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Frasi con sham (in inglese)

  1. If you ask me it was a sham.
  2. Woolly Bully – Sam the Sham.
  3. The take down was all a sham.
  4. But he told me his marriage was a sham.
  5. But we know that rationality is a sham.

  6. You told me yourself you could sham a fit.
  7. They keep up the sham with one another.
  8. He filled his own moustachecup, sham crown.
  9. His sham princess would be queen in very truth.
  10. As Steve Salerno writes in SHAM: How the Self-.
  11. Because it was all a sham! a sham! a sham! ….
  12. If the object of this sham pseudo—science of Political.
  13. It was all a sham and all knew it, but it was a pleasant.
  14. Nothing but sham! she said, opening and shutting the parasol.
  15. She said to a girl almost at Tom's elbow—with sham vivacity:.

  16. She could not allow Marco to purchase something costly for a sham.
  17. Then again would a proper police force have seen through the sham?
  18. This is really nothing but a sham that is practiced on naive people.
  19. Though how this man knows it was a sham, is a wonder of wonders to me.
  20. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful.
  21. And did you tell them that you can sham fits, as you boasted then?
  22. The investigation into Mary Steinhauser’s death was nothing but a sham!.
  23. This sham of a religion provided cultic certainty for the weak minded and.
  24. With sham indifference I said, ‘Why should he want to come? He’s not.
  25. The rest were sham religions, and anyone supporting them, were less than.

  26. Yes, she wept and so too did the wife of the Pasha, the ruler of the state of Sham.
  27. I’m quoting him now, a sham and a mockery, a blasphemous travesty of the real thing.
  28. And she lived in fear, not of losing our dad, but of having her sham of a marriage exposed.
  29. To her, the art school system was a sham, 'Well I for one can't see the king's new clothes'.
  30. You can ask them whether it was a real fit or a sham; it's no use my saying any more about it.
  31. The Grand Inquisitor, in a sham of a trial, had found him guilty last week of witchcraft and heresy.
  32. The sham of the Russian Empire being on a par with industrialized Europe was exposed to all Russians.
  33. I’m beginning to think that you only came up with this sham so that you could have me to yourself.
  34. It serves me right, because it was all sham; because it was all done on purpose, and not from the heart.
  35. I want you! Uncle Sham shouted, pointing to the small group as he balanced himself on a wooden crate.
  36. His courage, his magnificence, his leisure, his work, everything was as before, only everything was a sham.
  37. Market exchange was a sham, because the central authority fixed all wages, prices, and interest rates.
  38. It was selfish of me to force her into our sham of an engagement…I regret it more than ever at the moment.
  39. But you know that's simply a farce, that's simply a sham, it's just laughing at you, and you are taken in by it!.
  40. Golyadkin had not time to open his mouth before all of them were subjugated, body and soul, by the wicked, sham Mr.
  41. And Somerset found in this neglected little sham princess what his youth was pleased to designate a flower-like soul.
  42. All five were tortured by police and then convicted in sham trials, which included jury members threatened by police.
  43. For instance, in SHAM, Steve Salerno accuses psychiatrist Thomas Harris and similar authors of claiming that you were.
  44. When it seeped out in the cafeteria that some kid posing as Uncle Sham was giving a speech outside, the word spread.
  45. This sham law the author dressed out with the formulæ of mathematics which have no foundation whatever, and published it.
  46. He probably knew it was a sham wedding, but these were desperate times, and the pair had already been through a tough time.
  47. I only remember that she shouted that my words were a sham, the broodings of a petty soul, counted over and turned inside out.
  48. Eventually, I also learned that he and Karen occupied separate rooms (at her request) and that their marriage was something of a sham.
  49. He was the type who sought after to dictate over his women and she absolutely did not want that in her life…even if it was all a sham.
  50. When there was a lot of pressure on the British, they created sham legislative governments made up Indians who had no power to do anything.
  51. After that, whenever Djemal Pasha met Officer Mohammad Amin, he always took the initiative to greet him with a smile, saying, ‘Hello Abu Sham.
  52. False imprisonment and torture of five Virgin Island independence activists convicted of the murder of eight tourists in a sham trial in the 1970s.
  53. He recited the first chapter of the Qur’an, the Opening (al-Fatiha Surah) for the sheikh’s soul according to the custom of the people of Sham.
  54. Even if he surrendered engineering now, which was tempting, and admitted the whole message from Intel Wing was a sham, he couldn't avoid consequences.
  55. Students of this sham science are very fond of picturing to themselves such a state of affairs; but there has never been such a condition in the world.
  56. Directly his schooner was anchored opposite the New Custom House, with its sham air of a Greek temple, flatroofed, with a colonnade, Captain Fidanza went.
  57. Sham governments without any power were created to keep educated Indians happy and also promote divisions in the society on the basis of religion and caste.
  58. I’ve brokered plenty of armament purchases where the origin of the funds was buried in a sham of fronts, as was as the ultimate recipient of the purchase.
  59. There, lying behind the screen, he would most likely, to keep up the sham, have begun groaning, and so keeping them awake all night (as Grigory and his wife testified).
  60. After corrupting the whole world into the worship of money, the undead are ruining the hoax on purpose; confident that living human dupes will never see through the sham.
  61. In spite of superficial, fantastic and sham notions of honour and dignity, all but very few of us positively grovelled before Zverkov, and the more so the more he swaggered.
  62. The confident posture he had struck for the benefit of his young and inexperienced troops seemed to him like a sham that any moment might be revealed, to the detriment of all.
  63. I have a sudden, horrifying thought: What if she only married him because she was supposed to, as part of her mission in the city? What if their entire relationship was a sham?
  64. I highly commended it, I think it was the smallest house I ever saw; with the queerest gothic windows (by far the greater part of them sham), and a gothic door almost too small to get in at.
  65. The revival that we have heard so much about these couple of days that accompanied Evan Roberts was denounced by a Congregational minister—Peter Price was his name—as a sham and a mockery.
  66. But you know that's simply a farce, that's simply a sham, it's just laughing at you, and you are taken in by it! Why, do you suppose he really loves you, that lover of yours? I don't believe it.
  67. That grave old gentleman had been sitting on a chair in front of the door of his house reading the Holy Qur’an after the noon prayer – which was a custom of the people of Sham [76]in the past.
  68. He has convinced himself that the whole show of getting it away to sea is a mere sham got up to deceive Gamacho and his Nationals, Pedrito Montero, Senor Fuentes, our new Gefe Politico, and himself, too.
  69. That era was witness to great honour due to the humane, illustrious performances and sacrifices of a certain Arab officer who outshone all his peers amongst the ruling Turkish officers in the state of Sham.
  70. What did it mean? Was it merely a sham? Or was it a result of his excesses? Or had Carton's relentless pursuit, the raid of Margot's, and the conviction of Dopey Jack, driven the Smiling Boss really insane?
  71. Dunlap turned out to be a sham who used improper accounting and false financial statements to mislead Sunbeam’s investors—including the revered money managers Michael Price and Michael Steinhardt, who had hired him.
  72. This is the unspoken Protestant Dream: the dream of worldly success, of a career, of social respect and status, gaining recognition and fortune and fame by hard work… And it is all a sham: it is a load of utter garbage.
  73. Only such a woman, who has lost the significance of her life, will sympathize with that false, sham man's labour, by means of which her husband, freeing himself from man's duty, may profit, together with her, by the labour of others.
  74. He established and created an alguacil of the poor, not to harass them, but to examine them and see whether they really were so; for many a sturdy thief or drunkard goes about under cover of a make-believe crippled limb or a sham sore.
  75. On the one hand, she saw poverty which was real and repulsive, and a sham poverty even more repulsive and pitiable; on the other, she saw the terrible indifference of the lady patronesses who came in carriages and gowns worth thousands.
  76. Such a woman will not only discourage her husband from false, sham labour, the only aim of which is to profit by other people's work, but will view with disgust and dread an activity that will serve as a double temptation for her children.
  77. Golyadkin senior, trampled him in the mud, and, at last, proved clearly that Golyadkin senior — that is, the genuine one — was not the genuine one at all but the sham, and that he, Golyadkin junior, was the real one; that, in fact, Mr.
  78. She wanted to break through the sham of it, smash the trivial coating of business which covered him with hardness, get at the man again; but she was afraid, and before she could feel one touch of his warmth he was gone, and she ached again.
  79. The discipline of the college, at the same time, may enable him to force all his pupils to the most regular attendance upon his sham lecture, and to maintain the most decent and respectful behaviour during the whole time of the performance.
  80. He talked with his voice rising slowly, through the greater part of the eighth and ninth days--threats, entreaties, mingled with a torrent of half-sane and always frothy repentance for his vacant sham of God's service, such as made me pity him.
  81. She had apparently been known to put clients on hold in order to take calls from her imaginary husband, and it was only after an acting acquaintance of T Bone Burnett had asked after my wife by the wrong name that the sham marriage was uncovered.
  82. The sham chaplain came into our cells to exhort us, carrying a black bag, supposed to be full of tracts, and so often did he come that by the third day we had each stowed away at the foot of our beds a file, a brace of pistols, a pound of powder, and twenty slugs.
  83. The murder of Pierce, a fact so notorious, could not be proved in a sham trial in England, though the most unexceptionable characters are sent as witnesses from the United States; and not even an explanation is made to satisfy this country for the murder of a citizen.
  84. And while upon this matter of detail, it is remarkable that the long leverages of their machines are in most cases actuated by a sort of sham musculature of the disks in an elastic sheath; these disks become polarised and drawn closely and powerfully together when traversed by a current of electricity.
  85. And as soon as economic science puts this question to herself she will get new ideas which will transform all the previous ideas of sham science,—which has been moving in an unalterable circle of propositions,—that the miserable condition of the workers proceeds from the fact that they are miserable.
  86. But what is the Moscow public? It is but a hundredth part of that public which, while considering itself most highly enlightened, esteems it a merit to have so lost the capacity of being infected by art, that not only can it witness this stupid sham without being revolted, but can even take delight in it.
  87. The spokesman then paraded his whole company before us, knowing the results of the epidemic before us, and even knowing it was a sham I still quickly moved out of reach as one of them tried to touch me, regaining some measure of composure, I looked at Coatl and could see he was totally mesmerised by the performance we were witnessing.
  88. Don't I know perfectly well that my friends would never allow me to fight a duel—would never allow the life of a statesman, needed by Russia, to be exposed to danger? Knowing perfectly well beforehand that the matter would never come to real danger, it would amount to my simply trying to gain a certain sham reputation by such a challenge.
  89. How was it that days filled with love and joy and laughter, days that should be treasured in your memory forever, could, with the right circumstances—or were they the wrong ones?—and the fading of time, appear from the present to be nothing more than a mirage, or worse, a complete sham, only to be remembered not as fondly as they ought to be, but instead with a poisonous resentment lingering underneath.
  90. Worthy Sancho enjoyed himself for three days at the expense of the pair, from whom they learned that the sham wound was not a scheme arranged with the fair Quiteria, but a device of Basilio's, who counted on exactly the result they had seen; he confessed, it is true, that he had confided his idea to some of his friends, so that at the proper time they might aid him in his purpose and insure the success of the.
  91. Such a woman will not choose her daughter's husband according to the whiteness of his hands, and the refinement of his manners, but, knowing thoroughly what is labour and what deceit, will always and everywhere, beginning with her husband, respect and appreciate men, in claiming from them true labour with waste and danger of life, and will scorn that false, sham labour which has for its aim the delivering of one's self from true labour.
  92. If the object of this sham pseudo-science of Political Economy had not been the same as that of all other legal sciences,—the justification of coercion,—it could not have avoided noticing the strange phenomena that the distribution of wealth, the deprivation of some men of land and capital, and the enslavery of some men to others, depend upon money, and that it is only by means of money that some men utilize the labour of others,—in other words, enslave them.
  93. If these proceedings are not all a sham, the territory in question is now in the possession of a people claiming to be sovereign and independent; and is it supposable that this people can behave so dastardly as to submit, without a struggle, to the incursion of a hostile army, whose avowed object is the conquest of the country and the subversion of its constitution and independence? And here permit me to remark, that the style and tenor of the letter from the Secretary of State of the 15th of November, 1810, to Governor Holmes, in answer to the letter of the President of the convention praying the recognition and protection of the United States, are not admirably calculated to give a welcome reception to the American Army.
  1. She was not shamming, she was really sick.
  2. Stay! And were you shamming all along, afterwards, and in the hospital?
  3. And in this perfectly natural occurrence people try to detect a suspicion, a hint that he was shamming an attack on purpose.
  4. One commits the murder and takes all the trouble while his accomplice lies on one side shamming a fit, apparently to arouse suspicion in every one, alarm in his master and alarm in Grigory.
  5. Doctor Herzenstube and Varvinsky, the doctor he met in the hospital, confidently asserted in reply to Ivan's persistent questions, that Smerdyakov's epileptic attack was unmistakably genuine, and were surprised indeed at Ivan asking whether he might not have been shamming on the day of the catastrophe.
  6. Listen, my good fellow; what was that you babbled, as I was leaving the hospital, that if I said nothing about your faculty of shamming fits, you wouldn't tell the investigating lawyer all our conversation at the gate? What do you mean by all? What could you mean by it? Were you threatening me? Have I entered into some sort of compact with you? Do you suppose I am afraid of you?
  7. But perhaps it was not a case of active complicity on Smerdyakov's part, but only of passive acquiescence; perhaps Smerdyakov was intimidated and agreed not to prevent the murder, and foreseeing that he would be blamed for letting his master be murdered, without screaming for help or resisting, he may have obtained permission from Dmitri Karamazov to get out of the way by shamming a fit—‘you may murder him as you like; it's nothing to me.
  8. Can man make this effort?—According to the existing hypocritical theory, man is not free to change his life—He is not free in his acts, but is always free to acknowledge or disregard certain truths already known to him—The recognition of truth is the cause of action—The cause of the apparent insolvability of the question of man's freedom—It lies only in the acknowledgment of the truth revealed unto him—No other freedom exists—The acknowledgment of the truth gives freedom, and points the way in which a man, willingly or unwillingly, must walk—The recognition of truth and of true freedom allows man to become a participant of the work of God, to be not the slave but a creator of life—Men have but to forego the attempt to improve the external conditions of life, and direct all their energies toward the recognition and profession of the truth that is known to them, and the present painful system of life will vanish forthwith, and that portion of the Kingdom of God which is accessible to men would be established—One has only to cease lying and shamming to accomplish this—But what awaits us in the future?—What will happen to mankind when they begin to obey the dictates of their conscience, and how will they exist without the customary conditions of civilization?—Nothing truly good and beneficial can perish because of the realization of the truth, but will only increase in strength when freed from the admixture of falsehood and hypocrisy.
  1. It was just through my simplicity, and I never have shammed a fit on purpose in my life.
  2. He often put his band to his head, pulled down the comers of his mouth, and shammed pains he did not feel.
  3. But I shall be told that he shammed illness on purpose that he might not be suspected and that he told the prisoner of the money and the signals to tempt him to commit the murder, and when he had murdered him and had gone away with the money, making a noise, most likely, and waking people, Smerdyakov got up, am I to believe, and went in—what for? To murder his master a second time and carry off the money that had already been stolen? Gentlemen, are you laughing? I am ashamed to put forward such suggestions, but, incredible as it seems, that's just what the prisoner alleges.
  1. They have lost all shams.
  2. This is why most of their marriages fail, or they are total shams.
  3. The evil lie of motivation and belief has got to be one of the greatest shams in the history.
  4. The man with a large bank account finds it unnecessary to load his pockets down with gold; so with the man who has found the true source of power: He is no longer interested in its shams or pretensions.
  5. It was the one place where Nancy Warren felt that she could be perfectly honest with her own soul, where all shams and insincerities could safely be laid aside without fear of that arch-tyrant of a small town, Mrs.
  6. Jerusalem is the Jewish and Christian city replaced by the Kaaba; the worship of the sun and moon identified by Arab paganists is attend by the Islamic religion, in the form of proper names to people example: Hilal (a crescent), shams (sun) which was the Goddess of several tribes honored.

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