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Frasi con crowd (in inglese)

1. A face in the crowd.
2. The crowd booed at us.
3. I turned to the crowd.
4. And so was the crowd.
5. The crowd egged him on.
6. A small crowd of the.
7. He leapt into the crowd.

8. They look at the crowd.
9. The crowd stared at me.
10. Stand out in the crowd.
11. He turned to the crowd.
12. The crowd found it all.
13. The crowd parted for him.
14. A crowd began to gather.
15. The crowd laughs a little.
16. The crowd began to panic.
17. He was lost in the crowd.
18. There was a crowd outside.
19. The crowd hoots and jeers.
20. The crowd parted, and a.
21. Stand Out From The Crowd.
22. The crowd began to unravel.
23. Even the crowd thought so.
24. Starret gazed at the crowd.
25. The crowd was in agreement.
26. Stand Out from the Crowd.
27. The crowd was to far away.
28. A crowd was gathering now.
29. I held it out to the crowd.
30. He stares out at the crowd.
31. The crowd was quiet again.
32. He was superior at crowd.
33. The crowd held its breath.
34. The crowd closed around me.
35. A hush fell over the crowd.
36. The crowd waited for the.
37. The crowd cheers for them.
38. The crowd burst into cheers.
39. Hans walked into the crowd.
40. The crowd began to rumble.
41. Mohammed turns to the crowd.
42. The crowd parts and murmurs.
43. We can’t follow the crowd.
44. There's a crowd around him.
45. The crowd gasped in unison.
46. The crowd remained at the.
47. A small crowd was gathered.
48. The crowd took a deep breath.
49. Murmurs ran along the crowd.
50. I can hear a crowd shouting.
51. I turned and faced the crowd.
52. The crowd yelled in approval.
53. The crowd screams and cheers.
54. The crowd smiles and laughs.
55. The crowd came around from.
56. Within deep among the crowd.
57. Standing Out From the Crowd.
58. They do tend to crowd round.
59. Jaron eyes scanned the crowd.
60. The crowd behind him hushed.
61. The crowd hooted and clapped.
62. The crowd was electric and.
63. He addressed the crowd again.
64. He looked at the crowd sadly.
65. The crowd screamed with glee.
66. The crowd erupts into cheers.
67. The crowd applauded me aloud.
68. The crowd grew silent again.
69. The crowd continues to smile.
70. Several in the crowd seemed.
71. I think three’s a crowd.
72. He again turned to the crowd.
73. The crowd erupted in applause.
74. As he scanned the crowd, he.
75. Machinma to address the crowd.
76. The crowd burst into applause.
77. Will I see you in the crowd?
78. A gasp went through the crowd.
79. Oh no! the crowd shouts.
80. A woman yelled from the crowd.
81. Cheers erupted from the crowd.
82. The crowd had finally quieted.
83. The crowd is oblivious at 1st.
84. Through a gap in the crowd Mrs.
85. The crowd roared with approval.
86. The crowd cheers and applauds.
87. He was playing the crowd well.
88. The crowd giggled and pointed.
89. The crowd was eating it all up.
90. The crowd cheered around them.
91. The crowd filtered out quickly.
92. If we never spend in the crowd.
93. An intellectual in every crowd.
94. The crowd closes in around him.
95. The whole crowd cheered them.
96. The crowd started going crazy.
97. The crowd bursts into laughter.
98. Pilate called out to the crowd.
99. A face in her crowd of lovers.
100. I’m waving to the crowd at.
1. Stop the others crowding round.
2. I glanced down at the zombies crowding us.
3. He didn't want people crowding in the room.
4. They appeared to be crowding around something.
5. Troops were still crowding at the Yauza bridge.
6. Troops were still crowding at the Yaúza bridge.
7. It’ll speed things up and reduce crowding.
8. His hallucinations were crowding out all reality.
9. In spite of the shoving masses crowding the square.
10. They moved in, some general, his staff, crowding in.
11. Smiling, she answered the questions crowding his head.
12. The crowding is so bad horses can't stand up properly.
13. Cossacks were crowding about a hut, busy with something.
14. In spite of the crowding, it was a good time for them.
15. Crowding in closer, everyone seemed to be talking at once.
16. Other rats silently appeared, crowding in behind the first.
17. Pugatchéf went away, all the people crowding in his train.
18. Wheeling, the giants saw a disreputable throng crowding the arch.
19. Everyone was crowding round Luzhin with threats and shouts of abuse.
20. We are fleeing the country and crowding into our artificial cities.
21. Men and women crowding fast in the streets, if they are not flashes.
22. Everyday virtual crowding eliminates first person or original self, i.
23. Crowding and pushing one another, they took their places on the right.
24. Yngvild saw hundreds of faces, all men, crowding the grassy field below her.
25. As much as he wanted to fight the darkness crowding in on him, he couldn’t.
26. Yes, I’d send them on in front, but no fear, they’re crowding up behind.
27. Camera one, said Stan, with the others crowding at his shoulder to watch.
28. Conrad glanced up and looked around at the familiar faces crowding around them.
29. His words far from calming me down infuriated me crowding the anger in my cheeks.
30. In the ballroom guests stood crowding at the entrance doors awaiting the Emperor.
31. David moved over crowding Tonya in the process, grabbing Omar’s collar forcing.
32. The remains of Langeron’s and Dokhturov’s mingled forces were crowding around the.
33. Even before they entered the city, they saw hundreds of people crowding near the gate.
34. In the sudden press of the crowding and shoving, Moshe careened over the stern and only.
35. The guards had beaten a hasty retreat, crowding into the small guard shelter, while the.
36. The domestic serfs were crowding in the hall, waiting to bid good-by to the young prince.
37. I began to feel exhausted from the weight of the fault that was crowding in my shoulders.
38. Different people started crowding around us and excitedly asking the same type of question.
39. By this time all El-ahrairah's people were crowding round, as near as they dared for the dogs.
40. The lads are already crowding out the bar, yelling orders and intimidating some of the tourists.
41. Too late, they realized all of them could not escape by crowding onto the steep incline at once.
42. Some farmers began to crowding at the gates of The Fortaleza to be present at the interrogation.
43. There were his friends, crowding around him, clapping him on the shoulders and ruffling his hair.
44. She stood out in the side of young and middle-aged businesswomen crowding into the popular bistro.
45. By the way, Tom, tell the natives who are crowding about the camp to continue the search for Mark.
46. A new opportunity for me, a renewal; the feelings were crowding me hoping to be translated into words.
47. White clouds went on their way, crowding to the back of the hills that were rousing in the springtime.
48. Crowding the rocks, other fowl watched without fear as we passed and pressed familiarly against our feet.
49. She said she knew we’d meet at the reading, she could feel entities crowding around her trying to reach me.
50. Their place was on the right, where, crowding each other, they began to arrange themselves in rows, standing.
51. The moon had come up, and silvery light illuminated the canneries, warehouses, and docks crowding the waterfront.
52. James had covered every bit of available space on the back of the card, even crowding his note into the address box.
53. One reason is that yield-seekers often move in a crowd and thus are vulnerable to crowding and de-leveraging risks.
54. I told her I am not used to having little ones crowding around my ankles, but I am willing to try the experience.
55. On the other table, round which many people were crowding, a tall well-fed man lay on his back with his head thrown back.
56. I blinked and saw him standing in the door to my room, with Efraim Willendale and my cousin Rosemary crowding behind him.
57. In an increasingly crowding world with demand for space, wood, mineral resources and meat, apes will continue to disappear.
58. Crossing the square I saw several Bashkirs crowding round the gallows in order to tear off the high boots of the hanged men.
59. In the end they recalled themselves, and came crowding on my mind, and almost tortured me while I was waiting for her coming.
60. Figures appeared, curtains were drawn back, whole groups of people were crowding to the windows at Olsufy Ivanovitch’s flat.
61. The general spoke hotly and quickly for ten minutes; he spoke as though his words could not keep pace with his crowding thoughts.
62. The people, crowding in the same place and unwilling to move thence, sometimes threatened to smash the shop front of the chemist.
63. They arose and, crowding each other, went into the consultation room, where almost every one produced cigarettes and began to smoke.
64. In the yard girls were crowding round the porch and the windows, and running backwards and forwards between the hut and the outhouse.
65. He had not noticed so before, but tiny translucent fish seemed to be everywhere in the pool, suddenly crowding around his exposed skin.
66. Many a lusty crest—waving Hector, that towered a whole foot above his crowding comrades, fell before my weapon and rolled in the dust.
67. Finally, Everette's assistant, Tosk, noting that all the chieftains were present, had to close the doors to keep others from crowding in.
68. Intrigued by the crowding, Vandenberg approached the TV set and joined the twenty or so men listening to what proved to be a news flash.
69. The Virgin crowding all sail, made after her four young keels, and thus they all disappeared far to leeward, still in bold, hopeful chase.
70. Jason had joined the group crowding around him and with little expression either in his face or his voice he asked: Why the dizziness?
71. Golyadkin heard the whole party in the drawing-room rush after him, crowding and squeezing one another, and all beginning to repeat after Mr.
72. She was sure they would all in three days be again crowding the lobby readying for their departure back to Narita carrying bags of purchases.
73. A broad lane was left to the open gate, beyond which loomed the black forest, crowding sullenly in upon the clearing, unlighted by the fires.
74. In utter detachment from the historical disasters that were crowding the screen, he did not need to turn around to see her in his imagination.
75. Eight women and five young girls were already crowding the bath when Jenny stepped in the hot water with delight, watched by the curious women.
76. What I objected to was an increasing use of general board-initiated funds directed to environmental activism crowding out other grant categories.
77. The guards had beaten a hasty retreat, crowding into the small guard shelter, while the quartermaster slammed shut the door to the food supplies.
78. They were crowding upon me, enigmatic and insistent in their clinging air of the grave that tasted of dust and of the bitter vanity of old hopes.
79. When Alyosha happened for a moment to leave the cell, he was struck by the general excitement and suspense in the monks who were crowding about it.
80. All along the road groups of French prisoners captured that day (there were seven thousand of them) were crowding to warm themselves at campfires.
81. The rest of the prisoners were crowding closer now, spurred on by the woman’s confidence, itching with questions, eyes begging him to pay attention.
82. Crowding all sail the Pequod pressed after them; the harpooneers handling their weapons, and loudly cheering from the heads of their yet suspended boats.
83. When the image switched to a view over the bar counter, he pressed the 'pause' button and they all studied the faces of the people crowding the small room.
84. There were too many Irish ancestors crowding behind Gerald’s shoulders, men who had died on scant acres, fighting to the end rather than leave the homes.
85. You’ll have to pardon the crowding and the bustle all about, but the ship is being renovated, refitted, stocked, and prepared to sail, all simultaneously.
86. His officers, crowding the window giving the view of the town gate, disputed amongst themselves the use of his field-glass bought last year on long credit from Anzani.
87. Squeezed by the crowding noblemen, he drew near the high table where the marshal of the province, Sviazhsky, and the other leaders were hotly disputing about something.
88. There were a lot of those merchant vessels crowding the harbor and its wharves, far more even than before the Charisian privateer onslaught with which the war had begun.
89. Meantime the game of shove-ha'penny proceeded merrily, the majority of the male guests crowding round the board, applauding or censuring the players as occasion demanded.
90. Beatrice opposite to her temperament, had remained without speech, her generally white complexion had turned scarlet, with the flushes of the anger crowding in the cheeks.
91. Finally I passed through a place where individuals appeared much as they do today-men and women-but satisfied with their position [rather than crowding toward the light].
92. In California, hardened criminals were often turned loose after serving a mere fraction of their sentences, because prison crowding was considered cruel and unusual punishment.
93. Walking past their gates, you could see red, yellow and pink heavy-headed blossoms crowding the pathways and scrambling over every little fence like so many unruly schoolchildren.
94. The words that fled from him as he stood by the door are now crowding into his skull, jostling for position, desperate to gain access to the thin atmosphere that Billy is breathing.
95. The flames now died down and were lost in the black smoke, now suddenly flared up again brightly, lighting up with strange distinctness the faces of the people crowding at the crossroads.
96. The other generals followed his example, then the officers, and after them with excited faces, pressing on one another, crowding, panting, and pushing, scrambled the soldiers and militiamen.
97. Nearly all the men in the bar were crowding round the shove-ha'penny board, some with knitted brows and drunken gravity trying to solve the puzzle and others waiting curiously for the result.
98. There was a ruffling, scuffling sound and a roar of whispers as two hundred and twenty eight Chieftains, minus the Chieftain of the Bear Clan, started crowding their way to the front of the stage.
99. Thoughts of Ahndray and the way he tasted, the way he held her tightly, the way he knew how to move himself inside her almost instinctively, were crowding her already overflowing mind day and night.
100. Another shortcoming in systematic strategies is that their transparency makes them easy to replicate and therefore more exposed than discretionary strategies to consensus positioning or crowding risk.
1. They crowded near to him.
2. The mob crowded over him.
3. It was crowded with houses.
4. The house was crowded, too.
5. Nome had never been crowded.
6. Neither of them was crowded.
7. Soon the hallway was crowded.
8. They crowded to the huge door.
9. The party was pretty crowded.
10. Only we are too crowded here.
11. Everyone crowded to the doors.
12. He walked into the crowded bar.
13. My chest felt crowded and tight.
14. It was crowded for a weeknight.
15. The thoughts crowded in and out.
16. It is dirty, crowded and noisy.
17. Ruthie crowded close beside her.
18. The station was crowded and noisy.
19. At the close of his crowded course.
20. Inside it was crowded and very hot.
21. He saw a crowded spot called Tatou.
22. Terrible fear crowded in on Justin.
23. Their imagination is crowded with.
24. The inns were crowded with people.
25. The streets were crowded and noisy.
26. The large hearing room was crowded.
27. Your house is crowded, he said.
28. The lobby of the Polonia was crowded.
29. It's getting pretty crowded in here.
30. The restaurant was crowded and noisy.
31. Everyone crowded around her at once.
32. All crowded back towards the corridor.
33. His big body had crowded the doorway.
34. Other horrified faces crowded around.
35. A thousand questions crowded his mind.
36. The Circle of Wisdom was very crowded.
37. Big mistake; the bridge is too crowded.
38. Khevasiah walking into the crowded room.
39. Rochelle across the noisy, crowded room.
40. The locals crowded round, seeking news.
41. Of crowded intersections in a slightly.
42. The crowded, inhumane housing and ill.
43. We all crowded about him peering at it.
44. Her café was not so crowded this time.
45. At the crowded bus station, he panicked.
46. Crowded by crime committed by the blind.
47. Teddy scanned the crowded conference room.
48. The synagogue was crowded to overflowing.
49. It was crowded, as there are just so many.
50. Once on Broad Street, the crowded madness.
51. Sarah was glad the bus wasn't very crowded.
52. A multitude was crowded at the hotel door.
53. We pushed past crowded bakeries and delis.
54. The place was crowded; not a table vacant.
55. Most of the other horses were crowded 77.
56. The less crowded the place was, the better.
57. The viewing stand was crowded with knights.
58. The beach before us was crowded with people.
59. Several shopkeepers crowded round the officer.
60. She was alone in a crowded carnival of souls.
61. And it’s very crowded and warm in here too.
62. Thomas shouldered his way out of the crowded.
63. As I drove to the house through the crowded D.
64. When you walk in a crowded street, you just.
65. The table’s surface was crowded with tiny.
66. Was he going to attack me on a crowded bus?
67. Everyone crowded into the room, expecting an.
68. It makes them think they are crowded together.
69. Most roads will be less crowded at this hour.
70. It was pretty crowded, but also very intimate.
71. It was crowded, as usual, but Jordan knew his.
72. Walkers crowded the spaces between the tables.
73. I wander the crowded park and search for Corey.
74. Everyone else crowded in to hear the diagnosis.
75. The house was even more crowded now with baby.
76. We’re crowded here but we can squeeze you in.
77. Later the pool terrace was crowded and drinks.
78. That radar hut would have been getting crowded.
79. Not in a public bathroom in a crowded building.
80. Helwan was crowded and hectic and the poverty.
81. Court glanced around the noisy and crowded bar.
82. The crowded room burst into applause and cheers.
83. Cook crowded out of the compartment behind her.
84. They crowded round me, heads knocking together.
85. Everything else was crowded out of the question.
86. The sea around them seemed to be getting crowded.
87. Without much room, it was to be a crowded night.
88. It was kind of crowded for this time of the day.
89. The dance floor was crowded and so was the area.
90. The boat back from Saint Bartholoma was crowded.
91. They crowded out the evil adults by pure numbers.
92. The children crowded after the husband, squealing.
93. It was a hive of activity yet it was not crowded.
94. On weekends, The Blue Grotto is crowded and noisy.
95. However, it was crowded, the crowd, the mass was.
96. They drew in about the platform and crowded close.
97. It creaked open, and everyone crowded around him.
98. The saloon was crowded, and the roar of the crowd.
99. Most of the other cabins were crowded with campers.
100. It was crowded, and Schump went to the ladies room.
1. You can join the crowds.
2. I lost her in the crowds.
3. The crowds had adored him.
4. The crowds were growing as I.
5. He could withstand the crowds.
6. Great crowds had been arriving.
7. Whe re crowds ha ve be e n: ….
8. The crowds on the streets were.
10. People change when they join crowds.
11. The crowds were in constant motion.
12. But when the crowds heard it, they.
13. There were two crowds, each seated.
14. We stopped once, away from the crowds.
15. Darkness scared me, crowds scared me.
16. There, we will be lost in the crowds.
17. The crowds on the beaches and along.
18. He assures the crowds over and over.
21. I stay away from the crowds, child.
22. Crowds in a stock are a new phenomenon.
23. As the hours passed, the crowds thinned.
24. Both crowds answered ‘YES’ in unison.
25. In the crowds on these feverish streets.
26. Crowds hung outside, waiting quietly in.
27. The Akons could not attack her in crowds.
28. An hour went by and the crowds thickened.
29. Not the militia, nor the cheering crowds.
30. Crowds were converging towards the station.
31. And the crowds thronging the streets cheered.
32. Soon, we rejoined rapidly-increasing crowds.
33. There were crowds of refugees on the streets.
34. Spotting him in the crowds would not be easy.
35. His picture crowds flooded raw upon his flesh.
36. I don’t think I’m in the mood for crowds.
37. Crowds of men and women attired in the usual.
38. Panicked, the crowds scrambled for the exits.
39. The crowds in Rome — a terrible mistake.
40. Aiden stood and walked through the crowds and.
41. They were oblivious to the crowds around them.
42. Cuban-American crowds rioted, battling police.
43. This was to make them used to crowds and noise.
44. Market crowds are built by information cascades.
45. The crowds, the rides, the games, the stage….
46. Well, crowds of people came in to stare at him.
47. Caymus was not one who enjoyed crowds or large.
48. There he landed and disappeared into the crowds.
49. We couldn’t risk a shot in the crowds, though.
50. The crowds around the stage cheered and whistled.
51. Jason slipped through the crowds, invisible with.
52. A professional athlete performing for the crowds.
53. Mayor Monroe couldn’t stay away from the crowds.
54. The other crowds brought in about thirty scabs.
55. The same crowds that applauded my act, turned on me.
56. Finally the crowds and the police started to panic.
57. Crowds of teenagers mobbed them wherever they went.
58. In the crush of crowds there’s little of civility.
59. All too soon the song ended and the crowds cheered.
60. Dazzling the Crowds with Updated Kitchens and Baths.
61. The suburbs getting shabbier and the crowds thicker.
62. As they ran through the crowds, the shooting started.
63. A mild cheer coruscated through the crowds worldwide.
64. I could see many smiles emanating from both crowds.
65. The crowds cheered as the siblings smiled gratefully.
66. I juked my way through the congested crowds to join.
67. Both crowds redoubled their efforts to drown out the.
68. A chance to parade around in front of cheering crowds.
69. Two Rivers came walking up, and the crowds parted so.
70. The crowds erupted into cheers again and continued the.
71. They had been hosting record-breaking crowds lately….
72. He moved through the crowds as Tok and Roar flanked him.
73. Wherever he performed, crowds went wild over his music.
74. San Francisco was met with crowds of reporters and fans.
75. The crowds that listened sometimes numbered 300 or 400.
76. They quickly pushed through the crowds and climbed back.
77. The crowds, the shops, the coffee houses and bars, the.
78. Taking a few seconds to blend in with the crowds, they.
79. No one seemed to notice him in the late-afternoon crowds.
80. Sure, His miracles attracted crowds, but I think it was.
81. The police on duty watched as he mingled with the crowds.
82. Music filled the reception as the crowds began to mingle.
83. Selma had been caught up in crowds of Pioneering fevered.
84. Investment crowds are the stars of the financial universe.
85. A few words in the local language would enthuse the crowds.
86. The two cafés were serving an early dinner to thin crowds.
87. Violent blasts erupted in the crowds and amongst the police.
88. The crowds should be less on a day like this, Dunk thought.
89. There were crowds of people about, so she screamed for help.
90. He sighed, and looked out over the milling crowds around us.
91. Cloud barged past the crowds of commuters, pushing many to.
92. This missed the crowds on the eleventh floor indoor street.
93. He smiled knowingly when he saw customers arrive in crowds.
94. He was led down through the crowds of shocked onlookers to.
95. Where are the huge protesting crowds? Where are the genuine.
96. Now it was not Khan, but the crowds who were coming for him.
97. He had used this method before when addressing large crowds.
98. Suppose we look closely at the behavior of investment crowds.
99. She was just here, she ran away into the crowds over there.
100. Crowds of officers and civilians drew near merely to see him.

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