twilight frasi

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Frasi con twilight (in inglese)

  2. Twilight, and time to go in.
  3. It was twilight, and raining.
  4. The dawn twilight grew stronger.
  5. Janet came home in the twilight.
  6. The room was dark with twilight.
  7. It was twilight and rather dark.
  8. This April twilight on the river.
  9. We will call it our Twilight Time.
  10. The warriors marched until twilight.
  11. When twilight came we stopped again.
  12. Petersburg are a prolonged twilight.
  13. The sun was gone and it was twilight.
  14. There was half an hour until twilight.
  15. Just at twilight, I reached the bridge.
  17. Embalm'd with love in this twilight song.
  18. Now it was twilight, and he was worried.
  19. But no day came, only a dead brown twilight.
  20. This isn’t some Twilight Zone episode.
  21. A mockingbird in the twilight of infamy.
  22. Then the twilight obscurity closed in again.
  23. The red sun soon set and twilight descended.
  24. It was twilight and difficult to see inside.
  25. We stared at the twilight horizon of Florence.
  26. It was twilight when we left in Adrian’s limo.
  27. Now a gray twilight was in the Hall of Audience.
  28. It is a twilight chasing of the ignus fatuus.
  29. The early twilight was already descending on St.
  30. TUESDAY afternoon came, and waned to the twilight.
  31. Vietnamese overseas literature is in its twilight.
  32. Towards the twilight of his career he spent one.
  33. He grins, and his teeth are white in the twilight.
  34. It was past twilight the first stars were showing.
  35. She liked what she read, a novel called Twilight.
  36. Twilight sleep idea: queen Victoria was given that.
  37. The two girls of the twilight recurred to his mind.
  38. Twilight was gathering over the district town of N.
  39. The last gleams of twilight were melting into night.
  40. Morning, noon and twilight hours retreat before them.
  41. She would ask questions from daybreak until twilight.
  42. With twilight rapidly approaching the space is empty.
  43. With the start of morning twilight, a squad of elite.
  44. Mademoiselle Gillenormand was a sort of twilight soul.
  45. Dawn came with its twilight before sunrise, the brief.
  46. Twilight was about them as they crept back to the lane.
  47. At the last breath of twilight, we heard her whisper.
  48. It was sort of a faint twilight glow, but that was all.
  49. In the livid, foggy twilight, Fiver stared at the board.
  50. It was twilight and the darkness of the day and coming.
  51. This makes a twilight everywhere even during the night.
  52. Not cloudy, not twilight, not the early minutes of dawn.
  53. No one can track me, let alone a drunk in the twilight.
  54. In summary, the Twilight series will NEVER be one of my.
  55. His wound once healed, he resumed his solitary twilight.
  56. The north-facing escarpment of Watership before twilight.
  57. Like the boys she is in the twilight zone within a minute.
  58. What episode of the Twilight Zone is this? she asked.
  59. Then suddenly it was over and the sky cleared into twilight.
  60. There are 2 encampments with tons of Twilight creeps there.
  61. The sky was still darker than a normal twilight even though.
  62. So, it all started when the group, I Hate Twilight, started.
  63. Twilight was dimming and their journey was almost at an end.
  64. With the fading of twilight, Credit finally surrendered to.
  65. Greg tossed and turned as twilight fell into sullen darkness.
  66. It was twilight when they arrived back at the Sawasdee hotel.
  67. Farmer Cotton came up close and stared at him in the twilight.
  68. Twilight took hold, his apartment light welcomely switched on.
  69. It was twilight when he reached the first row of orange trees.
  70. It was the twilight of that mysterious country called Death!.
  71. Jean Valjean's face appeared in the twilight; it was pale and.
  72. The scallop-edged waves in the twilight, the ladled cups, the.
  73. He set the report aside and stared out at the growing twilight.
  74. In a brooding twilight Conan moved across the bare green floor.
  75. The y pushe d it ope n a nd wa lke d into a shuttered twilight.
  76. Here and there a dim cresset cast a faint nightmarish twilight.
  77. They came at twilight just as General Sanjo had said they would.
  78. They were sitting in the twilight by a window in the drawing room.
  79. The sun had set and the afternoon twilight was slipping into dusk.
  80. It was twilight as Scott walked the final few ks towards the cabin.
  81. The evening twilight falls in and I stand up to close the curtains.
  82. After that, only about thirty minutes of twilight until nightfall.
  83. The villagers gathered around him in the twilight to hear his story.
  84. Twilight was closing in when I went down stairs into the natural air.
  85. It would be a fine view during the day, but it was eerie in twilight.
  86. The night was turning jangled and hateful to him as the twilight faded.
  87. Rex going to assembly and Twilight headed to the principal’s office.
  88. And wonderment like the twilight was about him in the Hall of Audience.
  89. Thus acts Fohat from one Twilight to the other, during Seven Eternities.
  90. I had felt that the trek through the bowels of the Twilight Zone in my.
  91. There were no other humans that he could see in the deepening twilight.
  92. They hobbled off into the twilight as the sun sank down over the baron.
  93. To look at it straight on, by twilight, was to see it from below, by day.
  94. The sun had set and the sky was fading to the deep blue glow of twilight.
  95. They sang and danced during the twilight hours and well into the sunrise.
  96. The stillness of the country twilight came down about them as calming as.
  97. The twilight had begun to whiten what was on high and to blacken all below.
  98. As it is twilight, I shall escort you out into the open for a wonderful.
  99. From the glow of Nole’s presence, the chamber was bathed only in twilight.
  100. The Republic, a guillotine in the twilight; the Empire, a sword in the night.

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