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    1. "Uu woopah puh," Jorma thought he must have been speaking Yingolian, but looked and saw that he was finishing his teeth

    2. Ackers was just finishing wiping the crumbs off the table and onto a napkin

    3. ‘Any messages for me?’ he asked, changing the subject and finishing off his meal

    4. ’ The reported said, finishing off the report

    5. Of course, it is school finishing time … damn!

    6. "And? Like that tells us what's a firearm?" Estwig yelled, he was finishing the first keda already

    7. ’ She said cheerfully, finishing her coffee

    8. more a giggling compadre from his mother’s finishing school days, where they had

    9. Instead she'd occupied herself with the grunt work, finishing up the full scale fabricator and getting more mining bots deployed

    10. The rest of them were outside, finishing up with the capacitors, the emitters, and the control leads

    1. I finished the tree myself after that

    2. He might have heard some of that but he was out of earshot by the time she finished

    3. He tipped up and finished his fourth cup of that ale and signaled the kegman for his fifth

    4. Sam had just finished his masterclass in Nutritional awareness, and was preparing his papers to leave, when the auburn haired model approached his table

    5. “Actually, I do,” Ackers said as he finished entering a string of codes

    6. “Have you finished the mission yet?” Ackers voice came through in thunderous vibrations through Vinnie’s ear piece

    7. ‘Yes, Stephen, she could pinpoint it pretty well because Henry had put his back out and couldn’t go to fetch the stuff himself once they had finished with it

    8. "Good, good," he finished up

    9. ‘I finished that bottle of gin first

    10. ‘Yes, he’d very kindly taken me home once the police had finished with me

    1. I wait as she finishes her pull, briskly lowering the glass on her coaster

    2. As Dave finishes speaking, one of the moons and many of the stars fade from the sky

    3. Dave finishes cleaning a fish he has just caught, takes a strip of the flesh and re-baits the hook, tosses it over the side

    4. ’ Stephen said gently but firmly as he finishes his coffee

    5. He finishes his coffee and, resting his hand on my shoulder for a moment as he passes behind my chair, goes off to pack an overnight bag

    6. I’d better do something simple – the film finishes at about 7

    7. The doctor finishes with the sachets and takes the tray over to one of the tables in the middle of the room

    8. He finishes each day in the arms of his good-time girl

    9. He drinks just enough and then he tucks her up for the night and finishes the last bottle in his own cell

    10. He finishes his task in silence

    1. The Apple Locarno finish gave everything a reddish, almost transcendent sheen

    2. John is ushered into the room by Assistant Press Secretary, JED BAKER, 40-something, graying temples, neatly trimmed hair and a smart gray suit with mirror finish shoes

    3. John can’t finish the sentence, drops his hand

    4. You about ready to finish that

    5. "I can run and tell Bellme while they finish breakfast," he said about the kedas while he jumped up and started for the gate

    6. ‘Let that be a lesson to you, not to start something you can’t finish

    7. She was a good place to start off if you hadn't lost your virginity yet and an acceptable place to finish off the night if no one else was willing

    8. She watches John as he and Russ finish giving their statement to a POLICE

    9. "I think we can afford to let you finish up that day school

    10. You would still have time to finish that day school

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    polish elegance shine burnish refinement surface close conclusion end termination conclude cease terminate complete consume use up wax stain accomplish achieve do execute perform

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    finish finishing coating conclusion ending destination goal cultivation culture polish refinement close finale finis last stopping point end up fetch up finish up land up wind up complete eat up polish off cease end stop terminate elegance shine burnish surface termination conclude consume use up wax stain accomplish achieve do execute perform