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Fantasy in una frase (in inglese)

The rest is a fantasy.
But it was a fantasy only.
My head said the fantasy.
The film was pure fantasy.
It was a pointless fantasy.
The Club was named Fantasy.
Fantasy days at their best.

They have only fantasy power.
Her fantasy was coming true.
Still, the fantasy was rich.
The fantasy of it was bigotry.
This is fantasy time, so let.
Fantasy and Science Fiction, n.
I have lived on through fantasy.
The balloons of fantasy expand.
So this is the world of fantasy.
I was entirely given to fantasy.
The balloons of fantasy deflate.
Forgive me a passing fantasy.
This is more of a fantasy than.
Still it was a great fantasy he.
But it was a fantasy and no more.
Love is a fantasy, not a reality.
But that's all it was -- fantasy.
But I have a deep, hidden fantasy.
He claims our Book is mere fantasy.
Perhaps his fantasy life on the 74.
He realized how wrong his fantasy was.
Of course, this was just mere fantasy.
For her, the fantasy hadn’t come true.
It was a fantasy just to watch her eat.
She was a fantasy I was afraid to spoil.
I found one called Creatures of Fantasy.
Perhaps she was born to live in fantasy.
I had only one fantasy left in my life.
Surely a more reasonable fantasy should.
Right now though that was still a fantasy.
The holodeck is fantasy, Garcia said.
Like it was a fantasy story, she says.
Crashing with the tragic sounds of fantasy.

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Perhaps he’d fantasied about this moment for some time, but that it wouldn’t be over for him so soon.
But they were only fantasies.
You had fantasies about him.
Daniel's fantasies was beyond him.
He knows about fetishes and fantasies.
They want to live in their own fantasies.
It was all part of his perverted fantasies.
Only a fool would cling to such fantasies.
I couldn’t befool myself with sweet fantasies.
They are the erotic fantasies of a homosexual.
Any fantasies about you always end the same way.
He lived in his fantasies, not in the real world.
This was the beginning of Fish's freaky fantasies.
What about your fantasies? He kissed her neck.
But sexual fantasies were projections of opposites.
Testament, and the more recent Urantia Book fantasies.
Then, with his fantasies of Hope blazing through his.
And, he must realize it not in his fantasies, but in.
He hadn’t been able to control the x-rated fantasies.
She asked me if she was in my fantasies and I said yes.
Fantasies had a way of becoming real, at least his did.
She might even have fantasies about entertaining the duke.
Fantasies should be encouraged—and what better way than.
The rapture fantasies and Left Behind series rely heavily.
Maybe, in his fantasies, he’d hoped to find someone from.
Fantasies become more real than the world outside the window.
Such fantasies seem as silly as a movie intended for children.
He was great at revealing the illusions and fantasies I chose.
He acted out our most repressed drives, fantasies, and wishes.
And I entered in my real world; I forgot my world of fantasies.
They project their hopes, fears, and fantasies onto the charts.
Hickathrift! So it was him that put these fantasies in your head.
Fantasies about her and this unique man - and it frightened her.
Sometimes wars are caused by realities and sometimes by fantasies.
What better way than to let you follow a bunch of fantasies and.
She asked me if I had fantasies, sexual fantasies, and I said yes.
You do enough drugs, you start to get these persecution fantasies.
I think my strength is in smashing illusions, fantasies, and myths.
The people, he hoped, were still oblivious in their TIAR fantasies.
However, addiction to such fantasies tends towards irresponsibility.
Then he would go home quickly and make use of them in his fantasies!.

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