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    1. I recently rang the Hospital to arrange a meeting to clarify a number of points – arranging this transpired to be more difficult than I had ever 35

    2. Sams’s phone rang as he emerged from his shower

    3. But then the shift bell rang and Frank knew it was time to clock out

    4. At one point, I nearly rang Emma, but thought better of it, she’d only feel that she had to come over and the last thing I want is for her to come round here and see me in pieces

    5. ‘It appears that one of Dan’s employees at the garage rang the house just after seven thirty and spoke to Joanna

    6. ‘She rang because she picked up a bit of information this afternoon from her daughter

    7. ‘But all the same, it does beg the question why he rang in the first place

    8. ‘That I would let you know what she had told me – she rang to ask your advice, by the way

    9. I don’t know the woman, but I daresay Liz is in much the same state … of course, I could be wrong about that, though from what I gleaned when she rang the other day and what Stephen has told me, I feel that is unlikely

    10. about to enter the kitchen, but before he could go any further a crisp voice rang out

    11. The phone rang and I decided to deal with Will later

    12. ‘Yes … Emma rang – Mum spoke to her for ages but convinced her that you were okay in the end

    13. The Inspector rang to check you were okay

    14. ‘Oh, and Mike Jarvis rang

    15. ‘Yes, he came in with the ambulance; rang me as soon as he got here

    16. Stephen rang from the hospital some hours ago and said they were operating because there was a problem with bleeding in her head

    17. It’s hours since Stephen rang

    18. He thought seriously of attempting that hack, and was just moving to his lab to think of a way to carry it out when his good friend Jaseem Attuk rang in

    19. He wasn't playing it however, his mind was far from there, the words of the Haadij still rang in his ears

    20. ‘Since just after New Year, I’d just found out when you rang that morning … and I told you I had a headache

    21. The bell rang out its departure warning and the kaht wheels started turning; green mist replaced the magnolia walls of the Bristol kaht station; the kaht and its occupants hung in limbo

    22. rang for resuming the last class of the day

    23. When the doorbell rang Kirk answered the door and asked the lady to come in

    24. Layers of mist were forming in the vangs of the city as marVan's voice rang out to call them to the winches

    25. For a while he believed them when they said they would do lunch very soon, but the phone never rang

    26. That rang about as true as a leather gong, but he wasn't going to argue about it

    27. The next morning the young man rang a local florist and arranged for a bouquet of the finest mixed winter blooms to be sent round to her house, hoping that she would be shocked, surprised and then intrigued by this wonderful gift

    28. The phone rang a few times and was answered by the businessman’s wife, who, on hearing that it was the fisherman who was calling, immediately promised him that she and her husband would sort this small thing out

    29. I rang your office but the line was engaged so I thought I’d come down here on the off chance

    30. ‘Oh, Alastair, I was making coffee when you rang this morning – I did ring back but only got your voicemail

    31. ‘Yes, she rang me … suggested I go over for a meal at your … her place on Saturday

    32. He rang me towards the end of last term and nit-picked for over half an hour – could have strangled him by the time he finally got round to agreeing that you’d been right all along!

    33. ” the Staff of Office rang loud as she stomped the floor

    34. As I hesitate, he speaks, ‘One of those days, is it? Good job you rang me then

    35. No matter what the weather, the season or the time of day, the house rang with the laughter of happy young people enjoying each other’s company

    36. 'Coming,' a girl responded as Ishaan rang the bell of our supplier's home

    37. Laughing, she rang a small bell on the table and servants appeared out of nowhere and began placing drinks beside each place setting

    38. So Jane went and rang her and we’d then steamed over to Sally’s and gone though the whole caboodle again …

    39. I was in the café round the corner … so when Jim rang my mobile, I was able to get straight over to the office

    40. The phone rang twice

    41. when Ish's phone rang

    42. When the doorbell rang Kirk answered the door and asked the

    43. The phone rang a few times and

    44. season or the time of day, the house rang with the laughter of happy

    45. ‘My wife didn't like her either and passed that on to my son, which is why he was doubtless less than encouraging when you rang him

    46. 10 November – Rang P

    47. Rang later to apologise

    48. he could open his mouth, a bell rang out, sounding distantly but

    49. When they had waited about twice as long as it had taken to get from her office to here, he rang again

    50. “I guess I can’t go there,” he said while his ears rang and his throat went dry

    1. Having this capability separates the ho hum Internet merchants from the ones that really make the cash register ring

    2. I was a sort of surrogate mother to her in her teens and we’d stayed in touch … whenever she had a problem she would ring me

    3. ’ I said, ‘He said to ring him at home whatever the time was

    4. Dizzie tongues her lip ring in anticipation

    5. ‘I anticipate that your daughter will probably ring you tonight, Liz

    6. We leave it that I’ll ring her later in the week and let her know for definite then; after a few more minutes of general conversation, she rings off

    7. I’ll ring Ted in the morning …

    8. Ted’s letter said I should ring him when I returned …

    9. you said to ring you

    10. It sometimes happens that people ring here trying to get hold of him and it helps if I can point them in the right direction

    11. Stephen’s mobile goes to voice mail when I ring it a few minutes later

    12. "One more question Lieutenant, was it really necessary to cause a bloodbath in order to break this trafficking ring?"

    13. I have debated with myself several times whether I should ring him but I couldn’t bear it if he hung up on me and there’s no reason for him not to after my jibe about solicitors

    14. There’s a knock on the door and he gets up, puts his ring back on

    15. He ambles back, watches John fiddling with his wedding ring

    16. In the ring

    17. "What about this €2000 ring? Do you still have it? If we can bring it back to the shop then at least we'd have the original loan back

    18. I ring his mobile and wait while it rings

    19. John looks over his shoulder in the direction of the firing, takes off his wedding ring slowly, studies it sadly for a moment, digs out a small hole in the ground with his hand, buries it, puts a rock on top

    20. I’ve promised to get Liz to ring her back

    21. ‘… and then you’d better ring that daughter of yours, Liz

    22. In the ring he had to string them along just to give the punters their money's worth

    23. Here’s my card – give me a ring sometime and we’ll paint the town red

    24. Three hours later, through the bridge’s dome, Tig could see Wambach and the others out on the ring section floating, half disappeared in the yellow fog

    25. "Hey, wait," he said, but when the shadow skated across the curved hull of the ring section in front of him like a predator was swooping in from above, he knew why Parker had been keen to get the hell out of there

    26. The redsuits were visible every thirty or forty yards or so, clinging to the ring

    27. ‘Oh, I’ll ring you

    28. As he picked his way through the web, gently pulling himself along in the null-gees, his helmet highlighted the figures of his fellow reds outside, out on the ring

    29. ‘Perhaps I could ring you sometime about Easter perhaps and we can discuss it with a view to getting something in place for the start of the school year in September?’

    30. The result? Naught! All men seem to be enchanted by Mandy, especially Themis! As about me, at a moment someone speaks up and says he remembers me from elementary school - so, my age is revealed before everybody! Later on, Themis suggests our going on an excursion on May Day and all the married hens (who, as usual, have formed a ring around him) hasten to enter themselves for it

    31. They were heading away from their target when Tipperary’s ring section crackled with charge

    32. I’ll ring you

    33. Once the now customary tears have passed, I ring Brenda and ask if it would be all right for me to have a few days off – she agrees that this is reasonable and promises to make sure that someone is on call just in case there is a problem

    34. ‘I’ll give them a ring

    35. The words of the Pharisees ring out true to this day: “We have no king but Caesar,” John 19:15

    36. Proudly sporting the lapis necklace and ring, she greeted Renald warmly

    37. ‘That’s a beautiful ring you’ve got there, Karalintze

    38. His feet would then extend beyond the opposite side of this ring of reed clumps

    39. The ring on her finger still felt awkward … she wasn’t accustomed to wearing things like that but all the same, it felt right and reminded her of how much Joris had cared

    40. skin slips and slimes on the rime ring of white water edges

    41. recollection of events in the circus ring

    42. where buttes ring the world with hot air shimmies

    43. folk was he wanted to see the entire village green, with its ring

    44. Of the ring of fire

    45. Alan had lived his life on the ship with only the exercise ring to run in, kept at about half the gravity here

    46. When he had run in the exercise ring to the limit of his endurance, training for just such an event as this, he had collapsed in exhaustion after less than a quarter this distance and that was without the pack

    47. this sugar coated, soft-iced doughnut ring,

    48. Steve had suggested a ring of explosives be placed around the camp in case the Insane Ones tried to use the mutant bears against the camp

    49. Luray knew that even from a floater you couldn't get a good sense of the scale of either the Trenst or the Tovarst ring

    50. surrounded by a ring of guards

    1. Why?’ I said, trying to suppress the feeling of pleasure which his ringing me up has set off

    2. "You've been ringing around everyone in the fuckin' county to stick their nose into police business and what good has it done you? Nothin'

    3. As I’m filling the kettle, I hear the phone ringing and, seeing that Liz is still halfway to the house her hands full of boxes, I dash off to pick it up

    4. It’s only the knowledge that Stephen was intending to contact her and get her over to his office prevents me from ringing her mobile to check she is all right

    5. He’s hardly stopped speaking when the phone starts ringing

    6. Is that the phone ringing?

    7. Oh yes, he went through a phase of being interested in bell ringing when he was about fourteen, but I think that was mostly because he had a crush on his teacher and she was a ringer

    8. We held hands, feeling the warmth of skin on skin, close enough to taste each other’s sallow, indoor odour, and then we broke out into peels of ringing laughter

    9. Her unintelligible words were still ringing in the ionized air, when I first noticed those pools of an odd, whitish liquid oozing all over the place

    10. The sound of the telephone ringing broke into his enquiry as to how she had slept … for which she was grateful

    11. There was a loud bell ringing sound

    12. ringing in my ears, the answer comes

    13. Having convinced him I am settled, Berndt rides off to inform his mother of his change of status, his promises that he will be back within the week if he can, ringing in my ears as I watch him leave

    14. The bishop broke into the eulogy, echoing through the Tannoy, ringing round the valleys, bringing in the strays and frightening the wild

    15. She looked long and hard at a telephone engineer who was working in the street, which resulted in her hurrying home in tears, her ears ringing with the sound of wolf whistles

    16. The great politician was drowned out in a storm of derision, with shouts and cat-calls ringing out everywhere

    17. She was so concerned that I tried ringing you last night but you didn’t answer, so I thought I’d try to see you today … I did ring your mobile this morning and when you didn’t answer that I tried your home number just in case you were there, but there was no reply on that either … I confess I started to panic at that point

    18. Come to think of it, I dreamed that the phone was ringing and that I could not get to it – it must have been you

    19. Is that the phone ringing – who can that be at this hour? I rush back into the house and pick up the receiver, ‘Hello?’

    20. ‘Yes … of course … Hello, Anna? It’s Sally … I tried ringing the house … oh, they’re with you

    21. Right, that’s all that lot done, now wipe your hands on the towel and – oh, that’s the phone ringing

    22. He’s hoping that he can stay at Jo’s and is ringing her now to see if it’s possible

    23. Hope I’m not ringing at an inconvenient moment

    24. ‘We’re getting there … but, Jo, I’m ringing to ask if you and Alastair are available at all over the weekend

    25. heard was the ringing of the public telephone on the corner of the

    26. in her hurrying home in tears, her ears ringing with the sound of

    27. in a storm of derision, with shouts and cat-calls ringing out

    28. Oh, I’m getting nowhere with this! Maybe I could try ringing the Stevensons again

    29. The phones keep me fairly busy and in addition to that, I have to deal with deliveries and the odd caller … and some of them are decidedly odd! The guy who keeps ringing Dave up about crop circles came in and tried to persuade me that I ought to let him speak with Dave

    30. It was palatial, with polished marble floors, fine carpets and hangings, ornate wall sconces, soft music, live blooms ringing the ceilings and a large fish tank dividing the front room from the dining area

    31. He awoke to ringing on the phone and answered it

    32. As though I would be ringing otherwise!

    33. “They were tired of listening to the ringing I would guess,” Ava said, “but that also seems suspicious

    34. ringing the outside of the tower

    35. The thrust had been so strong, she soon found herself lying across the next four steps, with the girls voice ringing in her head

    36. “Chloe's waist is this,” she pantomimed with her hands ringing an imaginary waist, “And your waist is this

    37. The song of Napar’s population driving the theirops to where they waited could be heard ringing thru it’s valley since the wee hours of Noonsleep

    38. He waited for the ringing to stop

    39. " He was telling her the truth, even if he was ringing his hands

    40. ringing in the church outside our hotel window, and it was

    41. Warning bells should have begun ringing when they

    42. Had he been a mile away, his keen elven ears would've been ringing from the boisterous voice of Tetloan

    43. " The voice sounded like a thousand bells ringing in his eardrums

    44. Within the din of inhuman howls he heard a pair of intelligible words ringing out from somewhere high above

    45. But over the screeching of the government notices, came the loud bellowing questioning call from Harvest Festival, its voice ringing out what it had previously whispered

    46. For one thing, he was a decade older than his ringing voice suggested, a man full in his prime

    47. triumphantly, “It is ringing,” and I heaved a sigh of relief

    48. To dream that you do not want to return a call or answer a ringing telephone indicates a lack of communication

    49. To dream that the telephone is constantly ringing means that some message is not coming through properly

    50. “It’s true -- you have such a ringing tone when you declaim

    1. Her side of the headboard was picked over, the light stuff was gone, a picture of a home in the inner canals remained, a feathered set of hair rings was gone

    2. We leave it that I’ll ring her later in the week and let her know for definite then; after a few more minutes of general conversation, she rings off

    3. I’d started in the kitchen, washing up the breakfast things and then taking the cooker to pieces, scouring the chrome rings and going wild with the oven cleaner

    4. If you feel that some of this rings true for you, why not try the following to put the zest back into your relationship

    5. ‘Mum, if the Inspector rings, give him my mobile number, will you?’ he said, looking concerned

    6. His cellphone rings

    7. I’m staring at a rather sparse list of options when the phone rings

    8. Half an hour later, the phone rings again

    9. One of the agencies I have registered my availability with rings just after eleven to say that they have lined up an interview for me

    10. An electric bell rings signaling the beginning of class

    11. Stephen rings just after two in the afternoon to see how we are getting on and to tell me that he’s intending to get here as near to five as he can manage

    12. I ring his mobile and wait while it rings

    13. Emma rings in a panic to say that she has seen something on the news and is her mother all right

    14. ‘I can’t compete … I’ve got saggy rings under my eyes, my figure has gone to pot and my hair is going grey

    15. The phone rings once – a wrong number

    16. Just after ten, the phone rings again

    17. It can fly rings around us and leave stones in our path

    18. Nick rings at the weekend

    19. At a moment the phone rings

    20. In less than two minutes, my phone rings; it is Mr Gryparis, the managing director: “Have you got any untyped texts of Mrs Parissis?” he asks

    21. The massive rings of the extractor, the web of struts around the containment sphere and the tower of capsules standing above it

    22. Nlara still clung to the mainsail rings high up the mast

    23. casting rings and swings

    24. within the sapphire of this giant’s rings

    25. She knew that from magazine pictures, a city with two rings of glass and grown towers, miles around, sweltering in the jungle, with lemphs running in cages turning big slow fans that hung from the ceilings

    26. Come the evening of the party, and even with a substantial layer of foundation on her face, the guests could still see red rings under her eyes from all of her screaming, bawling and crying

    27. “Daniel, they can fly rings around us

    28. As I read through my notes, yet again, the telephone on my desk rings and, almost grateful for the distraction, I pick up the receiver, not really concentrating on it

    29. The phone in the staff room rings and Julie, one of the teachers, who happens to be nearest it, picks it up

    30. ‘I’ll ring you later at the office,’ he said, and, blowing kisses down the phone, he rings off

    31. I go and feed Treacle while Alastair rings Sally

    32. Just after two-thirty the phone rings

    33. at her he blew a series of perfect smoke rings into the air

    34. Jo rings me just after four to say that the agency has come up with three possible tenants for the cottage

    35. that are forming one of the rings will be the resistance

    36. strength setting that allows the rings to pull apart on a

    37. I don't know why it is but if ever I have to go out - and it happens rarely enough - Mum invariably rings just as I am putting on my coat

    38. My phone rings as he transfers the incoming call and I pick it up

    39. I'm kneeling on the floor going through a folder when the phone rings

    40. rings a bell", he said after a moment or two

    41. Dilly is not in the office – her boyfriend rings in and tells us that she has a tummy bug and hasn’t managed to keep anything down yet

    42. The doorbell rings, then rings again, and again

    43. Dave rings just after eight

    44. Ted rings the bell and actually has to push the man away from the microphone

    45. Out in the main auditorium a bell rings and Ted Line announces a twenty minute break

    46. The sound of metal rings out on hard, cold floor tiles

    47. Just after three the phone rings and Maggie takes it in the bar

    48. The doorbell rings

    49. He counts out the rings, settling on five

    50. The phone rings

    1. "All the more reason we have to strike first and exterminate them all," Moamar's voice rung out

    2. I think the name must have rung a bell

    3. the top rung he slipped, and the weight of his load

    4. The hierarchy of the prison system clicked in and the next rung on the ladder stepped up to lead

    5. But moving around the beam illuminated a rung of steps

    6. Chris launched himself up the other ladder and on reaching the last remaining rung he reached up as high as he could, just reaching the deck above

    7. He climbed further until his feet were on the last rung and then he pulled himself up the last bit, hurting his strained arm again in the process

    8. It could have rung while I was dealing with customers, it

    9. At seven o'clock a bell was rung, and then the folding doors of the

    10. She leaned her head against a metal rung

    11. She rung it and placed it on Kate’s forehead

    12. After he’d rung off, she lay back in the bed, head buzzing as she tried to sort out her emotions; how she felt about the man who’d spent ten years in prison for man-slaughter, even though he was adamant that he’d been innocent, set up by his old boss, Hunter

    13. had slipped from the rung

    14. He stepped from rung to rung blindly with a firm grip behind his back to steady himself

    15. When he’d reached the limit his none too long arm would allow, he pulled his body in close against the ladder behind him and quickly transferred his grip to the next lower rung

    16. He began to grope with his foot for the next lower rung, when the fat man he’d left above swung down his arm and grabbed Edgar by the hair

    17. Mike stepped up onto the stern rail, and with one hand grasped a rung of ladder, while with the other he reached above and guided the fat man’s feet, cursing as he did so

    18. A few minutes later, a stooped old man came out to see who had rung

    19. Before Junya got a chance to respond, his cell phone rung

    20. final rung, he allowed his gaze to rise, and felt his breath catch in

    21. A few hours earlier, she had rung up Angie and told her Sierra had kicked her out in the rain, and now she had nowhere to go

    22. It rung for a few minutes before I could hear the faint sound of Akito answering the phone

    23. Another reason I shouldn’t have rung the bell: I’m totally not dressed for this

    24. Suzy still hadn’t rung, he thought it was better he didn’t try and contact her

    25. Akua was not where he should have been, but then again I had rung him several hours prior

    26. Your first rung to prioritizing is to choose those jobs you have to

    27. Like Joseph, we must be on the lookout for opportunities to improve ourselves and our position, irrespective of circumstances, because as believers, the greater our position, the greater our testimony especially if we have to start, like Joseph, from below the bottom rung, in a pit with nothing

    28. Like Joseph, we must be on the lookout for opportunities to improve ourselves and our position, irrespective of circumstances, because as believers, the greater our position, the greater our testimony especially if we have to start like Joseph, from below the bottom rung, in a pit with nothing

    29. their pursuers, he jumped for the first rung on the ladder,

    30. A name that had rung like a bell through many of the traditional stories that had been told and retold down through the generations of those who had come before him

    31. After a while she crept back to the stairs and sat down on the bottom rung

    32. When she reached the bottom rung, she turned towards him where he was watching her at the opening, and pleaded:

    33. Lorna sat in her place on the bottom rung of the steps with her head in her hands

    34. She climbed the steps to the top rung and called to Harry: “Please let me stay outside

    35. He tied it firmly to the last but one rung of the ladder, which seemed quite strong

    36. At last the instructor reminded them that the bell had rung, and they reluctantly

    37. Even the name Flautdam rung – almost historically into a trace or sketch he’d seen before

    38. "You could’ve rung the chime, you know

    39. ’ But instinct is just the bottom rung, emotion the middle rung, and intuition the top rung on the ladder of unconscious intelligence

    40. After seeing the three identical baby photographs Michael had rung Dr John Findlayson to enquire about the frequency of triplets being born and the likelihood that all these babies were from the same mother

    41. bell was rung The first generation required an average of 300 trials to learn,

    42. Didn’t they know I’d rung the bell? That I’d won the prize?! No, they had not heard the news

    43. He climbed the long ladder, the doctor’s voice and its vile promises nipping at his heels on every rung

    44. “Let’s leave it till tomorrow night, after our show and you’ve rung the other schools

    45. Raekwon dialed the number he knew so well by heart and waited as the other line rung

    46. His cell phone on top of the television rung

    47. He was trying to strategize a plan when his personal cellular phone rung

    48. Sonja's cellular phone rung in her Coach bag

    49. He had the gun and his hands by his side but when Sonja's cell phone rung in her bag, he raised the gun up and pointed it at the couple

    50. „Instead of cops, how about if a buddy had rung to warn him of a rumour that the cops were searching suspect houses?"

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