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Frasi con unconnected (in inglese)

1. All unconnected to the other bits of information.
2. She was safe; but peace and safety were unconnected here.
3. The more useless, unconnected experiences you accumulate.
4. Obviously it was completely unconnected to this dark web.
5. She felt it improbable that the two events were unconnected.
6. My life so far has been a lot of threads and unconnected bits.
7. Things in the physical layer may appear unconnected, but are.

8. Instead: Science is obsessed with collecting unconnected facts.
9. All Human denial is merely separated experiences left unconnected.
10. What we call memory is mostly unconnected segments of experience.
11. You see, a lot of seemingly unconnected things happened yesterday.
12. There is no place in the world where one does math unconnected to.
13. Scientific knowledge consists of unconnected information that is 99.
14. A lot of threads and unconnected bits of this and that, strewn around.
15. In this alloy, as the Graphite nodules are separate & unconnected, the metallic.
16. He did not appear in spirits: something unconnected with her was probably amiss.
17. As an accumulation of unconnected segments, civilization works only segmentially.
18. But the human body does not function as a bunch of unconnected, separate segments.
19. There were too many unconnected examples of deception and deceit all over the world.
20. Gerrid had to feel some kind of appreciation if only in an unconnected uninvolved way.
21. A wire became unconnected that night that disconnected it, replied Linda defiantly.
22. Science is only interested in collecting them and accumulating these unconnected facts.
23. It would be too much of a coincidence for it to be two people, unconnected, he said.
24. That means neither Inner nor Outer Awareness should be split-up into unconnected segments.
25. Her main strength was her ability to spot relationships between seemingly unconnected things.
26. Why? Because much of tool-hardship inside civilization is unconnected to any rewarding pay-off.
27. I still have too many unconnected pieces to put together before I can put this man under arrest.
28. Then, on a separate and totally unconnected day, ask what it is they ‘love’ about their life.
29. A small handful of interrelated-connected facts are far more beneficial than a billion unconnected ones.
30. It has already been Scientifically proven that the more useless unconnected information you accumulate.
31. The young Greek, as we have already said, occupied apartments wholly unconnected with those of the count.
32. But never, at least in the history of diplomacy, have cause and effect been more distant and unconnected.
33. But the liveliest attention was attracted by occurrences quite apart from, and unconnected with, the battle.
34. By splitting up the human psyche into unconnected segments: it becomes possible to deny any truth whatsoever.
35. He’s probably outside stuck in line with the unconnected masses, Cali said, trying to lighten the mood.
36. Because by then: the insanity of splitting human awareness apart into two unconnected dualities had become True.
37. Very little order had appeared to Maggie in what Jarin Huss had said, and the pieces of her questions remained unconnected.
38. Napoleon rose and having summoned Caulaincourt and Berthier began talking to them about matters unconnected with the battle.
39. The reason for this, is that you cannot separate this inner Triality into unconnected segments without losing your Humanity.
40. From the nature of her products, the people of South Carolina can have no interest unconnected and at variance with commerce.
41. But civilization separates human existence into unconnected aspects, so that such comparisons are not even allowed to be made.
42. They are doing it very, very, slightly… in selective, exclusive, incremental ways… in blind, uncoordinated, unconnected ways.
43. William was gone, and she now felt as if she had wasted half his visit in idle cares and selfish solicitudes unconnected with him.
44. Far to the south there was a mysterious civilization, unconnected with the Thurian culture, and apparently pre-human in its nature.
45. The life of every individual in any civilized society is made up of countless unconnected, segmented, unexamined, causal processes.
46. Once civilization was developed, the accumulation of knowledge forced humans to develop specialized, unconnected, conflicting interests.
47. It was that paper you read this morning; read it again, Dantes, and then I will complete for you the incomplete words and unconnected sense.
48. To be ignored and forgotten as just another one of the jam-packed distractions and unconnected, meaningless insights of that particular show.
49. Instead: it deals only with distant events thousands of miles away, which are totally unconnected and have no impact on the lives of the viewers.
50. Lorry were the only men there, unconnected with the Tribunal, who wore their usual clothes, and had not assumed the coarse garb of the Carmagnole.
51. It transfers a ‘random’ tossing of six round coins in all its possible permutations into linear translations of connected and unconnected lines.
52. The concept of ownership alone guarantees that all individual and collective human value-systems are unconnected, irrational and in a state of conflict.
53. We are imbalanced creatures; whose impression of the present is a faulty bunch of split-up sensations that are mostly unconnected, and thereby imbalanced.
54. The history of civilized specialization and disconnection is the history of all one-sided separation into unconnected segments, special-interests and conflicts.
55. The instant you become able to separate yourself into unconnected thoughts, feelings, and actions: you have destroyed your own self-integration as a whole person.
56. Not entirely unconnected with that fact, many of the regimes running the new states proved just as oppressive and corrupt as governments anywhere else in the world.
57. Instead of splitting it apart into smaller and smaller unconnected bits of useless junk, it is about time we begin connecting the knowledge we already have together.
58. The old boiler room still contains a series of unconnected pipes that radiate out from the centre of the back wall like the arteries and veins from a transplanted heart.
59. Its attempts to study living things are mostly a hashed up mix of superstitions, crazy theories and specialized studies that produce meaningless unconnected, useless facts.
60. How can Space and Energy also exist in the Future when the future has not happened yet? It exists in the future as an unconnected or unsplit potential of what already exists.
61. Regret for the past, fear for the future,--vague, rather terrifying fears, not wholly unconnected with you--hurt so much that they positively succeeded in wringing a tear out of me.
62. Human knowledge is coming together into a huge galactic mass of information in the form of the Internet: as tiny unconnected bits of information coalescing together; blindly, crudely.
63. But since it is not collected, collated, connected, disseminated, applied, or used comprehensively… it remains segmented and unconnected, it becomes a wasteful, pointless accumulation.
64. But, sir, the United States have an influence over the Bank of the United States, which is wholly independent of, and unconnected with, the right of withdrawing their deposits from its vaults.
65. This is only one of a trilogy of books he has written, he has challenged the public’s notion of trilogy in that he has made them all completely unconnected but they are a trilogy all the same.
66. The possibility of presentation of dramas at Athens, especially in these early times, unconnected with the worship of Dionysus and with some shrine sacred to him, cannot be entertained for a moment.
67. Trying to take all common sense, all practical sense, all organic sense out of science has turned science into a senseless accumulation of specialized unconnected bits of knowledge called scientific data.
68. Separate jackasses, I should say, individuals with no one, they think, or no one actual, to answer their "Help!" Unconnected fools, that's the harvest the carnival comes smiling after with its threshing machine.
69. A fact that connects billions of other facts into an understandable structure is far more important than all the trillions of unconnected facts science has accumulated which are not connected to any other facts.
70. People not immediately connected with Monseigneur or the State, yet equally unconnected with anything that was real, or with lives passed in travelling by any straight road to any true earthly end, were no less abundant.
71. Then by using the magic of mathematical formulas: it tries to balance and equalize these unconnected objects, or values, or ideas… by putting some stuff on one side of an equation, and putting other stuff on the other side.
72. He watched every movement he could capture in the field of his binoculars throughout the offloading of logs, and saw nothing that even hinted at anything unconnected with the job of moving them to various piles throughout the yard.
73. In some of the richest and best endowed universities, the tutors content themselves with teaching a few unconnected shreds and parcels of this corrupted course ; and even these they commonly teach very negligently and superficially.
74. The record will show (for a few months, at least) that Gerard died after committing suicide and that Paul, totally unconnected with the Gerard scenario, has done what he has done before and pulled up stakes to move on to some unknown destination.
75. A perfect example of this today is called News… mostly sensational pieces of information are presented in a completely random-arbitrary order, totally unconnected to each other, dealing with things that have no direct connection to the viewers.
76. Which sports to participate in? Which social functions to attend, support? The arts? Youth organizations? School programs? Which issues to champion? What interests to pursue? The list is endless, arbitrary… and all are unconnected to each other.
77. This could be the result of some external trigger like a trade war or an apparently unconnected event – why the hurricane that roared across southern England in October 1987 should have triggered a plunge in prices still leaves market analysts baffled.
78. His tramp about the room was more like a race—he moved his stout legs more and more quickly, without looking up; his right hand was thrust deep in the pocket of his coat, whilst with the left he unceasingly gesticulated in a way unconnected with his observations.
79. Splitting up life, splitting up life problems, splitting up issues into countless unconnected segments; prevents us from gaining any perspective or understanding on our actual situation and prevents us from ever finding out what we can do to effectively solve our problems.
80. This healing process of becoming feeling-emotional humans instead of machine-functioning tools is halted by not allowing anybody to become overly emotional for the simple reason that so much of that pent-up emotion is imbalanced, unconnected, and ready to explode into violence.
81. It was necessary to the happiness of both; for however dissimilar in temper and outward behaviour, they strongly resembled each other in that total want of talent and taste which confined their employments, unconnected with such as society produced, within a very narrow compass.
82. The colonies are not bound together by any political bond unconnected with the mother country; they are subject to the mother country, but the moment she is conquered, they are at liberty to provide for themselves, unless, indeed, the Emperor of France or King Joseph can claim them.
83. T Two recent books are worthy of something more than casual notice for reasons entirely unconnected with the question of their literary merits, for they afford some material for reflection upon the curiosity of coincidences and for speculation as to the value of the priest in love as a character in fiction.
84. It is merely an abstract language of accumulation that compares imaginary accumulated apples to imaginary accumulated oranges, and gives imaginary bullshit absolute answers, as a solution to its imaginary problems of comparing accumulations that are different from each other and are completely unconnected to each other.
85. The resolution before us seems to embrace several objects pre-eminently entitled to the dispassionate consideration of Congress; objects altogether unconnected with those factions and political dissensions which have unhappily too long prevailed among brethren of the same common family, and which may one day prove fatal to political liberty.
86. Just how can you discover one tiny clue about how something works or why it works… and label it as an absolute fact? When you do not know how this separate, unconnected fact fits into all of the other as-yet-undiscovered facts? The fact itself is meaningless: unless you put it into a relative context: by connecting it to as many other facts as possible.
87. Until watchers are brainwashed into believing that all Life is unconnected, disconnected chaos that is meaningless and makes no sense… Why bother even to try make sense of anything when the news you are bombarded with every day makes no sense? Why bother even to try make sense of anything when the news is a disconnected, random hodge-podge of unconnected events?
88. Once you split yourself into unconnected aspects, once you split the way you relate to other humans, once you can treat an employee, a customer, a clerk, as a mere cipher, then you have also split-destroyed not only your own connectiveness, your own ability to love, trust, to change, grow, learn, but you have also split-destroyed your own humanity, your ability to be a whole person.
89. But if the causal thread of your life is broken up, if the causal threads of your thoughts-feelings-actions are split-up, separated, segmented, unconnected, if at any time during your life any traumatic experience made you separate your feelings from your thoughts, your feelings from your body, or your thoughts from your body: then you stop being able to grow-learn-change: just as a plant stops growing once its stem is cut.
90. As we got more and more into debt, breakfast became a hollower and hollower form, and, being on one occasion at breakfast-time threatened (by letter) with legal proceedings, "not unwholly unconnected," as my local paper might put it, "with jewelery," I went so far as to seize the Avenger by his blue collar and shake him off his feet,—so that he was actually in the air, like a booted Cupid,—for presuming to suppose that we wanted a roll.
91. If she could have believed Mary's future fate as unconnected with Mansfield as she was determined the brother's should be, if she could have hoped her return thither to be as distant as she was much inclined to think his, she would have been light of heart indeed; but the more she recollected and observed, the more deeply was she convinced that everything was now in a fairer train for Miss Crawford's marrying Edmund than it had ever been before.
92. If she could have believed Mary’s future fate as unconnected with Mansfield as she was determined the brother’s should be, if she could have hoped her return thither to be as distant as she was much inclined to think his, she would have been light of heart indeed; but the more she recollected and observed, the more deeply was she convinced that everything was now in a fairer train for Miss Crawford’s marrying Edmund than it had ever been before.
93. As long as it is aware of only separations, as long as it only focuses pyramidally, selectively blocking out all other awareness, as long as the sense of normality prevents human awareness from even trying to be more aware of its surroundings, as long as people identify with and connect to their own abstractions instead of actuality: then this primal urge of transcendence, this need to connect, will express itself in countless confusing, incoherent, different, unconnected ways.
94. It takes him several chapters to get back, for he doesn't go straight, being constitutionally unable to resist turning aside down the green lanes of moralizing that branch so seductively off the main road and lead him at last very far afield; and when he does arrive he is rather breathless, and flutters for some time round the impassive giant waiting to be described, jerking out little anecdotes, very pleasant little anecdotes, but quite unconnected with his patient subject, before he has got his wind and can begin.
95. However; this entire history of the dominance of tools over humans, over human values, this selective blindness which scientists call selective awareness; which has been cast into billions of self-created realities, all mostly unconnected to each other except on an abstract level… this jumbled mix of self-created segmented-fragmented identities within each psyche; has robbed humans of ever seeing themselves and their own history in any true, larger, comprehensive, connective context which could explain all of their condition.
96. Our readers will learn, not altogether without interest, in reference to the recent romantic rise in fortune of a young artificer in iron of this neighborhood (what a theme, by the way, for the magic pen of our as yet not universally acknowledged townsman TOOBY, the poet of our columns!) that the youth's earliest patron, companion, and friend, was a highly respected individual not entirely unconnected with the corn and seed trade, and whose eminently convenient and commodious business premises are situate within a hundred miles of the High Street.
97. But have they shown, by a train of argument, that their overthrow was, in any degree, ascribable to their maritime greatness? Have they attempted even to show that there exists in the nature of this power a necessary tendency to destroy the nation using it? Assertion is substituted for argument; inferences not authorized by historical facts are arbitrarily drawn; things wholly unconnected with each other are associated together—a very logical mode of reasoning! In the same way he could demonstrate how idle and absurd our attachments are to freedom itself.
98. Upon the point of responsibility, I cannot subscribe to the opinion of the Secretary of the Treasury, if it is meant that the ability to pay the amount of any deposits which the Government may make under any exigency, is greater than that of the State banks; that the accountability of a ramified institution, whose affairs are managed by a single head, responsible for all its members, is more simple than that of a number of independent and unconnected establishments, I shall not deny; but, with regard to safety, I am strongly inclined to think it is on the side of the local banks.
99. Abandoning still more all respect for the neutral rights of the United States, and for its own consistency, the British Government now demands, as prerequisite to a repeal of its orders as they relate to the United States, that a formality should be observed in the repeal of the French decrees, no wise necessary to their termination, nor exemplified by British usage; and that the French repeal, besides including that portion of the decrees which operate within a territorial jurisdiction, as well as that which operates on the high seas, against the commerce of the United States, should not be a single and special repeal in relation to the United States, but should be extended to whatever other neutral nations, unconnected with them, may be affected by those decrees.
100. On the basis of the Information projected into the Spheres of creativity of PROOFF-RRU by attractor-type SBOALGSS-Entities (special Forms of Collective Intelligences of the organized dynamics of clusters of definite Formo-“particles” of Energy-Plasma, Whose manifestations may first seem chaotic from outside, but in fact have a purposeful and organized interaction which is chaotically reflected only in that region of Space in which they concentrate their hidden energy potential), by examining and analyzing this Information through experimental observations, it is possible to find and establish consistent patterns and cause-and-effect relations not only between “material” objects but also between many seemingly unconnected (with each other) processes and phenomena.

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