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    1. breath on the barb of her fear, her heart pounding on and on

    2. That was an obvious barb toward him, having taken a native wife that he had to share multiple times per native year

    3. Keeping his eyes on that weather-beaten stand, he leaned against the south face of the Bee and Barb

    4. The Bee and Barb became a favorite place for good ale and even better conversation

    5. As he neared the center of town, the once bustling merchants’ circle now devoid of any souls, he felt the familiar urge to visit the Bee and Barb for another drink and a hearty meal

    6. Letting some seconds pass, he too left the Bee and Barb to take a final glimpse of the man

    7. direct path towards the little mite and then a whip cracking sound reverberated as the poisoned barb hit out at nothing

    8. lose their tang and pains their barb when the self is known

    9. Barb declined the vodka he kept in the cabin along with the gouda cheese sausages

    10. Was that a veiled barb? By the way Harry hurried me along I’m inclined to believe

    11. "How is this coming out of my stomach?" Then she felt a barb tear through the skin in her back

    12. A barb caught on her intestine, and the hole in her stomach was big enough to let it slip out

    13. Her name is Barbara, not Barb or Barbie but Barbara and she reads Mills and

    14. He studied my talons and the tail where once had been a deadly barb but some soldier of Amber had hacked it off with a broadsword

    15. I dropped, pulling the barb free and slicing it off with my rear talons

    16. angle of the shaft the barb could not be more than an inch from

    17. Dave dropped the now useless barb tangled skull, and grabbed the bone-club with both hands like a baseball bat

    18. “Hi Ben, this is Barb

    19. His hair brushed against the barb wire that crowned the top of it

    20. his mother – a barb which tore into Victor’s heart

    21. � She couldn�t resist throwing him a barb

    22. Atkins laughed briefly at that barb shot at the French, whose sexual mores had always attracted disapproving remarks in Great Britain

    23. "Don't we, Barb?" he asked his wife, who only

    24. There was a roar of genuine laughs at that barb at the Washington bureaucracy

    25. At that stinging barb at some old generals and admirals present that he considered to be intellectual lightweights, MacArthur went back to his seat, most satisfied with himself

    26. “He also threw a nice barb at the Church by comparing their intolerance and intransigence to that of the Inquisition

    27. “Yours and Rhone"s?” he prodded with a jagged barb of

    28. Dominic seemed unfazed by the barb and gave a slight shrug of his shoulders

    29. Julie tried to turn her head towards Mark but the barb wire that

    30. Tony fell through the barb wire fence, slicing his calf in the process

    31. Jhamed looked on with concern, clearly upset by Manfred’s barb

    32. Jhamed ignored Simon’s barb and continued

    33. A mere second longer and Duval’s heart would have caressed the sweet barb

    34. The archer who delivered the barb was tall, for the arrow was long and weighty, indicating the man had an arm to match it in length and strength

    35. There was a sharp crack of the whip and Koke screamed out in agony as the individual strands of the whip each capped with a jagged metal barb chewed into his back and shoulders

    36. Barb never showed any real attraction to Chris and Chris showed Barb little

    37. Thomas wanted Barb to be his

    38. Barb became a favorite of the family

    39. Barb was also there when Thomas decided they

    40. Most of all, Thomas remembered when Barb slept over

    41. Barb still came around from time to time

    42. Barb had no idea Thomas was trying to impress her

    43. He decided to call Barb

    44. Colin flexed his jaw, ignoring the barb

    45. Over the years, Joe and Joyce raised five children—Fred, Judy, Jerry, Barb, and Jenny

    46. “There’s a call on line two,” Barb said

    47. She would not discuss it now with Barb, but she would bring it up when the moment was right

    48. The phone rang occasionally, and each time Samantha held her breath and hoped that Barb would send the caller to another office, to a lawyer who knew what to do

    49. Her luck lasted until almost ten, when Barb stuck her head around the door and said, “I’ll be out for an hour

    50. Barb was back, and she proved skillful in helping to ease the new client out the front door

    1. I would dream up the most vivid scenarios of me pulling off his toenails or tying him up in barbed wire or cutting off his penis and shoving it in a knife wound in his side

    2. He was much closer to the ground this time and his wrists were bound behind him with barbed wire

    3. One by one they were taken into a shack – hands tied behind their backs by barbed wire – and hacked to pieces with an axe so that no shots could be heard

    4. practically covered in concrete tank traps and barbed wire

    5. The shore was littered with the remains of barbed

    6. and barbed tails whipping, they swarmed across on

    7. A barbed tail uncoiled around his ankles

    8. To dream that you are caught in barbed wire symbolizes oppression and confinement

    9. The beach was covered in barbed wire which was thickly strewn about and machine guns hammered down from the strong points on the cliffs

    10. The ones who did make it to shore fell prey to either the mines machine guns or got entangled in the barbed wire on top of this were the bloody snipers who picked people off with deadly accuracy

    11. We spent the day making barbed wire entanglements we did this in the bottom of the trench making a wooden frame first these were about fourteen feet long and then we would loop barbed wire round them

    12. The Captain sent him off to the aid station to get leg dressed where it had been creased by a Turkish bullet and ripped by the barbed wire

    13. We had to carry the lot all the wood to be used props, timbers, duckboards, and then there were the sandbags and the Bain of my life the coils of barbed wire

    14. “Shut up George you want to try carrying this barbed wire like me and Billy Boy then you would have something to flap your gums about

    15. As I looked up at the parapet I could see rusty barbed wire strung out across the top and the usual smell of latrines, chloride of lime, sweat and decomposing bodies assaulted our sense of smell

    16. “I’m glad it worked after all there was no point in taking more of a risk than you had to not for the sake of a bit of barbed wire

    17. “The later waves will be carrying the same as you but in addiation Vickers and Lewis machine guns and ammo, barbed wire and stakes plus what ever else is needed to consolidate the enemy terrain we capture in the attack

    18. ” “Look, he spent three days pulling his own skin off trying to escape from a barbed wire fence

    19. He turned around to see two rows of barbed wire stretching into the sky, as far as the eye could see

    20. Sandra gave one last frantic tug and managed to free herself, but before she could move the cat was on her, thumping into her chest, knocking her backwards against the barbed wire

    21. Barbed wire fences barred the way, but Lieutenant Wise, of Military Kite fame, and other officers smashed the posts with logs

    22. A fraise of barbed wire was negotiated with loss, and as the cavalry joined hands with the infantry right, it was an individual race from the extended lines to the top of the hill

    23. Nine succeeding rows of trenches must first have been captured on the slope leading from San Juan, the terrible barricade of barbed wire, protected by the forts and blockhouses, surmounted, before the stormers could reach the city and its immediate defences

    24. Most of the time the SAP Riot Units arrived very early (long before the court open at 9am), and formed a cordon around the court with barbed wire

    25. In fact, the injured horse may have run into barbed wire while running, and panicked, mauling itself,” according to Frederickson

    26. Reaching the barbed wire fence at the far side, they milled about, the ones nearest the fence getting caught on the barbs, tearing lumps of fleece from their coats

    27. Instead of bidding his time, he just literally sprouted wings, grew horns and a set of sharp fangs, a barbed tail, as well as an array of the assorted nasty features usually associated with demons, beelzebubs, balrogs and the armies of hell as portrayed in popular religious fiction

    28. That was guaranteed by its height of twenty feet, its bifurcated barbed tail, the red-hot flaming hoofs instead of feet, claws as large as jet engine fan blades, and a devilish smile that said that this one knew he had a natural capacity to instill gaping awe, mind-numbing fear, and send men early to their graves

    29. At the top, he ignored the pain of barbed wire cutting into his palms, rolled over it and dropped to the other side, leaving behind shards of trousers and chamarra

    30. The Pilgrim offered Molo his leather flask which was filled with water they had gathered from a meaty, barbed plant, its juices nothing more than water

    31. In front of me is a chain-link fence with barbed wire strung along the top

    32. It was created to hop trenches and roll over barbed wire on the Western Front in WWI

    33. barbed irons? or his head with fish spears? 8 Lay your hand on him, remember the battle, do no more

    34. Faith's innocently uttered phrase rankled in her father's mind like a barbed shaft

    35. A large group of twenty-something men wearing orange sashes walked along a road with spiral barbed wire separating the sash wearers from an angry mob

    36. Chin stood up and grabbed his long barbed stick and started to

    37. A fraction of a second later another followed with another splash, and immediately stabbed the first in the back with a slim barbed lance

    38. The compound, surrounded by barbed wire fencing,

    39. After driving through an open area, they passed through the board-and- barbed wire gate guarded by two Chinese Nung mercenaries

    40. The lead men in Buey Dan's sector had already penetrated the first coils of barbed wire and had placed their command-detonated Bangalore tor�pedoes

    41. As this jumble of barbed thoughts continued to fold in on

    42. Then I blundered into a fence and fell, entangled in barbed wire

    43. "How could I not feel that?" Hayley thought, looking at the barbed wire coming out of her stomach

    44. The barbed wire continued to unspool, widening the wounds

    45. A pole had been pushed under the barbed wire

    46. Barbed wire fencing ran along the road

    47. barbed wire to the edge of the corn that was way more than the traditional knee high by

    48. Sometimes they even had barbed wires on top of the walls

    49. like that, except the barbed wires came when I was older

    50. “If Ares brings his girlfriend here for a date,” I said, staring up at the barbed wire, “I’d hate to see what she looks like

    1. barbs, all the meanness and all the venom that Nick

    2. His foot slips in the mud by the side of the track leading into the parking area and he falls into a blackthorn bush, which whips at his hair and impales him on its thin black barbs

    3. He wrapped his tail around Solo Ki's arm, entwining it from shoulder to wrist where it split into a pair of curved barbs that dug into the elf's cape

    4. Agony exploded on his face as barbs sliced through his flesh, seconds before scales swept over its surface

    5. There must have been shit or putrefied flesh on the barbs of the wire and when it gouged into him it infected his leg and he contracted first blood poisoning and then gangrene we were told that he tried to fight it even when his leg was amputated but it had gone too far

    6. Sandra was nine years old and slim for her age, which helped as she lay on her back and wriggled her way under the fence, holding the sharp barbs away from her body with both hands

    7. Sandra stood up, slipped on a patch of oil, lost her footing, her leg slipping under the bottom wire of the fence, her jeans snagging on the barbs

    8. Needle sharp teeth tore at her throat and barbs bit into her back, the incredible pain taking away what little fight she had left

    9. Sandra was nine years old, slim for her age, which helped as she lay on her back and wriggled her way under the fence, holding the sharp barbs away from her body with both hands

    10. Reaching the barbed wire fence at the far side, they milled about, the ones nearest the fence getting caught on the barbs, tearing lumps of fleece from their coats

    11. Using one of the fence post as an aid, he climbed over the wires, careful not to get his clothes snagged on the wicked looking barbs

    12. The barbs widened the pinpoint hole in her flesh as they tore out of her

    13. Red chunks stuck to the barbs as they came out

    14. The barbs cut into spinal cord and bone as the wire threaded between two vertebrae

    15. I felt the sharp barbs hanging up on my jacket

    16. The manticore threw off his coat and transformed into his true self, his lion claws extended and his spiky tail bristling with poison barbs

    17. The pain is unbearable, but necessary, like having poison barbs withdrawn from every facet of one’s being

    18. The body is broken; the seas are choking on our poisonous barbs The tears of the shaman ring

    19. Earlier, he had tried to provoke Garnet Reed into an argument over the mysterious Russian radio transmissions picked up and recorded by Tubby Paulson, but Reed had deflected Curran's barbs with a big, understanding grin

    20. Others swear by barbs

    21. Every time he tried to access a fond memory of Sunbeam those cruel barbs shot forth and, as his mind lay bleeding, the living mummy of Sunbeam loomed over him, and the whole of his mind's eye was eclipsed by that terrible, cadaverous face – his mask twitched and ticked but still did not give way

    22. He pulled and tugged but the barbs refused to let go

    23. Ralf leaned toward him, trembling with premonitory delight when one of the barbs pricked his own thumb while pressing the halo down firmly to ensure good conductance

    24. quips and barbs about past issues between the two countries

    25. Tom had a sickly feeling when he imagined getting stuck in those barbs!

    26. Scathing retorts, insulting barbs, the subtle diss—she had a repertory

    27. The thread has little barbs

    28. device of torture with its twisted barbs and hooks

    29. Sunlight glared off the ocean, sending barbs of white light into the men’s pupils and leaving their heads pounding

    30. As he completed the first mile, barbs of pain were crackling through his ankle

    31. Either she would have to put up with it or ask were the barbs of truth

    32. party banished, for the most part, the memory of Rhett’s barbs and she was happy,

    33. She realized now that though he had infuriated her with his malicious convalescence continued and he did not fling softly drawled barbs at her or sting her comments and roused her to heated rejoinders, he had done it because he cared what she did and said

    34. Some had long stabbing thorns, some hooked barbs that rent like knives

    35. Likewise, we were both haunted by our common Want of a Father; for Presto (as he call’d himself amongst the Ladies) was born Months after his Father’s unfortunate Demise, and always accounted himself an Orphan of sorts (which perhaps explain’d that heighten’d Sensitivity in his Character, a Species of Skinlessness, as ’twere, which made all the Barbs of the World prick him more than they prickt the ordinary Man)

    36. Joe’s words got to me in a way that Mason Broyles’s vicious barbs had not

    37. Her sirs were barbs, always had been, but the thing that really cut him was the fact that she didn’t think he would see this through until the end

    38. When was the last time I had spoken his name? Those thorny old barbs of guilt bore into me once more, as if Khaled Hosseini The Kite Runner speaking his name had broken a spell, set them free to torment me anew

    39. God, God, how I loved their barbs, their thorns

    40. - AVOID grasses and other plants with tiny barbs on their stems and leaves

    41. I carefully measured the proportions (but will not here give the details) of the beak, width of mouth, length of nostril and of eyelid, size of feet and length of leg, in the wild parent species, in pouters, fantails, runts, barbs, dragons, carriers, and tumblers

    42. But we heeded them not, going along wheeling the barrow by turns, and Queequeg now and then stopping to adjust the sheath on his harpoon barbs

    43. It is a thing well known to both American and English whale-ships, and as well a thing placed upon authoritative record years ago by Scoresby, that some whales have been captured far north in the Pacific, in whose bodies have been found the barbs of harpoons darted in the Greenland seas

    44. But though boats have been taken down and lost in this way, yet it is this "holding on," as it is called; this hooking up by the sharp barbs of his live flesh from the back; this it is that often torments the Leviathan into soon rising again to meet the sharp lance of his foes

    45. Fashioned at last into an arrowy shape, and welded by Perth to the shank, the steel soon pointed the end of the iron; and as the blacksmith was about giving the barbs their final heat, prior to tempering them, he cried to Ahab to place the water-cask near

    46. Three punctures were made in the heathen flesh, and the White Whale's barbs were then tempered

    47. "Not forged!" and snatching Perth's levelled iron from the crotch, Ahab held it out, exclaiming—"Look ye, Nantucketer; here in this hand I hold his death! Tempered in blood, and tempered by lightning are these barbs; and I swear to temper them triply in that hot place behind the fin, where the White Whale most feels his accursed life!"

    48. Caught and twisted—corkscrewed in the mazes of the line, loose harpoons and lances, with all their bristling barbs and points, came flashing and dripping up to the chocks in the bows of Ahab's boat

    49. Many vestiges of the aboriginals are frequently found in Deerfield, such as beads, stone pots, mortars, pipes, axes, and the barbs of arrows and pikes

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