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Frasi con dark (in inglese)

  1. It was dark by now.
  2. It was dark in there.
  3. There is a dark side.
  4. It will be dark soon.
  5. They came in the dark.

  6. It was still dark out.
  7. It was very dark Theo.
  8. It was dark and cold.
  9. What I do in the dark.
  10. Even the moon is dark.
  11. In the dark there are.
  12. All around her was dark.
  13. Often He wears a dark.
  15. Soon, it would be dark.

  16. It got worse with dark.
  17. Out of the primal dark.
  18. The thirty or so dark.
  19. But this dark is deep:.
  20. It is a dark, dark day.
  21. He had dark, dark eyes.
  22. The face is dark pink.
  23. The sky was a dark red.
  24. It was too dark to see.
  25. His eyes are dark blue.

  26. He Comes from the Dark.
  27. His dark blue eyes shone.
  28. In the dark of your eyes.
  29. It was brusque and dark.
  30. The shop was dark, the.
  31. Store in cool dark place.
  32. It was a shot in the dark.
  33. Store it in a dark place.
  34. Boil until water is dark.
  35. I saw a woman with dark.
  36. Jinkai Podo wore dark red.
  37. The servants of the Dark.
  38. Hey, the house is dark.
  39. It was fast growing dark.
  40. Mars scowled into the dark.
  41. Oh, a dark, heavy set man.
  42. For the Dark was conscious.
  43. Please let it be too dark.
  44. This sound was dark, evil.
  45. It vanishes into the dark.
  46. Dark gray suited him well.
  47. The time of the dark moon.
  48. The Crawlers in the Dark.
  49. Dark powers in our world.
  50. In those dark and dreaded.
  51. By then it was getting dark.
  52. A dark haze clouds my mind.
  53. It was dark and tenantless.
  54. The sky turned dark at once.
  55. This is no stab in the dark.
  56. The dark delivers a friend.
  57. The air around me grew dark.
  58. It was as if a dark storm.
  59. She could see dark clouds.
  60. My vision was getting dark.
  61. Some of these dark matter.
  62. The garage was fairly dark.
  63. It was dark and it smelled.
  64. It was cold, and it was dark.
  65. Everything waits in the dark.
  66. That is the way of the dark.
  67. That sent me to a dark place.
  68. The dark was calm after that.
  69. It was dark inside the wagon.
  70. The dark skin, his own skin.
  71. The mirror was old and dark.
  72. The house was dark and quiet.
  73. I was protected by the dark.
  74. Sunlight hits the dark cave.
  75. It was dark inside the house.
  76. It is the magic of the Dark.
  77. Jean looked around the dark.
  78. My eyes got used to the dark.
  79. A dark speck in the distance.
  80. What is with the dark? What.
  81. It struck me as a dark place.
  82. She thought it was very dark.
  83. Lying there in the dark and.
  84. First, they saw a dark figure.
  85. The dark material suited him.
  86. By the Dark! Why right now?
  87. He fumbled for It in the dark.
  88. None that are dark can enter.
  89. His face was dark with anger.
  90. It was getting dark and cold.
  91. But it wasn’t dark entirely.
  92. It is dark blue and starless.
  93. Hateful is the dark blue sky.
  94. He looked about the dark old.
  95. Mine was dark with foreboding.
  96. Her dark hair was spread out.
  97. I don’t know, it was dark.
  98. A dark spirit hovered close by.
  99. He noticed it was getting dark.
  100. It was dark by the mausoleum.
  1. The Golden gate bridge outline was just visible in the darking gloom.

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  1. Two Heineken darks, bottles are fine.
  2. When the highest lights are low in tone, the darkest darks should be high in tone.
  3. The darks are due to the charcoal lines of initial drawing showing through middle tone.
  4. Have a two-compartment hamper in the kids’ rooms so they can sort lights from darks as they undress.
  5. So with the shadows, the chalk is put on heavily in the darks and less heavily in the lighter shadows.
  6. Millais has also got a raised quality of paint in his darks very similar to that of Bellini and many early painters.
  7. Do not attempt the full range of tone at first, but keep the darks rather lighter and the lights darker than nature.
  8. The darks are quite brisk up here with frost or snow even in summer, during which the floater is a limp tent in a field.
  9. The effect of the harsh contrasts in the lines is further added to by the harsh contrasts of tone: everywhere hard lights are brought up against hard darks.
  10. Tone relationships are most sympathetic when the middle values of your scale only are used, that is to say, when the lights are low in tone and the darks high.
  11. Also, the highest lights in nature are never without colour, and this will lower the tone; neither are the deepest darks colourless, and this will raise their tone.
  12. In this respect note the pictures of Whistler, a great master in matters of tone; his lights seldom approach anywhere near white, and, on the other hand, his darks never approach black in tone.
  13. The same as the last, with the addition of the darks; variety being got in the same way as in the case of the lights, only here the thinner part is lighter, whereas in the case of the lights it was darker.
  14. Painters like Rembrandt, whose pictures when fresh must have approached very near white in the high lights, also approach black in the darks, and nearer our own time, Frank Holl forced the whites of his pictures very high and correspondingly the darks were very heavy.

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