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    1. dart pierced through his hand

    2. run, but take this under consideration: the gun in my hand has a dart filled with a

    3. down and pulled out the dart, but he could already feel the poison taking over

    4. the poison than the dart and that’s why Johnson chose it

    5. The dart gun was a last

    6. have been nice to think that that dart was a last desperate measure from a man

    7. pocket and pulled out the dart gun, but it was mangled beyond recognition

    8. I hit you with the dart before you got a chance

    9. Heather started to dart off from the way she came before I grabbed her arm

    10. have been the dart gun that Roman had become familiar with in that Iowa

    11. under his feet; holding his dart pistol with both hands, he constantly checked the

    12. hands in the pockets of his camouflaged shirt, and pulled out two dart pistols—

    13. He let his shoulders slump and bowed his head, "Ok," he said, "I know what a bad trip a dart would be," as he began walking toward Victoria

    14. He was not able to wrest the dart gun from its grip, but it did fire wide when he batted at it and it might take Vic more than a second to get the next dart loaded

    15. Alfred's android would have a new dart cocked any second

    16. He heard the 'spung' as he sailed across the opening and felt the fletch of the dart whistle across his butt

    17. He had even tried to do so, several times, but the little beast was too quick and would always dart away, fleeing to the rafters above where it would continue to cast insults in its musical voice

    18. It was a long shot for that dart gun but Alan was not about to chance it

    19. The android was up and shouting already, it would take it but another second to cock another dart

    20. Alan got more scrapes scrambling thru the hole and heard the spung of another dart as he swung over, knocking the top of the tank over into the shop with a loud clatter, but maybe no additional damage

    21. In one of them was something like a tiny crossbow without the bow but with a painful looking little dart on it

    22. There was a 'spung' and she felt the sting when the dart of that tiny crossbow bit her leg

    23. Paralysis spread as fast as blood passed the spot where the dart hit

    24. He wouldn't have been carrying this dart launcher without intent to use it

    25. This person; no machine, had just shot her with a poison dart

    26. "We've never actually met, but I've heard so much about you," Alfred said to her while extending the hand toward her that wasn't holding a dart launcher, "I'm delighted to meet you Desa, I'm Alfred McReady, Alan's father

    27. Get to know each other? Like tourists on a pleasant coach ride into the country? Her instinct was to start screaming and push her way thru the door, but those dart launchers came up as soon as she twitched

    28. But the dart guns came up as soon as she raised her voice and she lapsed into stony silence for an hour

    29. Then he went on to tell of how much danger his father had put him in once again when he tried to shoot him with a paralysis dart when he was seventy feet above the stone floor and excrement pile of that abandoned area, clinging to a slanted roof

    30. Desa thought she could grab the dart launcher from the crippled android before it could react

    31. If she and Alan also had another dimension that they could converse in, they could coordinate their actions and Alan could go for Alfred's dart launcher at the same time

    32. He was up then, as stunned as Desa was when this same mechanical man, haunted by a different ghost, shot her in the leg with a poison dart

    33. She turned to run back thru the door and recover him, she could see that he was paralyzed, hit with a dart like she had been

    34. "He had a hard time coming out from under that dart?"

    35. “This is the Dart Post Office is it?” Said one

    36. “We want a list of all the people here in Dart, together with their addresses

    37. "Oh yes, but I didn't think you'd go thundering down with the shuttlecraft, maybe a remote dart that lets him fall over the rail of that native raft where he could fall into a submersible

    38. For once, his eyes didn’t dart about

    39. Mid-way through repairing a plow, he"d dart from the shop, going no one knew where

    40. Slowly, the quartet wended its way back towards the top deck, hiding behind crates, ducking into small rooms, and moving quickly into the shadows and letting crew members dart by in their haste to prepare for the storm

    41. The chicken squawked and tried to dart past him

    42. The dart hit the dog in the neck and it yelped - an unusually high pitched yelp for such a barrel-chested dog

    43. Grouchie shook its head, pawing at its neck, knocking the dart free, but the anaesthetic had already begun to have an affect

    44. “Nice try old timer,” the man said, grabbing Holland’s wrist before he could swallow the dart, watching as his target’s eyes slowly glazed over

    45. A poisonous dart had wounded him

    46. Now he kept a more careful eye in that direction without appearing to look—and he saw something dart between trees

    47. A few sparrows dart around the Kapow bushes like sparrows do and a couple of very noisy ‘silly buggers’ hop across the freshly mown lawn like Jack Russells on two legs

    48. I watched my Uncle “Wes Lee K” and his band mates dart to the stage in a hurry

    49. I jumped in the air and turned a circle as if I’d been a Thompson Gazelle hit in the ass by a curare dart

    50. Wynne was quick to dart after the other two, still sickly and limping

    1. " he said as he darted by her

    2. Johnny quickly darted over to his holographic keyboard and turned down the volume

    3. "I don't know for sure, but I think they probably would have darted us and…"

    4. “It’s no use…” shaking her head she took a step back and turned and darted down the hall, he heard her running down the stairs and then the back door slammed

    5. Alan was starting to really worry when Desa finally did show up, but she had five pounds of nyobba with her that she'd darted with her bow

    6. They were being turned to ash before his eyes as a white blur darted from dragon to dragon at lightening speed

    7. Sarah’s eyes darted in all directions keeping tabs on her squad members and also searching for Jackson and Lady Isabol

    8. Waiting till the very last minute, the Queen darted off at supersonic speed

    9. His mouth opened and his eyes darted around

    10. Her eyes darted up and down and left and right

    11. leaped from his chest, and darted across the road to

    12. ” With that Sally darted to the bathroom, running with

    13. Her father darted squirrels and possum’s with a blow-gun made from a length of stainless tubing he’d found in that land-fill and managed to sneak by the gang’s inspectors

    14. She walked casually toward the stairs til she was just out of sight, then swung over the rail and darted back thru the kitchens

    15. identify darted back and forth across the water

    16. Accounting for their where about, was the single thought, filling her head as she darted in, and out of the younger crowd, mingling about the parking lot floor

    17. Swifts and thrushes darted about the trees in

    18. "Enough!" The elf's head darted toward Tetloan

    19. Galimoto darted past Alec's head, and then settled on Nathalia's shoulder

    20. He angled his torch that way but saw nothing, if there was someone there he had darted out of sight

    21. Alan darted back thru the door as the pistol came up

    22. No more than a heartbeat later, several strands of energy from Brice's fingertips darted after it

    23. Her gray eyes darted to the left where a large chunk of wood levitated above the heads of the other demons, then, before they could reach her -- with an ear popping THUD!, the shard of doorway slammed to the earth, crushing them

    24. Every blue thread darted in her direction

    25. Swifts and swallows darted overhead, and he

    26. ” Dora’s little pink tongue actually darted

    27. he darted inside calling out at the top of his voice - and

    28. X’ander was the first to arrive, he darted into the chamber, his daggers ready to fly from his fingers

    29. I darted towards the door and flung it open

    30. Her eyes darted back and forth, but she nodded

    31. After depositing some of her gear and spiced wine in her pleasingly spacious room, she darted back down the stairs, almost running into a lingering Sorex on the way

    32. Her eyes darted downward and widened

    33. Carius’ eyes darted to the side in thought, then back to the recruit before him

    34. Penelope did the same, bracing as her eyes darted around the large room

    35. Her bare feet hardly made a sound on the stone floor as she darted into the passage

    36. But he leapt up and darted back out into the corridor

    37. The young woman bit her lip as her eyes darted back and forth in panic, wondering what she would say when met with those eyes of his newly harsh with disappointment

    38. It darted along the brush-line out ahead of the camp

    39. Yet its deformed tentacles darted with the speed and mechanics of an insect

    40. My eyes darted to the freaks that were surrounding the tank I was on, and it dawned on me in that moment that none of them had reacted to him

    41. Scared, he darted his tongue into her wet hole and felt the hole close on it and

    42. He darted his tongue back into her cunt and was agreeably surprised when she held his head there with one hand and began a wild fucking movement against his face and tongue

    43. Martin looked down at a curling stream that darted in and out of vision with the twisted and graded portions of hills that made this part of the country so uninhabitable

    44. The one in front darted towards him at an alarming rate

    45. His eyes darted back to the two empty circles

    46. James kissed his Father, waved happily to me and darted from the shop

    47. The girl's eyes darted to the door before picking it up

    48. Jill gasped and hid her eyes as he darted his rental

    49. She screamed and darted for the door, but he caught her and pulled her close again

    50. Planet Earth now a light blue mass which darted across the screen so fast Jimmy wondered if he was able to capture it in his mind as an isolated sphere instead of a streak of blue

    1. Angie tried to look as if she knew what that all meant while the young man swallowed nervously, his eyes darting at Kara, apparently completely taken up with writing on the paper

    2. The birds sang sweetly in the hedgerows and the last of the house martins were diving and darting across the sky as they fed themselves up for their long autumn flight south

    3. The wind was sharpening now so I shoved my hands into my pockets and quickened my pace, darting about and skimming round the corners and making good headway till I turned a corner and almost ran into a large woman chopping wood right in my path

    4. “Very interesting,” murmured Rayne, her eyes darting about the arena; “but who do they fight?”

    5. Her eyes were still darting, they were the only part of her that had Tdeshi’s energy

    6. The kitchen door is open and Bex leans against the door frame watching sparrows darting in and out of the shadows

    7. The feathers soft to her touch, she stroked the little creature remembering how it had looked darting about in the air, hearing again the joyful song it had sung to her

    8. Her eyes darting around the length of the shore below her, she ran to the steps and stood uncertainly, searching for any hint that Mickey might have survived the fall

    9. ’ She said, her hands darting about in counterpoint to her words

    10. Kev spluttered, his eyes darting around the room as though looking for inspiration

    11. Darting a quick glance

    12. "My lady, you mustn't," Onk said, his eyes darting down the hallway

    13. A tiny blur of fur leapt through a ray of light cast from a gap in the ceiling, darting through the light only to disappear beneath a fallen beam

    14. Nathalia kept up with two, three, sometimes even four at a time, but her blades had been reduced to shields, darting in all directions to parry a multitude of blows while every second, a score of her companions were cleaved in half, cut down by the demons' blades as though the wolf helmed beings were reaping wheat

    15. Penelope sighed and looked toward the ground, eyes darting here and there in thought

    16. And with her eyes darting excitedly about the heavens, Penelope walked on back to the waking camp

    17. As he looked around, his gray eyes darting between the other soldiers in his battalion, they all appeared steeled for engagement

    18. He found that by darting his tongue in and out of her only a short distance while alternately moving it quickly from side to side, he was able to drive this woman almost out of her mind with passion

    19. Russell clamped his lips together, his eyes darting at Glen

    20. Through the years James never stopped his darting from here to there

    21. He slowed his darting then stopped in front of me

    22. lolloping, darting and bouncing along, all given away by their motion

    23. You, anxiously, watch from the other side of the walnut tree, half expecting him to come darting out with a 10 foot snake clinging to his face

    24. Dawn shifted uneasily, her eyes darting from the intruder to Sheena and back again

    25. He studied the reflection, his eyes darting here and there

    26. Then darting forward, each tiny creature unloaded its precious bubble of oxygen into the fine structure, the water frothing as their small bodies flitted hither and thither, diving this way and that

    27. But to her dismay the youngsters backed away, a deep fear evident in their darting eyes as they scattered in panic, screaming for their mothers

    28. The rodent continued to move closer, its head darting this way and that, constantly alert for danger

    29. “Well put yourself in my place,” he replied, his gaze darting here and there as he spoke

    30. Piers slowly drank his beer, his eyes darting here and there as he did so

    31. Regardless that Gordon had prepared him, it was a shock to find the entire exercise yard a sea of blankets with family groups relaxing and children darting to and fro

    32. His body motionless, he scanned the darkness with darting eyes and alert to every sound while his mind raced

    33. They scooped their wings, batting them madly and fanned their tails to drift slowly above the melee, tiny heads darting from side to side, scanning for the perfect morsel

    34. Thomas noticed the small flying things darting here and there

    35. darting about in front of Thomas

    36. Over the hedge line, Tony spotted the dark car darting in

    37. Weaving our way among low reed-choked islands, I wondered at the bright birds darting in and out, nearly within arms reach of where I sat

    38. The bird has an exclusive opportunity to immediately notice that this area is absolutely symmetrical: on both sides of the azure beauty existed a kind of space, but on one side, it was occupied by old houses, modern shops and darting back and forwards human, and on the other - the same field, but covered with fresh, untouched snow, playing with thousands of iridescent sparks, looking at the nearby trees are so fond of

    39. Darting into the machine room as the

    40. face, her eyes darting along the darkened car

    41. “Hey, where are you going?” she called after him, darting to

    42. “What is it?” gasped Cloud, darting up the steps to join his

    43. Darting down the steps, he

    44. She pulled the map out of her pocket and studied it quickly, darting into the crowd as quickly as her leg would allow

    45. Her eyes were darting about, she continued to hug her husband but she had to act quickly to dispel any thoughts of long term convalescence

    46. As Monica and Harry approached Tenth and Liberty, their attention was turned to a girl darting in front of an automobile

    47. 30 And when Jashub came to fight with Judah, and was darting many arrows against Judah, the Lord bound the hand of Jashub, and all the arrows that he shot rebounded on his own men

    48. “Faith Tabernacle is in shambles,” he said, darting a worried look around the room

    49. further that we would have liked, darting strait

    50. 30 And when Jashub came to fight with Judah and was darting many arrows against Judah the Lord bound the hand of Jashub and all the arrows that he shot rebounded on his own men

    1. "These darts will paralyze you, but they won't kill you

    2. the darts one by one out of his chest and stomach and threw them to the ground

    3. If they were meant to do him harm they had to be at least the size of the darts the android's pistols fired

    4. Small darts of red free-formed at random within the liquid

    5. while badminton birdies fly back and forth overhead and other “cowboy” girls chase each other around their connected rooms shooting plastic darts at one another

    6. As the Bees entered the open space, arrows and darts rained into them

    7. 14 Then said Joab, I may not tarry so with you; And he took three darts in his hand, and thrust them through the heart of Absalom,

    8. city of David, and made darts and shields in abundance

    9. Darts are counted as stubble, he laughs at the shaking of a spear

    10. They, of course, brush aside any organized resistance, but then the men tend to die from disease and ambush with poison darts

    11. compassed in his host, and throw darts at the people, from morning till evening

    12. defended them mightily: in which also was great provision of engines and darts

    13. 15 He took also Arphaxad in the mountains of Ragau, and struck him through with his darts, and

    14. I knew I could not continue sitting there and arguing when I had thrown poisoned darts

    15. Eph 6:16 Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked

    16. (When the bull is severely injured, they often throw darts and take the eyes out)

    17. lance), rejones (pikes used when riding), and rapiers; set the horns of a bull on fire; bomb a bull with darts to kill it off later with a shotgun; use greyhounds for races and

    18. The boy darts towards her, burrowing between the two of them

    19. One pair immediately leaped into flight, but the other held their ground and threw magically accelerated war darts as fast as they could pull them out of their packs, and the two flyers were shot down before they’d gained three meters of air

    20. 51 As for the sanctuary he besieged it many days and set there artillery with engines and instruments to throw fire and stones and pieces to throw darts and slings

    21. 80 And Jonathan knew that there was an ambushment behind him; for they had compassed in his host and throw darts at the people from morning till evening

    22. 1 About the same time Antiochus prepared his second voyage into Egypt: 2 And then it happened that through all the city for the space almost of forty days there were seen horsemen running in the air in cloth of gold and armed with lances like a band of soldiers 3 And troops of horsemen in array encountering and running one against another with shaking of shields and multitude of pikes and drawing of swords and casting of darts and glittering of golden ornaments and harness of all sorts

    23. 27 And after he had put to flight and destroyed them Judas removed the host toward Ephron a strong city in which Lysias abode and a great multitude of divers nations and the strong young men kept the walls and defended them mightily: in which also was great provision of engines and darts

    24. 15 He took also Arphaxad in the mountains of Ragau and struck him through with his darts and destroyed him utterly that day

    25. And again I said: Lord thereafter what will You do? And I heard a voice saying to me: Hear righteous John; Then shall appear the denier and he who is set apart in the darkness who is called Antichrist; And again I said: Lord reveal to me what he is like; And I heard a voice saying to me: The appearance of his face is dusky; the hairs of his head are sharp like darts; his eyebrows like a wild beast's; his right eye like the star which rises in the morning and the other like a lion's; his mouth about one cubit; his teeth span long; his fingers like scythes; the print of his feet of two spans; and on his face an inscription Antichrist; he shall be exalted even to Heaven and shall be thrown down even to Hades making false displays; And then will I make the Heaven brazen so that it shall not give moisture on the Earth; and I will hide the clouds in secret places so that they shall not bring moisture on the Earth; and I will command the horns of the wind so that the wind shall not blow on the Earth

    26. One pair immediately leaped into flight, but the other held their ground and threw magically accelerated war darts as fast as they could pull them out of their packs, and the two flyers were shot down before they’d gained ten feet of air

    27. her weapon, ready to fire more darts

    28. But where do you get the darts or the stuff that's

    29. You are inverted and broken from your flight, pinned under the grip of sharp darts

    30. They try all the cheap restaurants, spend hours at the RSL, play the pokies, bowls, bingo, darts, bridge, watch daytime TV, anything to distract them from experiencing their lives

    31. by darts the devil has hurled;

    32. Mostly whip lashing, punctures from darts, cuts and cigarette burns

    33. Above all, take and use the shield of Faith, your Strong Spiritual Faith will quench the Devil’s fiery darts

    34. I showered quickly, jerking awake a couple of times under the hot darts of water, not even aware that I had been falling asleep

    35. Joe had joined a Billiards club and would also play darts at the weekends

    36. For example, if an animal darts in front of the car, your

    37. They learned billiards, darts, bowling and a wide variety of card games

    38. The Lifeship automatically lifts away from the mother ship then darts off

    39. that plays darts and not a dart player that paints

    40. darts, the less agile sitting wherever they could to put on

    41. 'How can the city's newest darts star have any

    42. especially one who had won a darts match practically on her own

    43. 'I know where it was' he said 'Aren't you the little girl who won the darts trophy

    44. “Right, now that we are all settled again, here’s how we do it, the financier lives on Bribie Island, on the day in question we load the truck with Mr Jay’s equipment which he will take across the causeway to a car park near the house of the financier, Mr Crow and I will have hired a fishing boat for a few days fishing I drop Mr Crow at the boat which will be waiting at the Beachmere wharf, Mr Crow takes the boat across Deception Bay, a matter of ten kilometres or so, he ties it up at the Bongaree boat ramp, after dropping Mr Crow I then drive across the causeway in the panel van and pick him up at the boat ramp, we drive to the truck then proceed to the house, Mr Jay our resident locksmith opens the door, you and I, Mr Crow, with our dart guns will then render the guards unconscious, at this time Mr Crow your only concern will be the guards you will not leave them, not even for a minute, understood, if you need a pee you do it there you must not take your eyes off them guards for a minute, putting two more darts in the guns you will stand over the guards and if they seem to be stirring you dart them again, Mr Jay and I will bring up the vehicles and start unpacking, I will then guard the front of the house, when Mr Jay has disabled the Wilson we will load it into the panel van and then load Mr Jay’s equipment back into the truck, Mr Crow and I then drive the panel van to the fishing boat and load the Wilson aboard, we then cross the bay with the money, while we are doing this Mr Jay is driving across the causeway and around to Beachmere to pick us up, we then come back here to open the box and share the money and then we live happily ever after

    45. For the next hour they fired at the target, it was excellent fun; Murray had always steered away from guns, but he found this to be great entertainment, he also found that his hand eye co-ordination was a long way behind Mr Hawk and Mr Crow’s, they hit every thing they aimed at without seeming to try, swapping the guns around they used all three guns with the same deadly accuracy, Murray conceded that he definitely wasn’t in their league, so dropping a couple of darts in his pocket he retired from the target practice and sat back and became a spectator, when they both seemed satisfied with their toys they all went into the kitchen and nuked some tucker in the microwave

    46. They left and Murray locked up behind them and returned to making the rack, when he’d finished he bolted the rack into the truck, he stopped for lunch and watched the midday news on ABC, Iraq, Iraq and then more Iraq, then some experts and politicians displayed their ego’s, pompously having their say, the two messages that he got were firstly that no-one seemed to have a clue what to do, and secondly quite astutely the ABC had lumped politicians and experts together, talk about the blind leading the blind, the next item was about a car crash on the highway not being interested he turned the television off and went back to work, he finished the small amount of welding and burning that still needed doing on the plate steel project, after grinding the welds smooth he left it to cool down while he loaded some of the stuff onto the rack in the truck, he then wandered over to the fridge got a beer and decided to have a play with the dart guns, he was spraying the darts all over the board when he suddenly realised they hadn’t tested the knockout drug that would coat the darts, what if it didn’t put the guards to sleep immediately or what if they woke before they had finished, if the drug wasn’t instantaneous, the guards, if they were fast enough, might even start spraying bullets around, he would have to inform Mr Hawk of his misgivings when he came back from his fishing trip

    47. I started the outboard engine and Flynn casually stepped aboard and cast off the ropes tying us to the shore, I told him to sit out of sight in the half cabin as I swung around and headed across the bay to Bongaree, the only reason I had Flynn along was because Mr Jay said it would need two to gently lift the Wilson, although the alarms were disabled there was still the printers dye to be considered he said, it was only ten or twelve kilometre’s across the bay and with the amount of times we’d practised I could have done it with my eyes closed, leaving Flynn out of sight in the cabin, I tied the boat up and walked to a bench were Mr Hawk was sitting waiting for me, getting in the panel van we drove along to were Mr Jay had parked the truck, Mr Hawk then pointed out the financiers house about fifty metres up the road and we drove a bit closer then we went up the driveway, Mr Jay knelt down and in seconds we were in the house, we could hear the noise of a television set coming from the kitchen, peeping in the round window of the door I saw the two guards drinking coffee watching a football match, I looked at Mr Hawk he nodded and we slowly pushed the door open, when the darts hit them their heads dropped forward, one fell to the floor the second body didn’t even move staying in the same position as though he was still watching the footy match, Mr Hawk’s knock-out drug was certainly fast acting

    48. They first called at an electrical store and Shirl studied what computers they had in stock but she drew a blank on the model she wanted, they next called at the Super Sport shop and Murray bought two air pistols and a box of darts, then onto Radio Spares were Shirl bought a soldering iron and a roll of solder, a couple of small PC boards, transistors, and various other electronic spares, now to find the right laptop, they visited half a dozen shops before Shirl found what she wanted, it was expensive but Murray assumed Shirl knew what she wanted, because he certainly didn’t, their last purchase was at a chemist were Shirl bought hair dye, combs, scissors and a packet of thin plastic throw away gloves

    49. Shirl was on the laptop talking business with Jerry, a couple of her accounts he was unfamiliar with she told Murray, so Murray went into the bedroom and after donning a pair of cotton gloves opened the parcel he’d bought from Sally laying it all out on the bed, there were two bags of cocaine, eleven thousand dollars of the stolen Post Office money, two thousand dollars refund from Sally, and last but certainly not least the present that Sally had mentioned, the piece de resistance, wrapped in a plastic bag was a 38 millimetre automatic hand-gun, a note stuck to the plastic bag stated that this was the actual weapon used to shoot and wound the two postal workers, Murray was ecstatic, the gun would move the question of guilt out of the realm of possibility, to the realm of certainty with no chance of convincing anyone otherwise, the two thousand refund Murray returned to his wallet, then from the bottom of the wardrobe he retrieved the battered briefcase he’d bought at the op shop, he took from the briefcase one of the hypodermic needles that Ted had left his fingerprints on, putting this to one side, and leaving the other three needles, he began loading the bag, first he shook the gun out of the plastic bag, then added five thousand dollars of the tainted money from the robbery, lastly he placed a bag of cocaine in the briefcase and closed it, from the bedside table he now took his own briefcase, which still contained his various identities in the false bottom, into this he put the remaining six thousand dollars of the Post Office money, the syringe with Ted’s fingerprints, the bag of heroin, both of the air pistols and the packet of darts, from his inside jacket pocket he took the little bottle of the knock-out mixture that he’d switched from Mr Hawk’s coat during the robbery, holding it up to the light he saw there was less than a quarter left, more than enough though for the task ahead, he’d just finished these preparations when Shirl called from the other room

    50. Next morning they were up early and had breakfast in the hotel restaurant, Murray drove away at eight thirty and Shirl left the hotel an hour later, Murray parked at a meter a little away from the Plaza Hotel, Mr Kennedy left first then a half hour later Mr Cruz drove up the ramp and turned left, when he’d turned the corner Murray fed the parking meter and walked quickly into the hotel, entering the lobby with his briefcase under his arm, he walked nonchalantly to the lift and ascended to the second floor, he halted at room two one seven with lock picks in hand he glanced up and down the lobby, fiddled with the lock and walked calmly into Mr Cruz’s room closing the door behind him, opening his briefcase he loaded the two air guns with drugged darts, he then placed the Post Office money and the bag of cocaine in the top drawer of the bedside cabinet, Murray then searched the room for anything that might implicate him, satisfied that everything was in order he sat on the floor at the side of a cabinet were he’d be hidden from anyone who entered, it was over an hour later that the key was inserted in the lock and Mr Cruz walked towards the bed, his instincts must have warned him because he spun around as Murray fired the dart gun, a look of fury glaring on his face as Mario collapsed onto the carpet, it must have occurred to him at last that he had grossly underestimated Mr Jay, Murray fired the other air pistol into Mr Cruz’s body just to make sure, then opening his briefcase he took out the syringe which he had filled with a cocaine mixture Sally had recommended, opening Mario’s shirt Murray emptied the contents of the syringe into Mario’s belly, he then retrieved his darts and searched Mario’s pockets for any papers that might refer to Murray or Mr Kennedy these he also put in his briefcase, the last thing he did was check that he hadn’t smudged the fingerprints on the syringe, he then laid it on the floor next to Mario’s body, one final inspection of the room, and he was walking towards the stairwell where he took his gloves off and added them to the contents of his briefcase

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    Synonyms for "dart"

    dart flit fleet flutter dash flash scoot scud shoot bolt speed plunge fly launch projectile missile barb course rush

    "dart" definitions

    a small narrow pointed missile that is thrown or shot

    a tapered tuck made in dressmaking

    a sudden quick movement

    move along rapidly and lightly; skim or dart

    run or move very quickly or hastily

    move with sudden speed