good news instead.
  25. When I conveyed the ODU president's message to Dr.
  26. It couldn’t have been conveyed better by a mime.
  27. The insulting idea said to be conveyed is, that Mr.
  28. What information has been conveyed about her, her.
  29. Be my witness, O ALLAH, that I have conveyed Your.
  30. The idea is not conveyed by the form of expression.
  31. It is this message that Swami Vivekananda conveyed.
  32. As he conveyed his story to me, ‘I learned self-.
  33. See? Cheng-Li never said a word, but he conveyed his.
  34. The punishment for an escape attempt wasn't conveyed.
  35. I remember hearing a story conveyed to me by an Asian.
  36. I conveyed my side of the story to the security officer.
  37. Ali and his master conveyed the wounded man into a room.
  38. Humor is conveyed by Mendelssohn in his use of the he-.
  39. As he conveyed his story to his relatives upon arrival to.
  40. Bea also saw him and conveyed that he was actually Jericho.
  41. Her tone reminded me that his name conveyed nothing to her.
  42. He was out of breath, but conveyed his message nonetheless.
  43. Instead, their expressions conveyed wonder, if not welcome.
  44. As a child Chikatilo was conveyed many gruesome stories by.
  45. There are some real insights conveyed in these few sentences.
  46. M: And if he tells you that it cannot be conveyed in words?
  47. Although it was short-lived, she conveyed her feelings quite.
  48. Apparently, he conveyed his thoughts more than he intended to.
  49. I conveyed my astonishment at Kevin’s quick grasp of chess.
  50. Alvin recalled the information that Erik had conveyed to him.
  51. So, as their looks conveyed longing, their legs signaled exit.
  52. A sense was conveyed that categorisation was difficult to avoid.
  54. Aerith to Cloud, and then to the busty Tifa, he conveyed little.
  55. Second, that this idea, so conveyed, is indecorous and insolent.
  56. But my lack of belief in the second item was conveyed to people.
  57. Bridget conveyed the news to them that they would be moving soon.
  58. That is what’s being conveyed and you are able to perceive it.
  59. Participants conveyed that categorisation into these terms was.
  60. The words conveyed pictures of computers, graphs, readouts, data.
  61. Thus equality is the key message conveyed by this characteristic.
  62. Visibly, William conveyed the appearance of a lost, injured child.
  63. Sir, entered the cockpit, over, a fellow conveyed his status.
  64. He conveyed my lies so convincingly I almost believed them myself.
  65. She sat now at her desk and conveyed her desires to the mainframe.
  66. A second layer of meaning is conveyed by the use of the word crash.
  67. His first call took me by surprise, and it conveyed a mixed message.
  68. I’ve told about your success to her lawyer to be conveyed to her.
  69. A lot of information can be conveyed by dancing, he explained.
  70. That He may know that they have conveyed the messages of their Lord.
  71. When Manian conveyed Vivek’s demand, Gautam was aghast as expected.
  72. Internet and conveyed this unfortunate occurrence in physics to them.
  73. Somehow, the news had to be conveyed back to Masih/Ahmet’s family.
  74. Their eyes conveyed that the hanging was something proper and natural.
  75. Mine eyes conveyed all I could say to Those Who waved good-bye to Me.
  76. He thanked me and then conveyed the order to the guys in the kitchen.
  77. Irma tilted her head with a look that conveyed she didn’t understand.
  78. This is a truth more profound than the meaning conveyed through words.
  79. Somewhere in a tapestry of profanity, Cory conveyed that he understood.
  80. One of them is the oneness of humanity, which is for instance conveyed.
  81. He rode back to Darniil’s house and conveyed the king’s order to him.
  82. Though, it would have conveyed the exact emotion she felt at that moment.
  83. The headmaster’s baleful glare conveyed his disbelief better than words.
  84. Sensitive and melodic, it conveyed the sorrow of a priest over the death.
  85. Erskine for that purpose, is said in the resolution to be conveyed in Mr.
  86. Rabel conveyed that he would explain it, but only in the datu’s presence.
  87. Does she mean all of these? How are these different meanings conveyed and.
  88. Captain Gleason gave his First Officer a look that conveyed his sentiment:.
  89. The idea asserted to be conveyed is, that the arrangement made between Mr.
  90. Meticulous instructions had been conveyed to the leaders at the sacred pond.
  91. Mattie smiled again, a smug little grin that conveyed a lot of satisfaction.
  92. She finished and handed the paper to the clerk who conveyed it to the judge.
  93. Before it got under way, he conveyed his fears to the group around the table.
  94. Unofficial much better expresses the idea sought to be conveyed by it.
  95. New Testament that would have conveyed the same thoughts that we are told by.
  96. He was not good-looking but undoubtedly conveyed the aura of wealth and power.
  97. I opened his despatch-box, took the paper, and conveyed it to Godolphin Street.
  98. Reason for rejection of any applications should be conveyed in writing in case.
  99. Nadine conveyed it wrong by moving her head sideways, giving them an upset look.
  100. He commanded with it; it was the medium through which his thanks were conveyed.
  1. It conveys a message of.
  2. Conveys what you need it to convey.
  3. The mirror conveys both truth and lies.
  4. Williamson! It conveys nothing to my mind.
  5. Williamson? It conveys nothing to my mind.
  6. This conveys a more informal and natural tone.
  7. Abstract Art conveys neither Reality nor Truth.
  8. He conveys the message of ALLAH almighty to Prophets.
  9. Sikes is basically a good kid, the prosecution conveys.
  10. The test is whether it has life and conveys genuine feeling.
  11. This relates to the physical text and the message it conveys.
  12. A written instrument that, when executed and delivered, conveys.
  13. But the feeling which all our first teaching conveys is important.
  14. Anything that conveys caring, genuine caring, will aid the process.
  15. That in its kingdom always reigns, but in modesty conveys obedience.
  16. It conveys its truth, its knowing, through a story, through muthos.
  17. Of course the phrase tough times conveys a definite bearish sentiment.
  18. I’m not sure that intimidation really conveys what Johnson is.
  19. Grunwald about health care conveys some truths about our health care system.
  20. Over His head in response flashed forth the Blazing Star which conveys the.
  21. This sentence reads forwards and backwards and conveys exactly the same message.
  22. However, it still only conveys the visual component of the Reading to Mark, here.
  23. His tight grip on my elbow conveys the message that he knew what I was attempting.
  24. With a slow nod Bloom conveys his gratitude as that is exactly what Stephen needs.
  25. In usage it conveys the idea of looking upon with a view to inspection or control.
  26. Twice he repeated this cry, of whose orthography the following barely conveys an idea:—.
  27. Erskine, that it conveys a contrary idea, by declaring that he was indebted for it to his (Mr.
  28. If the distinctive feature of art is that the intelligence it conveys tells individuals about.
  29. The light hits the page bounces from the page and contact the lens of my eye where the lens conveys the.
  30. We want to learn how to recognize a cascade in action and to identify the sort of information it conveys.
  31. This is so because the very essence of the word love conveys unseen subtle electromagnetic vibrations of light.
  32. He conveys the Spirit, by His command, upon whomever He wills of His servants, to warn of the Day of Encounter.
  33. A kind of self-fulfilling prophecy, it acts like a request to the universe at large and conveys what you desire most.
  34. PR presents an image of you & your biz in a way that conveys exactly 365 what you want to say w/out being too obvious.
  35. Viral marketing is more powerful than third-party advertising because it conveys an implied endorsement from a friend.
  36. There could be moments in life when a mere touch of a dear one conveys more empathy than a score of sympathetic words.
  37. First, water use simply conveys the idea that corn and soybean crops use more water at certain times and less at others.
  38. This means that yesterday’s, last month’s, or last year’s market return conveys no information about future returns.
  39. It conveys its many truths not by explaining them, but by imitating them, which in the end can only be done through poetry.
  40. In any particular case the message that the book value conveys may well prove to be inconsequential and unworthy of attention.
  41. Its accuracy depends on the completeness with which it conveys the particular emotional significance that is the object of the drawing.
  42. Some may feel that a certain sentence may convey a literal message ‘A’, while others feel that it conveys an allegorical message ‘B’.
  43. You should realize that kissing- a simple kiss on the lips- is actually a comfort move that conveys direct interest, without escalating too fast.
  44. Price momentum conveys different information about the prospects of a stock and is a much better indicator than factors such as earnings growth rates.
  45. You convey one moiety of it to the gentleman from Delaware, and the other to me; he conveys his moiety to me, and I thus become entitled to the whole.
  46. Furthermore, this code conveys a lot of relevant information about Buddhism, not only in the message itself, but also the way in which the message is designed.
  47. France in 1762 transfers Louisiana west of the Mississippi to Spain, and at the same time conveys the eastern portion of it, exclusive of New Orleans, to Great Britain.
  48. The only other course that has been proposed with any seriousness involves fighting a very long defensive war, and relying on the tactical advantage that such a defensive stance conveys.
  49. Even in the monied interest, however, the money is, as it were, but the deed of assignment, which conveys from one hand to another those capitals which the owners do not care to employ themselves.
  50. As the spell translates the sound of your words into Draconian, it also translates those more subtle human emotional signals into those of dragons, and conveys them by means of a small Illusion of a simplified dragon figure.
  51. Or one can choose to rely on a document, which is scientifically proven to be far above human capability to construct, both in its structure and content, and which is proven to be 100% true in the information that it conveys.
  52. However, this is where this analogy reaches its limits: In the car example, providing information about where the car traveled conveys some clues as to the path the car took, compromising the secret of Satoshi’s address a bit.
  53. Miss Merlin attended but three rehearsals; yet ere the night of the performance, Veynes had decided, as he put it, that they were made for one another—a phrase which has not, in a man’s mouth, all the reciprocity that it conveys.
  54. George Campbell: It is very that neither in the Septuagint version of the Old Testament, nor in the New, does the word hades convey the meaning which the present English word hell, in the Christian usage, always conveys to our minds.
  55. To those who have not chanced specially to study the subject, it may possibly seem strange, that fishes not commonly exceeding four or five feet should be marshalled among WHALES—a word, which, in the popular sense, always conveys an idea of hugeness.
  56. George Campbell: "It is very (interesting) that neither in the Septuagint version of the Old Testament, nor in the New, does the word hades convey the meaning which the present English word hell, in the Christian usage, always conveys to our minds" Diss.
  57. Although the use of the word self conveys a single, definite thing, rather than a set of multiple and complex interacting processes or constellations, various aspects of oneself actually become salient in different situations and at different times, depending upon a multitude of factors.
  58. When we talk of any particular sum of money, we sometimes mean nothing but the metal pieces of which it is composed, and sometimes we include in our meaning some obscure reference to the goods which can be had in exchange for it, or to the power of purchasing which the possession of it conveys.
  59. Though Jeremy Bentham's skeleton, which hangs for candelabra in the library of one of his executors, correctly conveys the idea of a burly-browed utilitarian old gentleman, with all Jeremy's other leading personal characteristics; yet nothing of this kind could be inferred from any leviathan's articulated bones.
  60. Second: To the native Indian of Peru, the continual sight of the snowhowdahed Andes conveys naught of dread, except, perhaps, in the mere fancying of the eternal frosted desolateness reigning at such vast altitudes, and the natural conceit of what a fearfulness it would be to lose oneself in such inhuman solitudes.
  61. In addition to this, if we know that the Bible is a document that was constructed by someone who is not bound by the same limitations that we as humans are bound by, what should we make of the information that it conveys? Can we trust it? Should we stop and listen to what it is saying? How should we treat the information when we have provable evidence that it was put together by someone, who is not only outside of our time and dimensional space, but who claims to be responsible for creating the environment in which we live? We will firstly set out to identify aspects in the Bible, relating to the presence of design and also consider aspects of design at different levels.
  62. Given these facts, what attitude should we adopt with respect to what is written in the Bible? Should we not pay careful attention to the message it conveys? If we know and can scientifically prove with 100% certainty that the Bible is the only Book on Earth that demonstrates that a supernatural Being was responsible for its construction in its entirety; that every letter in the original languages, in which this Book was written, was placed in their individual positions with intense purpose and that this Book has been preserved through the ages without changing, omitting or adding one letter, does this not give us enough reason to at least read it and try to understand what is our Creator’s purpose for us?
  63. It is axiomatic that every individual who properly enjoys life, gives (reflective) pause to all that is meaningful and of certain value; held motionless by uncertain forms that have yet to take shape however aroused by such notions that (necessarily) compel he or she to probe deeper into their essential nature notwithstanding how they (may) oftentimes exceed the capacious limits of that individual‘s (private) understanding that nevertheless continues to intrigue inquiring minds cognizant of intuitive impressions part real / part imaginary yet real in the real sense of being One in All; (however separated) whose underlying presence, however, conveys a (higher) spiritual or moral standing…that the young, conditioned by the expectancies of youth united with the old seeking redemption for unfulfilled promises or missed opportunities; each converging toward the same starting/ending point, the one embarking on life and the other approaching its end, in some manner, however, occasioning a (new) beginning, a jubilee, an extension of life which becomes younger (while growing older), brought together, youth/age, childlike in all its manly/womanly innocence while the middle years patiently bide their appointed time.
  64. Used as a greeting or farewell, it conveys the meaning,.

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