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Frasi con fictitious (in inglese)

  1. These are no fictitious reasonings.
  2. They seemed to be utterly fictitious schools.
  3. Another fictitious song in Gary's case---it's.
  4. But much of my life has been, in a way, fictitious.
  5. This payment, therefore, was altogether fictitious.

  6. Fictitious Value Placed on Stock Dividends Received.
  7. Stone’s fictitious column about aliens being real.
  8. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious.
  9. The characters and events in this book are fictitious.
  10. This fictitious identity state is maintained by fear.
  11. He started to approach the nearest fictitious character.
  12. A revolution is a return from the fictitious to the real.
  13. Maybe it is time to put aside these fictitious wonders.
  14. Which is evidently not his real name, but a fictitious one.
  15. BENJI was a fictitious dog name used for characters in movies.

  16. Though the story is fictitious, there are numerous dogs in 57.
  17. He hadn’t noticed that he had replied to a fictitious spirit guide.
  18. It meant that the asset account of the balance sheet was fictitious.
  19. That Bazarov of his is a fictitious figure, it does not exist anywhere.
  20. It was al completely fictitious of course but Trevor had done his work wel.
  21. After I moved to Kansas I rented a storage unit under a fictitious name.
  22. She wiped at the back of her neck easing the fictitious tension held there.
  23. Some are true exceptions to the rule, others are fictitious, lies to yourself.
  24. Fictitious Business Name or if you prefer to use your real name that's ok too:.
  25. The women were pioneers, and Julianne very much idolized her fictitious heroines.

  26. Using the fictitious case study of Freddy Faldo with his golf equipment shop - he.
  27. His thoughts now were focused wholly on the war between the Poets and the Fictitious.
  28. For a moment you think it’s just some idiot’s joke, writing down a fictitious name.
  29. Many educated Safeholdians consider seijins to be mythological, fictitious characters.
  30. The fictitious interview that follows reflects the frustration of many futures traders.
  31. She could only demand to share in the fictitious labors of the men of the wealthy classes.
  32. Rick rose, turned away from Malik, raised his cupped hands, and released the fictitious moth.
  33. Fictitious representations of form are the result of the creative power of thought, as in Hypnotism.
  34. We will exhibit the process through fictitious example that involves the countries: Brazil and Japan.
  35. Thirty minutes later I left the room as ‘Simon’, a newly appointed director of a fictitious agency.
  36. To find out that his best friend of so many years had turned his back on the Fictitious was hard to take.
  37. So, little by little, he started, through fictitious sales, legally transferring his land and fortune to me.
  38. We invented a fake bio, complete with a non-existent high school from a fictitious town not found on any map.
  39. In a similar way all other plant accessories made their fictitious entry into the Ocean’s Assets Register.
  40. It stands today as an exact replica of that 2,500 year-old fictitious myth turned into a Greek whitewashed play.
  41. A pair of P-35 fighters even tried to intercept me, maybe thinking that I was one of the fictitious enemy planes.
  42. This story about ‘volunteers’ in a fictitious air force has no credibility left to it, not after the Korean War.
  43. And so he conjured up a fictitious story, believing that his friends ran away and that his parents were never alive.
  44. And although his name elicited a bit of fear and anger now, the fictitious John Black had meant nothing to her in Dr.
  45. The strategy was to use fictitious numbers most of the time, then pretend to be an existing squadron when appropriate.
  46. A sort of mirage appeared like a light reflected of something chimerical and fictitious when I first received the news.
  47. The returns data are fictitious: I would have liked to place the actual data in it, but unfortunately these are copyrighted.
  48. Moore’s movies dealt with real people, but he rationalized his misrepresentations by saying we lived in a fictitious world.
  49. While their actions in my novels are purely fictitious, their courage, dedication, patriotism and sense of adventure were not.
  50. She is prosecuted and demands are issued for an arbitrary and fictitious sum totalling twenty times the amount she siphoned off.
  51. I made sure to put a fictitious address on mine, since my mom would have been worried at receiving such a strange letter from me.
  52. I can explain the previously mentioned market action with a fictitious example: An investor might have bought Company X shares at $7.
  53. And at that limit man's power of transferring his interest ceases, and he cannot feel any direct sentiment for that fictitious entity.
  54. To elicit constant interest, the narcissist projects on to others a confabulated, fictitious version of himself, known as the False Self.
  55. This is always done after the Fictitious Business Name statement, because they need to know the name of your business on the application.
  56. This fictitious law, this writer encompasses with mathematical formulæ founded on nothing whatever; and then he launches it on the world.
  57. Killing only one third of all the people of one Nation is not a horrible crime like the fictitious genocide of the Jews in Europe by Hitler.
  58. At the Swedish Open Memory Championship in 2011, German memory athlete Johannes Mallow memorized 132 of 140 fictitious historical dates.
  59. With the connivance of a transport operator, Consignment Notes were put in place for the fictitious transfer of Agarwala’s steel materials.
  60. Fictitious, but vivid enough to make his heart beat from a chase he is inventing, to make him fall in love with the heroine that never existed.
  61. This could have been a deceptive fictitious story written many decades and centuries after Christ’s death and recorded as a historical fraud.
  62. I smile when I realize that Anthony is acting jealous, and it feels like payback considering all the crap he told me about his fictitious girlfriend.
  63. To perhaps ensure a smooth running of the system there would be a certain number of fictitious participants based, in varying degrees, on real people.
  64. The building companies took delivery of fictitious materials then shipped them out to Spain or the Middle East where a lot of construction was happening.
  65. Through various accounting methods, however, the management applied earnings from operations to the writing off of these intangible or fictitious assets.
  66. Marsellus thought it fate that he'd been chosen above so many other capable writers, all with aspirations of joining the war for the side of the Fictitious.
  67. So when people talk about better performance, for the most part they are talking about a fictitious investor; one with nerves of steel and a drawer full of Tums.
  68. They could, before the expiration of their term, be legally ousted of their leases by a new purchaser; in England, even, by the fictitious action of a common recovery.
  69. Our early government was set out to solve and prove religion should be labeled fictitious and sides needed to be chosen, if we were going to stand a chance at fighting.
  70. I have always wanted to create in a fictitious setting the portrayal of a figure reminiscent of Roderigo Diaz de Bivar, as depicted in the 1961 Blockbuster film, El Cid.
  71. Moreover, in order to accord legitimacy to the receivables and the dispatches, he obtained, again from Palit’s office, a marine cover for those fictitious transactions.
  72. The LIFE Company—a real Fortune 500 company, but for whom we have given a fictitious name—provides life and disability insurance products to a wide range of consumers.
  73. While she was a convict, marriage with her could only be fictitious, and would have had no meaning except that he would have been in a position to alleviate her condition.
  74. He’d cruised into town in his pickup, camping trailer in tow, with nothing more than a deer rifle hanging in the back window and a fictitious dream of opening a body shop.
  75. Ward’s heroes and heroines are very real people, moving in familiar paths, and the charm of her stories is that one forgets the fictitious in a thoroughly absorbing interest.
  76. The free peoples consisted mainly of members of the Fictitious band of writers, though there was some Poets who realized just how evil and ambitious the High King's plans were.
  77. In this fictitious example, Brazil paid its foreign debt with its own coin and it utilized less than 20% of everything that already spends annually with the foreign debt service.
  78. He said, in the village in which he lived, such frauds had been committed, by the creation of fictitious debts, under which a person enlisting had procured himself to be arrested.
  79. All five have people, but no one takes the people in the first four to be actual people, but fictitious people used to teach the Pharisees to whom these five parables were spoken.
  80. I saw the fictitious resume, which indicated that he had more experience in what was necessary to survive in the assignment than I had before I started there in the spring of 1987.
  81. Bram stoker… who stoked the fires of gothic horror by inventing fictitious lies about the undead and cramming it into English literature… as a new elite reading craze, a new fad.
  82. Eventually, staying in the fictitious state is more comfortable than facing the manifold fears, chastisements and uncertainties which rise up when you question the realness of your Ego.
  83. As soon as I am back in Athens I must start constructing at length and in detail the fictitious life of my fictitious sister Eva, not forgetting to fabricate a number of pictures of her.
  84. Has the Western media and culture ever been as horrified by this level of mass butchery and killing as they have been, and still are about the fictitious horrors of Hitler’s Nazi regime? No.
  85. Authorities, however, considered filing charges against him for fictitious name and concealing true identity under Title four, Chapter two, Section one, Article 178 of the Revised Penal Code.
  86. No! Dorian was charming but with the vulgar delight granted by the learned gestures, that for fictitious, they are proclaiming to the screams its falsity and discrediting the one who carries them.
  87. So what has mass media done to fill this need for the masses to worship a class that is higher than they are? It has sold fictitious lies about every profession that has power, authority, or status.
  88. The stamped hand of the post-office pointed to the upper left-hand corner where Clare had written in a fictitious name and used an address to which she frequently had mail sent when she wanted it secret.
  89. It is possible that Stratos was anticipating difficulties in his life with Lea when he created her fictitious affair with Panos in the novel and introduced himself in it in the role of the betrayed husband.
  90. You know, I said, that we begin by telling children stories which, though not wholly destitute of truth, are in the main fictitious; and these stories are told them when they are not of an age to learn gymnastics.
  91. It is no use trusting these giants, therefore; one cannot lean on these fictitious giants to see better, to dream, to realize/be realized since they are nothing but dwarfs with stilts, dwarfs dressed up as giants.
  92. But they allowed the poor wretch to kneel in the road, surrounded by a fictitious family group consisting of a woman and a few borrowed children, when the Emperor was passing by, and this stratagem saved his life.
  93. And I add, that this protection must not be formal or fictitious, but that it must be proportionate to the greatness of those interests, and of a nature to give content to the States concerned in their protection.
  94. She used the pen to complete the form with her phony background, addresses, career history, and net worth, which she listed at $294,000, including the value of her fictitious condo in LA with its $210,000 mortgage.
  95. It was to draw back such causes to themselves, that the courts of law are said to have invented the artificial and fictitious writ of ejectment, the most effectual remedy for an unjust outer or dispossession of land.
  96. How could this fictitious character known as ‘Silver’… have known about the 200 hidden years of that birds past life, eh? Who told him what this parrot went through before he got the bird, eh? A psychic? Bullshit.
  97. They are a small rabid, fanatical hate-based power group of Ashkenazi false Jews who use the fictitious lie of the holocaust myth and the myth of anti-Semitism to commit their own brand of racist supremacy, hate and evil.
  98. This is a fictitious example, of course, but it serves to demonstrate our frustration with the public’s seemingly insatiable appetite to learn complex spread strategies that they could rarely hope to use effectively.
  99. But love for a nation, Turkey, for instance, or Germany, England, Austria, Russia, is almost impossible, and notwithstanding the training given in that direction, it is only a fictitious semblance; it has no real existence.
  100. The whole world was flooded with propaganda and lies about non-existent gas chambers and fictitious nazi atrocities and the deception of portraying the Nazis as being consistently Anti-Semitic throughout the war was preserved.

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