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    1. It was said in some quarters that the drama of the finale had been arranged as the final coup de grace in the search for the ultimate televisual experience

    2. the drama of the finale had been arranged as the final coup de grace

    3. Deliberately, Jimmy had been left till last: the grand finale, it seemed

    4. For the finale, there were two large slices of chocolate cake

    5. For the grand finale he had me put him in handcuffs, then wrap a chain around him and secure it with a big Yale lock

    6. How interesting that you have read about entropy and our universe's supposed finale

    7. Suddenly, the murmuring music room went into a maddening and wild ruckus, like the finale of a Taniavartanam

    8. Possibly even harder, yes, really! The grand finale was awaiting us

    9. For my grand finale I picked Arkhip up over my head and sent him crashing into the wall

    10. I quickly played the melody that sent the fellas into our grand finale

    11. He’d literally brought down the house, and for his grand finale, he’d burn what was left to the ground

    12. And later will be the grand finale

    13. I penned a bit of amusing doggerel to read out just before the finale

    14. The finale too was different from his usual ‗fountain‘

    15. In southern: India, this dish is often served as the finale to a festive meal, but it

    16. season three finale provided a great example of this as we saw Bill’s remorse over Sookie’s pain, but little regret for his actions that caused the pain

    17. Alberto got up and went to his bedroom and sat on the bed and thought about his brother and the terrible finale to his life

    18. Origin: This term comes from the opera in the eighteenth century, when many of the lead singers were large women and they would sing the finale

    19. with its terrible finale, and/or to the added responsibilities of his new posi-

    20. This particular scene had been suggested by Nancy herself as a modification to the original script, with the goal of providing a truly stunning finale to the film

    21. ‘’It will make a spectacular finale for our movie

    22. Her big finale, with her death dive from the top of 1 WTC tower, drew sucked-in breaths and horrified gasps from the whole audience, as the added 3-D effects for that scene only made that jump look even more terrifying

    23. The moment she was out of the theatre and back in the lobby with the rest of the audience, she became surrounded by reporters and critics who wanted to congratulate her and tell her how her finale had blown them away

    24. The show ended with a great finale – some didn’t agree with that assessment – and went out the way it should have

    25. within our relationship and foreshadowed its eventual grand finale

    26. He was stunned by my approach, whatever he had expected from me, wasn’t what he was getting, he stammered his apology and began to chant the first song of the ceremony, the drums reached a crescendo and the crowd began to chant in time to the rhythm, the holiday mood had returned to the village, Yaotl sacrificed a variety of birds, animals and snakes, and as the finale his slaves finally brought out a mountain lion in a cage, everyone craned their necks for a better look at the beast as it spat and snarled and threw it’s body against the cage, I remembered the last time Yaotl had made such an extravagant sacrifice during a drought two summers ago, I didn’t want to seem small and mean, but the cat that Yaotl had sacrificed that day, looked exactly like that cat in the cage, so I watched the sacrifice closely, one of the slaves put a bowl of water in the cage which the cat drank with relish, it had obviously been kept without water for a few days, after the cat drank, it stopped spitting and snarling and the same slave opened the gate put a collar on the cat and led it to the chacmool it jumped up onto the slab and Yaotl began to make signs all over it, to everyone’s astonishment it then lay down on the altar, Yaotl raised his obsidian knife and with one stroke drove it into the breast of the beast, after a moment he held up the heart, blood running down his arms, I could not find fault with the sacrifice, maybe I was wrong, maybe it wasn’t the same cat, the sacrifice had the desired affect on the villagers who were all dancing about and singing, two slaves dragged the carcass into the temple building, the priest ceremoniously washed the blood from his arms and chest donned his official robe and slowly descended the temple steps, at the bottom he flung himself to the ground and said

    27. As a bit of a finale to my lesson, he told me,

    28. As his hands followed the curve of her neat, firm buttocks, he stepped back slightly for the finale between her legs

    29. Vincent was ready for the Grand Finale

    30. Many months of planning and preparation were reaching a grand finale, a climax of pomp and circumstance and splendour and pageantry the like of which had never before been seen in what was about to become the new American State of Ireland

    31. Locke reminded himself this was a show and the finale was approaching

    32. the role you've played has now had its finale,

    33. “and now, for the finale

    34. The concept of which was to pull both Byron and the young actress from the ocean, at controlled speed, to grip the cliff ledge and give the finale it’s stature in one smooth shot

    35. What type of love are you going to bring, to be, to practice in these times when many are hastening, with various degrees of satisfaction, the coming horror that will be humanity's self-conflagration finale of folly? Love knows not what lies ahead, nor does it really give a dying fuck, because this is its universal condition: caring no matter the world

    36. When the finale began, Amin remounted his horse and gave her free rein

    37. “I'm not living for tomorrow;” Steve steadied her dervishly collapsing finale

    38. “And death is the finale of all

    39. Then, as her finale, she recklessly jammed the envelope into the opening

    40. After he sang ‘Lady’s Mantle’ the applause was thunderous, then came the finale

    41. the solar system and what will be the applying conditions during the finale era of our sun having a solar

    42. This was a setback for the old order, but not the finale

    43. She remembered how he used to give her finale after finale, fucking her just how she liked it: hard and fierce

    44. , when the season finale of “Last One Alive,” Sam’s current favorite reality TV show, would air, he’d found himself at a website called www

    45. "Oh, yes, they will; only listen to that charming finale

    46. The finale of this tale was received with a burst of incredulous laughter by those who heard it

    47. Silence all round marked the termination of his finale

    48. During what I took to be the finale, a large security guard appeared and whispered in my ear, “When Mr

    49. In the finale, I stood five feet away from the piano as the Count took a solo

    50. In the middle of the finale, a young woman in a straw cowboy hat danced me around a step or two, and then she whispered in my ear, “I want my daddy to be on Spectacle

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    close closing curtain finale finis coda conclusion finish last stopping point termination completion ending culmination