приговаривают Примеры

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Convey в предложении (на )

Please convey my thanks to.
You can convey this impression.
I didn’t want to convey to.
It is my duty to convey to thee.
Purport (to convey to the mind).
To convey information that is not.
Conveys what you need it to convey.

Frank didn't convey that he noticed.
Convey the impression of advancement.
The numbers within the water convey.
They will convey important messages.
All I was trying to convey was that.
As I am introducing a very new convey.
What does the article try to convey?
The Messenger's sole duty is to convey.
How anyone can convey those qualities.
Was the dress meant to convey a message?
Okay, Bugs, convey your story to me please.
Please convey my deepest appreciation of.
That is what I want to try to convey to you.
It will at least convey the quickness of my.
O'Connell offered, I will convey that to Mr.
And convey the thought "You can do it too!".
They convey through song the beauty of Jesus.
To convey humor, you don’t need a punch line.
Those preaching Newton try to convey the idea.
Worst of all, if they wish to convey the idea.
Thomas did his best to convey a big smile and.
But now, there’s great news to convey to you.
Request received and will convey immediately.
He had had no time to convey this to the scribe.
I trust you will convey my message to your son.
An expression, touch or look can convey so much.
But it was enough to convey that she understood.
The thing is, I need to convey them a message.
I somehow wanted to convey to her that I had the.
More was said but I choose not to convey any more.
I must convey to you a sad and terrifying story.
Hence, we should focus on conveying our.
And a conveying of power from me to Quinn.
You should be conveying the message that.
Those are fine words conveying a fine idea.
Yes? he answered, conveying his annoyance.
However, that didn't stop him from conveying an.
Remember?’ The honesty conveying through her eyes.
I could think of nothing but conveying Linda’s message.
After conveying my story the Prime Minister wholeheartedly.
After conveying my story to Greg, he agreed that something.
Corey began to tremble as he was conveying the story to my.
It was obvious to him, to the person conveying the story to.
After conveying the good news to Toby he leaped up into the.
With all of the stress and tension of conveying my story, I'd.
My mother began to feel groggy, while Corey was conveying his.
Mitchell kissed the top of her head, conveying the love he had for her.
When you deceive by conveying untruths and cheat to mislead, then your.
She gulped in some much-needed oxygen, conveying her gratitude with her eyes.
Antoine does when she is conveying to me that the butter has come to an end.
A lovely thought quaintly expressed, but conveying the great truth that every.
Almost as if she were conveying some sort of compassion for his having to work.
Often times there is not one singular person or entity conveying this information.
Whether conveying meaning simple or complex, words are little pieces of imagination.
Oh? Jarin Huss said, his expression conveying more surprise than he meant it to.
Conveying that void of emptiness first witnessed by the lake, his brother could or would.
I think, Hopkins, that you should lose no time in conveying your prisoner to a place of safety.
This knowledge was conceived as a method for conveying to the public the reason for the atrocities.
Thus they are capable of spreading the most outrageous rumours as well as conveying truth and light.
To find in them a meaning conveying the insolent and indecorous idea that our Government knew of Mr.
The scene was shot several times before lunch, Mara doing an abysmal job of conveying any real emotion.
I was hoping I wouldn’t have to go through him, I said, without conveying the basis of my interest.
Eric wasn't sure if one of them said that, or if it was just his own mind conveying a feeling of readiness.
As they held their hands thus, their eyes were locked, conveying to each other the convulsions of their souls.
Earnshaw had come out to examine the mischief he had caused, and he was then conveying the poor thing upstairs.
Earnshaw had come out to examine the mischief he had caused, and he was then conveying the poor thing up-stairs.
Only the eyes would still be conveying some intensity, a frozen intensity that could be blotted out with one blow.
Neither are we conveying new age, spiritual, or religious unconditional love such as ‘hug a tree’ type of love.
Its right eye in slow motion like it was exaggerating the act, like it was…like it was conveying a message to her.
Yep, finished Spencer, with a look conveying I was dense for not understanding the importance of Shark’s progress.
With the cutting away of the primitive support of fine outline design and the absence of those accents conveying a fine form.
I conveyed with a smile.
It conveyed through her body.
He conveyed his thoughts by.
Worse yet, it was conveyed to.
The same idea is conveyed in S.
The words I conveyed to Timmy.
I conveyed to him my life story.
I conveyed my story to the Mayor.
Very little can be conveyed in words.
Because this story is being conveyed.
However, after he conveyed his story.
His smile conveyed kindness, and his.
I have now conveyed a good story to you.
Shri Maharaj conveyed this to all and.
Witness: It conveyed no meaning to me.
Their gloomy presence conveyed the same.
That ancient bottle now conveyed by the.
It’s nice that conveyed your secret to me.
The master conveyed his words to the old man.
I spoke to them, and conveyed your invitation.
The fact was accordingly conveyed to Lavrushka.
The fact was accordingly conveyed to Lavrúshka.
I went ahead and conveyed the good news instead.
It couldn’t have been conveyed better by a mime.
When I conveyed the ODU president's message to Dr.
The insulting idea said to be conveyed is, that Mr.
What information has been conveyed about her, her.
The idea is not conveyed by the form of expression.
Be my witness, O ALLAH, that I have conveyed Your.
It is this message that Swami Vivekananda conveyed.
As he conveyed his story to me, ‘I learned self-.
See? Cheng-Li never said a word, but he conveyed his.
I remember hearing a story conveyed to me by an Asian.
The punishment for an escape attempt wasn't conveyed.
I conveyed my side of the story to the security officer.
Ali and his master conveyed the wounded man into a room.
Humor is conveyed by Mendelssohn in his use of the he-.
As he conveyed his story to his relatives upon arrival to.
Bea also saw him and conveyed that he was actually Jericho.
It conveys a message of.
Conveys what you need it to convey.
The mirror conveys both truth and lies.
Williamson! It conveys nothing to my mind.
Williamson? It conveys nothing to my mind.
This conveys a more informal and natural tone.
Abstract Art conveys neither Reality nor Truth.
He conveys the message of ALLAH almighty to Prophets.
Sikes is basically a good kid, the prosecution conveys.
The test is whether it has life and conveys genuine feeling.
This relates to the physical text and the message it conveys.
A written instrument that, when executed and delivered, conveys.
But the feeling which all our first teaching conveys is important.
That in its kingdom always reigns, but in modesty conveys obedience.
Anything that conveys caring, genuine caring, will aid the process.
It conveys its truth, its knowing, through a story, through muthos.
Of course the phrase tough times conveys a definite bearish sentiment.
I’m not sure that intimidation really conveys what Johnson is.
Over His head in response flashed forth the Blazing Star which conveys the.
Grunwald about health care conveys some truths about our health care system.
This sentence reads forwards and backwards and conveys exactly the same message.
However, it still only conveys the visual component of the Reading to Mark, here.
In usage it conveys the idea of looking upon with a view to inspection or control.
His tight grip on my elbow conveys the message that he knew what I was attempting.
With a slow nod Bloom conveys his gratitude as that is exactly what Stephen needs.
Twice he repeated this cry, of whose orthography the following barely conveys an idea:—.
If the distinctive feature of art is that the intelligence it conveys tells individuals about.
Erskine, that it conveys a contrary idea, by declaring that he was indebted for it to his (Mr.
The light hits the page bounces from the page and contact the lens of my eye where the lens conveys the.
We want to learn how to recognize a cascade in action and to identify the sort of information it conveys.
This is so because the very essence of the word love conveys unseen subtle electromagnetic vibrations of light.
He conveys the Spirit, by His command, upon whomever He wills of His servants, to warn of the Day of Encounter.
PR presents an image of you & your biz in a way that conveys exactly 365 what you want to say w/out being too obvious.
Viral marketing is more powerful than third-party advertising because it conveys an implied endorsement from a friend.
A kind of self-fulfilling prophecy, it acts like a request to the universe at large and conveys what you desire most.
There could be moments in life when a mere touch of a dear one conveys more empathy than a score of sympathetic words.
First, water use simply conveys the idea that corn and soybean crops use more water at certain times and less at others.
This means that yesterday’s, last month’s, or last year’s market return conveys no information about future returns.
It conveys its many truths not by explaining them, but by imitating them, which in the end can only be done through poetry.
In any particular case the message that the book value conveys may well prove to be inconsequential and unworthy of attention.

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