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Frasi con spin (in inglese)

  1. As they began to spin.
  2. It’s all in the spin.
  3. The room began to spin.
  4. The spin on the serve.
  5. Take it out for a spin.

  6. Eve's brain began to spin.
  7. The capsule began to spin.
  8. With a spin of the tires.
  9. This makes the spindle spin.
  10. I don’t have to spin it.
  11. You spin as hard as you can.
  12. This put a new spin on things.
  13. She continues to spin and spin.
  14. The thought made her head spin.
  15. There was hope for a spin off.

  16. Now do a spin and keep going.
  17. To spin elaborate webs of hope.
  18. They both spin around, startled.
  19. His mind was in a complete spin.
  20. Hop, skip, spin, done, I thought.
  21. It sort of gave him a head spin.
  22. It makes IT spin in many circles.
  23. The world began to spin and she.
  24. Worry is the result of spin cycle.
  25. The Fixer watched the carousel spin.

  26. Smith’s head was starting to spin.
  27. The spin was stabilizing, but the.
  28. Each spin took him closer to Pierre.
  29. Quiet, boy, let me spin this yarn.
  30. Any spin of any story has opposites.
  31. Gun-Molly did a break-dance head spin.
  32. It was supposed to be a clever spin.
  33. On and on and on his mind would spin.
  34. Pa offered to spin the engine for me.
  35. Foboko could put a spin on this and.
  36. The blades begin to spin furiously;.
  37. They don't toil neither do they spin.
  38. Always one to put a positive spin on.
  39. Garcia finished him off with a spin kick.
  40. I was at the end of the tornado’s spin.
  41. Her silence was driving my mind to spin.
  42. Neil, don’t be silly, spin the wheel.
  43. Emily stood up and the world began to spin.
  44. The crash nearly sends the SUV into a spin.
  45. So, the three of us spin? Drew asked.
  46. Wherever I spin it, that’s where I land.
  47. We can’t spin while we dock with things.
  48. Get off of our trap and spin that wedding.
  49. Bombing, wars, conflicts have spin fruits.
  50. The roadster should be taken out for a spin.
  51. Use the spin card, she said devoutly.
  52. With one quick spin, Hamilton might see him.
  53. Step 4: Spin the Article with Content Boss.
  54. They spin copy as a spider does a web!.
  55. That is the key to ending the spin and the.
  56. Her shrill, rapid voice makes your head spin.
  57. Now, Bunger boy, spin your part of the yarn.
  58. The men in Life-craft Two spin further on.
  59. He seemed to recite from a spin doctor’s.
  60. The defense has to spin this, Yuki said.
  61. If Government policy is to be led by a spin.
  62. Spin is a product of inspiration under crises.
  63. We needed some positive spin and distraction.
  64. Nico’s head began to spin like no tomorrow.
  65. For which she would spin into lovely corsets.
  66. You will earn that spare life and a free spin.
  67. Begad, sir! I could spin you a yarn for hours.
  68. My head was starting to spin from my thoughts.
  69. The false memory is regarded as a spin doctor.
  70. And what about Niles Robinson? Spin that one.
  71. The mystery of infinite walls made my head spin.
  72. Soon after jumping, Felix went into a spin.
  73. Avoid spin which is an affective blindness.
  74. Um yea in a game of spin the bottle Chris Abeley.
  75. They all dance, twirl and spin for a short while.
  76. Miss a chance for a spare life and spin? No way.
  77. It continues to spin while dodging the cannon fire.
  78. Her thoughts continued to spin, words tumbling out.
  79. She sat up, causing the white room to spin and blur.
  80. Starret seized his opportunity and executed a spin.
  81. However, a few of them may have my own spin on them.
  82. There could be a lot of other spin offs in this job.
  83. Such comments involve a hefty dose of spin, of course.
  84. She shook her head, but the world began to spin again.
  85. She taught me how to spin her and that was the best.
  86. It causes one‘s head to spin just thinking about!.
  87. And what story did he spin for you, pray tell?
  88. Dragonized women deceive, weep and spin, not ashamed.
  89. They spin around creating a very small hole in space.
  90. His head began to spin and his world darkened quickly.
  91. Use the free spin card, she called desperately.
  92. A whip of the willow sprang to spin around the branch.
  93. They always circle each other giving spin to a galaxy.
  94. It is true, true that I spin, that I turn somersaults.
  95. I had allowed a part of my life to spin out of balance.
  96. The worlds that spin above us in the purple firmament.
  97. I’m careful not to spin, but my stomach still flips.
  98. The chopper shook violently as the rotors began to spin.
  99. At this point the ship began to spin; Langley had fed.
  100. This chatty dentist was starting to make his head spin.
  1. My head was spinning too.
  2. Now she is spinning across.
  3. The prop is still spinning.
  4. So when a spinning object.
  5. Hap’s mind was now spinning.
  6. The great wheel kept spinning.
  7. Deanna felt the room spinning.
  8. Jeff’s head was spinning now.
  9. She sits down to her spinning.
  10. By The Falchion Spinning Ever.
  11. Just the spinning of electrons.
  12. The room was spinning a little.
  13. Jean's head was spinning with.
  14. As we ate, my head was spinning.
  15. A spinning blade, even without.
  16. It went spinning out of control.
  17. Everything is spinning around him.
  18. The ceiling fans stopped spinning.
  19. But in fact his mind was spinning.
  20. With her head still spinning she.
  21. Morg stopped spinning in his chair.
  22. What is in the Universe is spinning.
  23. My mind was spinning fast, though.
  24. Wickland’s world was spinning now.
  25. So you were spinning, he said.
  26. The room was spinning a little now.
  27. It is much like the spinning plates.
  28. Where energy is spinning in a motion.
  29. Mini’s mind started spinning again.
  30. The room was still slightly spinning.
  31. I’m spinning and spinning downward.
  32. The Feds aren’t spinning their ship.
  33. Another spinning tool is Content Boss.
  34. A couple of sprinklers were spinning.
  35. Actually, the whole room was spinning.
  36. She felt the world spinning before her.
  37. The world was still spinning and the.
  38. A thousand spinning eyes bored into me.
  39. My ears rang, and my head was spinning.
  40. Tommy sat motionless, his head spinning.
  41. I gasped, my head spinning for a moment.
  42. Spinning this narrative is an ongoing.
  43. Once she was spinning over the Atlantic.
  44. The world stopped spinning for a moment.
  45. The mixer rumbled, its cylinder spinning.
  46. My head was spinning on the way into work.
  47. This was a spinning ball he didn't expect.
  48. Her body looks like a glowing spinning T.
  49. His head was spinning, his face covered.
  50. It’s like spinning quarters on a table.
  51. I glimpsed the man at the helm, spinning.
  52. The room seemed to be spinning around her.
  53. She needed her head to stop spinning first.
  54. While the symbolism of the spinning cross.
  55. Cups and plates went spinning through the.
  56. The room is spinning, catching my condition.
  57. Creation is spinning around its axis (God).
  58. I can’t have you boys spinning out on me.
  59. I can guess what a yarn he's been spinning.
  60. Wish I could stop this cabin from spinning.
  61. Spinning quickly, Amy bolts towards her car.
  62. This delicate operation is called spinning.
  63. He closed his eyes to stop the spinning room.
  64. Spinning magnets, like Katsu’s random gears.
  65. No one thinks of planets spinning or planets.
  66. Traction isn’t gained by spinning the tires.
  67. Gravity is the inclining of material spinning.
  68. I was pleased that my head had stopped spinning.
  69. The UFO stops spinning and accelerates quickly.
  70. Her eyes were practically spinning in her head.
  71. The planet is also spinning around its own star.
  72. We were going so fast that my head was spinning.
  73. I could not bear it, and my head began spinning.
  74. The escort's next remark sent his head spinning.
  75. He was spinning his wheels, every nerve in his.
  76. On the porch coloring canvas with spinning suns.
  77. The spinning cross was getting faster and faster.
  78. My head was stil spinning from my talk with Anubis.
  79. This entire trip, my head was spinning like a top.
  80. Her head started spinning and she closed her eyes.
  81. Carrie’s head was spinning by the time they got.
  82. The hours are spinning by; we are now in our fourth.
  83. Spinning Bob had a large wooden bar built on stilts.
  84. So when’s the funeral? My mind was spinning.
  85. Frank's mind was spinning trying to sort it all out.
  86. It screeched to a stop, spinning twice on its side.
  87. Modern my ass while spinning on his chrome crapper.
  88. It is all too fantastical and her head is spinning.
  89. A spinning hook will be trailing off the end of it.
  90. The spinning tops bounced and shot all over the room.
  91. She could barely stand without leaning and spinning.
  92. The tower was in the middle of a spinning whirlwind.
  93. He saw a spinning flash of cars sixteen floors below.
  94. His head was spinning with thoughts about the markets.
  95. This is where we really start spinning our wheels.
  96. We can hear the wheels spinning, the tires digging in.
  97. It took another minute for her head to stop spinning.
  98. The enemy spacecraft was spinning down out of control.
  99. His mind was spinning and it was hard to concentrate.
  100. My head was spinning with what the doctor had told me.
  1. My head spun a few.
  2. She spun round to me.
  3. She spun to face him.
  4. She spun round to Sam.
  5. I spun to look at him.
  6. I removed it and spun.
  7. She spun about and ran.
  8. He spun and stalked out.
  9. He spun me stories, sir.
  10. Ben spun around to watch.
  11. I spun to see Dave Clark.
  12. Manda spun away from her.
  13. He spun around and lit.
  14. He spun around and was.
  15. She spun round to her son.
  16. Summers spun to face him.
  17. The machine spun its arms.
  18. He spun around and got up.
  19. She spun the little lady.
  20. The body spun; there was.
  21. Then he spun to face the.
  22. The four of us spun around.
  23. He spun around to face her.
  24. Claire spun around the room.
  25. Hearing the cry, Tom spun.
  26. Stralin spun to meet Lezura.
  27. Again the cards spun rapidly.
  28. Chimera spun out of his seat.
  29. He spun, he had to walk away.
  30. Then spun around, eyes wide.
  31. She spun around to face him.
  32. The Skeleton spun about, tall.
  33. He suddenly spun toward the.
  34. I spun around, muscles tense.
  35. The room spun out of control.
  36. He spun his chair to face her.
  37. All heads spun around in shock.
  38. His head spun round and round.
  39. Suddenly the chief spun around.
  40. She spun and collided with Jo.
  41. Heart in throat, Melodía spun.
  42. The bristles still spun about.
  43. What? She spun toward him.
  44. Carl spun around and looked out.
  45. He spun towards her, his face.
  46. Harkwell spun round to face him.
  47. She spun away and came back in.
  48. Higgins stopped and spun around.
  49. She spun around to confront him.
  50. He spun about wildly and yelled.
  51. He spun about and ran downstairs.
  52. He shrugged and spun her around.
  53. Ralph spun around to his console.
  54. Batistuta spun on the sport and.
  55. Sarah spun her chair to face him.
  56. Sicarius spun on her, eyes raging.
  57. She spun toward him, What?
  58. The needle spun faster than ever.
  59. The officer spun round and gasped.
  60. I spun to face her, anger surging.
  61. The stars spun around a central.
  62. He stood and spun on his heel to.
  63. My reentry had spun out strangely.
  64. Jess spun around in a full circle.
  65. His head spun and his heart raced.
  66. Her hands on the broom, Emelie spun.
  67. He watched as she spun around and.
  68. Khan spun on the spot and glanced.
  69. He spun round to see Mother Cecilia.
  70. She spun around but then lost her.
  71. The beast whinnied and spun around.
  72. He spun the wheel hard to the left.
  73. I spun around and turned to face him.
  74. Luna’s fury spun in her wild eyes.
  75. Her head spun around in my direction.
  76. The stallion spun around and reared.
  77. Megan spun as he called the question.
  78. He spun, shielding Ash with his body.
  79. In the cloud-gaps, stars slowly spun.
  80. Kinsela spun around to face the judge.
  81. Forgive me! He spun on his heel.
  82. The man spun around and galloped away.
  83. He grabbed Pierce and spun him around.
  84. He sat up so fast that his head spun.
  85. I heard a loud thunk and spun around.
  86. Her hair looked like white spun gold.
  87. Ashley’s thoughts spun in confusion.
  88. He spun around and looked in the sky.
  89. Tom slowly opened his eyes and spun.
  90. Ali spun on one leg as if in a dance.
  91. Her mind spun furiously as she tried.
  92. What was that? Davis spun around.
  93. She spun around and looked to the desk.
  94. I grabbed her arm and spun her around.
  95. I spun around to find Ha-V near the car.
  96. He spun the guns by the trigger guards.
  97. I spun about, brandishing the kickstand.
  98. Emily spun around to him, Yes, I can.
  99. Tony watched the altimeter as it spun.
  100. Floyd spun and swung with one movement.
  1. A coin spins on its edge.
  2. And spins to the ground.
  3. It f spins in third gear.
  4. She spins as she swings it.
  5. The nearest one spins round.
  6. It spins and hits the wall.
  7. Life is a wheel that spins.
  8. They then do flips and spins.
  9. Ralph spins round to face him.
  10. The top spins under its own.
  11. The world spins in (continuum).
  12. The kite spins, dips, steadies.
  13. As the wheel spins it comes in.
  14. Callyn and the arrow spins about.
  15. He spins his stick in ninja style.
  16. If he spins slower he will start.
  17. Slowly, the spins and nausea receded.
  18. It spins around and sniffs at the door.
  19. Because the world spins a little faster.
  20. Emerson grabs his arm and he spins around.
  21. Dan actually spins it a little differently.
  22. Jim falls back and spins away from the girl.
  23. Love makes the world revolve and as it spins.
  24. Now imagine that deflected cutter as it spins.
  25. Heat swims into my cheeks and my vision spins.
  26. I freeze and the room spins as her words hit me.
  27. An adult spins an emotion and is never satisfied.
  28. Dropping Mimir on the ground, Loki spins around.
  29. The van spins sideways once more, then also flips.
  30. The sand storm spins with such velocity the mech.
  31. She spins to face him with teeth and fists clenched.
  32. She stops in her tracks, and spins around on Mandy.
  33. And in one year the Earth spins on its own axis 365.
  34. My head spins a bit and my body melts into his arms.
  35. The wind takes them and spins them off into the deep.
  36. He grabs her in his arms and gently spins her around.
  37. Turning, turning ever more, the world spins madly on.
  38. This is still an area of the reef that spins my head.
  39. A child spins a top and is well satisfied for a moment.
  40. Philip spins round in his seat, "So what's her name?".
  41. The rest of his words are lost to me as the world spins.
  42. Spreading his arms wide, Hartstongue spins a slow circle.
  43. Realizing she’s staring, she spins back to her computer.
  44. After a few spins, the little guy came over and whispered.
  45. The primary concern is the way Monsanto spins its products.
  46. A good politician stays on a good line out of spins and lies.
  47. At the equator the Earth spins at about 1,038 miles per hour.
  48. The human—their prey—kicks and spins, barely holding them off.
  49. He spins slowly half way around observing the height of the city.
  50. And that the moon spins round the earth and on with the earth, is.
  51. Jaden jumps up, slowly spins and lands on the ground with his feet.
  52. The worrying mind spins on in an endless loop of low – grade drama.
  53. Our entire galaxy, including our solar system spins around this center.
  54. Inside the car, whose radio has once again died, the siren spins mutely.
  55. It spins in flight so these screw threads drive it into the ship’s side.
  56. The mechanic instinctively stomps on the gas and spins around, flooring it.
  57. We’ve got the head spins brau, Angelo spat with condescending eyes.
  58. The scribe’s mind spins with questions, but Isabella pays him no attention.
  59. The force and powerful wind pulls the SR-71 and it spins forward out-of-control.
  60. Appearing to drift aimlessly it spins end over end in an almost graceful movement.
  61. He'll remember dancing with the queen while Rapunzel spins around with her father.
  62. But at the same time I was worried about not having his head spins for the battle.
  63. I continued spouting at the nurse, Can you rock out head spins like that?
  64. I pushed fiercely onto my head and began tapping myself around into tap head spins.
  65. Often, he spins entertaining yarns, adding dialects and jokes to his presentations.
  66. The world spins momentarily as her treacherous memory reminds her of why she is here.
  67. It spins around clockwise very fast, drawing some kind of energy from the large room.
  68. Her right arm spins around to the other side of her body collecting the yellow lasers.
  69. She spins him by the shoulders until he’s facing the doorway he’s just come through.
  70. Love shouldn’t end, she whispers as he gently spins her around to face him again.
  71. Everybody is saying things and asking questions at the same time, Juliano’s head spins.
  72. It, too, is filled with stars and spins before you, no less amazing than your own galaxy.
  73. Apollo's head spins with the thoughts, crisscrossing his mind, contradicting one another.
  74. But the cop car doesn’t follow; it spins around and flies back toward the parking garage.
  75. Needle Wheel Skimmers: These use a spoked wheel that spins and chops up the incoming water.
  76. He cannot tell how she has contacted him but the anguish in the tone spins him into action.
  77. The world spins down, I've seen a change in the pattern of Kenduul years since I was young.
  78. When periphery spins around the center at certain speed then periphery is bound to disappear.
  79. Water ends up between the ball and the clubface because of the fewer spins than a normal spin.
  80. Between the curtains Professor Maginni inserts a leg on the toepoint of which spins a silk hat.
  81. He jumps and spins around to see the queen watching him, her head tipped to one side in interest.
  82. And, as the carousel spins faster and faster, everyone is swung out to an almost horizontal level.
  83. Without its journeying circle, the emerald spins for a moment out of time in the air and then falls.
  84. When I punch the fifth, I gasp again as Lor reaches out, grabs Jo from behind and spins her around.
  85. As the sphere spins it refers to one 7 that applies to any point on the sphere as the sphere moves.
  86. A simple spoked wheel in the centre of the airlock looks to be the way in and Grailem spins it open.
  87. A rebound headache is when a migraine (or other severe headache) spins off into another headache as.
  88. As the Earth spins around itself - taking 24 hours to complete one rotation - it gives us night and day.
  89. Are you confident that the One in heaven will not cause the earth to collapse beneath you as it spins?
  90. Marco’s right arm spins clockwise in 360° rotations and some rocks continue to move like cannonballs.
  91. The shrubby ball named Raali spins in their direction with a slight bouncing motion and itś gaining speed.
  92. Fire explodes around him and in different directions as he spins sixty feet into the 1% oxygen atmosphere.
  93. They are the real deal; they can do head spins, flips, and spinny twisty thingys, she had called it.
  94. In the Universe all thing are equal in size because Neptune spins around the sun equal to mercury’s time.
  95. He dances with Mimir, spins him, dips him, catches the staff on his foot, and tips it back up into his hands.
  96. Then she spins and walks down the hall, the clicking of her heels sounding even chillier than when she arrived.
  97. That’s why I have his shoes with me- Bob’s shoes will be revolving around in head spins tomorrow night!.
  98. He draws his arms to his side, and then takes one step back, spins half way backwards, and then one more step back.
  99. Fandango had rocked out dozens of air flares and halos but for whatever reason, he never did straight up head spins.
  100. As capabilities increase, they are supported spatially: Love spins dimensions—easily—but relative in consciousness.

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