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Frasi con gyrate (in inglese)

  1. She began to sway her hips and then gyrate her groin.
  2. Alaric began to gyrate his hips against her, slowly driving himself inside her again and again.
  3. This is because, in commodities, markets can gyrate back and forth for a number of reasons over the short term.
  4. In a moment, Alicia was topless and continued to gyrate the best she could on a bad ankle to impress the crowd.
  5. The dancers came out as one, the crowd provided background harmony and the bohemians left their drinks to gyrate around uncontrollably on the floor.

  6. It seemed everybody in her family danced, and after a few weeks, Veronique learned how to gyrate her body sensually to a variety of music she found astonishing.
  7. Yow! His feet slipped on the smooth bark as the limb shifted suddenly ---dramatically---and he lurched and was very nearly pitched from the tree! He struggled for balance on a limb that continued to gyrate with increasing intensity, holding the wing-set in a white-knuckled grip while his mind raced.
  1. Molly was still gyrating to her light show.
  2. He kept the ship in a tight, flat spin, gyrating rapidly.
  3. In a gyrating dance move, the naked man approached Gary and.
  4. Lurching through the gyrating mob that stood between him and a.
  5. Shoop stood, his sixth sense gyrating like a male stripper on speed but the.
  6. They were gyrating around a portable cassette player with oversized speakers.
  7. Every pair of male eyes in the room feasted upon her flexing, gyrating figure.
  8. Roleston grabbed his wife who had begun frantically gyrating to the deafening beat.
  9. Soon her hips were gyrating and her belly undulated through an opening in the clothes.
  10. Instead, it went straight for his leg, latched onto it, and began gyrating and breathing hard.
  11. The screen shows a scantily clad Indian girl in traditional, but rather skimpy, garb gyrating and singing.
  12. From his position on the ridge, William looked down at the gyrating mass of humanity and considered his next move.
  13. It is now warm, sunny, and colorful, with hippies dancing, hips gyrating, feet stomping, and some kissing and hugging.
  14. Herold began to experience automatic unconsciously motivated Motor actions in her limbs, gyrating in circular motions:.
  15. But with the plane gyrating down nose first and the escape passage narrow, perhaps the navigator couldn’t pull himself out.
  16. All the while he was spinning, and flipping, and gyrating, and I was sure his fucking hands, his wrists, couldn’t take much more of this.
  17. He took them as they came, with his rags flapping about his wildly gyrating limbs, and the gusty echoes of his tittering sweeping the room above the screams.
  18. Lurching through the gyrating mob that stood between him and a clear view, he forced reluctant legs into quicker response toward that most sought-after sight and sound.
  19. Long-dated forward prices of oil, in particular, were quite stable around $20 per barrel for a long time but became unhinged after 2003, gyrating almost as much as spot prices.
  20. On the dance floor, a trio of older women were shaking their collective groove thing, gyrating with their hands in the air as Sir Mix-a-lot’s Baby Got Back rocked out over the PA.
  21. I was moaning louder then, my hips gyrating against her hand, gentle, slow, then hard, then slow, then hard then hard, then she blew cold air against my wet nipple, and tingles exploded like lightning across the black of sensation.
  22. The whimpering of our deck-boy, a skinny, impressionable little scarecrow out of a training-ship, for whom, because of the tender immaturity of his nerves, this display of German Ocean frightfulness was too much (before the year was out he developed into a sufficiently cheeky young ruffian), his desolate whimpering, I say, heard between the gusts of that black, savage night, was much more present to my mind and indeed to my senses than the green overcoat and the white cap of the German passenger circling the deck indefatigably, attended by his two gyrating children.
  23. She began gyrating and thrusting her hips at the band,.
  1. He gyrated his waist with his hands on his head.
  2. He gyrated his body, agitating water over his feathers.
  3. Marie donned a furry coat and gyrated towards the front door.
  4. Ash tried to slow the kissing, but I pressed harder and gyrated against his hips in a sensual dance.
  5. She gyrated on top of him as he played with her nipple in his mouth, curling his tongue around the ring.
  6. The swift stream raced and gyrated under them, tossing, distorting, and splitting the moon's reflected face.
  7. Xavier was feeling every inch of Aquana’s soft spot as she gyrated her hips and moved up and down in a steady motion.
  8. The Voice gyrated in the viscosity of their perceptual gravity slowly taking shape amongst the tensions of their interpretations.
  9. She gyrated her ass showing the crowd what was going on with the man while trying to keep the woman in front of her happy as well.
  10. Empathy, why are you here tonight, other than the fact we Virtknapped you? laugh apps howled, wiggly fingers gyrated, and tweets twatted.
  11. I would spend the rest of the session watching in fascination as they pointed, gyrated, and yelled at their computer screens as the markets drifted against them.
  12. There was only one spotlight on centre stage, picking out the conical shape of the red cloak which started flaring side to side as the figure underneath gyrated to the music.
  13. A young couple gyrated wildly in backless leopard-skin pouches, bronzed bodies bearing testimony to either an inordinate amount of time in the gym or a handy supply of steroids.
  14. In the midst of all this, among gasps and more screams, the mug fell to the floor with a resounding thud, and Angie sat there cross-legged on the floor, with a look of triumph on her face as the cup gyrated and rolled to a stop at her knee.
  1. Such and such wizard gyrates his hands in such and such a way, and bam, the ex-wife is a newt or something.
  2. A trend has been in place when, all of a sudden, the market gyrates throughout a day without exceeding the body range of the previous day.
  3. The audience is primed with alcohol and fantasies, the stripper has a better than usual body that’s been primped and prepared, and there's no time to see faults as he or she gyrates in a sexually provocative dance.
  4. What do you think of this explanation? In virtue of a natural law, he will not escape, even if he could do so! Have you ever seen a butterfly close to the candle? My man will hover incessantly round me in the same way as the butterfly gyrates round the candle-light.

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