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Frasi con depict (in inglese)

1. But shall depict the touching scene.
2. Or, perhaps, you can depict stories and.
3. These charts depict the implied volatility for the Sept.
4. The murals on the walls we passed depict some of their stories.
5. Further down the pit hole are ‘snuff films’ that depict a.
6. Some writers depict Christians and the impoverished during that.
7. The photos depict happier times in she and Jayson’s life together.

8. There are several historical reports that depict episodes wherein.
9. That looks like those models that depict gravity and black holes.
10. Sometimes maps would depict imaginary lands, as a result of unreliable stories.
11. All the pictures, in gold frames, saliently depict faces and sundry accessories.
12. The GVZ is designed to depict 30-day implied volatility for the spot gold market.
13. It was easy to depict the plight of the slum children and their delight at the day out.
14. The practice of „Bh ā gne ’ 18 would be a better illustration to depict this trend.
15. National politicians then tried to depict this as a national problem that they would solve.
16. Thus, if you have certain experiences in life that depict how brave you are then state them.
17. Some of the scenes have been computer generated, but depict actual events that have occurred.
18. The legislative acts depict the situation of the country more strikingly than volumes of argument.
19. The following charts depict performance of the VIX and VXV indexes over a handful of time periods.
20. Words are powerless to describe such wonders! When even the painter's brush can't depict the effects.
21. The first two tables in this chapter depict open interest for S&P 500 index options and VIX index options.
22. Stories of many successful persons depict , how they get success after facing difficult situations in life.
23. The goal is to depict what occurs with VIX index options due to the underlying pricing being based on futures.
24. In order to depict a battle, there is required one of those powerful painters who have chaos in their brushes.
25. Solid lines depict payoff functions for the expiration date; dashed lines, for some date before the expiration.
26. Solid lines depict payoff functions for the expiration date, dashed lines—for some date before the expiration.
27. This has a lot to do with Richard's personality, which lots of people will, when writing about him, try to depict.
28. The parliament buildings in modern day Athens also depict her albeit discreetly, in the hope it will bring good luck and prosperity.
29. Oh Anna, you’re going to love it here! The sky is an unbelievable shade of blue and the sea really is as blue as the postcards depict.
30. These with perfect trust to depict you as myself, the germs are in all men, I believe the main purport of these States is to found a superb.
31. The photographs in the morning newspapers depict a woman mutilated almost beyond recognition, and lying on a bed in her room in Miller’s Court.
32. Cleo wanted to design an android that would depict Minto in all aspects, his intelligence, his brios, his blood, his memories, his smile and his frown.
33. Therefore it does not take much imagination or further descriptions, as to depict how the final design would look like in the flesh so to speak.
34. They always have been, and they always will be, because all chart patterns depict the same thing—emotional reactions and decisions made by human beings.
35. He didn’t know what that old hobo had been smoking to depict her and Flint together, especially the content that filled the back part of the sketch book.
36. The west was not nearly as violent as portrayed on film (except in violence done against Natives, where Hollywood has yet to depict such genocide accurately.
37. First of all, magazine covers that favorably (even heroically) depict corporate leaders of prosperous industries generally appear during a bullish information cascade.
38. It may be a humorous story but it does depict how quickly we are inclined to lose focus particularly when there does not appear to be any action or progress in what we are doing.
39. In these cases it would be impossible to depict the optimization space topographically, but this is not really necessary since computational algorithms do not need our imagination.
40. The truth was that Ermengarde did not know anything of the sometimes almost unbearable side of life in the attic and she had not a sufficiently vivid imagination to depict it for herself.
1. What is the painting depicting anyway?
2. Ancient temples had statues depicting the dead as gods.
3. Color charts covered the walls depicting everything from.
4. This is a must-read testimony depicting the move of the Holy.
5. Depicting a river with its crashes has many off and on points.
6. A landscape scenery portrait depicting a sunrise hung on the wall.
7. Woman, depicting another disconnected, menacing figure, while in 1929 he.
8. What these graphs are basically depicting is the amalgamation of the data inputs.
9. Its cover shows a medieval painting depicting scenes from the Dark Ages of Europe.
10. HAD PERISHED (depicting a process that had pass before Paul wrote this, not an on.
11. This past Sabbath my mother and I were watching a Christian DVD that was depicting the.
12. But these manifold mistakes in depicting the whale are not so very surprising after all.
13. On further examination of the site they found a dozen or more petroglyph's depicting a.
14. Alexandra The Great rode into many battles with his armour and shied depicting the Medusa.
15. Japan on the morning of August 6, 1945, and another depicting a consequence of the blast:.
16. An abstract icon depicting Jesus can represent 2,000 years of accumulated religious dogma.
17. The wooden partitions contained carved reliefs depicting various scenes from everyday life.
18. The lower solid line shows the USO, with the upper broken line depicting closing spot oil prices.
19. Depicting the thoughts and purpose of gods as wisdom is a common theme from Egypt-Nubia (and.
20. I have since seen such things in Vatican artworks depicting Saints having visions of Heavenly Hosts.
21. The rooms have been recently painted and are decorated with crocheted rugs and murals depicting Shiva.
22. So far we’ve been depicting elliptic curves as smooth, continuous functions that extend into infinity.
23. Many should understand that there are movies depicting a wide variety of beings for entertainment purposes.
24. There were a number of explicitly pornographic paintings and strange pictures depicting conflict and violence.
25. Tonkas depicting various manifestations of the Buddha, many old and tattered, were hung throughout the temple.
26. At Christmas time, we would have the Manger scene depicting the birth of Christ in our parks and public areas.
27. It illuminated the mural across the ceiling depicting the blues of the heavens and the wispy clouds of a calm sky.
28. Somehow, when we are no longer individuals all separated, but are instead one, we are depicting something of glory.
29. Ovid sees four major divisions (after a prologue depicting the creation and primordial events) to the metamorphoses:.
30. Figurines depicting Greek gods found in these temples were the centre of worship and supplication; and so was human sacrifice.
31. It was the cartoon that Louie had cut from the Honolulu Advertiser many months before, depicting his service in the raid on Wake.
32. That one word, my dear Watson, should have told me the whole story had I been the ideal reasoner which you are so fond of depicting.
33. In its flickers, they saw some hieroglyphics on the walls, depicting dangerous beasts and hunting strategies of the ancient Egyptians.
34. The shattered glass that was once the magnificent ceiling, depicting Perseus slaying the Medusa was right at the bottom of the rubble.
35. Here is one of Jane Andrews' stories depicting her heroine as sleeping in a beautiful white satin nightdress trimmed with seed pearls.
36. The wall friezes, tapestries, and paintings were large pieces depicting the ancient armies of the Nordic Kings in battle against the Shadow.
37. It was covered with strange, grotesque carvings, depicting men and animals, and half- bestial creatures that might have been gods or devils.
38. The ceiling in the entrance hall was about three storeys high and the walls were covered in reliefs depicting events from Babylon’s history.
39. The hall before Ankharet’s Audience Chamber was carpeted and lined with ornate facades depicting strange creatures and beings alien to Gaea.
40. It was, however, accompanied by a chart depicting drops in the world’s stock markets that spread across most of the top part of the front page.
1. Satan is depicted as an.
2. It can be depicted only.
4. The cycling depicted on Figure 3.
5. Each depicted the same young girl.
6. It depicted a long, white building.
7. The boundaries depicted in Figure 6.
8. The blast depicted by this event is.
9. More specifically, the gods depicted.
10. Smaller version of that depicted above.
11. Gayathri Idol is depicted with five faces.
12. Apis the Egyptian god was depicted as a bull.
13. Therefore, presuming that the model depicted.
14. The probability densities depicted in Figure 4.
15. To the right, the height of summer was depicted.
16. The incident is depicted with skill and beauty.
17. Justice is depicted as a blindfolded woman.
18. As pointed out by the four towns depicted in The.
19. The play depicted a struggle between good and evil.
20. The Lord of Death is depicted in the diagram of the.
21. The key issues in the use phase depicted in Exhibit 4.
22. The spray was of a fan-shape like that depicted in my.
23. An execution of quick-sort is depicted by a binary tree.
24. Exactly as Greek mythology depicted their gods behaving.
25. She was depicted in a very low-necked black velvet dress.
26. The last pages in 7th Heaven depicted a shootout with cops.
27. He noticed that the jagged headland was depicted perfectly.
28. The accommodation that would be provided was also depicted.
29. The crucifixion depicted by artists, shows us a Jesus, with.
30. It reminded me of The Empress as depicted in the Tarot, or.
31. I rose, and in a few words depicted Pougatcheff and his army.
32. His misery was depicted in sinister lines on his countenance.
33. It depicted a young Marla blowing out seven birthday candles.
34. There are many types of fasts depicted in the scriptures, and.
35. The eyes were wide, but not yellow as depicted on the canvass.
36. One report depicted the attack on US troops by the Russian army.
37. Option pricing is often depicted by the proverbial black box.
38. The man in no way resembled the figures depicted on the friezes.
39. Doctrine) is also depicted in Revelations as a corrupt woman or.
40. Th e religious cosmogony was depicted in the same analogous way.
1. But he now depicts the.
2. Above: This photograph depicts the.
3. However, it clearly depicts the migrants.
4. Ireland depicts Druids as offering human sacrifice.
5. Each depicts an earthly element, Emory told her.
6. The example below depicts typical headings and values.
7. Which of the following best depicts Cooley’s anemia?
8. A poem of four hundred and odd lines, The Wasteland depicts.
9. In China and India, this flower depicts purity and chastity.
10. The lounge ceiling depicts the constellations of the Alaskan sky.
11. This image depicts the Osprey on the job along with other aircraft.
12. Some Scholars believe this man on a white horse symbolically depicts.
13. It depicts the waterfalls of the Missouri River, and the Rocky Mountains.
14. But the monolith in the temple depicts a priest holding pahos, male and female.
15. Nine hours to Rāma depicts the life of Nathurāma Godse, Mahātmā Gāndhi's assassin.
16. The figure is equated with reason and depicts the totality in the nothingness of death.
17. Below: This image depicts a group of construction workers on a Western Builders job site.
18. For example, it has similarities with Indra's net, a famous Buddhist image that depicts a.
19. The following analysis depicts the statistical profit and loss potential of option strategies.
20. This presumably depicts a location between one or more seas in the region and Mount Zion in Israel.
21. The lower curve depicts the same spread if both options initially have the same implied volatilities.
22. The graph above depicts the profit curve for a typical calendar spread when the near-term option is expiring.
23. This is more than just an ordinary cave painting, This picture depicts large cat Obake in their transformed state.
24. In the world, which memory depicts as so wonderfully tranquil all over, it was the sea yet that was the safest place.
25. This fast depicts a most important aspect of life in the era before the present one, that also became a vital part of Mr.
26. It is no longer a monument to opulence and grandeur, but depicts perfectly the dire straits that modern-day Greece is in.
27. This depicts a position a domineering singularity k0 fills in relation to another point serving subordinate singularity k.
28. It is twice my height and four times my width and depicts an attractive woman with watery gray eyes and spectacles—Jeanine.
29. The starting price for the painting – which depicts a man holding his head and screaming – was $40 million (£27 million).
30. Profitability: The profit graph on the left below depicts the profits or losses from this position in three different situations.
31. The famous military treatise, �The Art of War� written by Sun Tzu depicts a philosophy of war for managing conflicts and winning battles.
32. It’s called Black Gold and depicts the day-to-day activities of the roughnecks who man the oil rigs on three separate West Texas drilling projects.
33. As luxuriant as the soil he depicts, the content stands as a poetic evocation of life, with its magic and tragedies, of the various countries he tours.
34. The higher curve — the one with the bigger profit potential — depicts a calendar spread in which one sells a call that has a higher implied volatility (i.
35. Although at one time it stretched for over 16 miles, the aqueduct is now only one mile long, and ends at a fountain that depicts Michoacán’s fruit productivity.
36. Although Buddhist mythology depicts these realms as having an objective existence, they're just as often used to refer to human beings who are stuck in a particular mind-state.
37. This depicts that Nigerian firms do not encourage potential customers to buy their products by including price information on their sites and ability to order by telephone, fax or mail.
38. The film is based on romanticised ideals of Indian life, but it also accurately depicts the hard existence faced by people living so close to nature; even modern conveniences cannot completely overcome these hardships.
39. This chart depicts optimization of the HV estimation period parameter of the basic delta-neutral strategy for three fixed values of the second parameter that express the number of days left to options expiration.
40. The statistics in this department of the Association's labors may look like "Holy Trifles;" and comparatively they are "Holy Trifles;" but so is the "handful of corn" in the Messianic psalm, which depicts the future growth of Christendom.

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