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Frasi con harbour (in inglese)

  1. I harbour the same hope.
  2. Send them to the harbour.
  3. This is the Harbour Gate.
  4. By the magic of the Harbour.
  5. The harbour was a place of.

  6. Was that the harbour wall?
  7. If he sails out the harbour.
  8. They walked on to the harbour.
  9. It's got a marvellous harbour.
  10. Bull run in the local harbour.
  11. They are looking at the harbour.
  12. The boat entered a large harbour.
  14. They were driving into the harbour.
  15. The academy was near the harbour.

  16. The beauty of the Harbour sings to me.
  17. The tables facing Halifax harbour are.
  18. The harbour was already bustling with.
  19. He's been down to the harbour for fish.
  20. We'll have to get it towed into harbour.
  21. Queenstown harbour full of Italian ships.
  22. And on the Harbour sparkling waters dance.
  23. Crocodiles were once common in the harbour.
  24. The ferry bumped into Mount Edcumbe harbour.
  25. The Thrush went out of harbour this morning.

  26. At that we continued our walk to the harbour.
  27. They notice a small boat leaving the harbour.
  28. The Harbour gleams with gold mid soft grey-blue.
  29. You don't let your harbour anger and bitterness.
  30. The harbour wall had been reduced to rubble and.
  31. The ‘Trush’ went out of harbour this morning.
  32. The transports were still in harbour fortunately.
  33. The temple was very close to the city’s harbour.
  34. But what if the ships were in the harbour?
  35. Before long she joined him for sails on the harbour.
  36. Are they watching every harbour in Midland?
  37. They know me now, after that Innis Harbour business.
  38. Norman's voice could have been heard at the harbour.
  39. A strange inconsistency arises out of Pearl Harbour.
  40. Let it come down to the harbour, ready for shipment.
  41. Joe’s as it is commonly called sits on the harbour.
  42. The breeze was too slight in the lee of the harbour.
  43. Below her lay the Glen with the white harbour beyond.
  44. I’m running down to the harbour, Smith replied.
  45. We stood on the afterdeck watching the harbour recede.
  46. Harbour and stayed in a roadside motel overnight.
  47. I tell you it was fierce walking up that harbour road.
  48. The hotel was near the harbour, and we were soon aboard.
  49. Before leaving London, he had read up on Matrah harbour.
  50. A ship slipped out of the harbour and into the raging foam.
  51. In the harbour he learned that no one slept on the island.
  52. We came to a stop under some trees in front of the harbour.
  53. Bournemouth, that course with the SBS in Poole Harbour -’.
  54. I'm not a rental service, boy, said the harbour master.
  55. Pearl Harbour was a territory at the time of the ‘surprise.
  56. After half an hour’s drive they were approaching the harbour.
  57. They’ve set every sailor in the harbour on the watch for us.
  58. This place should be called Four Winds instead of the Harbour.
  59. As they drew close to the harbour they passed the church with.
  60. Elowen decided to head for the harbour, if they were going to.
  61. Carew), an’ also Safe Harbour an’ Happy Huntin’ Grounds.
  62. He burned the barns of a man at Harbour Head who offended him.
  63. There, in the harbour area, he was again bitterly disappointed.
  64. Corey, now that we’re walking to the harbour and we’re all.
  65. The story of Pearl Harbour has for too long been over-simplified.
  66. The old ferry pulled out of the harbour and headed towards Samet.
  67. I was running up and down the harbour for ages, until I finally.
  68. Behind him, the Prince was continuing to look at the harbour boat.
  69. He saw a number of what could only be warships out in the harbour.
  70. Clouds sprinkled the sky over the harbour like little fiery roses.
  71. The German battle cruiser was moved out to a mooring in the harbour.
  72. There are at least ten large ships heading for the harbour mouth.
  73. A merchant would have gazed on the Piraeus, its harbour, and the sea.
  74. Have you heard the news? The Thrush went out of harbour this morning.
  75. If there had been no Yamamoto, there would have been no Pearl Harbour.
  76. The negroes brought him in to the first-aid hospital near the harbour.
  77. Every anti-aircraft ship and land gun in the harbour was firing at him.
  78. The convoy of three trucks now sped west, towards Hemenway Harbour on.
  79. The harbour was alive with ferries and assorted other floating traffic.
  80. Pearl Harbour resulted from a vast combination of interrelated factors.
  81. On the SeaBus, crossing the harbour to North Vancouver, Anna had mocked.
  82. The harbour boats were not as tidy, they were raging against their bonds.
  83. Darling Harbour was becoming busier and noisier as shoppers and tourists.
  84. In 1935, in Yellowknife harbour - who'd have guessed it? - gold was found.
  85. Goodbye Blighty Matthew said as the harbour lights faded out of view.
  86. Personnel called the Mayor of Innis Harbour to say that they'd be sending.
  87. Don't harbour resentment, don't harbour resentment and blame in your heart.
  88. Once we’re in clear water out of the harbour, we can get a move on a bit.
  89. Fortunately, the moon and harbour lights were slightly lighted up the roof.
  90. He has certainly organized the lighterage service of the harbour for the O.
  91. The most notable being the refusal to order a third strike at Pearl Harbour.
  92. Or it is stuck in the harbour (another scam so you can pay for its release).
  93. Finally, I discover which minibus to get on to take me to the harbour, but.
  94. The harbour had been trashed – the black swirling water lumped with untidy.
  95. The Gould carriage was the first to return from the harbour to the empty town.
  96. She also noticed Mag flying above the harbour, presumably scouting for danger.
  97. Széchenyis ship, the Yukon, entered Seward's harbour on the 16th August 1935.
  98. I'd like to charter a boat, said Ambrosius at the harbour master's kiosk.
  99. The eventual fate of the major ships involved at Pearl Harbour was as follows:.
  100. As Will stepped out of his car at the harbour car park, the weight of the wind.

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