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    1. A good suggestion would be to flush the earth of snails in your area

    2. He always hated being told but, invariably, by the time we had argued it through a couple of times, he came round to my suggestion, pouncing on it as though it was a new idea he had just had

    3. suggestion, the old man beckoned the Moor out from the shadows

    4. He’s still rubbing his hair with the towel though it is plain that his thoughts are working on my suggestion

    5. ‘… which has re-activated local discussion concerning Mrs Elizabeth Wynell, the woman who was helping police with their enquiries recently, but the police have refuted any suggestion that Mrs Wynell is connected with this

    6. Using Fred’s suggestion, we are packing the barrel with damp sand to hold the tree upright and in the hope that the dampness will stop it dropping quite as fast as they generally do; this, naturally, means we need a sheet of plastic to protect the floor … oh it just gets more complicated by the second! But between us we get it all sorted out

    7. Also, we had a suggestion box set up in the foyer where

    8. This suggestion box was opened in our

    9. " I stop to give her a chance to say what's on her mind and when she doesn't, I make a suggestion to her, "I'll be at the Acropolis when you decide to finish that thought

    10. ‘This is a most interesting suggestion

    11. a suggestion of all that she is and nothing more

    12. ’ He replied literally … his mind considering the suggestion

    13. Joris throws more and more absurd imprecations at his friend’s back, making me giggle even more - the only suggestion that Berndt can hear any of this being the occasional shaking of his shoulders as he fails to suppress his laughter at the ridiculous things being said

    14. ’ I said, pointing out the flaw in his suggestion

    15. At a suggestion from Jake, several of the well stocked towns began to share with their less fortunate compatriots

    16. Then Manolis spoke, 'If I may make a suggestion, at the present time the village population is swelled by many proud Sophians who have travelled far to be on the soil of their ancestors for the festival and this soil is very precious to them

    17. How much do I owe you?’ Anna asked reaching for her purse, but Alastair waves away the suggestion that she should pay for her food

    18. He informed Rayne and First Kai of this turn of events and at Kai’s suggestion he called his warriors together and informed them of what lay ahead

    19. ‘You don’t have to go along with the idea, Sarah, this is not a casting couch type of suggestion

    20. My suggestion is to

    21. So my suggestion is to find honest Internet Marketers that have developed

    22. My suggestion is that you consider purchasing Article Creation and Article

    23. She frowned at the suggestion then

    24. There was a suggestion of a similar

    25. His suggestion carries the full weight of genuine parental concern, which hits Bex like a feather duster

    26. Ahead, the sky was grey and overcast, with the suggestion of

    27. suggestion of an elfin appearance in the shape of his eyes and ears, as

    28. Tom thought he detected a suggestion of a strong, untamed nature

    29. and a slightest suggestion of pointed ears which made the siblings

    30. stood out in his mind was the suggestion that, at one time, magic had

    31. People hang around, ignoring every suggestion that they go home

    32. be an unspoken suggestion that there was some other way of dealing

    33. “That is a reasonable suggestion,” answered the guest; he stood up and stretched again before asking, “How may I help with supper?”

    34. “Again, a reasonable suggestion

    35. There had been a suggestion that people from Lyndesfarne

    36. “At the time, there was some suggestion that the Forfarshire had

    37. The filthy look he cast in her direction told her clearly just how much credence he put on that suggestion, but he didn’t say anything and, a few minutes later, she followed him out of the kitchen up the hallway to their bedroom, turning out the lights as she went

    38. Before Andy could refute this suggestion, the shit really hit the fan

    39. ’ Andy replied, considering the unspoken suggestion

    40. But, when we investigated more closely, there was a suggestion – no

    41. Half-expecting to find he had done a bunk, she had been sent along to his room to see if he was all right – Ozzie’s suggestion

    42. silence, the Knight made a suggestion that took them all by

    43. On this occasion, however, he yielded to one particular suggestion which she offered, that was to consider allowing Kaitlyn, Chloe, and Henry to travel along for part of the journey, and return when he had completed his own duties of business

    44. Jorma did caress her where she liked it at the suggestion, but she indicated they had better make the introductions instead of making good on that accusation

    45. Seeing my suggestion was getting

    46. They gasped at the suggestion, but were equally intent upon mastering the new activity

    47. Harry knew, in some depth, what Chloe's response would be to that suggestion, and without hesitation he offered to arrange their stay at the Livingson Bungalow Lodges

    48. Harold was ecstatic with the anticipation of presenting the suggestion to Chloe

    49. ‘If you’d known him you’d realise why the suggestion

    50. Seeing no clear alternative to this practical suggestion, Harry took the letter and plans home with him

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    hypnotism mesmerism suggestion proffer proposition prompting hint tint trace allusion innuendo intimation suspicion idea insinuation thought advice recommendation counsel bid shade touch pinch bit