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Frasi con describe (in inglese)

  1. It is hard to describe.
  2. When I try to describe.
  3. No word can describe it.
  4. Please describe it to us.
  5. Describe your father to me.

  6. No words could describe it.
  7. M: What you describe is God.
  8. They were hard to describe.
  9. Not only does it describe.
  10. I will describe it, however.
  11. It is hard to describe the.
  12. Describe what you know about.
  13. How would you describe it?
  14. That will better describe him.
  15. That can’t begin to describe.

  16. I would use bones to describe.
  17. So, I cannot truly describe her.
  18. Perhaps you can describe her?'.
  19. I can’t begin to describe how.
  20. In the description box, describe.
  21. I cannot describe my astonishment.
  22. I don’t think I can describe it.
  23. How to describe Minnie physically.
  24. A term used to describe a black.
  25. I cannot describe Vasya's raptures.

  26. But I will not describe the details.
  27. It is hard to describe what he did.
  28. I'm not even sure how to describe it.
  29. I describe life in England to Moniba.
  30. I would describe his expression as.
  31. There is no other way to describe it.
  32. But I will describe nothing, nothing.
  33. They describe a situation where two.
  34. Pleasant is how he would describe her.
  35. It is the sort of silence I describe.
  36. I don’t think words could describe.
  37. Could you describe what you mean?
  38. But let me first describe the theatre.
  39. ELIZABETH: I can't describe it clearly.
  40. We will not describe the conversation.
  41. Which is a sensation they describe as.
  42. I don’t know how else to describe it.
  43. Did the caller describe the man?
  44. How would you describe the pain?
  45. We can only try to describe the mystery.
  46. Death by lecture is how they describe it.
  47. It aims to suggest rather than describe.
  48. As I describe in greater detail in the.
  49. There are endless ways to describe this.
  50. Oh, Margie, I cannot describe the pain.
  51. We use separate words to describe a tree.
  52. Would you describe for the court the.
  53. Others describe it more as a burning or.
  54. It was heavenly beyond words to describe.
  55. Would we describe ourselves as absolute.
  56. I cannot describe it, it had to be faith.
  57. The words you use to describe an absence.
  58. She had a feeling she could not describe.
  59. Let me try to describe the area it is in.
  60. Interesting you describe us as an army.
  61. To seize and put into words, to describe.
  62. Did Hillary ever describe this Digby?
  63. Since he could not describe that body in.
  64. That would be the best way to describe it.
  65. You have 500 characters to describe a pin.
  66. You can’t even describe what went on.
  67. That’s the only way I could describe it.
  68. If I describe him, can you draw that?
  69. Yes, I hate him more than I can describe.
  70. That’s the best way for me to describe it.
  71. You can describe him a number of ways, but.
  72. Confident, is the best way to describe Devon.
  73. I don’t know how to describe some of them.
  74. I would describe them as being in the high.
  75. He coins a word to describe it — to thing.
  76. Terms that describe the saved after this age.
  77. In a word I would describe it as ‘homey’.
  78. To describe some things is almost impossible.
  79. I decline to describe the scene that followed.
  80. But I won't describe my vague sensations as.
  81. Then describe any solutions as you find them.
  82. Then he began to describe his way with nature.
  83. Search for keywords that describe the problem.
  84. No words can describe the screams she let out.
  85. I describe, because I like such descriptions.
  86. What, Why and How; and Describe how you did it.
  87. I can’t describe it an it wasn’t deception.
  88. There is no need to describe how the ball ended.
  89. Abnegation uses it to describe self-indulgence.
  90. This is a term that is used often to describe.
  91. Look at the beauty of words that describe her.
  92. I can't even begin to describe my state of mind.
  93. And that was the only way she could describe him.
  94. Paranoia couldn't describe what Katy was feeling.
  95. This is where you will describe your new picture.
  96. I can only describe her manner to me as roguish.
  97. This is where you will describe your old picture.
  98. I see no need to describe the pandemonium again.
  99. I cannot describe how much it means to me when.
  100. The first is, how would you describe yourself?
  1. I am not even describing.
  2. Describing him, I'd say he was.
  3. He was describing the modern computer.
  4. Was Grav(e)y an adjective describing a.
  5. Is that how you’re describing it?
  6. Verlaine than of what they were describing.
  7. Describing the purpose of the GPL, Stall-.
  8. He was describing the scene we were living.
  9. It seemed to him that he was describing her.
  10. This is the event which Jesus is describing.
  11. Really, don't laugh at my describing him so.
  12. I'll be describing the avenues that writer-.
  13. I’m not describing a hypothetical situation.
  14. Really, don’t laugh at my describing him so.
  15. Carl went on describing how everything in the.
  17. This is what Ezekiel refers to when describing.
  18. I repeat I'm a poor hand at describing feelings.
  19. Whiles: Describing when an action is taking place.
  20. Eternal is not describing a judging that has no.
  21. Asked the staff about her, describing her to them.
  22. He was eagerh'' describing fome-thing to Versilov.
  23. What Jesus is describing here is a global event.
  24. O'Connell continued describing Segall's accusations.
  25. I am describing them here simply for your amusement.
  26. Eternal is not describing a judging that has no end.
  27. It floated overhead, and veered off, describing the.
  28. In describing market-based research, they wrote that.
  29. Jesus also said this describing the kingdom of heaven;.
  30. In other words, both methodologies are describing the.
  31. That is the correct mode of describing them, he replied.
  32. Let me just help you, by describing the internal blocks.
  33. Though they have trouble describing it, too…, he says.
  34. The first part of her story consists of describing the.
  35. It is clear by this that Jesus is describing the kingdom.
  36. Matt began laughing when he read the part describing the.
  37. In Matthew we have Jesus describing himself as that Stone;.
  38. The boy’s father, intent on fully describing the hell his.
  39. He is specifically describing the future end-time Martyrs:.
  40. Describing itself as a safari theme park is an outright lie.
  41. Gil then started describing to them what all had taken place.
  42. He interrupts the sound and starts describing the holy place.
  43. M: What you are describing is not awareness at all, but only.
  44. Seven Chakras describing the Three Initiations on the Path of.
  45. After describing what he had found, Nidan had to agree with him.
  46. I have no interest in describing them for the sake of a memoir.
  47. Gazing higher he saw the high-flying bird still describing the.
  48. Alex was about to walk away when the blonde began describing Rex.
  49. Oberon enjoys describing their trips and their studies very much.
  50. Yngvild and Siv were close by, with Yngvild describing the action.
  51. Jean hated describing the items to Stan so that he could bid along.
  52. She was describing the linen face masks she had introduced in the.
  53. My whole point in describing all of this is that this is how I was.
  54. The imagery of the rock continues with King David describing it as;.
  55. Here are some principles, describing the interrelation of our phys-.
  56. When he finished describing his illness, Carol said, Brian, I know.
  57. Symbolism refers to the process of describing or referencing things.
  58. In the third section of Shreemad Bhagavat, while describing the meet-.
  59. Can you visualize what we are describing here and see its potential?
  60. This form of prophecy thereby consists of forecasting and describing.
  61. Canaris then started describing Operation Nemesis to Heydrich in detail.
  62. So quaint, so romanticized, as a way of describing your refugee status.
  63. Barrot made a gesture with both hands while describing the larger room.
  64. The graphic describing the course of the Henson suddenly overlapped the.
  65. Entrepreneurs are especially bad at describing the need they fill or the.
  66. If a voice can be pale, the reverend's voice was pale describing the pair.
  67. Yes, and she spoke of your coming without describing its circumstances.
  68. He looked up, trying to see what she was describing, but nothing was there.
  69. Which is merely a thin platitude describing an industrious, greedy pirate.
  70. Of course, Tammas had heard the same reply, even as he was describing the.
  71. It floated overhead, and veered off, describing the beginning of a circle.
  72. While I have been describing the act of poetic composition as modern poets.
  73. When we grew tired waiting, McDunn began describing some of his ideas to me.
  74. I spent the next five minutes describing what I had seen in Nigel’s office.
  75. Exaggeration is a model of unfaithfulness describing things in erroneous way.
  76. When Mulkousky referred to the Indian Lands, he was describing the Akwesasne.
  77. Ezekiel is therefore describing the Zodiac, its four primary positions, and.
  78. Within the section describing potential heterosexual partners, almost every.
  79. He felt like describing it as plain stupid but he knew not to be that foolish.
  80. Meanwhile the policeman charging me with fighting was describing the colonel.
  81. When asked about a prior experience, will usually respond by describing their.
  82. One of the passengers describing the consummate courage of Colonel Astor said:.
  83. But he stopped and came back when Max began describing his handsome smoke rings.
  84. David states that he knows that he has eternal life in Christ Jesus, describing.
  85. So far people have raved about it, mostly describing it as a very funny book.
  86. Nathalie squeezed his hand and thought that Tadeo was describing the way she felt.
  87. But I have to focus since he is describing my mission and the purpose of my life.
  88. Moses, watch your mouth when it comes to describing respected members of the bar.
  89. Presumably, a more relevant way of describing those features common to humans and.
  90. Calm was an understatement in describing the way he’d handled the last six years.
  91. I am simply describing an experiment to illustrate what I have been talking about.
  92. This is merely another way of describing the universe as an interrelated Triality.
  93. But as I wrote I imagined myself precisely at each of the moments I was describing.
  94. I settled for describing the route I’d taken and gave a description of the house.
  95. Sarah nodded her head once, then started describing the events of her last 24 hours.
  96. It's describing your inner man - in the heart of the matter, the core of the matter.
  97. Yakov describing the events that had gripped his life for the last twenty-four hours.
  98. By point I am describing in vectorial terms the conditioned flow of attention as it.
  99. The State which we have been describing is said to be wise as being good in counsel?
  100. The most difficult part of the story came in describing the creature in the basement.
  1. As I have described them.
  2. It is also described as.
  3. This is described in the.
  4. Oberon described it to us.
  5. The values described in Ch.
  6. It was just as he described.
  7. It was first described by Mr.
  8. As described by the model of.
  9. Here is how he described it:.
  10. Two of them are described here.
  11. It cannot be described in words.
  12. The Seven C’s described are:.
  13. I have described more on this.
  14. The oil is described as gold.
  15. Zinn described it in terms of U.
  16. The song described him to a tee.
  17. The ad was as Sandy described it.
  18. They are described as follows:.
  19. This system is described by the.
  20. Just like Peter had described it.
  21. These setups are described later.
  22. She described his reaction to Vera.
  23. He described what he had seen of.
  24. The ISE described it as follows:.
  25. I have described my two experiments.
  26. I’ve heard him described as a god.
  27. The New Covenant, as described by.
  28. While I described the disaster, Mr.
  29. Love has been described by some as.
  30. Buhlman described the story of Sam P.
  31. Wells described a community of men.
  32. I described the attack on the house.
  33. As they described it to the police.
  34. Rusty had described the way things.
  35. Some things should not be described.
  36. Loops are described in forthcoming.
  37. It can be described as comfort food.
  38. The true saints are described thus:.
  39. Two other coins are described from M.
  40. Each desire is described by a symbol.
  41. He described this himself afterwards.
  42. It’s because, as described above:.
  43. It was precisely as she described it.
  44. Not the way it's described in books.
  45. It described the start of a new cycle.
  46. He described the approach and spirits.
  47. How she had described the man she saw.
  48. The next number described another menu.
  49. Discovery described as simply as that.
  50. As described earlier, the concept of.
  51. The described method was the supreme.
  52. Philemon described her injuries to me.
  53. Many of 112 meditations described in.
  54. He described this yogi as someone who.
  55. These are also described as the wheat.
  56. This can be described as good flirting.
  57. In The Dialogues, Plato described his.
  58. This is described in 2 Corinthians 2:.
  59. This was the stranger described by Mrs.
  60. I described to him that scene of beauty.
  61. He described the layout of the second.
  62. One prisoner described her experience:.
  63. Everything I have described we're doing.
  64. It was the first time he had described.
  65. Hell is not described as a place or is.
  66. You described it as a luxurious journey.
  67. The action of bandhas is described above.
  68. As described above, what is the result.
  69. He says that writers who described the.
  70. The spiritual void is described by Moses.
  71. The first larval form is described by M.
  72. He described also the iguanodon and the.
  73. Plenthin was just as Cinder had described.
  74. In the early 2000s this described many U.
  75. It was exactly as Lamont had described it.
  76. When Giles Monchet had described her as.
  77. A free trade is best described by example.
  78. I wish I could say that what I described.
  79. It was described the way it was sketched.
  80. Hell is further described as a place where.
  81. As described above, an age is calculated.
  82. It was just like Grandfather described it.
  83. One case report described a man with CFS.
  84. Louie described the bomber and the attack.
  85. Mama’d never really described it to them.
  86. Powers are described beginning on page 26.
  87. These are the only two ways described for.
  88. These are described in small detail in the.
  89. She described searching and searching for.
  90. He described his dad as cold and unloving.
  91. I just described? Can Charles have it all?
  92. Some of the last messages out described it.
  93. That was how a fellow American described it.
  94. Alyosha described Ilusha with warm feeling.
  95. I also described the guy in the lawn chair.
  96. He told me once how he is described David.
  97. In Echinoneus, the shell is described by M.
  98. Liam described the encounter with the Teriz.
  99. You have perfectly described the Plains of.
  100. Such a God is not the one described in the.
  1. He describes it this way:.
  2. Purple Cow describes the way.
  3. A spectator describes the play.
  4. This also describes the holo-.
  5. Hervey, in his "May," describes.
  6. Whereas chapter 17 describes a.
  7. Jude 14b-15 describes the event:.
  8. A vision statement describes what.
  9. The story describes how Scribd is.
  10. So Krishn now describes what is the.
  11. This letter describes what he told me.
  12. The author describes this book as.
  13. He describes his childhood with vague.
  14. The original Greek, describes this sore.
  15. The website describes itself this way:.
  16. Paul describes this unseen world as the.
  17. Here is how Napoleon Hill describes it:.
  18. Kunstler describes one of the inmates:.
  19. The Catalog describes the entire human.
  20. Isaiah describes the zeal of Jesus –.
  21. It describes the business, sets out the.
  22. Connectivity is a factor that describes.
  23. It simply describes the hooks in the cart.
  24. Another translation describes the time as.
  25. This is as Janice describes what she found:.
  26. The phrase aptly describes just how one can.
  27. Describes how f (n) grows in comparison to n2.
  28. Here is a song that describes what Jesus did.
  29. The best song that describes all my romantic.
  30. It describes the machinations of the Bush Sr.
  31. He describes how he is in constant meditation.
  32. Revelation 16:18-21 describes an awesome storm.
  33. This describes what the task should accomplish.
  34. The next section describes how some of these.
  35. And then your partner describes it as awesome.
  36. It describes the conception of Cain this way:.
  37. I think it describes the smell of grilled bone.
  38. This describes too many of people in the media.
  39. One word that describes what I could’ve been.
  40. Yes, rambunctious definitely describes Dominic.
  41. Say the word that describes what just happened.
  42. Sneering describes the human soul in a human face.
  43. Paul describes this transformation that the body.
  44. He describes the geography of this place in detail.
  45. Anciot, and describes as a frightful old hunchback.
  46. Describes an ability that someone had in the past:.
  47. Hillman describes this sense of character this way:.
  48. The Book of Revelation describes a great tribulation.
  49. Harner describes, for at least 20,000 to 30,000 years.
  50. Happiness describes the nature of the egoic state of.
  51. For, madly in love, mildly describes my state of mind.
  52. In a letter to a friend he describes this craving as.
  53. Which of the following most accurately describes you:.
  54. In verse 1 of chapter 15, John describes another vision.
  55. This section describes how to sanitize these components.
  56. Ahimsa is a term that describes doing no harm to another.
  57. This parable describes the fig tree as having leaves only.
  58. P/E describes how much you are paying for those earnings.
  59. Abi’s voice cracks as she describes how her father died.
  60. The nature of the road describes the nature of the travel.
  61. Chuang Tzu describes the kind of friction that wastes ch’i.
  62. Add to that the alienation such as Mary Eberstadt describes.
  63. Marquesa describes that because she did not have the luxury.
  64. Deuteronomy describes the curse of God as a salty wasteland;.
  65. The author describes himself as standing there on the bridge.
  66. When it describes the coming of the Antichrist, for the Bible.
  67. Indian myth describes Telos, the supposed Lemurian city within.
  68. I have this leaflet for you that describes cat productivity.
  69. The story describes how he admits into his house a poor old man.
  70. Flint shook his head wryly, Yeah, that about describes Frank.
  71. The politician describes the condition of things as they would.
  72. The home that Li Hongzhi describes is actually his unreal Falun.
  73. Describes in fairly understandable terms mean-variance analysis.
  74. Daniel 12: 1-2 describes the Old Testament saints resurrection:.
  75. Revelation 7 describes a time during which the saints are sealed.
  76. Whereas Revelation 17 describes the characteristics of the Harlot.
  77. Heather describes Rachael’s existence as having a healing power.
  78. This parable describes the fig tree as having, leaves but no fruit.
  79. Shortly after the new king started to reign, Ezra - who describes.
  80. Only a seer views the Soul as a marvel, another one describes.
  81. The Bible describes us as being made up with body, soul and spirit.
  82. As for the transgressors, God describes their state in His Saying:.
  83. But Seménov describes the simplest story, and it always touches me.
  84. Chinese medicine also describes the day rhythm, related to the en-.
  85. The Ulysses that Homer describes in the Odyssey is a man that has.
  86. And Lyndesay (1496), in the prologue to his "Dreme," describes June.
  87. But that describes the famous king cobra which can reach 18 feet (5.
  88. In fact, he is kind and giving but he describes himself as unfeeling.
  89. Socialization describes our world for us, and the edges of that world.
  90. Islam or other nations is unclear, but God describes a global war in.
  91. The Lord here describes a square alter with horns, or large hooks at.
  92. This is an Old Testament verse that describes the regenerating power.
  93. We have not exactly reached the Utopia that Adriana Lukas describes:.
  94. The chapter describes the origin of yagya as well as what the conduct.
  95. In the next five verses, Krishn describes how a man comes to the pos-.
  96. This technique describes how to use autosuggestion to have lucid dreams.
  97. He laughs when he describes his early experiments and how bad they were.
  98. Johnnie describes his experiences during those years of rapid expansion.
  99. Absolutely blown away, best describes the reaction of the five men when.
  100. This is simply a work that describes the direction of Bruce’s studies.

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