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Frasi con cancel (in inglese)

  1. They do not cancel out.
  2. To cancel it now would.
  3. You can cancel that command.
  4. Ok, cancel all his classes.
  5. Cancel meetings of all guilds.
  6. To cancel a CESRE was unheard of.
  7. No, don’t cancel, she said.
  8. He didn’t cancel, did he?
  9. If he has other plans, cancel them.
  10. Like to cancel that and come with.
  11. I only have to cancel the papers.
  12. I have appointments I cannot cancel.
  13. We had to cancel our threesome picnic.
  14. So she took it, and she didn’t cancel.
  15. And if not, you will cancel the policy.
  16. But the outcries didn’t cancel the hunt.
  17. I told him to cancel the semen collection.
  18. Cancel the market! he said scornfully.
  19. We should cancel the market, she said.
  20. We had to cancel the rest of the Asia tour.
  21. Mistakes don‘t cancel or stop your harvest.
  22. I quickly hit the cancel button on the panel.
  23. No, cancel… We’ll air drop instead… Good.
  24. Don’t cancel your cards, but stop using them.
  25. I guess I'll have to cancel the swording match.
  26. Either we cancel the exercise or we make it safe.
  27. Now, I have to cancel the busses, she added.
  28. But there were highs to cancel out some of the lows.
  29. Whatever plans you have for tonight, cancel them.
  30. Fifty francs was not sufficient to cancel this debt.
  31. What if we cancel the drill, suggested Rinehart.
  32. I had to call and cancel, didn’t you remember?
  33. Otherwise, you cancel out its effect in the universe.
  34. Go and cancel that thing quickly or you're in trouble.
  35. Gravity waves don‘t cancel out until they reach the.
  36. In the perfectly symmetric empty-void they cancel out.
  37. I realized I had to cancel my bank cards as she said it.
  38. Others worried it might be a move to cancel Ares 4 and 5.
  39. We can cancel our troubles as long as we have each other.
  40. At breakfast, Scott asks me to cancel my therapy session.
  41. Andy arranged it all for me, and I don't want to cancel it.
  42. But if you wish it, I can cancel all my afternoon business.
  43. We’ll have to cancel all plans for picnics, said Ben.
  44. I can tell my therapist to cancel all those prescriptions.
  45. She phoned James to cancel yet again but he was okay with it.
  46. They should then either be able to cancel or place the order.
  47. Most naked traders will cancel the buy stop in this situation.
  48. What the hell should I do? It's still not too late to cancel.
  49. Today I’ve decided to cancel the scheduled weapons training.
  50. If there is a counteracting desire, they cancel each other out.
  51. The negative energy has the potential to cancel out everything.
  52. By the time I came around, he was still able to cancel out some.
  53. I thought you were about to cancel on me again, Trolos said.
  54. No aphrodisiac is going to help you cancel out that impression!.
  55. Dump Reagan campaign when he tried to cancel their public funding.
  56. If you weren’t satisfied, you needed to cancel within two weeks.
  57. If this dragged on much longer, she’d have to call him to cancel.
  58. Cancel any subscriptions (including those through the Internet and.
  59. What if they cancel the rest of the day at school and send us home.
  60. To cancel it now will leave us with no true intercontinental bomber.
  61. Whenever a negative thought enters your mind, cancel it immediately.
  62. Now she really just wanted to hit the cancel button and swung for it.
  63. Progress, thought Rudolph and reached across to cancel the recording.
  64. The forces would cancel each other out and it wouldn’t move at all.
  65. Just get your free trial, study them and then cancel the subscription.
  66. Then perhaps it would be possible to use one to cancel out the other.
  67. Also, always cancel any previous stop-loss orders when you replace them.
  68. That is the time to cancel, either by selling the Calls or rolling them.
  69. I doubt he would cancel, but on the other hand, he may well have done so.
  70. Eisenhower would have had no choice but to cancel the follow-up landings.
  71. Penner, the sheriff said, Radio dispatch and cancel that second.
  72. A day after, the Conservatives have to cancel a meeting in the same area.
  73. To cancel a CESRE specific to a simulated terrorist attack was unthinkable.
  74. They could not balance each other and cancel each other out simultaneously.
  75. And part of me wants to cancel the conference call and just pull up a chair.
  76. This is considered spamming and they’ cancel your account in a heart-beat.
  77. A few minutes later, he was sitting up and insisting she cancel the ambulance.
  78. Cancel the papers and tell the estate agent, that’s all he would have to do.
  79. It's ideal for traders who don't want to enter new (and cancel older) orders.
  80. You left-click the mouse pointer on the cancel icon—you just can’t do it.
  81. The change in sales and the change in operating income (EBIT) cancel out and.
  82. With this small trick I was seeking to cancel the witch persecution in the air.
  83. As it turned out—luckily for me—Ben had to cancel anyhow, before I had to.
  84. Exbrus had cars ordered from several dealers in the USA, and he had to cancel.
  85. If you can't answer just one of the 10 questions above, then you may cancel or.
  86. Roddy has asked me to cancel his appointment at the Western as he now feels fine.
  87. If the long and short underlying positions cancel out, we are left with a roll:.
  88. In the face of that reaction, the king of Saudi Arabia was forced to cancel the.
  89. When the top of one wave hits the bottom of another wave, they cancel each other.
  90. Yeah we might have to cancel the show or just pull her out of it! Barry says.
  91. How could she possibly cancel it now? I told her it was her life that was at stake.
  92. Vanessa was cleaning and dusting then she called Glenda to cancel his appointments.
  93. There was no doubt they could not retrace their steps and cancel out their actions.
  94. He said he was going to penalize her, make her stay here, cancel her vacation—.
  95. He what? Feels sorry for me? Is appalled? Needs to cancel all future plans with me?
  96. I did, but Frank would never testify so they would always have to cancel the case.
  97. He couldn’t cancel out all those earlier years of rich diets and lack of exercise.
  98. Had to cancel a show because of that bastard and now we don’t have a security guy.
  99. When the top of one wave hits the bottom of another wave, they cancel each other out.
  100. She had to cancel the dinner date last Sunday because of her father’s sudden illness.

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    Sfortunatamente non abbiamo ancora frasi di esempio per questa parola.

  1. Unless she cancels.
  2. One cancels the other.
  3. One Cancels Other (OCO).
  4. Absence of mind cancels man.
  5. Love cancels negative one by one.
  6. CRITer that cancels out or absorbs the shock-wave.
  7. This perceptional ability cancels out competition.
  8. This starts the teleportation and the other cancels it.
  9. A clause used in leases and mortgages that cancels a specified.
  10. This however does not in any way cancels the words of our Messiah.
  11. And so it does and so it will until some other accident cancels it.
  12. If there was a pulling, then the orbit cancels out such an idea completely.
  13. So we do this: keep up a few hits here and there until he cancels elections.
  14. This closes out all open positions and cancels all orders with the click of a mouse.
  15. He cancels them, saving $60/month and increasing his chances of getting a girlfriend.
  16. If that customer cancels the contract, there will be a big hit to the company’s earnings.
  17. Motive of torture cancels out the reality felt HIS MIND RAZOR-BACKED - HIS VULGARITY A WORSHIP.
  18. Resent being the strongest energy cancels out sympathy and negatively lowers your overall vibration.
  19. If there was a pulling, and the word orbit cancels such an idea, then there has to be some sort of.
  20. Perhaps the charge they throw off cancels out her sexuality, or at least dampens the full effect of it.
  21. Other assassination attempts prior to Dallas include Chicago September, ’63: JFK cancels under advice.
  22. In science positive cancels out the negative, so I'm hoping that counts as the same for a witches energy.
  23. Dualities become superfluous at the superposed event horizon (the ‘full-void’) and cancels out in the empty-void.
  24. Salazar acknowledged that the new plan cancels five potential lease sales that had been scheduled to go forward in the next two years.
  25. A one cancels other (OCO) order allows you to place two orders, with the execution of one of those orders triggering the cancellation of the other order.
  26. A mistake that most investors make, myself included, is chasing the price of a stock because the feeling of missing out on buying cancels out all rational thinking.
  27. In this switcheroo, a company cancels existing (and typically worthless) stock options for employees and executives, then replaces them with new ones at advantageous prices.
  28. Specify both orders at the outset together as a one cancels other (OCO) pair; in which case the successful execution of either order will cause the other order to be deactivated.
  29. A great circle of Healers put their minds together and came up with a spell that cancels one resonance of my vocal cavity, and eliminates the effort of remembering which sibilants to vocalize.
  30. They call GTC orders good till close, because any time the stock gets close to the client’s target, the client calls up and cancels the order because it looks like it will go even higher.
  31. This directive, signed by the Under Secretary for the Air Force and by the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, suspends or cancels many of the aircraft projects actually in development or testing, apart from accelerating other projects.
  32. In the UK, spread betting platforms mostly have a reasonably sophisticated selection of order facilities including stop orders both to enter and exit, and the extremely useful OCO (One Cancels Other) orders and contingent orders (which usually only get placed if a new trade is entered).

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