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    1. Oh Anna, you’re going to love it here! The sky is an unbelievable shade of blue and the sea really is as blue as the postcards depict

    2. The photos depict happier times in she and Jayson’s life together

    3. A question that is sometimes raised by members of the African American Community and by other People(s) of Color is why do many Christian Churches seldom depict ―Black‖ Angels or other biblical figures, for that matter, on murals and statues

    4. The west was not nearly as violent as portrayed on film (except in violence done against Natives, where Hollywood has yet to depict such genocide accurately

    5. These are only some of the real-world cultural practices that the parable story of Cain and Abel might have been meant to depict as a way to help guide the casual wonderer to a better understanding of how they came to be

    6. The photographs in the morning newspapers depict a woman mutilated almost beyond recognition, and lying on a bed in her room in Miller’s Court

    7. The practice of „Bh ā gne ’ 18 would be a better illustration to depict this trend

    8. readers on the most unsavoury problems of life, or vividly depict scenes of

    9. We have, therefore, in the following presentation departed more widely from the substance of the Master's teachings at Urmia concerning political sovereignty, at the same time attempting to depict the import of such teachings as they are applicable to the peculiarly critical stage of the evolution of political sovereignty in the twentieth century after Christ

    10. Sometimes maps would depict imaginary lands, as a result of unreliable stories

    11. Thus, if you have certain experiences in life that depict how brave you are then state them

    12. "This has a lot to do with Richard's personality, which lots of people will, when writing about him, try to depict

    13. “Some of the scenes have been computer generated, but depict actual events that have occurred

    14. Further down the pit hole are ‘snuff films’ that depict a

    15. depict a real person that’s really killed during the ejaculation

    16. Churchill as defiant and truculent as ever, scowled at questions in the house by saying "our affairs are not conducted entirely by simpletons and dunderheads, as the comic papers try to depict"

    17. Some writers depict Christians and the impoverished during that

    18. Unlike Genesis, which contains the seeds of Western scientific and philosophical thought (in that it sees creation as a specific event in time), the creation myths of the Australian aborigines depict creation as an ongoing event, which I see as a more 170 ALICE HICKEY

    19. “That looks like those models that depict gravity and black holes

    20. The murals on the walls we passed depict some of their stories

    21. passed depict some of their stories

    22. It may be a humorous story but it does depict how quickly we are inclined to lose focus particularly when there does not appear to be any action or progress in what we are doing

    23. "Are you suggesting that these sketches depict actual events?"

    24. The parliament buildings in modern day Athens also depict her albeit discreetly, in the hope it will bring good luck and prosperity

    25. Therefore it does not take much imagination or further descriptions, as to depict how the final design would look like “in the flesh” so to speak

    26. deal with society,written objectively to depict life as it is,

    27. criminal terms that came to the fore to depict the

    28. depict the present, rather than an hypothetical afterlife, isn't clear

    29. There are several historical reports that depict episodes wherein

    30. Aptly termed to depict the bulky and slow services,”

    31. That which we depict on paper in the form of the picture of the house in fact no longer bears any karmic relation to the FLAKS-Configuration used by us for these purposes, but, relative to the dynamics of the wave NUU-VVU-Configurations focused by Us, this, in essence, is the first phase of karmo-quantization or “materialization”, which is necessary for the focal manifestation of any VVU-Information from resopasonal FLAKS-Configurations (simultaneously focused by Us) in the creative dynamics of the NUU-VVU-Configurations focused by Us in the 3-4-dimensional S-T-Continuums

    32. That part of the Old Testament, which at least somehow may be identified with a true story, doesn’t depict the Realities that had developed into this rotation Cycle of “humankind”, a part of which we are in our “now”

    33. photos depict the Tunguska event in 1908 in Siberia when an Asteroid exploded above the earth

    34. Stories of many successful persons depict , how they get success after facing difficult situations in life

    35. Cleo wanted to design an android that would depict Minto in all aspects, his intelligence, his brios, his blood, his memories, his smile and his frown

    36. He didn’t know what that old hobo had been smoking to depict her and Flint together, especially the content that filled the back part of the sketch book

    37. They depict Him as claiming the possession of a nature which none but the Father 'knows’ or fathoms; and as declaring absolutely that no being knows the Infinite Nature except Himself, and those to whom He is pleased to reveal it’ (Matt

    38. these sites also have a sliding scale to depict the

    39. These with perfect trust to depict you as myself, the germs are in all men, I believe the main purport of these States is to found a superb

    40. And after having seen all this, what can be more charming than to see how a bevy of damsels comes forth from the gate of the castle in gay and gorgeous attire, such that, were I to set myself now to depict it as the histories describe it to us, I should never have done; and then how she who seems to be the first among them all takes the bold knight who plunged into the boiling lake by the hand, and without addressing a word to him leads him into the rich palace or castle, and strips him as naked as when his mother bore him, and bathes him in lukewarm water, and anoints him all over with sweet-smelling unguents, and clothes him in a shirt of the softest sendal, all scented and perfumed, while another damsel comes and throws over his shoulders a mantle which is said to be worth at the very least a city, and even more? How charming it is, then, when they tell us how, after all this, they lead him to another chamber where he finds the tables set out in such style that he is filled with amazement and wonder; to see how they pour out water for his hands distilled from amber and sweet-scented flowers; how they seat him on an ivory chair; to see how the damsels wait on him all in profound silence; how they bring him such a variety of dainties so temptingly prepared that the appetite is at a loss which to select; to hear the music that resounds while he is at table, by whom or whence produced he knows not

    41. But why should I attempt to depict and describe in detail, and feature by feature, the beauty of the peerless Dulcinea, the burden being one worthy of other shoulders than mine, an enterprise wherein the pencils of Parrhasius, Timantes, and Apelles, and the graver of Lysippus ought to be employed, to paint it in pictures and carve it in marble and bronze, and Ciceronian and Demosthenian eloquence to sound its praises?"

    42. Or, perhaps, you can depict stories and

    43. Words are powerless to describe such wonders! When even the painter's brush can't depict the effects

    44. First of all, magazine covers that favorably (even heroically) depict corporate leaders of prosperous industries generally appear during a bullish information cascade

    45. These charts depict the implied volatility for the Sept

    46. Graham and Dodd paid more attention to the balance sheet, which records a moment in financial time, than to earnings and cash flow statements, which depict the change over a previous quarter or year, because such information was either not available or not very detailed

    47. It was easy to depict the plight of the slum children and their delight at the day out

    48. In order to depict a battle, there is required one of those powerful painters who have chaos in their brushes

    49. In these cases it would be impossible to depict the optimization space topographically, but this is not really necessary since computational algorithms do not need our imagination

    50. Solid lines depict payoff functions for the expiration date; dashed lines, for some date before the expiration

    1. Her appreciation grew as she realised that the scenes depicted, although looking like innocuous country views, were actually Errd … could it be that she was wrong, that whoever worked here was not involved in the immigration operation?

    2. How sure was he that the scenes depicted on this ceiling were really what the Bible foretold? When he read the passages he saw the armies and harlots and beasts and plagues as they looked over two thousand years ago

    3. She was still staring at him, "It's just the way you depicted it I guess, most would represent this as a square wave

    4. He kissed her forehead and she abandoned herself to desire like she had only seen depicted in steamy novels

    5. stories depicted in the stained glass of the chapels

    6. It is interesting that the bride depicted in Revelation 21 was also called a city

    7. sculpture above the church entrance depicted a line of

    8. jovial sort of fellow, and that’s exactly how the photo depicted

    9. To see someone depicted as a skeleton signifies that your relationship with them is long dead

    10. The Divine being should not be depicted as an old bearded man sitting on a throne on the Other Side, waiting for the return of his offspring

    11. She is depicted as a blue woman with flowing hair carrying a mirror

    12. She is depicted as a common woman with light hair and skin, or as the sun itself

    13. He is depicted as an ugly man, dressed in black, with a hood commonly over his face, or as the moon itself

    14. Smaller version of that depicted above

    15. One report depicted the attack on US troops by the Russian army

    16. Another of my heroes, primarily because he was depicted as a bit smarter than the gorillas he hung around with

    17. Consternation was depicted on every countenance, and all sat transfixed for a moment, then leaping to their feet, the chiefs begged that Prempeh should not be taken from them

    18. Edward and depicted some of the projects they supported or accomplished entirely on their own

    19. For this reason in most cultures "death" is depicted in WHITE (not black), because in the past, people could actually see a white Aura before death

    20. Another cartoon depicted senior police as snails, slow to investigate an indigenous death in custody on Palm Island, which resulted in rioting that burnt down the only police station, barracks and court house on the island

    21. He was intently staring at the intricate designs on the walls, trying to decipher the scenes they depicted

    22. Apparently ‘Lots of Laughs’ is now depicted by LOL as an abbreviation

    23. In chapter 11, “How High the Sky,” I depicted a real-world event that this parable might make reference to, a catastrophic flood, and the building of a platform as a place of safety

    24. To say that I was shocked wouldn’t have accurately depicted my state of mind

    25. The eyes were wide, but not yellow as depicted on the canvass

    26. kinds of desperation as depicted in his story

    27. There are many types of fasts depicted in the scriptures, and

    28. Why not listen to the intelligence of General Georges Sada, the leading military advisor to Saddam, who depicted in his book not only the WMD story but also the depth of evil that gripped his commander?

    29. It depicted temperature change over the last one thousand years

    30. He depicted the “trade-off” picture on the reverse side of Amanda’s demo, and he used Lomberg and Horner as sources of supportive material

    31. The imperial house of Caesar Augustus was full of intrigue and violence, as depicted in I, Claudius

    32. There is also a tendency lately where the deceased’s favourite pastime or hobby is depicted on the grave stone

    33. Around the corner from my lodgings is the museum depicted in the booklet that Jorginho showed to me; it contains Roman remains and it seems to be deserted much of the time

    34. 1957 they produced a cartoon, “Our Friend, The Atom , ” which depicted the positive

    35. In verse 6 the shadow of the Lord is depicted as a tabernacle, indeed, the whole of

    36. The bishop led us around and went on at length about all the various “holy” men and women depicted

    37. powers (always depicted as despicable, including in the new series, The New

    38. Women are depicted as bitches and “ho’s,” convenient receptacles of lust, never as persons with feeling or substance

    39. As Roger drove the family to and from the restaurant, the drizzling rain depicted perfectly his state of mind and soul, not because of his niece’s premature flight back to Spain, but because of Josie’s permanent departure from her home and painful separation from her family

    40. Since the war in Vietnam was not fought to push anybody any place or to hold captured terrain, charts of statistics had come to replace the battle maps of WWII which easily depicted front lines charging ever deeper into enemy territory

    41. Buey Dan's number two man had carefully depicted all of the air base information in a sandbox he had constructed in the huge underground complex east of Bien Hoa

    42. The petroglyphs depicted extraterrestrials deploying equipment, a space satellite, and the fear of earthlings

    43. To the right, the height of summer was depicted

    44. Who was depicted here?

    45. hunched over, spears in hand, while others depicted costumed

    46. Sumerian and a cat as depicted on the tablet: Btw, for those of you

    47. which was depicted in the HIV/AIDS epidemic as a “Coming Crisis

    48. The story is depicted in the leaded glass window inserts designed as a prominent feature of the room

    49. He, on the other hand, depicted himself in the center of every scene, strewing gifts to the females with both hands, accepting their fulsome thanks with modest and self-effacing graciousness

    50. magnetic fields which have often been depicted in the

    1. Somehow, when we are no longer individuals all separated, but are instead one, we are depicting something of glory

    2. And as I moved through the deepening shadows, delicate frescos emerged depicting the life of Christ and covering every centimetre of ceiling and walls

    3. The panels of the ceiling were panoramas depicting the predictions of Revelation using their event in history, up to and including the powering-up of New Jerusalem in Ceres

    4. These images culminated in a sequence of grainy pictures depicting John Logie Baird, the inventor of television, as recorded at the dawn of the broadcast age

    5. There were large paintings in the two story high front hallway depicting some of the beaches that had surrounded the city in the days of the island

    6. On the wall to his left was a statue of white marble depicting a female Keeper her slender hips and ample breasts only slightly hidden beneath a lavish jewel encrusted robe

    7. I have since seen such things in Vatican artworks depicting Saints having visions of Heavenly Hosts

    8. The ceiling in the entrance hall was about three storeys high and the walls were covered in reliefs depicting events from Babylon’s history

    9. She wished that the poem was depicting an exaggeration of Alataria's true current state, yet from everything she had learned so far, she tended to believe that the poem pictured the actual, grim reality of the country

    10. The wooden partitions contained carved reliefs depicting various scenes from everyday life

    11. depicting consensual, interactive assemblies and the

    12. I tire of seeing newscasts depicting Hispanic high school students in American schools lowering the American flag and replacing it with the flag of Mexico

    13. The wall friezes, tapestries, and paintings were large pieces depicting the ancient armies of the Nordic Kings in battle against the Shadow

    14. Color charts covered the walls depicting everything from

    15. Elaborate full color murals depicting farm and industrial workers at their labor with AK-47’s slung over their shoulders, had been painted to cover the entire sides of buildings

    16. This is a must-read testimony depicting the move of the Holy

    17. taxidermist had done a fine job depicting the specimen in flight

    18. It was a nice flat, quite tastefully decorated; the hallway was painted cream with a couple of framed prints depicting stripes, quite modern pieces which Harry never quite got the idea of

    19. reel depicting the times she spent with her Grandma and the warm feel-

    20. Delanichi’s illusion had now broken; his clever spell had created an overlaid image depicting a scene of the magicians leaving, as Ragnor had simultaneously hidden the group from view

    21. Depicting a river with its crashes has many off and on points

    22. depicting animals in Peru that were not indigenous to the area

    23. served similarly to a memorial depicting the prestige and affluence

    24. The hall before Ankharet’s Audience Chamber was carpeted and lined with ornate facades depicting strange creatures and beings alien to Gaea

    25. lower corner, the island of Java and several icons depicting ships and marine units were shown

    26. The room itself was pillared with a hundred white columns that held a vaulted ceiling depicting scenes out of Khafra’s past and showed dragons of every size and color supporting the pillars of the world

    27. 1 The first afternoon that Jesus taught in the temple, a considerable company sat listening to his words depicting the liberty of the new gospel and the joy of those who believe the good news, when a curious listener interrupted him to ask: "Teacher, how is it you can quote the Scriptures and teach the people so fluently when I am told that you are untaught in the learning of the rabbis?" Jesus replied: "No man has taught me the truths which I declare to you

    28. It was covered with strange, grotesque carvings, depicting men and animals, and half- bestial creatures that might have been gods or devils

    29. " These remarks depicting the destruction of the sacred temple aroused the curiosity of the apostles as they walked along behind the Master; they could conceive of no event short of the end of the world which would occasion the destruction of the temple

    30. What these graphs are basically depicting is the amalgamation of the data inputs

    31. He gave the drive a twist to activate it, and the image of the woman was replaced by one depicting Musab who, after greeting and apologising to Hatch, proceeded to repeat what he had previously explained to Siri

    32. The ice carving in the center of the table was a tribute to west coast Natives as it was done in the Haida style depicting a Killer Whale leaping from the water

    33. Many should understand that there are movies depicting a wide variety of beings for entertainment purposes

    34. It illuminated the mural across the ceiling depicting the blues of the heavens and the wispy clouds of a calm sky

    35. “What is the painting depicting anyway?”

    36. a frame around the outside of the wall depicting trees,

    37. the walls were decorated with a frieze depicting various

    38. outside but in the centre there was a golden boss depicting

    39. He then laid his hand first on my head in welcome then turned to Coatl and laid his hand on his head, I was watching for a reaction, ready to leap on Coatl’s arms if he put a hand in his sleeve, but Coatl knelt at the priests blessing, the crowd went wild applauding, the priest lifted Coatl from his knees and putting his arms around him, shouted to the people to fetch food for the guest’s, he then turned to me and asked if we might like to freshen up while the food was being prepared, I nodded, bowed to the village elders and followed Wedon to his home next to the temple pyramid; his home was built of mud and faced with stone, the walls were covered with brightly coloured murals depicting every day life among the Toltec, a cunning design allowed a breeze to pick up the aroma from the many hanging plants and waft the scent throughout the cool rooms of the house, we were directed to a room with a rock pool, benches along the walls had fresh clothes and towels laid out, we bathed, dressed in fresh clothes and waited for our host to return

    40. A massive blaze in Mt Eden, where an entire block of professional rooms was razed to the ground, took second billing to historic footage of the Clegg Empire, depicting each brother at various functions throughout their illustrious careers

    41. items such as seashells, sand dollars, model boats, and artwork depicting the sea

    42. tiful mural depicting the position of the stars in the sky

    43. Not to be outdone, Macedonian television is now awash with a lengthy ad depicting the precocious leader berating his pusillanimous and craven commanders ahead of a crucial battle

    44. ” As I touched each river, they expanded on the graphic, depicting flooding in dry areas and cities in the paths of the rivers

    45. “At Christmas time, we would have the Manger scene depicting the birth of Christ in our parks and public areas

    46. depicting what looked to be his own son Wallace with the still missing Hillary

    47. The rooms have been recently painted and are decorated with crocheted rugs and murals depicting Shiva

    48. Tonkas depicting various manifestations of the Buddha, many old and tattered, were hung throughout the temple

    49. After avoiding the real issue at hand, namely that it would be almost impossible and perhaps even grossly uncharitable to seek out the services of the pair that had been so helpful in previous trying circumstances, Sister Scholastic sighed and slumped a fraction, depicting the mood of the entire group who felt like “sheep without a shepherd

    50. At length, as they went round the market place, Sandhya picked up a Nirmal painting, depicting the Lord and His two Consorts, Alivelu Manga and Padmavathi, all dressed up in the nuptial white

    1. If one is to rely on the information as it is provided in the Bible and compare it with what Evolution depicts, can one find similarities where the two viewpoints meet or are they opposing? From the Internet, the following description of the Universe’s formation after the Big Bang occurred is given:

    2. The famous military treatise, �The Art of War� written by Sun Tzu depicts a philosophy of war for managing conflicts and winning battles

    3. As luxuriant as the soil he depicts, the content stands as a poetic evocation of life, with its magic and tragedies, of the various countries he tours

    4. It is twice my height and four times my width and depicts an attractive woman with watery gray eyes and spectacles—Jeanine

    5. Although Buddhist mythology depicts these realms as having an objective existence, they're just as often used to refer to human beings who are stuck in a particular mind-state

    6. (depicts homosexuals doing normal things like buying houses and being in relationships) Ugly Betty (homosexual characters) Desperate Housewives (homosexual characters

    7. “This is more than just an ordinary cave painting, This picture depicts large cat Obake in their transformed state

    8. Below: This image depicts a group of construction workers on a Western Builders job site

    9. This image depicts the Osprey on the job along with other aircraft

    10. Above: This photograph depicts the

    11. Although at one time it stretched for over 16 miles, the aqueduct is now only one mile long, and ends at a fountain that depicts Michoacán’s fruit productivity

    12. However, it clearly depicts the migrants

    13. as this il ustration depicts, the apparition was interpreted to be

    14. Nine hours to Rāma depicts the life of Nathurāma Godse, Mahātmā Gāndhi's assassin

    15. "Still Life and Street" depicts a table with books and items that blend seamlessly in with a street

    16. The example below depicts typical headings and values

    17. The figure is equated with reason and depicts the totality in the nothingness of death

    18. Your sincere faith implies that you have in advance virtually granted your prayer hearers the full right to answer your petitions in accordance with that supreme wisdom and that divine love which your faith depicts as always actuating those beings to whom you pray

    19. not only because it depicts him as a Torvalds' sidekick, but also

    20. stared at Peter with that look that depicts the realisation of

    21. This presumably depicts a location between one or more seas in the region and Mount Zion in Israel

    22. This depicts that Nigerian firms do not encourage potential customers to buy their products by including price information on their sites and ability to order by telephone, fax or mail

    23. moon depicts the beginnings of it clearly

    24. portrays the crescent moon and star to graphically depicts Lucifer

    25. Some Scholars believe this man on a white horse symbolically depicts

    26. Conventional astrology depicts people as socially conditioned beings: it shows how they relate to others, what lessons they are seeking to learn in this lifetime, and how they adjust (or fail to adjust) to the expectations of their parents, spouses, children, coworkers, boss, neighbors, etc

    27. Depicts the processes of

    28. Depicts the state of

    29. which sign depicts the scales of justice

    30. “In China and India, this flower depicts purity and chastity

    31. "But the monolith in the temple depicts a priest holding pahos, male and female

    32. A poem of four hundred and odd lines, The Wasteland depicts

    33. “But the monolith in the temple depicts a priest holding pahos, male and female

    34. But he now depicts the

    35. This fast depicts a most important aspect of life in the era before the present one, that also became a vital part of Mr

    36. Ireland depicts Druids as offering human sacrifice

    37. American history clearly depicts

    38. “Each depicts an earthly element,” Emory told her

    39. Which of the following best depicts Cooley’s anemia?

    40. It is no longer a monument to opulence and grandeur, but depicts perfectly the dire straits that modern-day Greece is in

    41. Subsequent SFUURMM-Forms originate on the basis of the incessant Information which we are force-fed every day by mass media, movies, and videos;, by which we are persuaded in school, assured by lecturers at an institute, and by parents; which is formed by self-education and self-disciplining activities and hobbies; which fills various types of literature and art that depicts our Reality: philosophical, religious, esoteric, political, economic, professional, and of course belles-lettres with all of its genres, from poems to anecdotes

    42. For example, it has similarities with Indra's net, a famous Buddhist image that depicts a

    43. model accurately depicts the nature of things, then, plausibly, at all levels of the hierarchy,

    44. The film is based on romanticised ideals of Indian life, but it also accurately depicts the hard existence faced by people living so close to nature; even modern conveniences cannot completely overcome these hardships

    45. The lounge ceiling depicts the constellations of the Alaskan sky

    46. It depicts the waterfalls of the Missouri River, and the Rocky Mountains

    47. This depicts a position a domineering singularity k0 fills in relation to another point serving subordinate singularity k

    48. �� George Orwell fiercely depicts the utopian extent of the dominator model in 1984

    49. look at that picture and scenes which it depicts, and he

    50. which it depicts, and he sees what were the ideas which man once had of Hell and of divine justice

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