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    1. ineffective, unproductive, or futile

    2. The plea, "I have no time," is an utterly futile one, and indicates simply lack of interest

    3. when words and gestures like his own proved futile, the Barcs finally turned on

    4. “Can I have a cigarette?” I asked, surprised by my sudden boldness, but I was desperate to finish my first meal in days with that final token that would mean release from my futile fasting and a passage to one short moment in heaven

    5. I knew my actions would be futile, would probably make things worse for all of us, but I did not care

    6. If you are walking on ice, it means that you risk a lot by chasing futile pleasures

    7. When the courts and the assemblies failed them, when words and gestures like his own proved futile, the Barcs finally turned on friend and foe alike

    8. Trying to chase it beyond there was futile, it required knowledge of theoretical physics that he just didn’t have

    9. My mother knew it was futile arguing with me

    10. His knowledge of that fact is what made him feel so futile at times

    11. fought with Roman, even though it was futile

    12. He really didn’t find anything worthy of a squawk-up in any of the notes, but then he knew how fundamentally futile this was

    13. ’ He knew it was a futile alternative, and one that

    14. The woman kicked and screamed, but her effort was futile

    15. As I said, it seemed a futile act by a

    16. Tom tried to resist but it was futile

    17. ’ It had been a desperate, futile suggestion on

    18. Even the efforts of the mages were futile

    19. Glenelle was right, resistance was futile now

    20. ? Was that all it ever really was? And the struggle for life and order had always and forever been just a futile endeavor

    21. Jakkar had a choice, continue to dump power into S’ilindsa to prolong her futile attack, or send his power to aid the Chosen

    22. ” I covered my face with my palms, as though hiding my embarrassment, but I knew it was futile

    23. Though they’d failed to bring us meat, their mission wasn’t futile

    24. I push and kicked, though it was futile

    25. Asmodeus laughed as I made a futile attempt to escape, but only he knew the way out

    26. Zarko knew that arguing with Helez would be futile

    27. Earlier, we looked at Sisyphus, doomed to a futile existence of pushing a boulder up a mountain

    28. Amongst the Lascorii, that was a most futile exercise

    29. Isin chuckled, “I hope I get to see the Hus-a-goof's face when he gets to the end of his quest and realizes that he actually had the treasure in his hands but that it is his nemesis who is the embodiment of that treasure---that all his efforts were as futile as

    30. ’ His words seemed futile in this instance

    31. It is unnecessary, I imagine, to observe how contrary such regulations are to the boasted liberty of the subject, of which we affect to be so very jealous ; but which, in this case, is so plainly sacrificed to the futile interests of our merchants and manufacturers

    32. ’ Clearly that security guard thought he would just give up, realising this was a futile situation

    33. And even if they had escaped it seemed a futile act of survival

    34. He had to escape, but only after a last futile act of sending a distress beacon, in the remotest chance that he could be wrong in his assumptions

    35. Raiya got up from her chair, her heart thumping, adrenalin coursing – doubtless in futile preparation

    36. ” she struggled to get free of her two captors but quickly realised it was futile

    37. I strongly suspect you are planning to fight on but I’m sure you can see that this is futile and will only result in a great number of your crew and some of my crews dying pointlessly

    38. But the computer was never going to tell him the situation was futile, that was not within its remit

    39. ‘Any resistance will be futile

    40. He wanted to end this futile conversation

    41. It was futile

    42. Discovering the processes by which the Creator placed the water layer above the atmosphere in the first place or how a water layer ended up between rock-layers beneath the earth may be a futile exercise

    43. How could she stop this? Did she have to fight those three on her own? That would be futile, even with her Battle Angels to protect her

    44. Futile physiological responses, but something else was pulling at him

    45. Apparently he had seen how futile it was, though

    46. “Your attempts are futile, Adem Highlander,” the red-haired Alit’aren said

    47. This continually proved to be a futile effort; the system would always detect some minor flaw in the replicated memory

    48. In such a futile situation, the realisation dawned that his priorities had been askew

    49. It had seemed like a futile hope, and yet behind the melted walls he found himself on a hilltop surrounded by a landscape he didn't recognise

    50. Amaranthe, though she feared the effort futile, held her arms up, palms out

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    bootless fruitless futile sleeveless vain ineffectual meaningless otiose unavailing frivolous petty minor small nugatory trifling unimportant sterile hollow abortive barren delusive