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Frasi con disordered (in inglese)

1. What a disordered state you are in!.
2. The circumstances were not doing good to my disordered feelings.
3. This was possible from the disordered state of things in the household.
4. This horrible detail was simply the product of her disordered imagination.
5. With my heart beating like a heavy hammer of disordered action, I rose out of.
6. You are not afraid that I am in any fever, or that my head is much disordered.
7. Music, observes Constant, had lost its power over his disordered spirit.

8. John Meredith groaned and resumed his pacing up and down the dusty, disordered room.
9. If you the worst of it is to be talking about advancements while being clinically disordered.
10. She arranged her daughter’s hair, which was not in the least disordered, and gave her a kiss.
11. These two pieces of news excited Pulcheria Alexandrovna's disordered imagination almost to ecstasy.
12. Spike contained a lot of songs about disordered senses, but this one was more brutal than the rest.
13. He told me all this nonsense with minute and exact details; all of it pure figment of his poor disordered head.
14. They broke, throwing away their bows, and their flight disordered the ranks of the Kothian spearmen behind them.
15. Once the body was a perfect mansion of the soul; m now it is all corrupt and disordered, and needs constant watching.
16. She was bending down over the cradle arranging the coverings which the restless movements of the child had disordered.
17. In spite of their disordered life, the whole group tried to do something permanent at the urging of the wise Catalonian.
18. A nurse came out from the principal Königsberg hospital and the disordered house at once became perfectly normal, too.
19. In short, one may say anything about the history of the world—anything that might enter the most disordered imagination.
20. With the same feeling with which he had galloped across the path of a wolf, Rostov gave rein the dragoons’ disordered lines.
21. A residence of eight or nine years in the abode of wealth and plenty had a little disordered her powers of comparing and judging.
22. When we encounter ourselves in the media, on television or even the Internet, we find ourselves defective, diseased, and disordered.
23. Thou free, thou cured, thou in thy senses! and I mad, I disordered, I bound! I will as soon think of sending rain as of hanging myself.
24. That small and flattened and disordered head, like a boy's head run wild, like something on fire, which emerged when she took off her hat.
25. In these times, even a suggestion is a viral infection for the Mimetically Disordered: those who are addicted to memes of mass consumption.
26. An anarchy of individualism is upon us, and the vitality of disordered variety is more fashionable than the calm beauty of an ordered unity.
27. It would be difficult to explain exactly what could have originated the idea of that senseless dinner in Katerina Ivanovna's disordered brain.
28. It would be difficult to explain exactly what could have originated the idea of that senseless dinner in Katerina Ivanovna’s disordered brain.
29. In the village of Hosjeradek there were Russian troops retiring from the field of battle, who though still in some confusion were less disordered.
30. Almost a month has passed since I last touched these notes—notes which I began under the influence of impressions at once poignant and disordered.
31. This firm system causes the seasons to be produced, and without it the zones will become different and the life will be disordered, rather impossible.
32. All that story about Perros-Guirec, death's heads and enchanted violins, could only have taken birth in the disordered brain of a youth mad with love.
33. Still more, for the ample fins, I here saw but a few disordered joints; and in place of the weighty and majestic, but boneless flukes, an utter blank!.
34. By chance, or randomness, the entire universe must increase in entropy with time—must become more disordered and contain less usable energy over time.
35. The whole disordered appearance of the camp showed that there had been some sort of attack, and the rifle-shot no doubt marked the time when it had occurred.
36. Societies used to religious or cultural strictures became disordered and its people lived in fear of others in the same city rather than the authority’s law.
37. Yet we must acknowledge that we may sometimes cure disordered emotions by giving expression to them; and that they often gain strength when pent up within our own breast.
38. He hears all the details from his frightened master, and gradually in his disordered brain there shapes itself an idea—terrible, but seductive and irresistibly logical.
39. Scholars are faced with an onslaught of truths, refuted by as many counter truths, in a disordered metaphysical laboratory where every assertion is promptly contradicted.
40. His life had been confused and disordered since then, but if he could once return to a certain starting place and go over it all slowly, he could find out what that thing was….
41. So disordered, self-condemning is his look, that had there been policemen in those days, Jonah, on the mere suspicion of something wrong, had been arrested ere he touched a deck.
42. The irregular, the unforeseen, the disordered opening of chaos, the possible slip over a precipice—this was the work of the lower regions, of rebels, of the wicked, of wretches.
43. I close my eyes, trying to keep my breathing under control, trying to absorb the disordered, chaotic sensations that his fingers are unleashing on me, fire coursing through my body.
44. He said he doubted that because they are so orderly and man is so disordered, but he was inclined to think that they could indicate natural events—like earthquakes, floods and such.
45. With the same feeling with which he had galloped across the path of a wolf, Rostóv gave rein to his Donéts horse and galloped to intersect the path of the dragoons’ disordered lines.
46. As he passed along towards Saint Antoine, he stopped at a shop-window where there was a mirror, and slightly altered the disordered arrangement of his loose cravat, and his coat-collar, and his wild hair.
47. He has his wits disordered by his devoted reading of chivalric romances and sets out in search of knightly adventures with his companion, Sancho Panza, whose short, fat appearance contrasts with that of Don Quixote.
48. But the reports sent in at night by the commanders of the various army corps as to the disordered condition of the different divisions, and above all as to the scantiness of ammunition, caused him to change his plans.
49. It is more than probable that, in the disordered state of his thoughts, he would soon have fallen into some suspicious, if not fatal, error had not his incipient attempts been interrupted by a fierce growl from the quadruped.
50. A fly hovered above the disordered tresses, analysing and collating the data flooding the atmosphere, another joined it, debated landing but was deterred by a worm of hair borne on the cooler breeze crossing from the nearby seashore.
51. The delay to deal with Sickle without exposing their unarmored sides to the galleon’s grimly determined gunners had cost at least another full hour—more like an hour and a half—of daylight and badly disordered Hahlynd’s formation.
52. Rumor said that the mad poet Rinaldo had visited these pits, and been shown horrors by the wizard, and that the nameless monstrosities of which he hinted in his awful poem, The Song of the Pit, were no mere fantasies of a disordered brain.
53. Riotous and disordered as the universal commotion now was, it soon resolved itself into what seemed a systematic movement; for having clumped together at last in one dense body, they then renewed their onward flight with augmented fleetness.
54. A few paces distant he perceived, at the base of the small barrier so pitilessly guarded and watched on the exterior, beneath a disordered mass of paving-stones which partly concealed it, an iron grating, placed flat and on a level with the soil.
55. The sagacious Barclay de Tolly, seeing crowds of wounded men running back and the disordered rear of the army, weighed all the circumstances, concluded that the battle was lost, and sent his favorite officer to the commander in chief with that news.
56. Rochester; though the begrimed face, the disordered dress (his coat hanging loose from one arm, as if it had been almost torn from his back in a scuffle), the desperate and scowling countenance, the rough, bristling hair might well have disguised him.
57. I felt younger, lighter, happier in body; within I was conscious of a heady recklessness, a current of disordered sensual images running like a millrace in my fancy, a solution of the bonds of obligation, an unknown but not an innocent freedom of the soul.
58. At other times as he thought of this marvellous system, it presented itself to him in such an aspect of almost comical absurdity that he was forced to laugh and to wonder whether it really existed at all, or if it were only an illusion of his own disordered mind.
59. As soon, therefore, as the uniform cloak of darkness without began to turn to a disordered medley of grays, they blew out the lamp, wrapped themselves up in their thickest pinners, tied their woollen cravats round their necks and across their chests, and started for the barn.
60. All at once she rapidly adjusted her disordered garments, dropped the folds of her skirt, which had been pushed up as she dragged herself along, almost to the height of her knee, and stepped towards the door, saying to the soldiers in a low voice, and with a friendly nod:—.
61. It was entirely contrary to custom for one's pastor's wife to walk in without having first inquired whether her visit would be acceptable; and when the Baroness perceived the sandy and disordered figure coming towards her down the long room she was not only annoyed but dismayed.
62. His point of view, contrary to the general interpretation, was that Macondo had been a prosperous place and well on its way until it was disordered and corrupted and sup-pressed by the banana company, whose engineers brought on the deluge as a pretext to avoid promises made to the workers.
63. By that time, Marianne was rather better, and her mother leaving her to the care of Margaret and the maid, returned to Elinor, who, though still much disordered, had so far recovered the use of her reason and voice as to be just beginning an inquiry of Thomas, as to the source of his intelligence.
64. Robertlet and Ditti, walking along neatly to afternoon school, and suddenly aware of the approach down the street towards them of a disordered parent who not only did not stop but apparently did not see them, murmured to each other, being by now well instructed by their grandmother, the same explanation--_Engländerin_.
65. The night-lamp threw out countless rays, each resolving itself into some strange form to her disordered imagination, when suddenly by its flickering light Valentine thought she saw the door of her library, which was in the recess by the chimney-piece, open slowly, though she in vain listened for the sound of the hinges on which it turned.
66. The old man's wife rakes together unceasingly, her kerchief loosened from her disordered hair; she carries the hay, breathing heavily and staggering under the burden: the cobbler's mother is only raking, but this is also beyond her strength; she slowly drags her feet, in baste shoes, and looks gloomily before her, like one very ill, or at the point of death.
67. There is no doubt that the Emperor hoped to give his disordered flight the air of a dignified and regular retreat, for, among other things, he directed that the walls of Smolensk should be razed to the ground, in order, to use his own expression, that they might not stand in his way another time; as if, at this moment of disaster, he could have dreamt of a new invasion.
68. The superhuman beings who confronted him on this mountain, and with whom he wrestled in spirit, and whom he defeated in power, were real; they were his archenemies in the system of Satania; they were not phantasms of the imagination evolved out of the intellectual vagaries of a weakened and starving mortal who could not distinguish reality from the visions of a disordered mind.
69. Although they had sense enough to understand the real causes of poverty, and the only cure for poverty, they were nevertheless so foolish that they entertained the delusion that it is possible to reason with demented persons, whereas every sane person knows that to reason with a maniac is not only fruitless, but rather tends to fix more deeply the erroneous impressions of his disordered mind.
70. They knew they were not the genuine articles, but they were better than nothing at all, and so they gave up the practice of giving all their money to the old girl to give to the landlord and the other harpies, and bought beer with some of it instead; and after a time their minds became so disordered from drinking so much of this beer, that they cared nothing whether the rent was paid or not.
71. But what shall we say, when an individual discovers a revelation addressed to himself alone, on the same vast sheet of record! In such a case, it could only be the symptom of a highly disordered mental state, when a man, rendered morbidly self-contemplative by long, intense, and secret pain, had extended his egotism over the whole expanse of nature, until the firmament itself should appear no more than a fitting page for his soul's history and fate!.
72. When he asked what should such fellows as he do crawling between earth and heaven, he was encouraged with loud cries of "Hear, hear!" When he appeared with his stocking disordered (its disorder expressed, according to usage, by one very neat fold in the top, which I suppose to be always got up with a flat iron), a conversation took place in the gallery respecting the paleness of his leg, and whether it was occasioned by the turn the ghost had given him.
73. The impressions I had made on him from the discoveries I had betrayed of my person in the disordered motions of it, during his view of me asleep, had, as he afterwards told me, so fixed and charmingly prepared him, that, had I known his dispositions, I had more to hope from his violence, than to fear from his respect; and even less than the extreme tenderness which I threw into my voice and eyes, would have served to encourage him to make the most of the opportunity.
74. Pure I came to him whom Heaven bestowed upon me, pure I shall leave him; and at the worst bathed in my own chaste blood and in the foul blood of the falsest friend that friendship ever saw in the world; and as she uttered these words she paced the room holding the unsheathed dagger, with such irregular and disordered steps, and such gestures that one would have supposed her to have lost her senses, and taken her for some violent desperado instead of a delicate woman.
75. But even granting the charge in question to be true; what disordered slippery decks of a whale-ship are comparable to the unspeakable carrion of those battle-fields from which so many soldiers return to drink in all ladies' plaudits? And if the idea of peril so much enhances the popular conceit of the soldier's profession; let me assure ye that many a veteran who has freely marched up to a battery, would quickly recoil at the apparition of the sperm whale's vast tail, fanning into eddies the air over his head.
76. After this he lives on, spending his money and labour and time on unnecessary pleasures quite as much as on necessary ones; but if he be fortunate, and is not too much disordered in his wits, when years have elapsed, and the heyday of passion is over--supposing that he then re-admits into the city some part of the exiled virtues, and does not wholly give himself up to their successors--in that case he balances his pleasures and lives in a sort of equilibrium, putting the government of himself into the hands of the one which comes first and wins the turn; and when he has had enough of that, then into the hands of another; he despises none of them but encourages them all equally.
77. Disordered thoughts that cascade through them,.
1. But the vapor of a limekiln would come between me and them, disordering them all, and it was through the vapor at last that I saw two men looking at me.
2. But, even if the cards should be superseded, which seems unlikely, there are unruly powers blowing life into storms, disordering sedulous mornings, and uprooting the stability of the afternoon--.
3. This is when I began remembering "entropy" (the natural progressive disordering,.
1. Often one of the anxiety disorders is.
2. Common to both sexes are sleep disorders.
3. In Psychoanalysis and Eating Disorders, pp.
4. Behavior Disorders and A Treasure Chest of.
5. Eating disorders have no place during this.
6. In turn, anxiety disorders can lead to low.
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9. Stress can cause even worse mental disorders.
10. Recovery from anal fissures and related disorders.
11. The spectrum refers to a group of disorders.
12. Sorne of the ways that eating disorders have been.
13. The moment it is achieved, all the disorders which.
14. Jill’s history of nervous disorders had concerned.
15. Wars have massive disorders in fear at all directions.
16. Even specific disorders are incredibly individualized.
17. What is the purpose of the anxiety disorders toolkit?
18. It is good for constipation, skin, and liver disorders.
19. National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.
20. One thousand people die from eating disorders every year.
21. According to the National Eating Disorders Association, in.
22. They can help to find out what triggers anxiety disorders and.
23. The anxiety disorders can co-occur in a variety of combinations.
24. There can also be all possible disorders of the spine in Anahata.
25. Desires which are sleeping may become causes of psychic disorders.
26. Disorders of prostate gland are caused by the absence of the inner.
27. I’ve discovered a website called Anxiety Disorders Association of.
28. One of the mental disorders that are observed quite commonly is ADHD.
29. No mental disorders associated with answers, Anderson’s notes began.
30. Tree tea oil has been found to be effective in various skin disorders.
31. The main types of anxiety disorders that can be diagnosed are listed.
32. These are not internl pathologies or disorders that anyone simply has.
33. Even in children, obesity may be linked to snoring and sleep disorders.
34. Manual of Mental Disorders, and the criteria for analysis were included.
35. From there, it had also been used for a wide range of anxiety disorders.
36. It is most helpful with constipation, kidney disorders and skin disorders.
37. These disorders share a common neurobiology of reward, but also differ with.
38. Native to Africa this root is used for arthritis and painful joint disorders.
39. How we cope with the symptoms of anxiety disorders on a daily basis plays a.
40. For the most part, the medications that are used for anxiety disorders are:.
41. Numerous association studies on addiction disorders have been published with.
42. They are treated as disorders or psychopathology, something to be removed or.
43. This can help those with these disorders so that you can stay calm and focused.
44. It also helps to treat gastro-intestinal disorders, resulting in increasing the.
45. For the most part, medication is used for anxiety attacks, disorders and related.
46. John's Wort is used for anxiety, mild to moderate depression, and sleep disorders.
47. Interest in immunotherapy for the treatment of substance use disorders is emerging.
48. Various theories and interpretations of the symbolism surrounding eating disorders.
49. The negative thinking patterns associated with anxiety disorders can also make us.
50. Olga’s health disorders only appeared after she began working with me, which was.
51. Medication is not the cure all for anxiety disorders, attacks and related conditions.
52. Actually that which obstructs the path of self-realization and diverts to disorders.
53. This is used as a tranquilizer or sedative used to treat sleep disorders and anxiety.
54. In an unblinded trial of ten elderly women with depressive disorders, supplementation.
55. There were things wrong with me, though I still considered them as separate disorders.
56. A very common myth is that anxiety disorders are the same thing as problems with stress.
57. Research indicates some cases of vertigo are related to spinal disorders affecting the.
58. The vaccine left many infertile, led to birth defects and auto-immune system disorders.
59. It was listed on their website, along with depression and anxiety and eating disorders.
60. Anxiety disorders are real health problems that can affect a wide range of people with.
61. There are a number of ways in which anxiety disorders can be association with increased.
62. It can also prevent heart attacks, stomach disorders and help lower your blood pressure.
63. Therefore, I am disordersdisorders of the image – are not diagnosed, but marketed.
64. In the very diagnosis of our disorders is a built-in cure, which any of us can activate.
65. The environment we live in and out busy lives are responsible for various sleep disorders.
66. Most colorectal disorders start from hard and stale stools, whether they are big or small.
67. One is defined as Psychiatric disorders and the other is Disorders of Neural Development.
68. Once we begin to understand how anxiety disorders work much of the fear of them is removed.
69. One of the reasons for the confusion between stress and anxiety disorders is because many.
70. Robinson believes Jaden is the conspirator and is causing the strange disorders in humans.
71. Yet substance use disorders still weren’t covered equitably in my father’s Senate bill.
72. Research shows that more women suffer from sexual disorders than their men counterpart does.
73. The study was supported by National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS).
74. Most mental disorders, such as anxiety disorders that are the result of stress, are related.
75. And in view of the disorders that have come to light now, you are undoubtedly bound in duty.
76. Currently there are four main types of medication used to treat anxiety problems and disorders.
77. Childhood and adolescent individuals are usually associated with ADHD or adjustment disorders.
78. Khantzian EJ (1985) The self-medication hypothesis of addictive disorders: focus on heroin and.
79. It is believed that this is a cause of many intestinal disorders, like irritable bowl syndrome.
80. He said that Adam was of ‗superior intelligence‘ however, he also had personality disorders.
81. People with mental disorders often internalize their rejection or refusal expectations, and the.
82. The conversation became more animated and more noisy, but the dinner ended without great disorders.
83. Fortunately, depression associated with anxiety disorders often goes away or reduces significantly.
84. It also exerts a healthy pressure on the kidneys, thereby correcting any disorders in their function.
85. Excessive doses may interfere with treatment for cardiac disorders and with hyper- and hypertensive.
86. There is even evidence that they may prevent mental disorders such as depression and anxiety disorder.
87. This webplosion disorders us by preoccupying us with ignomation: infortainment produced to distract us.
88. It further states that this system does not classify people, but rather "disorders that people have" (p.
89. Many of the pilots developed personality disorders that impeded their ability to fly the ship properly.
90. Lack of food will itself place a strain upon the body and stress may cause headaches and other disorders.
91. Kay was involved with a mood disorders conference held annually at Hopkins—founded by her colleague Dr.
92. Wellstone supported the broadest possible parity, including all mental illnesses and substance use disorders.
93. The good news is that the medications and psychotherapy treatments for both of these disorders are very similar.
94. Those mice with high blood pressure because of a genetic defect, after intake capsaicin, the disorders alleviated.
95. They are generally young and healthy, but have psychological disorders since they refuse to care about themselves.
96. A person with experience with dissociative disorders will be the most helpful even if treatment options are limited.
97. At least two serious disorders have been associated with chronic nasal congestion: chronic lymphocytic leukaemia and.
98. SAM is beneficial for a variety of liver disorders because of its ability to promote bile flow and relieve cholestasis.
99. Some have mild disorders and obsessions, and some are seriously depressed with high degrees of obsessions and rituals.
100. Primidone acts on a portion of the brain that inhibits the unusual nerve transmissions that occur in seizure disorders.

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1. It is a disorder of.
2. Her mind was all disorder.
3. I have the same disorder.
4. From the Serpents of Disorder.
5. Well, I have an anxiety disorder.
6. Maybe he had a digestive disorder.
7. But disorder soon reached a climax.
8. Words tumble in helpless disorder.
9. The troops are in complete disorder.
10. I had an anxiety disorder that had.
11. Myth and History Behind the Disorder.
12. For individuals with panic disorder.
13. The ranks straggled along in disorder.
14. In this state of uproar and disorder Mr.
15. Attention Deficit Disorder are only a few.
16. Acne is a disorder of the sebaceous gland.
17. I had a T- shaped uterus, a rare disorder.
18. Individuals with social anxiety disorder.
19. The Serpents of Disorder are at your door.
20. He is said to be fleeing in great disorder.
21. The name of the disorder comes from Narcissus.
22. Type 1 is the classic form of bipolar disorder.
23. He looked at the basement in all of its disorder.
24. The exact cause of bipolar disorder is not known.
25. But what I have heard hardly smacks of disorder.
26. I sensed that her eating disorder could return.
27. HERBIE: He told me he had some a social disorder.
28. They had not yet had time to clear up the disorder.
29. Garrett had been struggling with bipolar disorder.
30. Images of one or the other in completely disorder.
31. Now Treated As A Psychiatric Disorder In The West.
32. The rate of panic disorder is higher among women.
33. This disorder creates frustration in an individual.
34. They scarcely noticed him, however, in the disorder.
35. No other countries could support so great a disorder.
36. It was the abode of noise, disorder, and impropriety.
37. What are the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder?
38. The highs and lows of bipolar disorder are profoundly.
39. Anorexia is an eating disorder that wreaks havoc on a.
40. It is uses to treat ovulation disorder and stimulate.
41. Our new flat is very cold, and still in great disorder.
42. Anyone who suspects that he/she has an eating disorder.
43. Most people coping with an anxiety disorder find they.
44. Disorder is not set, the universe would disorderly mess.
45. Citizens of the US suffer from Allmerican Dream Disorder.
46. There had been drinking and disorder enough, that night.
47. Everything is in disorder, the star as well as the drama.
48. Everything she said came in bits and pieces, in disorder.
49. Disorder can be found on the Conrad Baars website at the.
50. Later, I was diagnosed with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.
51. The scene was one of some disorder: some of the children.
52. Although, with the disorder that had occurred it seems.
53. What keeps it moving with no disorder and no disturbance?
54. The cause of this type of disorder is considered to be a.
55. It’s a disorder or rather a series of symptoms that a.
56. The performance was interrupted amid the greatest disorder.
57. No trace of the disorder of the night before last remained.
58. He knows more about the disorder than my teachers in Sydney.
59. She was treated once again for a bipolar disorder, had her.
60. The drawing-room, as we have just said, was in great disorder.
61. That is why it is so important to manage the disorder early on.
62. Congenital bone disorder, indeed! She ran directly to her room.
63. But here the woman saved me: I pretended a violent disorder of.
64. Lack of concentration is the most common symptom of the disorder.
65. Nothing can escape her wrath, not even the Serpents of Disorder.
66. The elements of disorder were, they affirmed, in action already.
67. But in this very programme there lay concealed germs of disorder.
68. Your sister is exhibiting PTSD, or Post-traumatic stress disorder.
69. It is like it has attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
70. The sooner you recognize the disorder, the better off you will be.
71. She entered the Conservatoire, but there is such disorder there.
72. He watched the general disorder as they fought amongst themselves.
73. Previous studies have shown that this disorder is associated with.
74. She does not have an anxiety disorder but is experiencing some of.
75. The disorder seems to have several factors that influence it which.
76. Great waggons were standing in disorder in a field beaten bare of.
77. In its long existence, the disorder has received a number of names.
78. Mention is made of rape as a trauma that can lead to this disorder.
79. In this day and age, many children are diagnosed with this disorder.
80. They say I’m depressed, that I have a dissociative disorder, that.
81. Kenneth was perplexed to pronounce of what disorder the master died.
82. Syndrome! All joking aside, BPD is a real disorder that has serious.
83. Something was clearly afoot, for things were in a state of disorder.
84. Allerton‘s provisional diagnosis is Paranoid Personality Disorder.
85. His other locker was also in disorder, but he found nothing missing.
86. I don't know why, but I prefer to see books lying about in disorder.
87. That was what kept me stuck in the eating disorder for so many years.
88. But these meditations only increased my disorder, and blew the fire.
89. Lily was chaos, disorder, a girl who took and gave nothing in return.
90. In 1980, the disorder was included in the Diagnostic and Statistical.
91. Well, he should have a brain wave test to exclude a seizure disorder.
92. She was at the Conservatory, but there is disorder in that institution.
93. In the vicinity of crossroads there is an anarchic disorder and chaos.
94. Impurities are the beginning of disorder, unhappiness and uneasiness.
95. The physical manifestation of the disorder will not resolve if the en-.
96. Yet another dualism is invoked: you either have a disorder or you don't.
97. He had a blood disorder that had affected him for some time they learned.
98. This is Citizen Disorder: an untraceable, unmonitored anonymous citizen.
99. Have them assassinated, yes, so the place would be thrown into disorder.
100. What this means is that if you do suffer from an anxiety disorder there.