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Frasi con ghost (in inglese)

  1. A ghost of the past.
  2. Or maybe a ghost town.
  3. This was a new ghost.
  4. The ghost is a myth.
  5. The ghost said O.

  6. Yes, it was the ghost.
  7. And to the Holy Ghost.
  8. I have seen a ghost.
  9. It was the Holy Ghost.
  10. I am a ghost of god.
  11. Not a ghost of chance.
  12. The Holy Ghost is wild.
  13. No, the ghost is a man.
  14. His ghost speaks to me.
  15. There was a ghost laid.

  16. But Maisie was a ghost.
  17. Yield to the Holy Ghost.
  18. Zia frowned at the ghost.
  19. A ghost is in the house.
  20. He looked like a ghost!.
  21. Your ghost can't hurt me.
  23. Holy Ghost, give me the.
  24. Her ghost has deep wounds.
  25. She's from the ghost ship.

  26. Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
  27. The Holy Ghost works in us.
  28. The word Ghost means „a.
  29. Hungry Ghost Yi Feng mocked.
  30. The ghost bowed and scraped.
  31. A ghost of light in a glass.
  32. They thought He was a ghost.
  33. But after my awkward ghost.
  34. They 'resist the Holy Ghost.
  35. The ghost warriors wear war.
  36. It was like a ghost building.
  37. The Ghost of Narrulla's Tear.
  38. He urged Ghost forward slowly.
  39. About the ghost, of course!.
  40. The ghost Setne was leaning.
  41. Only the ghost of it remained.
  42. I saw the ghost open his mouth.
  43. They found mostly ghost towns.
  44. Did he give up the ghost?
  45. Not that ghost story again.
  46. He is the ghost and the prince.
  47. This place is a ghost town….
  48. He gave up a ghost of laughter.
  49. Roll Up for the Ghost Train.
  50. Holy Ghost in the New Testament.
  51. He is the ghost in the machine.
  52. So, the ghost boys could see me.
  53. Anything that the ghost asked M.
  54. The Holy Ghost is our counselor.
  55. And may the ghost forgive me!.
  56. I was the ghost tormenting Toria.
  57. His face was as white as a ghost.
  58. This place is like a ghost town.
  59. This Maya Cooper’s a ghost.
  60. The Holy Ghost, the Father & Son.
  61. Partickler when he see the ghost.
  62. He looked like he'd seen a ghost.
  63. There was her son, a living ghost.
  64. I spoke to her ghost this morning.
  65. His words caused the ghost to gasp.
  66. But, Mom, what do these ghost.
  67. What? What sort of a ghost?
  68. Of course you can't touch a ghost.
  69. The sea prince turned to the ghost.
  70. And hears a Voice like Holy Ghost.
  71. Holy Ghost which will win a Muslim.
  72. Those ghost children aren’t real.
  73. But a ghost that was somehow young.
  74. The ghost Setne cleared his throat.
  75. He looked like he had seen a ghost.
  76. Learn to tune in to the Holy Ghost.
  77. There was a ghost ship in the 55th.
  78. Jacob's ghost visits me regularly.
  79. A magical fairy ghost with manners.
  80. He turned back to the ghost in the.
  81. Was Silvia’s ghost watching, and.
  82. The strangest ghost that ever walked.
  83. It is haunted by the ghost of a cat.
  84. Maybe it was seeing Leanna’s ghost.
  85. But with low desires you are a ghost.
  86. It was haunting them like any ghost.
  87. That’s more than a ghost can do.
  88. The Holy Ghost can change any heart.
  89. He explained the Holy Ghost to them.
  90. The ghost bowed, a smile on his face.
  91. You made an excellent Grey Ghost.
  92. He glanced at the ghost talking to Mr.
  93. A ghost in a snowstorm, I said.
  94. Hungry Ghost Yi Feng suddenly laughed.
  95. What is that? Don’t say a ghost.
  96. Her smiled was like a smile of ghost.
  97. The Ghost Raiders had stopped moving.
  98. The dog yelled and gave up the ghost.
  99. Because the Holy Ghost over the bent.
  100. It can only, then, be Hedwig's ghost.
  1. And so I remained an observer, ghosting in a.
  2. Ghosting along the river at that early hour was.
  3. It was called the ghosting effect, and green walls masked the blood.
  4. It also proved the fact that the presence of animals or some small creature was the first indication of a ghosting effect.
  5. The old man said nothing, for there was nothing really to say that wouldn't be obvious as their pale breaths ghosting the wind.
  6. Pocock was ghosting over the water as if effortlessly, his boat ethereal looking in a light mist that had settled on the water.
  7. The old man said nothing, for there was nothing really to say that wouldn’t be obvious as their pale breaths ghosting the wind.
  8. Somewhere on the rooftops above them was Eleanor, ghosting along in her usual gracefulness with a high-powered sniper rifle on her back.
  9. At the moment, Thunderer was ghosting through the water at less than one knot, with barely a sigh of water around her stem, and several of her consorts were slowly but steadily overtaking her.
  1. Ghosted love of living beauty, walking through his sleep.
  2. Larc stayed close behind me as Rolf ghosted up ahead of us.
  3. He ghosted away and across to the front row, as yet unoccupied.
  4. Elly ushered me out into the corridor and as we ghosted past the waiting.
  5. Each time the blades rose from it, the boat ghosted forward without check or hesitation.
  6. I don’t even write most of that shit anymore, it’s all ghosted out for the most part.
  7. His lips quickly found mine while his hands ghosted over my breasts and gave them a gentle squeeze.
  8. They ran shoulder-to-shoulder the first four turns so I was protected from the wind as I ghosted behind them.
  9. I waited for Zora and she soon ghosted up beside me having finished with her allotment of the sentries around the warehouse.
  10. Otherwise, I ghosted all the usual motions, slightly apart from myself, wishing there were some bridge somewhere that would carry me back to the land of the living.
  11. As if slicing white bread rinsed by snow, the ribbon, as the traveler ghosted himself to flesh, sifted him through the hospital wall into a room as white as December.
  12. The price bars have been ghosted to better highlight the action of the moving average as the market comes into a potential support area marked near the bottom of the chart.
  13. Guns thudded in salute, wreathing Claw Island’s barren, sun-scorched hillsides in gunsmoke as the four galleons ghosted out of North Channel and into the waters of Hardship Bay.
  14. Rex Washer had his hands up, looking thoroughly ghosted, pleading with John Deer to keep behind the line, who was insisting he just needed to step forward because he had dropped his baseball cap.
  15. The King climber back into his chair that had been ghosted to the edge of the awning and was hoisted above the crowds and the procession started toward a cluster of obviously royal tents just beyond the rise.
  1. That was ghosts for you.
  2. The old ghosts had fled.
  3. But oh how I hated ghosts.
  4. I guess they were ghosts.
  5. The ghosts seemed to be.
  6. Ghosts were real and he.
  7. The ghosts were moving in.
  8. But the ghosts were patient.
  9. Plenty of ghosts down here.
  10. Ghosts have also appeared in.
  11. Soul of the Hungry Ghosts Gang.
  12. Anubis and the ghosts seemed.
  13. Chapter 23: Ghosts of the Past.
  14. I had ghosts of others to find.
  15. She didn’t believe in ghosts.
  16. I don’t know who the ghosts.
  17. No ghosts, no book, no Scratch.
  18. That would keep the ghosts away.
  19. Of course I believe in ghosts.
  20. Without the ghosts, Adam and I.
  21. The ghosts, though, stayed below.
  22. I see the ghosts in Dani’s eyes.
  23. The ghosts were not clan members.
  24. They were not ghosts or phantoms.
  25. So, no to curses and ghosts, but.
  26. They had never believed in ghosts.
  27. Demons and ghosts are real?
  28. One by one, ghosts came to hear us.
  29. Ghosts are the spirits of the dead.
  30. Ghosts? What sort of ghosts?
  31. Believing in ghosts was bad enough.
  32. I never wanted ghosts as friends.
  33. These ghosts could use a night of.
  34. They think we are ghosts and demons.
  35. These ghosts looked more solid and.
  36. Only the electric ghosts do not age.
  37. The existence of ghosts and the.
  38. You really believe in ghosts?
  39. I expected to encounter more ghosts.
  40. And these are the ghosts that haunt.
  41. They're after me, the Mayfair ghosts.
  42. He looked up ghosts and the ghost ship.
  43. And the ghosts without scrol s?
  44. But I’ve heard of channelling ghosts.
  45. He smiled They are sounds not ghosts.
  47. Who else knows about the ghosts?
  48. The blood of ghosts defeat their cause.
  49. That's where ghosts usually hang out!.
  50. This wasn't a time to find ghosts and.
  51. I’m not afraid of ghosts, Captain.
  52. She said she doesn't believe in ghosts.
  53. It’s something that infuriates ghosts.
  54. There is the Face, whose ghosts we are;.
  55. The room was slowly filling with ghosts.
  56. And I had to see if the ghosts would come.
  57. And naught but ghosts surrounded her now.
  58. And, ghosts are a big part of this island.
  59. The ghosts were gone, the house was empty.
  60. All those years, I had kept the ghosts away.
  61. They pirouetted with lady ghosts in plain.
  62. There’s murder and ghosts and stuff in it.
  63. You gave me a reason to chance the ghosts.
  64. There must be ghosts in this forest!.
  65. Rustlings, as if the house was full of ghosts.
  66. That’s not my usual experience with ghosts.
  67. They are ghosts of a sentimentalized reality.
  68. Ghosts also have been reported to be in the.
  70. Ghost writing to dispel the ghosts of the past.
  71. The ghosts of old ice creams rose in my blood.
  72. Holzer‘s Ghosts of the Golden West and Suzy.
  73. I thought of how dogs never could abide ghosts.
  74. She didn't believe in ghosts, and proving him.
  75. Ghosts could drive you mad with their hauntings.
  76. Other ghosts flew past her, wailing helplessly.
  77. Hey, guys! Dumbass here is scared of ghosts.
  78. I could not tell if those ghosts were ones of.
  79. Clearly, the ghosts wanted us to have that book.
  80. And ghosts still have some light in them?
  81. I don’t believe in ghosts, she said aloud.
  82. Now that it's empty the ghosts are easier to see.
  83. Why would you want ghosts not to be here?
  84. Ghosts are called holy because they hide in holes.
  85. There are no more of those ghosts to transplant.
  86. We are being haunted by ghosts of our past, son.
  87. Anubis twirled me through a pair of colonial ghosts.
  88. Indeed, the ghosts were the only ones suited to it.
  89. Not after the ghosts tried killing you, but before.
  90. Suddenly, all the ghosts wailed at the same moment.
  91. No, I have heard ghosts are afraid of light!.
  92. He’s taken the house as well as the ghosts in it.
  93. His insanity and talk of ghosts and demons in their.
  94. The ghosts didn't need any more advance notice than.
  95. So are there really ghosts at Gilman Library?
  96. And groans of buried ghosts the heavens did pierce:.
  97. In encounters with ghosts, it has been reported that.
  98. Four squadrons, counting the Ghosts, who are only six.
  99. Get away! she screamed as the ghosts pursued her.
  100. I could believe in ghosts, I’d seen and sensed them.

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