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Frasi con dusk (in inglese)

  1. It was dusk and Mr.
  2. The dusk was thick now.
  3. It was dusk when they.
  4. At dusk, they made camp.
  5. Dusk would soon be with us.

  6. Dusk hit the village rapidly.
  7. The dusk of evening seemed.
  8. It was beginning to get dusk.
  9. We should be there by dusk.
  10. Meanwhile it was getting dusk.
  11. It was nearly dusk with the.
  12. Expect me as a Fakir at dusk.
  13. We must be miles on before dusk.
  14. It was another dusk on the beach.
  15. It was dusk, and I was debating.

  16. Exhaustion, and dusk came around.
  17. You can’t use this idea at dusk.
  18. Towards dusk she fell into a doze.
  19. At dusk they both disappeared; it.
  20. At dusk he put his sweater back on.
  21. I notice daylight has turned to dusk.
  22. At dusk I again camped on the beach.
  23. At dusk, she went down to the garden.
  24. By Dusk I was in a sorry State indeed.
  25. It was just growing dusk at the time.

  26. Christmas lights twinkled in the dusk.
  27. Blue dusk, nightfall, deep blue night.
  28. They remained in their room until dusk.
  29. Come just before dusk, Bobby said.
  30. At dusk, I went to the Kottivakam beach.
  31. It's dusk, and the windows are all dark.
  32. They were in Czestochowa just after dusk.
  33. Dusk had deepened the shadows of the city.
  34. It was dusk when he reached the farmhouse.
  35. She vanish'd with her children in the dusk.
  36. It was hot, damp, and dusk had just fallen.
  37. Toward dusk the cannonade began to subside.
  38. We stay there stalking until dusk has gone.
  39. Towards dusk they pulled into a gas station.
  40. It was quite dusk when Arkady returned home.
  41. It was dusk so she was not expecting anyone.
  42. It was nearly dusk when I came back to myself.
  43. Not this Dusk, but how about Nightday?
  44. We watched them scouring the hills until dusk.
  45. The sun had gone down and it was dusk outside.
  46. It was still light, but beginning to get dusk.
  47. As stars climb through the floorboards of dusk.
  48. By dusk the posse had thinned out considerably.
  49. Just before dusk we came upon a small village.
  50. I thanked her and my guide and woke up at dusk.
  51. It seemed as though the sky had turned to Dusk.
  52. It was now almost dusk, the other pigeons and.
  53. At dusk on the second day Jethro pointed ahead.
  54. It was dusk the next day when my father arrived.
  55. The crowd builds up in there before dusk fades.
  56. In the beginning dusk Ma came back to the house.
  57. The country was changing, in the gathering dusk.
  58. Now the curtain on the window was gray with dusk.
  59. The dummies should’ve taken that down at dusk.
  60. It was nearly dusk and I wanted to be home early.
  61. Ben watched through the dusk of the morning light.
  62. And he jerked away into the dusk towards Glambeck.
  63. This could simulate dawn and dusk by having the.
  64. As dusk was approaching, the forest became darker.
  65. Then shortly before dusk, Tragus finally appeared.
  66. It was near dusk when I was rowed back to the ship.
  67. By the time all were settled down, dusk had passed.
  68. He stayed in the garden till dusk talking with Mrs.
  69. Saito reached the remains of the town just at dusk.
  70. The skies cleared before dusk and the attack abated.
  71. It was dusk when he was waked up by a fearful scream.
  72. The weather had deteriorated at dusk; the wind was.
  73. With dusk falling behind the monument and the main.
  74. In the deepening dusk they came down into the valley.
  75. When observing the shape of a pile of stones at dusk.
  76. The white fields looked vast and dreary in the dusk.
  77. It is dusk and the lights are on in the sitting room.
  78. A trader sits from dawn to dusk on his seat, is it.
  79. The early evening air was cooler as dusk was defined.
  80. You will leave at dusk for the Gate with the Rangers.
  81. It was her favorite way of spending the hour of dusk.
  82. By the time she reached Mayfaire, dusk had settled in.
  83. The yellow butterflies would invade the house at dusk.
  84. Only one of the two moons shone above the dusk forest.
  85. Smiling faces passed through lamp-lit streets at dusk.
  86. It was already dusk and he expected Turney quite soon.
  87. Dusk set in as Don and Christina watched her pull away.
  88. It was dusk when they came at last to the little pool.
  89. There in the fragrant pines and the cedars dusk and dim.
  90. He has been preaching for many hours and now its dusk;.
  91. It was dusk by the time they arrived at Doyle’s house.
  92. White sails are turning homeward as the dusk is falling.
  93. Especially at dawn and dusk, when it is most active in.
  94. Dusk was gathering as they stepped upon the eastern bank.
  95. Some men sat in the doorways and looked out at the dusk.
  96. Dusk was falling on the second day of the battle of Loos.
  97. Zeno was dreaming away as the car hummed through the dusk.
  98. So that evening when it was turning dusk a couple of the.
  99. I got out of her car in front of the tenement just at dusk.
  100. Some hours later, before dusk, Seal Island came into view.

    Sfortunatamente non abbiamo ancora frasi di esempio per questa parola.

    Sfortunatamente non abbiamo ancora frasi di esempio per questa parola.

    Sfortunatamente non abbiamo ancora frasi di esempio per questa parola.

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