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Frasi con restrict (in inglese)

  1. I have no reason to restrict your.
  2. Since we are not wil ing to restrict.
  3. Because lack of growth did them restrict.
  4. To restrict the spread of such diseases.
  5. The guild has no power to restrict the.

  6. Too rare to restrict to people your own age.
  7. That no laws should be made that restrict his.
  8. Work that restrict the terms of this License iii.
  9. But she knew she couldn’t restrict her feelings.
  10. When you allow, you don’t restrict energy.
  11. This is how we restrict entry to specific characters.
  12. In refusing to restrict fans' ability to record live con-.
  13. Restrict the shortest paths from i to j to consist of vertices 1.
  14. Not to restrict natural motions, not to hinder them, not to re-.
  15. It is customary to restrict this value to the tangible assets, i.

  16. But going into debt can hinder and restrict the Lord’s blessing.
  17. You said you would never restrict my freedom, she whispered.
  18. Ecuadorian Congress that would restrict oil companies in his country.
  19. Th e vows that restrict some individual’s functions, for instance.
  20. Girls who restrict sugar have been reported to improve more than boys.
  21. Governments that restrict religions will fall while those who embrace.
  22. Having mass does not bring about gravity but it does restrict gravity’s.
  23. That’s in part because, when you restrict calories, you restrict nutrients.
  24. Use the site: command to restrict your search for quality information within.
  25. Thirdly, there are firms which seem to restrict their activities to two areas.

  26. Do not significantly restrict fat or carbohydrates or go on a starvation diet.
  27. Then how do you know by what means to restrict their spread, may I ask?
  28. Failure to understand this movement will restrict the student from advancement.
  29. This gave the eagerly awaiting government to restrict outdoor activities of ZTA.
  30. These dogs were to act as cattle grids to restrict the movement of all livestock.
  31. It would therefore be prudent for men with psoriasis to restrict their intake of.
  32. After blanketing, the area shall be compacted with the help of Dozer to restrict.
  33. Why should we restrict ourselves to a specific number of hours? You can be on call.
  34. Security guards shall be engaged to regulate traffic and restrict entry of trucks &.
  35. Some IRAs restrict options trading to purchase only and forbid the writing of options.
  36. For the future we should restrict the number of children to be included in the program.
  37. Powdery snow will swirl under the rotors’ downwash and restrict the pilot’s vision.
  38. It has tended to restrict new industrial-bond financing to companies of weaker standing.
  39. His beauty caused my chest to restrict with the knowledge of how much I truly loved him.
  40. Villard could not compete, so he resorted to political obstruction to restrict James Hill.
  41. She moved a bit behind the curtain and saw that it wouldn’t restrict her movements at all.
  42. All things considered, it’s easier to restrict my liquid intake to prevent any emergencies.
  43. Gregory said quickly: But the charter does not restrict their use of it to any one purpose.
  44. The only problem I have is that I am unable on a consistent basis to restrict my calories daily.
  45. The girls are off limits, and he should try to restrict his insults to the quality of our music.
  46. I expect them in fact to restrict themselves to Ares City only because of their lack of personnel.
  47. The American government also attempted to restrict short selling in the Gold Speculation Act of 1864.
  48. The EPA recently proposed to significantly restrict or prohibit mountaintop mining at the Spruce No.
  49. The NAFTA rules restrict the amount of inspections that can be performed on goods imported into our.
  50. Most traders will have the most success if they restrict their operations to the best possible trades.
  51. The FHLBB, in fact, had sent SSSL a letter telling them to restrict growth and reduce the risk profile.
  52. Also, they prey the Herbivore to restrict their horrible increase towards the forests and plants as a whole.
  53. I didn't want to restrict my companions' freedom in any way, and yet I had no desire to leave Captain Nemo.
  54. Required: Growth investors should restrict themselves to stocks with a relative strength rank of at least 80.
  55. Many HFs trade in illiquid assets and/or restrict investor redemptions via notice periods, lockups, and gates.
  56. Trying to restrict the greed of the majority of humans is like trying to restrict the majority of ocean water.
  57. Opponents use various grasps to restrict the movements of their adversary, thus preventing harmful consequences.
  58. After that he had decided to retire in some quiet place and restrict himself to writing for the rest of his life.
  59. Yes, and now the City Council wants to restrict employment growth because of all of the in-commuting, I said.
  60. But the Spiritual Sun does not altogether restrict His shining to the men who hold a correct theory concerning Him.
  61. We could restrict the number of underlying assets to 100 or, on the contrary, we could use several thousand of them.
  62. They would now restrict Croal’s movement and presumably find out how she was able to leave the hospital undetected.
  63. Most hedgers want to restrict their unlimited risk to one direction, usually the direction of their natural position.
  64. The shoe will restrict the natural movement of the horse and can actually hurt him if the shoes are not put on correctly.
  65. When society finds acts of interference non-integrable, then they restrict, prohibit or eliminate one's freedom of motion.
  66. She wondered if she should restrict her remarks to work, then thought it silly to talk about work when they weren't there.
  67. The job of traders is to identify those points of imbalance and to restrict their activities in the markets to those times.
  68. But, as medical consumers, it is our legal right to know, in great detail, how and why decisions to restrict care are made.
  69. Moreover, any leverage constraints are likely to restrict short selling, which could otherwise mitigate overpricing effects.
  70. One should avoid new funds and restrict your selection to those funds that have been around for at least three or more years.
  71. The Department of State --- We need to severly restrict the ‘welfare to other countries’ controlled through this department.
  72. I don’t wish to restrict this chapter to horseracing; there are not enough real horse races with just two runners to sustain us.
  73. Note that our code will not restrict the person from entering ten periods for the name, which is not correct but will pass the test.
  74. There are a few instances where setting the parameters to the literal definition will restrict rather than enhance the pattern concept.
  75. Although there are a lot of market-neutral strategies, we restrict our description to those that are mentioned most often in this book.
  76. It provides protections to those who follow the laws of wars: do not target civilians deliberately and restrict violence to combatants.
  77. There are a few instances when setting the parameters to the literal definition will restrict, rather than enhance, the pattern concept.
  78. Len thought that reducing the depth of the net would not restrict the size of the harvest, but could help save the lives of the turtles.
  79. Arnold had to restrict their questions to those proving the ancient language abilities of Ingrid in order to avoid an all-night session.
  80. Although there are a lot of market-neutral strategies, we restrict our description to those which are mentioned most often in this book.
  81. For our part, we reserve to the word its ancient and precise, circumscribed and determined significance, and we restrict slang to slang.
  82. He would not restrict his investigations to female, since Ava was reluctant enough to couple that she might have been male in the past life.
  83. Other money management organizations use valuation models that restrict investments to stocks in the lower end of their historical P/E ranges.
  84. One reason for this is that refineries in California are protected by stringent environmental policies that restrict new refineries being built.
  85. Senator Dodd explained his partys vote as follows: „Passage of such a requirement would restrict home ownership to only those who can afford it.
  86. Of course, you may want to restrict the amount of foods that you eat, when on a diet, but it is more important to focus on the foods that you do eat.
  87. That tends to restrict investments to generally recognized high-quality securities that are marketable, and to the creation of net investment income.
  88. Federal Election Commission, the United States Supreme Court ruled that the government and unions couldn’t restrict corporate spending on elections.
  89. It was stated on Nightly news as well that as many as 31 states do not restrict the credit card limits that credit card companies can place on people.
  90. However, the basic ideas work as good approximations and, because I do not restrict my analysis to zero-coupon issues, apply to popular traded assets.
  91. This License constitutes the en-is not intended to restrict the license of tire agreement between the parties with re-any rights under applicable law.
  92. Note! If you have a health problem that may restrict your ability to exercise, check with your doctor before beginning or changing your exercise habits.
  93. See what can be done to restrict tearing this planet apart, at least for fifty years, until the archaeologists have had a decent chance, will you?
  94. Each value investor operates by a set of principles, or rules that they impose on themselves, that serve to focus their attention and restrict their choices.
  95. The reason is that such laws are an attempt to restrict your personal freedom, even though your ‘criminal act’ has no effect whatsoever on other people.
  96. Rather than in a negative, morbid rhetoric restrict the development of the society, more not to negative, influence the development of moral human pathological.
  97. People, living flesh, slavery, is the last, great commodity, with weapons being a close second, and only because governments restrict them, making them profitable.
  98. The Fish and Wildlife Service has over 18 million privately owned acres covered by ―habitat conservation plans‖ that restrict what an owner can do on his land.
  99. Most bond indentures and credit agreements restrict corporate actions that would impair liquidity in any way by setting minimum ratios that a business may not exceed.
  100. The subject is so wide a one that I have felt compelled to restrict my remarks to local sandstones, but the general principles of structure apply to all sandstones alike.
  1. I'm not restricting the duel at all.
  2. Restricting your calories by this amount will.
  3. She felt that they were restricting her freedom.
  4. The skirt of her satin dress was slim and restricting.
  5. Restricting access to views based on the HTTP request.
  6. I think they are thinking about restricting job growth now.
  7. Restricting liberty by passing thousands of victimless laws.
  8. Laboratories' lawsuit restricting the release of BSD-derived.
  9. It will naturally slope outwards below the water line, restricting.
  10. Your intended might find our doors and hallways to be a bit restricting.
  11. In 1953, he received another ban again restricting him to Johannesburg for.
  12. It is not a movement restricting jacket to be worn for the rest of your life.
  13. Nonetheless, restricting salt while consuming the DASH diet has lowered blood.
  14. On Earth, objects experiences mass by restricting gravity or motion with the Earth.
  15. Diets to lower blood cholesterol usually focus on restricting total fat intake while.
  16. Truth is that when you are repressing or restricting flow in any way you.
  17. In her turn, Nicole attempted to meet him with equal professionalism, restricting her.
  18. By restricting your clan to a routine aren’t you leaving them without choices?
  19. It looked like a large magic sphere around the demon, restricting some of its movements.
  20. If we look closely at the universe by not restricting it to the classical physics which.
  21. The torque could be maintained constant via a hydraulic brake restricting rotation speed.
  22. First, I tried restricting access to my profile, but in some cases, even that did not work.
  23. In fact it was when I was constantly dieting and restricting that I gained all of the weight.
  24. We may, some of us, cherish high tariff principles and believe in restricting the immigration.
  25. It may certainly be confining and terribly restricting, but it is not enslavement from without.
  26. If only you knew what forces were holding you back, restricting you to this 1… tiny… universe.
  27. Tahira was shot because she started restricting her activities and froze out some of her clients.
  28. This adjustment could be achieved installing a restricting screw (a jet) in this loop of the diagram.
  29. The law of supply and demand cannot be contravened by laws artificially restricting marketing methods.
  30. And when He tests him by restricting His favors upon him, does he say: ‘My Lord degrades me’?
  31. A question about her future was greeted by his refixing the handkerchief and the restricting rope behind her.
  32. Mischia tried to fight, but he was stronger than her, plus, he seemed to be somehow restricting her movements.
  33. And when He tries them by restricting His provision towards them, do they say, ‘My Lord degrades me?
  34. I do not feel I am restricting myself , I am enjoying very tasty food and have bags of energy like never before.
  35. Restricting sugar and caffeine in people with depression has been reported to elevate mood in preliminary research.
  36. Most of us have also had great successes in our past, and sometimes the successes are as restricting as the failures.
  37. I can improve on the email checking idea by restricting myself to only one email glance on each of those three days.
  38. Restricting access to physical documents and keeping them in a secure safe is only the beginning of document security.
  39. The police were restricting access to the magisters’ district, and only residents were allowed to pass the barriers.
  40. You come here and tend to it, further restricting it while thinking about how much you despise what it represents?
  41. This is better than restricting his activities to the same few hundred large, well-known, or legal-list-type companies.
  42. Restricting herself only to the fight around the beach, Nancy talked for a few minutes, staying vague about the details.
  43. The Second Coming will involve fastening the dragon in his abyss like a burial in his birth place restricting his movements.
  44. In fact, the signal timing is not as much of a restricting factor on 10 Mbps Ethernet installations as is the signal strength.
  45. He wasn’t like those other men who kept their wives virtually imprisoned by restricting their movements, their access to money.
  46. In other words, his wealth can come from more avenues than one, but more importantly, he is not restricting his own flow of energy.
  47. This had the effect of restricting the full potential of their chosen quest, because beliefs are the activating force of experience.
  48. Barnes's imploring face rose before me, and accordingly, restricting myself to Juchs, I said she had lost him shortly before the war.
  49. Lomborg is one who believes that climate change is a problem but recognizes that the approach restricting carbon dioxide is not the answer.
  50. The limitations of the oath are too restricting, and it would be actively binding our actions twenty times a day until we started to go mad.
  51. Each cup is filled up to a certain level for a specified time, which is ensured by the float chamber and the restricting screw (jet) above it.
  52. The court rules that (in the case of the second Amendment) ‘no individual has standing to challenge any law restricting firearm possession.
  53. Since to be is to interfere, then restricting motion is taking away one's ability to encounter and how free one is to act in those encounters.
  54. The purpose of this clamp is to create a restricting moment on the rotation of the vane wheel until the pot is filled to a certain level [13].
  55. The evil blazes up like a fire; and they will not extinguish it, either by restricting a man's use of his own property, or by another remedy:.
  56. It is fair game out there for what is on television and the big screen and we all have to do a better job restricting what younger people watch.
  57. The conservation interest groups advocated restricting the single-hulled liquid chemical barges from transporting cargo on the Upper Mississippi.
  58. I swam more vigorously, but hampered by clothes that were as restricting as a cloak made of lead, I was managing with only the greatest difficulty.
  59. She was bright enough to slither from one year to the next studying during leftover time, her many activities restricting its availability somewhat.
  60. The radius of the Painstik limited how many could approach Garcia at any one time without his opponents restricting their attacks to jabbing motions.
  61. He used a methodology of restricting individuals to 600 calories a day- which lines up with my observation that I felt great after keeping to 600 calories per day.
  62. The reason for restricting legislative power to Congress is simple—of all the members of our federal government, the representatives are the closest to the people.
  63. What do you suppose will happen if they are successful in restricting job growth in Boulder, to go along with the existing residential restrictions? Charles asked.
  64. Freed from the restricting wire but still stiff, Elise listened with suppressed incredulity, an occasional gasp or, ―oh my God,‖ scant evidence of her shock and dismay.
  65. Isn’t that all we ever have? Rest assured that unless you consider the entire surface of this planet to be a cage, then I have no intent of restricting their activities.
  66. Also, if you are still to some extent restricting calories and eating very limited foods, your body thinks that it will not get enough and so it holds onto whatever it gets.
  67. These are certainly not the cleanest and easiest trades, and most traders will find that they enjoy the best success restricting their involvement to first breakout attempts.
  68. You can eat and live this way forever, and you can lose weight now and keep that weight off for good without restricting calories or harming your long-term health and weight.
  69. Similarly, I have difficulty investing in some developing markets (for example, India and China) due to the local securities markets’ regulations restricting foreign investments.
  70. That synthetic gasoline is produced from coal and also produces CO2 and the environmentalists would holler, scream and yell and the Congress might pass a law restricting emissions.
  71. At that time in the morning any Christian would have washed his face; but Queequeg, to my amazement, contented himself with restricting his ablutions to his chest, arms, and hands.
  72. The usual train-station scene of policemen, young thugs and their families, hardened crooks, lawyers and judges, had been stemmed by an order restricting the floor to the single case.
  73. To remedy this disorder, for such it was supposed to be, a law was made, restricting the quantity of land which any citizen could possess to five hundred jugera; about 350 English acres.
  74. In the next few months and years, the Reichstag would add dozens of additional laws restricting every aspect of the lives of German Jews, until, in effect, simply being Jewish was outlawed.
  75. Restricting the workstation software also prevents users from installing nonproductive applications, such as games, that can occupy large amounts of time, disk space, and even network bandwidth.
  76. For that, we must turn our attention elsewhere; to the individual! Restricting the sale of firearms on the open market would not significantly reduce violent crime for the reason indicated above.
  77. The low carb diet has been around for quite some time and there are quite a number of diet plans based upon the principle of restricting the number of carbohydrates in a person’s dietary intake.
  78. The investor following the fundamental finance approach and restricting his investments to heavily discounted securities would have netted an 83 percent return on his investment excluding dividends.
  79. Then he followed the facial nerve from the temporal bone where it enters the skull all the way to its exit, and on the way removed many more fragments of bone which had been restricting my jaw movement.
  80. When outside the sleeping pod, all the habitat occupants wore thermal overalls continuously, to protect themselves from the cold without restricting their ability to work and live a relatively normal life.
  81. Christians in all parts of our land have long felt that, if any ‘just’ method could be found of restricting immigration, whether European or Mongolian, our country’s future would be less full of peril.
  82. Those agnates who believe that humans should be used for their pleasure, who give human life no value—they eat whenever they feel the urge, not restricting themselves to what it takes to maintain life and health.
  83. When the veil is removed and its restricting function is ended by death, it (the slaughtered animal) will be aware of what is going around, hear and see, for its spirit becomes in its previous world (the pre-material world).
  84. So they go on in their career of oppression, notwithstanding their affectation of interest in the welfare of the working-men, the eight-hour system, the laws restricting the labor of women and children, the pensions, and the rewards.
  85. But I trust them in the Spirit when I say and ask—if it might seem bold to ask it—are you restricting God to what He did before? Are you limiting God to something that He has done in the past? Will you hear His voice? Remember not the former things.
  86. It may not be an illness but it has a well-deserved place in this book on Yoga and health because it can, ultimately, undermine the health of the entire organism by restricting breathing, and cause an unhealthy complexion due to too little oxygen reaching the blood cells.
  87. For every advocacy of a truth inconsistent with the existing order by an individual is, they maintain, not only useless but injurious, since it provokes coercive measures on the part of the authorities, restricting these individuals from continuing any action useful to society.
  88. My point was that people stopped to chat, side by side in the middle of the aisle, while some loners parked their carts kitty-corner at the end of aisles, thereby restricting access to all-but the thinnest pedestrian, while the cart’s owner made their way back to the bakery department.
  89. News spread of a serious gas leak as fire crews positioned their engines restricting traffic and police took control of the hotel, systematically moving their heavy team through the two lower levels of accommodation, vacating rooms, occupying corridors and sealing off all lifts and stairways.
  90. By tightly controlling the information and restricting media access, Modi, it seems, wants to recapture the executive space that the Manmohan Singh government might have ceded to agenda-setting prime-time television, but the fear remains that a limited news can also promote a more opaque governance.
  91. Remember the problem we had at CIA with restricting Jewish employees from access to sensitive information about the Middle East? After Bush the First took such heat about the Jonathan Pollard scandal, you and I decided that we wouldn’t worry about employment discrimination laws when national security was at stake.
  92. The Trilateral Commission on Hearings of Importance ruled it an activity that must be permitted, due to Abducted Ship Mazing being the official sport of the entire sector of the galaxy, which means banning or restricting it would be a gross affront to The Treaty of Manderbatt hammered out at the infamous Haurunbistle Tribunal.
  93. This problem notwithstanding, the investor using a fundamental finance approach can obtain large margins of safety by restricting his purchases to issues selling at steep discounts from readily ascertainable NAVs from highly creditworthy issuers with good prospects for increasing NAV in the future at rates of 10 percent per annum or larger.
  94. Even if the Swordsman murderous campaign against sex offenders had not been so thorough, so many communities had passed laws restricting where criminals released from prison could live that someone like Pierre had few options except to leave Earth and try to survive by engaging in piracy provided the Swordsmen did not kill him on the way to the spaceport.
  95. Malthus! The Malthusian theory,—the law of the increase of the population in geometrical, and of the means of subsistence in arithmetical proportion, and the wise and natural means of restricting the population,—all these have become scientific, indubitable truths, which have not been confirmed, but which have been employed as axioms, for the erection of false theories.
  96. This, however, is not to deny that, as the practical improvements of modern life depend on a scientific knowledge of nature, so a far higher spiritual life is built upon the foundation of a true theology; and no zeal can be excessive which is devoted to its ascertainment, defence, and diffusion, provided it be that zeal which is love in action, and which guards itself from the exaggeration of restricting all the Divine favor to its adherents.
  97. The Lowood constraint still clings to you somewhat; controlling your features, muffling your voice, and restricting your limbs; and you fear in the presence of a man and a brother—or father, or master, or what you will—to smile too gaily, speak too freely, or move too quickly: but, in time, I think you will learn to be natural with me, as I find it impossible to be conventional with you; and then your looks and movements will have more vivacity and variety than they dare offer now.
  1. This is a restricted area.
  2. You are in a restricted area.
  3. If we were restricted to the.
  4. The view is restricted but for.
  5. This is a restricted facility.
  6. She was restricted to the lunch.
  7. The tadpole is restricted to water.
  8. The use of it had to be restricted.
  9. Correcting errors is not restricted.
  10. They needlessly restricted my actions.
  11. My own beard is restricted to my chin.
  12. No longer restricted to live in a dream.
  13. I already was restricted in what I was.
  14. People acted differently, not restricted.
  15. Travel in China was somewhat restricted at.
  16. Your life there will be severely restricted.
  17. Membership was restricted to white Afrikaner.
  18. Allowing for release of restricted shares (i.
  19. You are not restricted as to material or cost.
  20. But his movements were by no means restricted.
  21. Why was she suddenly being restricted in this.
  22. All travel north of interstate 10 is restricted.
  23. The tadpoles are restricted to water while adult.
  24. Nonrecursive filters are not restricted to be SMAs.
  25. Content is not necessarily only restricted to text.
  26. I was on restricted duty and out of my jurisdiction.
  27. Only her missiles were restricted to firing forward.
  28. Strait: Narrow; a restricted and narrow path or road.
  29. Our concept of this Universe is severely restricted.
  30. Bishops might kiss, within a certain restricted area.
  31. But I note that you said „officially restricted.
  32. This inexplicable phenomenon is not restricted to the.
  33. What’re you doing here? This area’s restricted.
  34. I’m afraid that whatever we have here is restricted.
  35. Plus, I was beginning to feel increasingly restricted.
  36. Unknown vessel, you have entered a restricted system.
  37. Their form was restricted, but their liberty was great.
  38. Restricted auctions are usually for adult auctions.
  39. Atthe moment, use of the database is restricted, which.
  40. Suddenly, all their movements became slow and restricted.
  41. There’s no sign that police have restricted the area.
  42. Trains traveled on the outskirts of this restricted area.
  43. But in reality the life outside the Temple was restricted.
  44. He had to cough a few times to clear his restricted air-.
  45. The city was broken into sections and was class restricted.
  46. The first house I bought in August 1976 had restricted sun.
  47. And Combeferre restricted himself to replying with a grave.
  48. None of the parameters are restricted to their clock times.
  49. Your vision is restricted and sometimes the lenses mist up.
  50. As for the dimension of time---there we are less restricted.
  51. You are feeling trapped and restricted in some relationship.
  52. The hump caused by the injury restricted his right arm’s.
  53. Movement is restricted and the environment is claustrophobic.
  54. Whereas if you select all the columns of restricted rows or.
  55. This position is restricted to Kentucky and Indiana residents.
  56. You’re on restricted duty, aren’t you, Lieutenant?
  57. Of course, the service isn't restricted to publisher listings.
  58. Cygnus transport taxied into the restricted area at eighteen-.
  59. Soon the bandage would stain and all flight would be restricted.
  60. That way the Drongs were restricted severely in their movements.
  61. Civilization is often restricted to apply only to societies that.
  62. Hour, minute, and second are not restricted to their clock times.
  63. He bent over but was restricted by something bulky in his jacket.
  64. Unduly andunreasonably restricted character of the company: the.
  65. Alternatively, the dream suggests that you are feeling restricted.
  66. Corporate executives who receive stock options or restricted stock.
  67. This work was usually, but not always, restricted to enlisted POWs.
  68. The answer is obvious; the freedom of the animals is not restricted.
  69. This deduction is restricted to sales and excise taxes and similar.
  70. The view there was very restricted, yet very intimate and pleasing.
  71. In this way, he restricted the religious freedom of Shugden practi-.
  72. This number is collect call restricted, the operator responded.
  73. The animal is then restricted to the nonpreferred compartment with.
  74. Restricted to temperate climates with an abundance of food and water.
  75. Evil was not restricted to either Law or Chaos, it was all pervading.
  76. Internal movement was restricted by security checks at every doorway.
  77. Then she walked off, into the restricted area and I lost sight of her.
  78. They who partake of restricted food offer as oblation their breath to.
  79. D was restricted from growing those, so they grew strawberries instead.
  80. Is the word orphan restricted only to the child who lost his parents?
  81. Well, there could be worse things than to be restricted to sub-light.
  82. The need to dig quietly within the restricted space added to the strain.
  83. The feeling of wanting to eat a lot of something that is restricted to.
  84. NOTE: Recording calls is legally restricted in certain countries, states.
  85. Notice how the candlesticks are restricted to a tight consolidation range.
  86. My free hand was restricted by hers, making it impossible to hit her back.
  87. A cop was waiting for me and had me in restricted parking by the elevator.
  88. Restricted earnings need not concern us further in this dividend discussion.
  89. You’re on restricted duty, so call it vacation time and get some rest.
  90. No longer restricted by her fears, she routinely bested him in their duels.
  91. Even with the restricted distribution, demand exceeded production capacity.
  92. Luckily for me, the damage was not too severe and restricted to the ankles.
  93. The operations in the account are normally restricted to Karta of the family.
  94. I’m sorry, but this is a restricted area, a voice said, startling her.
  95. Myra’ s voice, Unidentified craft, you have entered a restricted system.
  96. However it would still be restricted to the basic laws of time and relativity.
  97. The information is restricted to show only sellers with 1,000 sales and over.
  98. He was designated as maximum custody, at the top end of the restricted grade.
  99. The number of partners is restricted to 10, if the partnership firm carries.
  100. In this restricted sense, Hitler was a post-modernist and a moral relativist.
  1. However mass then restricts motion and.
  2. The problem with lactic acid is that it restricts.
  3. It is a chemical that restricts the blood from flowing.
  4. That restricts what you can do but has one big advantage.
  5. Besides, that restricts your selection to people in the same.
  6. It restricts breathing, and you will start coughing immediately.
  7. God dispenses the provisions to whomever He wills, and restricts.
  8. Ice also restricts blood flow which may reduce the allergic reaction.
  9. The man who restricts his senses from being drawn to their objects is a.
  10. Your Lord expands the provision for whomever He wills, and restricts it.
  11. God expands the provision for whomever He wills of His servants, and restricts it.
  12. As we all know, our mandate officially restricts us to gathering intelligence in.
  13. This restricts heavily the applicability of the alternating-variable ascent method.
  14. By doing so, it restricts choice and it tilts the electoral machinery in favor of the haves.
  15. But whenever He tests him, and restricts his livelihood for him, he says, My Lord has insulted me.
  16. Salt is considered an anti-bacterial agent because it restricts bacterial growth, as we’ve already seen.
  17. We know that Communism clearly tries to stamp out religion and when it cannot, it restricts and taxes it almost into the dirt.
  18. For example, a soft limitation may be applied that restricts the share of long positions in the portfolio to the predetermined threshold level.
  19. Those who had wished they were in his position the day before were saying, Indeed, it is God who spreads the bounty to whomever He wills of His servants, and restricts it.
  20. Also, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) restricts them to selling only during a particular timeframe because they need to use that timeframe to raise cash for their personal needs.
  21. A broad industry analysis has become particularly necessary as a result of the passage in 2000 of Regulation FD (Fair Disclosure), which regulates and restricts the communications between a company and its actual or potential shareholders.
  22. But the intellect that restricts itself to using only logic of Spock-like purity (Mr, not Dr!) in pondering questions of such magnitude, finds more holes in those hypotheses than you’ll find in Madonna’s entire wardrobe of T-shirts, tights and jeans.
  23. These examples of high fat diets and the associated excellent health of traditional populations around the world go on and on, yet it seems that many doctors, nutritionists, and government agencies still ignore these facts and continue to promote a diet that restricts fat intake.
  24. Thus neither party 'received His words;’ but between the two they assisted all future ages to comprehend His intention, which was to teach a doctrine that humbles man in the dust of death, and restricts the everlasting life to twice-born and believing souls,—a doctrine which represents the first Adam as coi~ko>v, a 'man of earth,’ and the Second Man alone as a 'life-giving spirit’ (1 Cor.
  25. Therefore in this Second Part he thought it best not to insert novels, either separate or interwoven, but only episodes, something like them, arising out of the circumstances the facts present; and even these sparingly, and with no more words than suffice to make them plain; and as he confines and restricts himself to the narrow limits of the narrative, though he has ability; capacity, and brains enough to deal with the whole universe, he requests that his labours may not be despised, and that credit be given him, not alone for what he writes, but for what he has refrained from writing.
  26. If she restricts her movement and independence in the name of relatedness,.

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