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Frasi con odious (in inglese)

There was no odious cupidity in Mr.
The war is confessedly odious there.
In fact, most of the time he was odious.
Woodley was perfectly odious, but that Mr.
This odious visit rendered the tax odious.
Now how did this odious stigma originate?
Pity! Smug, odious word; smug, odious thing.

And to me it is one of the most odious things.
The past three weeks have been absolutely odious.
An odious, little, pert, unnatural, impudent girl.
I agreed as long as it wasn’t too odious to them.
It was odious to him by training, instinct, and tradition.
Carruthers, but it is the reappearance of that odious man, Mr.
The cruel and interested care taken to recover me, saved an odious.
Devil’s Bend, huh? It seemed a fairly odious name for a picnic spot.
To lie, to deceive, to circumvent even the basest of mankind was odious to him.
The trade of a butcher is a brutal and an odious business ; but it is in most.
Oedipus Rex: blinded by lies, and then tearing his own eyes out rather than seeing the odious truth.
Comparisons may or may not be odious, but they hold a somewhat deceptive fascination for the analyst.
I wondered how they all had managed to separate the odious policy from the young Khan and his protector.
Nekhludoff released her, and for a moment felt not only awkward and ashamed, but seemed odious to himself.
The felicity with which the rest of the population acquiesced in it made this refusal more odious by contrast.
With an odious and glacial voice he confronted him pressing to delivering the girl or succumbing up to the death.
African countries have suffered from endemic corruption and civil war, and some African leaders have been odious.
That treason was made even more odious by the massacres of Polish prisoners committed at that time by the Soviets.
Oh, don’t mention that odious boy! Mrs Astley fumed, something about the Yorkshireman always seemed to rile her up.
A mercenary soldier was disgusting to our senses; was odious and detestable to the eye of reason, republicanism and religion.
If you want to get rid of the hares and foxes, you must consent to have wire-netting, which is odious, right round your garden.
Sam could hardly refuse and drank the odious combination of carrot, cauliflower and spring onion with crushed cloves and garlic.
And surely these odious tradesmen might be made to understand that, and to wait, if you would make proper representations to them.
On such men, sir, party spirit may indeed cast its odious filth, but there is a polish in their virtues to which no such slime can adhere.
Lydgate's odious humors and their neighbors' apparent avoidance of them had an unaccountable date for her in their relief from money difficulties.
The romance endured for over a year and the familys radars were twirling ever more desperately in view of this unexpected and odious development.
Get the hell out and cleanse yourself of your odious past! You owe your culture nothing but the back of your hand and the heel of your boot on their asses.
At that instant he positively forgot all the clerks, and even gave up tripping and pirouetting in his usual odious way; he even forgot to make up to anybody.
Sir, the framers of the constitution were sensible that monopolies were odious every where, and that they would be particularly so to the people of this country.
This refusal to take any refreshment seemed to him the most odious hypocrisy; all priests tippled on the sly, and were trying to bring back the days of the tithe.
She held it to be very odious in him that he did not think the painful propositions he had had to make to her were enough, without showing so unpleasant a temper.
She had not spirits to notice her in more than a few repulsive looks, but she felt her as a spy, and an intruder, and an indigent niece, and everything most odious.
Dorothea's outpouring of her notions about money, in the darkness of the night, had done nothing but bring a mixture of more odious foreboding into her husband's mind.

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