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Dart in a sentence

It was a dart gun.
The dart gun was a last.
Dart thought for a moment.
Her eyes dart over to him.
The dart hit the bulls-eye.
My eyes dart around the room.
This is blackmail Mr Dart.

Was the dart board more savvy?
A poisonous dart had wounded him.
The dart gun was in plain sight.
Dart wants me at Harper’s house.
I tossed the dart gun onto the bed.
Had he been smitten by some dart.
I shot the final dart into his chest.
Dart sat back and looked at his notes.
Dart continued to explain what he knew.
Well, there’s also a dart gun set.
It stuck just as if it had been a dart.
Deputy Dart walked by and looked at her.
For once, his eyes didn’t dart about.
Then she remembered the butterfly dart.
Dart hung up and Carter closed his phone.
He looked at the paper Dart was holding.
The dart stuck in a man’s eye and the.
Listen, Mr Dart, that’s preposterous.
Dart wrote down the name of Jessica Snare.
There’s been a grave mistake Mr Dart.
What will dart out presently? No one knows.
I couldn’t’ be faster than her dart in.
Deputy Dart walked in with a sheet of paper.
Here and there chipmunks dart out and then.
Reeves’ eyes dart around for a few seconds.
A dart to the chest was far too good for him.
Mr Dart, I don’t agree with your methods.
Dart smiled and patted Carter on the shoulder.
Dart sat back and watched the kids’ reaction.
These thoughts stuck in Sam like a poison dart.
The needles are not needles, but a dart to be.
The dart that has struck me proves without fail.
Dart called up to the wooden shack at its top:.
Darting down the steps, he.
Darting into the machine room as the.
Stephanie asked, her eyes darting about.
Leblanc was darting angry glances at him.
His eyes kept nervously darting around the cafe.
Moses was still crouched, his eyes darting back.
He slowed his darting then stopped in front of me.
Only the crickets and the soft darting by of a bat.
The snarling blurs accelerate, darting this way and that.
Churchill hesitated, his eyes darting, weighing the words.
Over the hedge line, Tony spotted the dark car darting in.
He studied the reflection, his eyes darting here and there.
Russell clamped his lips together, his eyes darting at Glen.
Thomas noticed the small flying things darting here and there.
She was silent for a moment, her eyes darting over the letter.
It was rapidly travelling over the ground, darting to and fro.
Shoop managed to keep pace with the darting man but knew that.
Hey, where are you going? she called after him, darting to.
He nodded tersely, his eyes darting quickly up and down my block.
What is it? gasped Cloud, darting up the steps to join his.
Cooper must realize, because she speeds up, darting between two cars.
Through the years James never stopped his darting from here to there.
Quickly, his eyes shot open, darting to where he’d heard the sound.
They started to panic, darting confused looks at each other and not.
Katz’s face was stark white, her eyes wide, darting to her computer.
Eddie’s eyes were darting everywhere, avoiding eye contact with them.
Jemelda joined him, her eyes darting from him to Ralph and back again.
He jumped back just in time to avoid a quick, darting blow of the beak.
He glanced around the room, eyes darting in frustration, which was when.
Piers slowly drank his beer, his eyes darting here and there as he did so.
It was coiled, with its tongue darting in and out, as its rattle sounded.
The male Fae frantically looked around before darting towards the lounge.
I don’t know, she answers, her eyes darting around as if seeking enemies.
Then she spied him, darting behind a tree, moving toward her in the darkness.
The flames were never still… they were always darting around, up and down.
There we wil have regular streets, with electric cars darting around, we.
Johnny froze, eyes darting to the point from which the commotion had emanated.
Yaksha bowed her head prior to standing and darting through the air toward an.
I could see men scrambling out of the water, darting into the reeds like frogs.
Maria started up, her eyes darting towards the door, as if afraid that some one.
I darted to my left.
She darted to the bell.
A guy darted into the.
He darted into the house.
My eyes darted past him.
She darted for the door.
She darted behind a row.
His eyes darted to Mary:.
Then, swiftly, he darted in.
The boy darted into the alley.
Her eyes darted toward Kalver.
Her eyes darted to the clock.
Corallyn nodded and darted off.
Feet shuffled and eyes darted.
A rat darted from under a cart.
My gaze darted over my shoulder.
My eyes darted around the room.
Spotlights darted all over the.
Her eyes darted around the cabin.
Melissa's eyes darted away again.
The boy’s eyes darted back to her.
They saw him, and darted toward him.
The horse darted south, bags heaving.
Claire darted into an elevator alcove.
Sati as she darted in front of Ganesh.
Her eyes darted downward and widened.
Felix darted away, back over the gate.
Teller’s eyes darted around the room.
Her tongue darted out to wet her lips.
She crouched lower as she darted for it.
He suddenly darted ahead at full speed.
Melissa's eyes darted to the clipboard.
Gunnison darted restless glances about.
The ghost's gaze darted around the room.
Soon, she'd behave like a darted animal.
Her eyes darted back and forth as she.
Calvin darted aside in the nick of time.
Star darted out into the moving traffic.
Theo darted forward and slammed the door.
My eyes darted to the rear vision mirror.
Shaw tossed the other darts slowly.
These darts have gone pretty deep.
The monster darts, and he seems to laugh.
A thousand fiery darts are piercing my brain.
But where do you get the darts or the stuff that's.
The Roadrunner darts it's tongue out at the boulder.
These darts will paralyze you, but they won't kill you.
I wished I had saved one of those darts I used on Kestrel.
Tenebra or Auger and Turrid shells also have poison darts.
Small darts of red free-formed at random within the liquid.
For example, if an animal darts in front of the car, your.
The boy darts towards her, burrowing between the two of them.
Coombs rubbed his unshaven chin, glaring vicious darts at us.
Darts are counted as stubble, he laughs at the shaking of a spear.
In an unrelated story, coin flips and darts outperformed this one.
Maya darts forward, with the kind of speed that is fueled by panic.
Darts are counted as stubble: he laugheth at the shaking of a spear.
Mostly whip lashing, punctures from darts, cuts and cigarette burns.
Shoop had neglected to bring any poison darts with him, for which he.
Her eyes flitted his way just long enough to throw a few poison darts.
As the Bees entered the open space, arrows and darts rained into them.
They learned billiards, darts, bowling and a wide variety of card games.
Joe had joined a Billiards club and would also play darts at the weekends.
The Lifeship automatically lifts away from the mother ship then darts off.
The idea of throwing darts at Pierce’s junk in effigy was pretty appealing.
How the earth darts on and on! and how the sun, moon, stars, dart on and on!.
At last Aragorn stood above the great gates, heedless of the darts of the enemy.
Skelton calmly picked several darts from the Captain's neck, then felt his pulse.
Then the tail flicked and dozens of slender darts shot through the air toward them.
You are inverted and broken from your flight, pinned under the grip of sharp darts.
I knew I could not continue sitting there and arguing when I had thrown poisoned darts.
Darts final and the bar was packed with supporters from The Horse and Groom in the village.
Lyre lashes out with a long leg, but Daniel’s immunity warns him and he darts to one side.
One member was elected to throw darts at the Journal's stock page in order to select a portfolio.
All the revolutions of Europe since 1792 are the French Revolution: liberty darts rays from France.
One great fellow ran past me roaring with pain, with a dozen darts sticking from his chest and ribs.
There was even a splash of bloodred paint on the yoke of the bull where a plume of darts had pierced him.
But now, as the two monsters hounded us to the very foot of the stairs, a drift of darts came whistling.
Amy darts into the car, rolls over and tries to yank her keychain out of the ignition, but it’s jammed.
If they were meant to do him harm they had to be at least the size of the darts the android's pistols fired.

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