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Frasi con nightfall (in inglese)

  1. This would be about nightfall.
  2. It’ll hit us by nightfall.
  3. At nightfall, the eating stopped.
  4. At nightfall, two days from now.
  5. The weather cleared at nightfall.

  6. I waited patiently until nightfall.
  7. Hoping to reach Woodford by nightfall.
  8. We’ll be in Khafra before nightfall.
  9. Blue dusk, nightfall, deep blue night.
  10. When Ravan next awoke, it was nightfall.
  11. We should have it cleaned up by nightfall.
  12. After nightfall the storm grew in intensity.
  13. Not long, Reacher thought, before nightfall.
  14. By nightfall, we can make our final move.
  15. By nightfall, the battle in the sky was over.

  16. By nightfall, I gave up and headed back home.
  17. By my calculations, hopefully by nightfall.
  18. Aiden waited until nightfall of the day after.
  19. By nightfall he had made his way to Colwyn Bay.
  20. This is where he had to remain until nightfall.
  21. By nightfall, they had ordered dinner and wine.
  22. When nightfall came, steam was applied and the.
  23. On the following day, at nightfall, he went back.
  24. Exit, nightfall, and soon the heart-thud stopping.
  25. Then Marius ceased to go out until after nightfall.

  26. It was nightfall somewhere around the thirtieth day.
  27. By nightfall all was ready and we put to sea again.
  28. I’d advise you to rest at a tavern until nightfall.
  29. We should near the Chief City of Arborea by nightfall.
  30. It was after nightfall when they had entered the Mines.
  31. By nightfall four other PCT hikers joined my encampment.
  32. Are you wisshing for sshelter thiss nightfall? We have.
  33. By nightfall the city had turned off our gas and electric.
  34. When the horse carriage reached Xun Yang, it was nightfall.
  35. It is said that he went away ere nightfall towards Isengard.
  36. Just come to the king’ s tent with the answer by nightfall.
  37. There was nothing else for them to do until wait for nightfall.
  38. By nightfall we reached the other village across from Capawake.
  39. When he finally awakens he can see that nightfall will be soon.
  40. We will be on the road to the Mountains of Arkadia by nightfall.
  41. Nightfall ceased his grooming and turned a gauging eye upon Edgar.
  42. By nightfall, plans were drawn, and a search party was organized.
  43. On rivers boatmen safely moor'd at nightfall in their boats under.
  44. He was now a young boy! Wild rains lashed the valley at nightfall.
  45. By nightfall the pinnacles of Sharon’s Castle were within sight.
  46. Unimpeded by our escort, we reached another small town by nightfall.
  47. At nightfall he brought them to his ent-house: nothing more than a.
  48. We were divided into smaller groups and had to wait till nightfall.
  49. But it would make a perfect place for them to hide until nightfall.
  50. Why does that gentleman never come except at nightfall? Why does Mr.
  51. After that, only about thirty minutes of twilight until nightfall.
  52. With luck, we could launch a total of three attacks before nightfall.
  53. There came at last a dreadful nightfall; and even as the Captains of.
  54. At nightfall Father Peregrine and Father Stone were high in the hills.
  55. By nightfall, a frustrated Hinckley is back in his hospital room alone.
  56. My friends left me to my grief, and I sat for hours as nightfall came.
  57. They insisted that it was near nightfall, and that he tarry with them.
  58. After nightfall, Louie was taken into a barracks and led to a tiny cell.
  59. Confusion and fear at nightfall -- and then We can escape from Efrafa.
  60. It was after nightfall when, wet and tired, the travellers came at last.
  61. By nightfall Atot’ain had taken his cold bath and joined us for supper.
  62. I rushed to the cemetery, hoping to get there before Enzo, and nightfall.
  63. It was nightfall by the time we reached Besham as many roads were blocked.
  64. Certainly before nightfall I’d ride into the farmyard at the Connor farm.
  65. Hardly any temptation could persuade the boy to stir abroad after nightfall.
  66. He supposed that, whatever it was, it would need to happen before nightfall.
  67. I returned home dead tired and slept like a dead corpse before the nightfall.
  68. Nightfall, the favourite time for lions to attack, was just a few hours away.
  69. Toward nightfall we came to a cave where we dismounted and he led the way in.
  70. Freedom! By nightfall, though, she realized she was the one who’d been left.
  71. He re-entered it at nightfall, with the child, by way of the Barrier Monceaux.
  72. Nightfall rose to his feet and stretched, arching his back long and languorous.
  73. It was too late now to go on to Tench: they could not get there before nightfall.
  74. By nightfall, half of the Army of Fairkyn’s outer defenses were in Allied hands.
  75. It was most likely light out by then, so I was stuck in the woods until nightfall.
  76. Tarak explained that an ice storm was brewing and would be upon them by nightfall.
  77. We will alternate reinventing the rules of our play, eh? suggested Nightfall.
  78. Time passed slowly as nightfall ended and the house was again flooded with daylight.
  79. But instead, words became lost in the light wind, numbed in the chill of nightfall.
  80. The only thing I could think was: Now for wrath, now for ruin and a red nightfall!.
  81. The nuns here possess one privilege, it is to be taken to that cemetery at nightfall.
  82. If nightfall found us near a city, town, or monastery we would spend the night there.
  83. When Edgar caught up Nightfall was stepping into the harness and strapping himself in.
  84. Shortly before nightfall, as they were approaching Knoxville, Elena let out a deep sigh.
  85. Nightfall came so slowly that Waddell thought it was the slowest he had ever experienced.
  86. They hastened through the mist for the rest of the day and set a small camp at nightfall.
  87. As a result we rarely reached a yam by nightfall and usually had to camp along the trail.
  88. As nightfall approached, the skies had gradually cleared and the wet mist had dissipated.
  89. And it was not until long after nightfall that the clamoring multitude could be dispersed.
  90. The warriors traveled through the twilight hours and came to the Burial Ruins at nightfall.
  91. Wulfric would swing the scythe tirelessly from sunrise to nightfall, mowing down the corn.
  92. Meanwhile the pace began to pick up and we reached the area of the settlement by nightfall.
  93. As nightfall descended over this amazing turn of events, the die had already been cast for.
  94. We lay up for a while in late afternoon, got some rest, then took off again after nightfall.
  95. I don't know what I'd been At last we reached the hills, just at nightfall of the next day.
  96. He waved his hands and all the dogs disappeared, and he regarded Nightfall with a smug grin.
  97. On the following day, at an earlier hour, towards nightfall, she was strolling in the garden.
  98. At nightfall, at nine o'clock precisely, as he had promised Cosette, he was in the Rue Plumet.
  99. He let us relax ‘til nightfall, and asked if it would be permissible if we could then talk.
  100. I hung out at Kinton all day both days, until nightfall, starving to death, but no boat came.

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