ominous frasi

Scegli una lingua, poi digita una parola sotto per ottenere esempi per quella parola.

Frasi con ominous (in inglese)

An ominous year to start.
It was both ominous and.
His gaze was naked, ominous.
There was an ominous silence.
Nothing could be more ominous.
But the signs were ominous as.
The ensuing silence was ominous.

Rather ominous things, it seems.
The silence about me is ominous.
CRUCIFIXION! What an ominous word.
It was an ominous, solemn feeling.
Dark, ominous clouds hung overhead.
Nothing ominous here, thought Nathan.
And the ominous, ominous dancing ahead.
Mordor; a vast shape winged and ominous.
I glanced up at the ominous cloudy sky.
My heart sank at that ominous stillness.
The silence on the other end was ominous.
The pound action is to me a bit ominous.
But there was something much more ominous.
And who is the ominous They? she asked.
Why does that sound ominous? Zarko wondered.
The Mountain standing ominous and alone had.
Shouts from the inn were sounding more ominous.
It was ominous; my ruin stared me in the face.
Somewhere a gong sounded a deep, ominous note.
There was a more ominous tone coloring the day.
My entire being sensed ominous air of calamity.
This sounded ominous, so Charlotte said nothing.
Suddenly the lights turned an ominous shade of.
The discovery of the lifebuoy is rather ominous.
There was an ominous darkness and quiet in the air.
Something horribly ominous happened to my parents.
This was getting to be more ominous by the minute.
To Samantha, though, the raid was far more ominous.
His face hit the packed dirt floor with an ominous.
At camps across Japan, things looked just as ominous.
He was watching the ominous eyes of the Captain of.
Some ominous looking guys in trench coats were seen.
I quickly double-checked the ominous forms on the roofs.

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