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Frasi con deem (in inglese)

  1. I deem that she yet lives.
  2. I deem that a significant weakness.
  3. That is what he most fears, I deem.
  4. If it is not countered swiftly, I deem.
  5. With the many deletions I deem a necessity.
  6. I deem half of these trends to be reversing.
  7. On the contrary, sir, I deem both very feasible.
  8. I hope, in the end, it will deem us to have been a good idea.
  9. My tunnel vision forgot to deem what else these people can do.
  10. His family would surely deem a cock enlargement as a waste of money.
  11. It is for this reasons that they deem the unmanifest God as assum-.
  12. However necessary some may deem this war, all will desire a short one.
  13. I deem it to be a tongue of the Black Land, since it is foul and uncouth.
  14. Samuel would look on the outward appearance of Jesse's sons and deem them.
  15. I make this declaration on (what I deem) the most unquestionable authority.
  16. It opened the door for Congress to take whatever they deem expedient from us.
  18. That is a pretty strong compliment, seeing as you are speaking to what you deem.
  19. Sir, I deem it inexpedient to commence a permanent Naval Establishment at this time.
  20. I will go naked, on my knees, as befits a suppliant, lest Mitra deem I lack humility.
  21. Thank you, though I deem it will seem less so after your husband has done his lift.
  22. Burglary was highly uncommon in his neighbourhood but he did not deem it ever impossible.
  23. With presets, you can identify the settings that you deem most appropriate for certain scenes.
  24. That is a little of the meanings folded under the statement: and made it deem with corruption.
  25. When they turned back around, Elder Leonid stood, We deem this needs further attention and have.
  26. For in truth it is life that gives unto life while you, who deem yourself a giver are but a witness.
  27. That is a pretty strong compliment, seeing as you are speaking to what you deem the Godhead directly.
  28. We shall not go so early that the policemen who have then little to think of, shall deem it strange.
  29. Back even more and he unearthed deeply rooted beliefs that integrating too much would deem him Chinese.
  30. They may deem it necessary to alter things or provide healing energy to stop your death from occurring.
  31. USA) over regulations they deem too costly or inconvenient, and limiting the ability of future legislators.
  32. Gentlemen, I deem it my duty to declare that all this is folly, and that our conversation has gone too far.
  33. For example, the pattern Three Stars in the South+ appears so infrequently that I deem it as almost useless.
  34. I have been commanded to save those I deem worthy, but for the rest there can be only death, Alana continued.
  35. Does that mean if the act was murder the utilitarian would deem it fine as long as it increases happiness? I thought.
  36. The scarier scenario is that you purchase at a point that you deem a margin of safety, and the stock continues to fall.
  37. I have to be able to refuse roles I deem not artistic, and I can’t sacrifice all my interests simply to excel at one.
  38. Religion embraces thinking, feeling, and acting reverently toward some reality which we deem worthy of universal adoration.
  39. My brother jumped out of the car and dashed toward her Jeep, yelling, Are you mad? No stopping unless I deem it safe!.
  40. Fernand, flash traffic from the BABYLON: the fleet will open fire in ten minutes, unless you deem that this is too early for us.
  41. The other noteworthy point about exercise is that you can divide it up into as many intervals as you can handle and deem convenient.
  42. To the dismay of the unfortunate man, he said that the honest public should deem that the campaign to boycott the corrupt had begun.
  43. Well might Catherine deem that heaven would be a land of exile to her, unless with her mortal body she cast away her moral character also.
  44. I will stay until I deem it safe for me to go and then I shall bugger off and you can continue being the self-righteous turd that you are.
  45. It is idle to believe that he will deem the non-importation a compliance with his condition; nor, to me, does his language convey this idea.
  46. You will not be handed any real measure of authority and yes, the people will continue to be oppressed as you put it, until I deem otherwise.
  47. Sir, for my single self, did I support such projects as are avowed to be the objects of this bill, I should deem myself a traitor to my country.
  48. What we as short-lived mammals deem to be permanent or unchanging is merely due to our relative, finite, in-between perception of Infinite Time.
  49. I deem you happy I who am the messenger of repentance whoever of you are innocent as children because your part is good and honourable before God.
  50. What respect and dignity would you want if you were homeless or living in any other situation that society and mankind deem as less than adequate?
  51. These factors, which he may not deem particularly important but which are likely to have a strong, immediate market impact, include the following:.
  52. But if from the comparative dimensions of the whale's proper brain, you deem it incapable of being adequately charted, then I have another idea for you.
  53. Your desire not to feel something is usually based upon a previous experience you had with it and as a result of that experience you deem it to be bad.
  54. These aristocrats deem themselves the sons of crocodiles, in other words, descendants with the most exalted origins to which a human being can lay claim.
  55. Instead of purchasing more of a security you deem to be a great investment, you sell the stock because you are afraid of temporary stock price movements.
  56. But regarding the unbelievers and hypocrites, they consider all the messenger's speech as a warning to them, whereas the believers deem it as good omens.
  57. I will not, however, hazard any hypothesis on the subject; but if you deem the fact of sufficient importance, your opinion, Sir, is respectfully solicited.
  58. Like their brother robbers on the highway, they suppose the escape of the moment a final escape and deem infamy and future risk countervailed by present gain.
  59. Where the growth has been large the recent earnings will be well above the seven-or ten-year average, and analysts may deem these long-term figures irrelevant.
  60. Seward, humanitarian and medico-jurist as well as scientist, will deem it a moral duty to deal with me as one to be considered as under exceptional circumstances.
  61. Eric did not deem it necessary to share this observation, but judging by how easy it was to persuade Rose to regroup, she must have come to a similar conclusion too.
  62. We have all called on some higher power at some time in our life, it is only a matter of statistics that some people will experience what they deem a 'response'.
  63. I deem it my duty to report to Your Majesty the condition of the various corps I have had occasion to observe during different stages of the last two or three days’ march.
  64. I deem it material to consider this point, because, if the proclamation were unauthorized, then Congress are not committed by it, nor are they bound to give it their sanction.
  65. But it looked like she had finally grown really old, and thus, really weird in many ways, to the point that some courts would probably even deem she had lost her marbles for good.
  66. Prefects of the police do not deem it possible that a cat can transform itself into a lion; that does happen, however, and in that lies the miracle wrought by the populace of Paris.
  67. This man, said he, at one such moment, to himself, pure as they deem him,—all spiritual as he seems,—hath inherited a strong animal nature from his father or his mother.
  68. A buyer of a $1,000 bond would not deem it worth his while to make as thorough an analysis of an issue as would a large insurance company considering the purchase of a $500,000 block.
  69. If someone isn’t following you but is searching the hashtag, they will see your tweet and if they deem the content could be valuable to their audience, they are more likely to retweet it.
  70. But what they deem just when exercising the law against a criminal, they of course would not select for themselves in a similar case, were they given choice, no matter how just it would seem.
  71. A number of jockeys have found themselves having to hand back winnings from races and suffering riding bans for what the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) deem to be excessive use of the whip.
  72. As to the constitutional provision, with respect to a navy, it is nothing more than a mere grant of power, which Congress is at liberty to use or not, as they may deem it necessary or expedient.
  73. This is the question that play, yes, Play, poses to us: do we want to solve our problems, or do we want to keep some of them as a way of life we deem materially fair, metaphysically moral, and 900.
  74. If, however, his statements should not prove satisfactory to the House, he declared the failure would not induce him ultimately to vote against that species of force which a majority might deem expedient.
  75. In studying the stock list for the material in this chapter, we were impressed once again by the wide difference between the usual objectives of security analysis and those we deem dependable and rewarding.
  76. Under these circumstances what ought I to do? I must either vote against every expedient which falls short of what I deem the most proper course, or assent to that which accords most with what I think right.
  77. Instead of being employed at some dead-end job all his life, he convinced his doctors—by telling them the absolute truth about who and what he was in life—to deem him eligible to collect social security disability.
  78. In this statement, he noted that ‘I deem it neither prudent nor proper for me to comment particularly where the Public Protector has had access to a range of Ministers and officials properly tasked with this responsibility’.
  79. Whatever may be the information received, I shall endeavor to adhere to what I deem the real interests of my country, and, so far as I am able, to maintain its rights against the unprincipled aggressions of every foreign nation.
  80. Therefore, you are authorized to take whatever actions you deem necessary to bring our defense system up to Federation standards including leading our forces into battle in defense of our home planet should that become necessary.
  81. Resolved, That it is expedient to authorize the President of the United States, if he shall deem it most proper, to compromise the conflicting claims of the United States and the persons removed from the batture of the suburb of St.
  82. If leaders in the African-American-governed part of the Church deny the authority of Christ’s Great Commission, deem it not relevant to your race, or leave you unaware of His mandate, they likewise deprive you of spiritual freedom.
  83. If I was Jo, and it was Barrons at the top of these stairs, what would I do? Like Jo, would I choose to take what I could get of the hottest, dirty, intense sex and passion I’d ever experience, and deem it worth a shattered heart?
  84. I do deem it now a most meaning thing, that that old Greek, Prometheus, who made men, they say, should have been a blacksmith, and animated them with fire; for what's made in fire must properly belong to fire; and so hell's probable.
  85. The discussion principally involved the respective merits of West Point and Washington City (to which place it was supposed, probably, that the Executive might deem it expedient to remove the Academy) as proper sites for a Military Academy.
  86. Why, that all those mercenary individuals, whom the many call Sophists and whom they deem to be their adversaries, do, in fact, teach nothing but the opinion of the many, that is to say, the opinions of their assemblies; and this is their wisdom.
  87. There are now in circulation many books dealing with Bible subjects, whose authors deem themselves to be such high 'authorities' that they habitually make assertions of the most radical sort without citing in support thereof any proof whatever.
  88. At a crisis of this sort, the importance of which every gentleman acknowledges, I deem it proper that every man who feels an ardent love of country should come forward to save that country, to rescue his sinking parent from the jaws of pollution.
  89. Now if he refuses to hear your brethren, you may tell the whole story to the congregation, and then, if he refuses to hear the brotherhood, let them take such action as they deem wise; let such an unruly member become an outcast from the kingdom.
  90. I deem the four most important factors growth, inflation, liquidity, and tail risks (where the last consists mainly of volatility, correlation, and skew) and discuss them in this chapter and Chapters 17–19 (see the new face of the rotated cube).
  91. To the north/left a self- segregated club meeting of cormorants awaited its own starting signal and a few fluttering landlubbers just did their best to snag a grasshopper or two while they provided the score for a scene Hollywood would deem too dull.
  92. Even more tragic, Anna’s response to her own struggles at school would deem her unable to attend the class that could have provided her with the skills to handle her boyfriend more effectively during the argument that wound up costing her, her life.
  93. Yes, and deems, and is bound to deem, himself honoured by the lot, and aspires but after the day when the cross of separation from fleshly ties shall be laid on his shoulders, and when the Head of that church-militant of whose humblest members he is.
  94. D'Urberville was not the first wicked man who had turned away from his wickedness to save his soul alive, and why should she deem it unnatural in him? It was but the usage of thought which had been jarred in her at hearing good new words in bad old notes.
  95. It’s stereotypical for me to say it, but there’s a certain segment of society that is preoccupied with what the old world would deem criminal, and they satisfied that compulsion with either engaging in criminal activity or engaging in counter criminal activity.
  96. To all this I would say nothing, however much she chattered on; until at length I would burst out laughing, and the incident would come to an end (at first, as I have said, she had thought me a fool, but since she had come to deem me a man of sense and sensibility).
  97. The tantric philosophy emphasizes that the fundamental and supreme energy can be aroused by the training of systematic breath control which is a technique of yoga and goes as far as to deem sexual intercourse a conduit to the ultimate felicity associated with the Divine.
  98. Three squadrons, one of Bristol Fighters, one of Camels and one of SE-5a fighters would be the minimum suitable to carry out the program I propose to work out in conjunction with Air Ministry requirements and other authorities as directed or as the need is identified, or as I deem fit.
  99. Now there are two classes of persons: one class of those who will agree with you and will take your words as a revelation; another class to whom they will be utterly unmeaning, and who will naturally deem them to be idle tales, for they see no sort of profit which is to be obtained from them.
  100. If gentlemen would suspend their remarks on the subject until the Committee of Commerce and Manufactures make their report, they will then have a fair opportunity of delivering their sentiments fully, and of supporting such particular manufactures as they may deem of most importance to the country.
  1. This deeming is a judgment.
  2. She did this occasionally, deeming it a great treat.
  3. He bowed to Lady Ingram, as deeming her the eldest lady present.
  4. Clare, deeming the whole basis of her excitement to be that which.
  5. Modern historians scoff at such legends; deeming them total superstitious nonsense.
  6. Then deeming the moron had to be bluffing, Go ahead and call the cops, he said.
  7. Two hours later, Olsen gave up watching a group of kids at the far corner, deeming them no threat.
  8. Chief Isaac Marks pops his head in the door, measuring the look on my face before deeming it safe to enter.
  9. I forgot to state that the latter had carried off Zina to the country house, not deeming it possible to continue to live in the town.
  10. The two groups seldom mixed, which suited us as most of them threw wet blankets over fun, deeming it not quite Christian to laugh out loud.
  11. He pawed through the men’s belongings, confiscating personal papers and photographs of loved ones, deeming much of it suspicious and destroying it.
  12. So he allowed his mind to be occupied with her, deeming his preoccupation to be no more than a philosopher's regard of an exceedingly novel, fresh, and interesting specimen of womankind.
  13. She scribbled on the card and handed it and the pen back to its owner, before turning back to reengage Sean, the shrug of her shoulders deeming the tiresome chore of giving her email complete.
  14. Notwithstanding this man was held in very unequal estimation among the Hurons, some believing implicitly in his power, and others deeming him an impostor, he was now listened to by all with the deepest attention.
  15. Your father, deeming the expedition a waste of his time, refused to pay the survivors what he had agreed to and told the two men if they told anyone of what they had been hunting for that their lives would be forfeit.
  16. Not only so but by using speech and by refraining from speech they abhor the few among them who are heartily disposed towards us; ever deeming that their ignoble course of procedure will force us to do away with our reform.
  17. Her slippers and her antiquity had rendered her progress a noiseless one so far, and she made for instant retreat; then, deeming that her hearing might have deceived her, she turned anew to the door and softly tried the handle.
  18. Say to him, that, in deeming the best votaries of philosophy to be useless to the rest of the world, he is right; but also tell him to attribute their uselessness to the fault of those who will not use them, and not to themselves.
  19. The writer of this, deeming it unnecessary to say more, or to produce more facts, (although much more may be said, and many more facts produced) to prove that prairies were not lakes, will now endeavour to prove that they were occasioned by the combustion of vegetables.
  20. By what course of conduct then shall we attain these things but by leading a holy and righteous life and by deeming these worldly things as not belonging to us and not fixing our desires on them? For if we desire to possess them we fall away from the path of righteousness.
  21. Fairfax had begged a holiday for Adèle, because she had a cold; and, as Adèle seconded the request with an ardour that reminded me how precious occasional holidays had been to me in my own childhood, I accorded it, deeming that I did well in showing pliability on the point.
  22. As an aside, modern capital theorists seem to measure attractive finance solely by interest rates, deeming, say, a 6 percent margin borrowing by an OPMI stockholder as more attractive in a substantive consolidation context than a corporate issuance of 12 percent subordinated debentures.
  23. Speaker, I cannot but confess that, "deeming high" of the station which I hold; standing, as it were, in the awful presence of an assembled people, I am more than ordinarily anxious, on all occasions, to select the best thoughts in my narrow storehouse, and to adapt to them the most appropriate dress in my intellectual wardrobe.
  24. It might be two hours later, probably near eleven, when I—not having been able to fall asleep, and deeming, from the perfect silence of the dormitory, that my companions were all wrapt in profound repose—rose softly, put on my frock over my night-dress, and, without shoes, crept from the apartment, and set off in quest of Miss Temple’s room.
  25. Some--those wounded by the irresistible shafts launched by her bright eyes--made as though they would follow her, heedless of the frank declaration they had heard; seeing which, and deeming this a fitting occasion for the exercise of his chivalry in aid of distressed damsels, Don Quixote, laying his hand on the hilt of his sword, exclaimed in a loud and distinct voice:.
  26. Deeming that a serene and unconscious contemplation of him would best beseem me, and would be most likely to quell his evil mind, I advanced with that expression of countenance, and was rather congratulating myself on my success, when suddenly the knees of Trabb's boy smote together, his hair uprose, his cap fell off, he trembled violently in every limb, staggered out into the road, and crying to the populace, "Hold me! I'm so frightened!" feigned to be in a paroxysm of terror and contrition, occasioned by the dignity of my appearance.
  27. But deeming all this nonsense pure,.
  28. None but the most distinguished among the youthful warriors even presumed so far as to perform the latter ceremony, the great mass of the multitude deeming it a sufficient happiness to look upon a form so deeply venerated,.
  1. He deemed it wise to bide his.
  2. The inspector should be deemed.
  3. The Shinra Executive deemed the.
  4. The inspector should be deemed a.
  5. Cindy, but she deemed her inferior.
  6. Apparently, I was deemed to have.
  7. The truth is, Victor deemed sport.
  8. He deemed his coming would inspire.
  9. Action of any sort had been deemed.
  10. Christians were deemed unfit to live.
  11. Why should this be deemed necessary?
  12. If you try, you’ll be deemed a traitor.
  13. He is divided from God and deemed unworthy.
  14. As soon as it deemed that Uncle wouldn’t.
  16. And would have reigned; but God deemed otherwise.
  17. Unfortunately, the King had not only deemed it.
  18. People that the Shinra have deemed expendable.
  19. They’d been deemed a danger to everyone.
  20. He deemed it the result of natural high spirits.
  21. Edgar deemed it unnecessary to pursue the subject.
  22. Today, it is deemed as a unique form of art where.
  24. It was deemed unnecessary, anti-republican, to do so.
  25. And only a fool would take what Morgan deemed as his.
  26. The unsavory individuals deemed it prudent to depart.
  27. They deemed the young clergyman a miracle of holiness.
  28. Fortunately, The One deemed that my time had not come.
  29. This is the task we have deemed necessary to complete:.
  30. Teriz had not deemed it necessary to block the entrance.
  31. MAKROOH: An act that is deemed hated or strongly disliked.
  32. Such worshippers should, therefore, be deemed as surely.
  33. Nature deemed fit that survival was meant for the fittest.
  34. MK100-90 and MK93 IIs deemed obsolete by the existence of.
  35. S, I deemed downside permanent capital loss to be near zero.
  36. The inspector firmly explained it could be deemed a weapon.
  37. Pip, when I deemed it advisable to go to bed and leave him.
  38. He deemed it the tonic drink of Kings and therefore never ate.
  39. Big companies have deemed the content good enough to invest the.
  40. While awarding him six years in prison, he said that he deemed.
  41. Chuck, despite his skeletal looks, deemed himself a fitness buff.
  42. It can be deemed as harassing if your ex lover calls the police.
  43. He did not advocate war, but deemed it necessary to preserve a.
  44. He was able to gather his thoughts and sort out what he deemed.
  45. That’s what the brass has deemed safest for you at this point.
  46. In 1884 Rodin began work on The Burghers of Calais, later deemed a.
  47. After fifteen minutes, she deemed it safe once more to leave the mall.
  48. Nangong sighed and thought that although he deemed this old man with.
  49. If anyone had seen me I would have been deemed a liability and a risk.
  50. This was deemed to be the most difficult even for the smartest student.
  51. It worked for some of the youngsters but Viktor was deemed a lost cause.
  52. Either way, it’s not important why these links are often deemed to be.
  53. Anomalies learned languages the Coalition deemed strategically important.
  54. In Protestant communities, it was deemed good if you worked all your life.
  55. If her appearance is deemed desirable, then so is she and she is treated.
  56. Under space law the contents of a space ship had been deemed to belong to.
  57. Riding four to a car was deemed unseemly, so he pressed twice and got two.
  58. Winding up of a company: Winding up of a joint stock company is deemed to.
  59. He deemed the administration‘s inaction as ― increasingly inexcusable‖.
  60. The OWG deemed the three million square miles unlivable for hundreds of years.
  61. My studying Kepler helped find answers to all the questions, which was deemed.
  62. He was brilliant, perhaps dangerously so, but only to those he deemed an enemy.
  63. Wherefore, among whalemen, the spout is deemed poisonous; they try to evade it.
  64. The unexpected planet has been deemed superfluous and/or a threat to the galaxy.
  65. It seemed endless, but finally the man deemed it necessary to answer the question.
  66. A character deemed as a tragic hero will arouse much empathy, and although this.
  67. The local doctor and nurse were deemed to be in charge of all medicines and care.
  68. As this is made a case of conscience, I deemed it necessary to be thus particular.
  69. It looked like I was not deemed important enough to employ heroic efforts to find.
  70. The Project Manager, and people he deemed necessary, met with the president weekly.
  71. Admitting his whole character was quite delightful, a liking she would have deemed.
  72. It is deemed unnecessary to enlarge upon the consequences; they are too well known.
  73. Because of this, we have deemed it Our Favorite Option Selling Strategy of All Time.
  74. Often what is deemed desirable about women's appearance, what is pleasurable to the.
  75. Instead, a procedural vote on the budget is deemed to have legislative significance.
  76. In these cases, the interpositions deemed proper, on our part, have not been omitted.
  77. It is sufficient to say, it was deemed good enough to receive the sanction of Messrs.
  78. The ones deemed worthy would also be tested to verify the correctness of the decision.
  79. John Meredith went on talking out his pain in what he deemed his undisturbed solitude.
  80. Therefore, as a half-pound weight could be deemed little difference in moving forward.
  81. I’m afraid that the information you seek has been deemed classified by Starfleet.
  82. After the prophecy, he became more aggressive in his policies and was deemed dangerous.
  83. Whether or not the websites linking to you are deemed by Google as an authority website.
  84. Also, in worldly practice, a judge is greater then those he judges, or is deemed to be.
  85. When they deemed him almost at my level, they took him to my castle and had him kiss me.
  86. Another item deemed essential was some kind of currency that would have universal value.
  87. Fresh water and electricity will be distributed for free, being deemed basic necessities.
  88. They were sanctioned by the authority of heaven, and it was deemed impiety to alter them.
  89. If, however, this solution be deemed inapplicable, perhaps the following may be admitted.
  90. He deemed it essential, it would seem, to know the man, before attempting to do him good.
  91. Thirdly, he would probably be deemed negligent and not collect a dime from his insurance!.
  92. In terms of the manner of detention, the use of excessive force may be deemed unreasonable.
  93. Yet this report, moderate as it was, had been deemed of too strong a character by the House.
  94. In the past, greater awareness of the true self was deemed important for personal well-being.
  95. That is because the authorities deemed the transmission of the soundtrack to be.
  96. The outlook of his army, he deemed, was a professional and determined force ready for action.
  97. The interesting thing is, though dolphins and whales have been deemed sentient by the new.
  98. He had asked her to drive by and give him her assessment and any suggestion she deemed valid.
  99. It means the crime is deemed an accident, Rafi’s smooth, lilting voice says behind me.
  100. Limited information will be divulged to members of species 7 when it is deemed to be relevant.
  1. Deems sent out a bulldozer.
  2. Deems out of Pacific Grove.
  3. Deems, was a nice old fellow.
  4. Father in whatever ways he deems appropriate.
  5. He deems it a trap, and perhaps he is not to be blamed.
  6. What the world finds of consequence, the Earth deems inconsequential, and vice versa.
  7. He could join the New Way to investigate, but deems it unlikely that Evans will have him back.
  8. The gentleman has again referred to the difficulty of manning your ships, and deems impressment indispensable.
  9. The blasphemer, he deems himself wiser than the gods! No, 'twere better we remain true to the old gods whom we know.
  10. Turning back to his paper, he examines the classified ads he has circled, then crosses out the ones he deems inappropriate.
  11. As a parent will keep danger from his child, so then does the Library seek to protect us from what it deems dangerous knowledge.
  12. The narcissist reacts with rage and indignantly when denied his wishes and if treated equally with others whom he deems inferior.
  13. Contemporary society deems it abnormal to think otherwise, which conflicts with our most basic evolutionary Common Sense: empathy.
  14. Martenson is our managing director, the firm intends to vigorously contest these allegations in whatever manner the firm deems best.
  15. The bargain hunter will panic and sell stock he deems too expensive at either the first sign of weakness or when it has just begun its run.
  16. Having thus delimited the field of eligible investments, the buyer may then apply such further selective processes as he deems appropriate.
  17. When choosing a dress that contains elements of sheer fabrics, stick to black, since this color deems the outfit appropriate for evening wear.
  18. These old people became grumpy after a while and got to interfering in everything and causing trouble, until a philanthropist named Deems presented the town with two roque courts.
  19. Connie deems him harmless, disarms her security, unlatches double deadbolts, slips off the chain, opens the door, squints to read his name tag and says, Jack, I haven’t had my coffee yet.
  20. By the act of the 24th of February, 1804, for laying duties on goods imported into the ceded territories, the President is empowered, whenever he deems it expedient, to erect the bay and river Mobile, &c.
  21. While Shariah deems jihad to be the personal obligation of every faithful Muslim capable of performing it – man or woman, young or old – they can forgo the violent form when it is deemed impracticable.
  22. In addition, your state may have an avowed policy of attempting to promote traditional family relationships and use its power to craft intestacy laws to give assets to family members that the state deems more worthy.
  23. What a Swine that Tunewell was! He quotes a Poem by Waller to an ignorant Country Maid and changes the Muse’s Name from Phyllis to Polly so she deems it writ for her own pretty Self (and doubtless takes him at once into her Bed).
  24. Yes, and deems, and is bound to deem, himself honoured by the lot, and aspires but after the day when the cross of separation from fleshly ties shall be laid on his shoulders, and when the Head of that church-militant of whose humblest members he is.
  25. It's the only means by which the computer can be reprogrammed, and the only means by which the computer can be made to accept him as the new Galaef of the Galactic Federation, which will give him the power to invoke war whenever he deems it appropriate.
  26. Female children exempted according to an approved criteria, or beyond school age up to the age of eighteen years, shall have the option to assist in the education of those younger than themselves, or to provide for their own education as their family deems fit.
  27. Quite a few times he has made clear to us he deems his dog equal to any human being -this time, however, he intends to show us too: He takes the bitch in his lap, he holds her as if she were a baby, and says tenderly: This is my child! Is she any different from a child?
  28. With egalitarian access to public and for purchase information via internet connection, we confuse the ability to gather data with the right to know personal, criminal and financial history, or any other secrets that the civic-minded inquisitor deems pertinent to ascertaining your true persona and intentions.
  29. That we should take counsel about what has happened, and when the dice have been thrown order our affairs in the way which reason deems best; not, like children who have had a fall, keeping hold of the part struck and wasting time in setting up a howl, but always accustoming the soul forthwith to apply a remedy, raising up that which is sickly and fallen, banishing the cry of sorrow by the healing art.
  30. This wicked, that absurd he deems,.

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