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Frasi con disjointed (in inglese)

1. My arms and legs felt disjointed.
2. All eyes were on the disjointed study.
3. His words sound slurred and disjointed.
4. The rest of the night was hectic and disjointed and.
5. To be candid, it was a somewhat odd and disjointed affair.
6. Eddie’s reply came out in a series of disjointed sentences.
7. What was a problem was the disjointed movement of both boats.
8. But presently it began to flag a trifle, and grow disjointed.
9. She was standing amidst a disjointed array of statue still store.
10. His limbs felt disjointed, and his mind was in darkness and confusion.
11. This writing appears to be getting a bit disjointed but really, in this font, these.
12. My Story is not a terrible book, though it’s disjointed and filled with inaccuracies.
13. At the sound of Gabriel's voice, disjointed noises quivered from her convulsing throat.
14. The voice was almost inaudible, disjointed, as though each word was uttered with great pain.
15. The stretching she had endured had also probably damaged or even disjointed her articulations.
16. After this the conversation settled into a curiously disjointed dialogue between Myrtle and Loyd.
17. Now and then a coach rolled slowly along the disjointed roadway of the Calle de la Constitucion.
18. On the whole, the unpleasant carvings and occasional disjointed skeletons he passed held no fears for Hrun.
19. After giving the policeman his personal details, Adam began a nervous and disjointed account of what happened.
20. My thoughts ran riot, one after another, disjointed, becoming a twisted nightmare sequence of unrelated rants.
21. Often our debate would become disjointed when we tried to work out what it was that went bang in the first place.
22. At the same time, a disjointed squad of waiting reporters sprang at us from beneath a copse of shadowy evergreens.
23. Her movements seemed eerily disjointed as the strobe lightning effect caught her in various poses across the lawn.
24. As Ronald Reagan begins his closing remarks, his rambling, disjointed speech does what Walter Mondale refuses to do.
25. His arms were disjointed at some locations, while possessed with multiple malfunctioning joints in other locations.
26. I want to fuck your mouth, Anastasia, and I will soon, his voice is hoarse, raw, his breathing more disjointed.
27. The disjointed feeling came over Ralf suddenly, as though he’d physically crossed over yet again, though he had not.
28. Well, she had an attractive smile and an engaging way of talking and laughing though her talk was strangely disjointed.
29. Whether the positions had changed, how his son was faring, he could only guess by the disjointed utterances of the man beside him.
30. A few minutes later the aircraft began to spiral downwards in a series of disjointed movements, as though the pilot had lost control.
31. Thereupon her whistling became so disjointed that the listener, if such there were, must have discovered her suspicion of his presence.
32. They shall keep stand-up and erect but disjointed and of dispersed atoms as there shall be no coherence nor connection among their atoms.
33. The angry base of disjointed friendship, the faint tones of the sick, The judge with hands tight to the desk, his pallid lips pronouncing.
34. At this time, Verity knelt up, raised her arm and loudly announced in a slurred and disjointed fashion, ‘I can see, where this is leading.
35. The axe-wielder kicked Severus in the stomach, causing him to roll over on to his back as the world before him became disjointed and blurred.
36. Joe Billie‘s mind was colored bits and pieces of sundered memory and no matter how his disjointed brain arranged them they didn‘t make sense.
37. He wouldn‘t have to do it this way…‖ Can‘s monotone was gathering force but his rhetoric smacked of disjointed fatalism rather than action.
38. It was not the twisted and disjointed representation that made him feel so startled but the sign of someone moving towards his position very slowly.
39. There was a flow to Ohlson's movements, and Eric felt his own execution was choppy and disjointed - he very much doubted he was doing it the proper way.
40. And then there is the scattered hodgepodge of scars that break up the subtle lines of him and make him look somehow disjointed without looking unattractive.
41. She had been tortured with her arms and legs nearly raw from holy water being doused on her, her limbs appeared to be disjointed, and she was staked in her shoulder.
42. The young man managed two or three disjointed paces before he too crumpled and flaked, finally tripping over an uneven paving stone and falling chin first to the floor.
43. As for the interior, the noise was even more pronounced and unsavory, with a continual, disruptive, disjointed chattering taking place up there between the ears of the citizens of Hubbub.
44. When he had something painful to tell, it was usually his way to introduce it among a number of disjointed particulars, as if it were a medicine that would get a milder flavor by mixing.
45. As the girl followed him through, she saw that the thick teakwood hung in splinters, the bronze bolts were bent and twisted from their sockets, and the great hinges broken and disjointed.
46. Yet Nichols quoted several passages to prove they both perish, but when we tried his principles we discovered a disjointed jumble by which his argument were self-refuted and contradictory.
47. She knew him: from that point on he was going to lose control, his speech would become disjointed, he would be at her mercy, and he would not find his way back until he had reached the end.
48. Louie wanted to give him a religious eulogy but didn’t know how, so he recited disjointed passages that he remembered from movies, ending with a few words about committing the body to the sea.
49. Why do you think your dreams are so disjointed? Because undead auras are continually invading your living aura as you sleep and twisting the images and messages your subconscious is trying to tell you.
50. The Harry I know and … she was almost caught out in the jollity of the occasion, look out for she hastily finished off with but the line felt disjointed and Harry picked up on it immediately.
51. His mind too seemed shattered and unhinged, while he felt that he was afraid to put together the disjointed fragments and form a general idea from all the agonizing and conflicting experiences of the day.
52. And though Ralf had never been a student of history, it was undeniable that he would soon cross over the timeline where he had ceased to exist in the disjointed future, and so would soon adventure into the genuine unknown.
53. The others strove to make peace between them, but could not, for the Biscayan declared in his disjointed phrase that if they did not let him finish his battle he would kill his mistress and everyone that strove to prevent him.
54. The words uttered by the peasant had acted on his soul like an electric shock, suddenly transforming and combining into a single whole the whole swarm of disjointed, impotent, separate thoughts that incessantly occupied his mind.
55. Only Lubov Sergievna, who, I believe, really believed me to be a great egoist, atheist, and cynic, had no love for me, but frequently disputed what I said, flew into tempers, and left me petrified with her disjointed, irrelevant utterances.
56. Because we are too distracted by our own reflective, disjointed awareness, the end result is that we never fully experience our lives in the present moment; which is largely a trapped, reflective, self-awareness that knows no peace or balance.
57. So there is something beyond duty? Here he took fright; his balance became disjointed; one of the scales fell into the abyss, the other rose heavenward, and Javert was no less terrified by the one which was on high than by the one which was below.
58. The whole escapade was turning into a shambles the Turks were ambushing some of our lads and then falling back and the terrain in front of us was terrible and because of this the straight sweeping line we had started out with was now a disjointed mess.
59. Moreover, they had two children to take into consideration who had grown into rather rebellious and insubordinate limbs on the family tree, perhaps resulting from the influence of the disjointed and uncomfortable atmosphere that was to be found in their home life.
60. Just before dinner, Count Ilya Rostov presented his son to Bagration, who recognized him and said a few words to him, disjointed and awkward, as were all the words he spoke that day, and Count Ilya looked joyfully and proudly around while Bagration spoke to his son.
61. Just before dinner, Count Ilyá Rostóv presented his son to Bagratión, who recognized him and said a few words to him, disjointed and awkward, as were all the words he spoke that day, and Count Ilyá looked joyfully and proudly around while Bagratión spoke to his son.
62. And having succeeded in subduing the squabbling Nabobs and the disjointed Rajas, the British slowly but steadily unified the country to usher it into the modern era; they built roads and bridges, brought in the radio and the railways, and the telegraph and the telephone.
63. The memories he made available were like disjointed dreams, clearly lacking in time continuity; all the fields of lavender and lilac bloomed the summer before we had our engagement party and were seen through rose-colored glasses that blinded him to the reality of my wants and needs.
64. Dogs barked behind the walls of the gardens; and with the colourless light the chill of the snows seemed to fall from the mountains upon the disjointed pavements and the shuttered houses with broken cornices and the plaster peeling in patches between the flat pilasters of the fronts.
65. You turned in from the street, as if entering a secluded orchard, where you came upon the foot of a disjointed staircase, guarded by a moss-stained effigy of some saintly bishop, mitred and staffed, and bearing the indignity of a broken nose meekly, with his fine stone hands crossed on his breast.
66. Fragments of the church, with those of the cloisters and other monastic edifices, rise in apparently inseparable confusion from the grassy ground; but, with a little observation, the cruciform outline of the church can be traced, and then its disjointed masses reduce themselves into connected details.
67. What with the kshatriya power too on the wane, the traditional Aryan leadership was dispirited and disjointed under the Mohammedan rule in India, and the Hindus, as though to seek a mass escape from life’s hardships had turned to spirituality, which distanced them even farther from the social realities.
68. Didn’t my heart descend on my hand to vent its love on her frame! Oh, how it rushed to my mouth seeing her disjointed! Why did she choose to punish me with banishment for the failings of my love inspired by her own looks? How she thought I deserved the deserts! Why didn’t she pardon me, finding me repentant?’.
69. During the quadrille nothing of any significance was said: there was disjointed talk between them of the Korsunskys, husband and wife, whom he described very amusingly, as delightful children at forty, and of the future town theater; and only once the conversation touched her to the quick, when he asker her about Levin, whether he was here, and added that he liked him so much.
70. Insanity enables the sick mind to access a false sense of confidence that mirrors the disjointed reflections of actuality, giving way to the acceptance and allowance of abnormal thoughts and behaviours, all in the presence of what seems normal to the affected mind and in too many cases seems a tantalizing signal to the would-be opportunistic deviot in waiting that another ripe victim is at their mercy.

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