nurse frasi

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Frasi con nurse (in inglese)

  1. He turns to the nurse.
  2. Give her to the nurse.
  3. He hated her old nurse.
  4. Nurse tore into the guy.
  5. The nurse rose and bowed.

  6. Linda Mestry was a nurse.
  7. The nurse bent her brows.
  8. Send for a nurse, and I.
  9. On the floor, the nurse.
  10. Let me get the nurse to.
  11. The nurse wa s offe nde d.
  12. I phoned the floor nurse.
  13. She took Berthe from nurse.
  14. She was ringing the nurse.
  15. A nurse who was into Obeah.

  16. Chu cried out for a nurse.
  17. The NURSE of the Tsarevna.
  18. But the nurse was not now.
  19. He did not want the nurse.
  20. Custom is the nurse of sin.
  21. Zitteraal nods to the nurse.
  22. The nurse checks the monitor.
  23. Zitteraal looks at the nurse.
  24. Nurse was anxious to move on.
  25. The old nurse nods knowingly.

  26. A nurse moved close smiling.
  27. The nurse was surprised by.
  28. Morel settled down to nurse.
  29. Nurse gave one last chuckle.
  30. A nurse was sitting nearby.
  31. Our nurse did report that Mr.
  32. A nurse was accompanying her.
  33. So I never went to the nurse.
  34. Jodie was very easy to nurse.
  35. A nurse was at the exam table.
  36. Again the nurse spoke to him.
  37. The heavy nurse was wearing.
  38. This nurse was a very old hen.
  39. The nurse nodded in agreement.
  40. This says to see the nurse.
  41. The nurse handed her the child.
  42. He pressed the nurse light.
  44. Where is the nurse? Katherine.
  45. Something the nurse taught me.
  46. Call the nurse when he awakes.
  47. Charles queried the nurse first.
  48. The nurse took him into a room.
  49. The nurse would soon be missed.
  50. However, on this night Nurse T.
  51. Nurse and Arthur were upstairs.
  52. Nurse Lorraine comes to my room.
  53. Thank you, the nurse said.
  54. The nurse gave a derisive smile.
  55. He looked at the nurse steadily.
  56. He gave Nurse a pat on the arm.
  57. An hour later a nurse arrived.
  58. The nurse entered with a doctor.
  59. The nurse told me all about it.
  60. An old gentleman and his nurse.
  61. The nurse shrugged her shoulders.
  62. The nurse looked at me and said.
  63. He turned to see another nurse.
  64. Nurse, _none_ of that went down.
  65. The father nibbles on the nurse.
  66. The nurse and the Bangles gasped.
  67. Puller nodded at a nurse he knew.
  68. The nurse would say, the doctor.
  69. I agree with Nurse, he said.
  70. He looked at the doctor and nurse.
  71. Why is that nurse? Jaden asks.
  72. Talk to her, the nurse said.
  73. The nurse smiled as she commented.
  74. Come, I'm not going to nurse him.
  75. Me neither, Nurse chimed in.
  76. A nurse gave me a pencil and a pad.
  77. The aged nurse in ample gown,(37).
  78. This is Cara, she’s my nurse.
  79. Oh, I though you might be a nurse.
  80. Cyndy, the Nurse, burst into tears.
  81. To put her children out to nurse.
  82. The nurse stirred, began to sit up.
  83. Nurse wagged her head side to side.
  84. The nurse leaned over close to her.
  85. I hadn’t seen that nurse before.
  86. The nurse reached for Neva's hand.
  87. You should have called a nurse.
  88. The nurse turns her attention to me.
  89. Are you ready to nurse me back.
  90. The nurse gave her a reprobate look.
  92. Clive sent the doctor and nurse out.
  93. A nurse appeared with a wheel chair.
  94. She is a nurse who wanted to stay.
  95. Come, I’m not going to nurse him.
  96. Teresa, a nurse and mother of two.
  97. Nurse Nancy did her job beautifully.
  98. I guess so! The nurse replied.
  99. Wonder is nurse Callan there still.
  100. I remember you, the nurse says.
  1. The nursing home set a.
  2. I was majoring in Nursing.
  3. She had been nursing the baby.
  4. His wife is in a nursing home.
  5. She once had a stable nursing.
  6. No, she did not like nursing!.
  7. The nursing staff were lovely;.
  8. Rory was nursing an aching elbow.
  9. Ra was trapped in a nursing home.
  10. I reflected on the nursing home.
  11. Sonya and Natasha were nursing him.
  12. Nursing homes use them all the time.
  13. Sónya and Natásha were nursing him.
  14. Does the nursing home have an active.
  15. Nursing it, he heard his memory say:.
  16. I pity the nursing home that gets her.
  18. She was lying in bed, nursing the baby.
  19. Six weeks after moving into the nursing.
  20. Does the nursing home have a variety of.
  21. But Melanie was at home, nursing Ashley.
  22. Just left you to a nursing home for care.
  23. She's severely ill and in a nursing home.
  24. Maybe the nursing home in the mountains.
  25. Does the nursing home have the services I.
  26. In a nursing home forty-five winding miles.
  27. Her drink arrived and she began nursing it.
  28. And Annie sat nursing the hot-water bottle.
  29. Does the nursing home use hospitals where my.
  30. The shortage of band aids & nursing stations.
  31. Godwyn could see that she was nursing a doubt.
  32. Is the nursing home certified by Medicaid or.
  33. She’ll wear herself out nursing and sewing.
  34. Six weeks after moving into the nursing home.
  35. How much is the cost of care in this nursing.
  36. Wet nursing the boss's son wasn't something.
  37. Is the nursing home accepting new residents?
  38. She lives in a nursing home in East Cambridge.
  39. I would be nursing her and trying to feed him.
  40. There were two of these noiseless nursing nuns.
  41. Polynaka for her nursing just as he passed out.
  42. And yet not think of this an other nursing job.
  43. I was on my way back from a nursing home when.
  44. She required twenty-four-hour skilled nursing.
  45. He sat at the counter, nursing the steaming mug.
  46. Because admission to a hospital or nursing home.
  47. I learned that she harbored concerns over nursing.
  48. I followed her to small end at the end of nursing.
  49. The "other" John lies in a bed in the nursing home.
  50. I sit nursing the diary and thinking about my life.
  51. If only her mother would go into the nursing home.
  52. The nursing home also couldn't afford to staff a.
  53. Inside the nursing home, the atmosphere was festive.
  54. I would be nursing her and trying to feed him.
  55. He joined the nursing home visitation ministry and.
  56. Cooking and cleaning was her forte; nursing was not.
  57. I had been nursing my first-born boy for eight weeks.
  58. I think nursing sounds interesting, Jaycee said.
  59. Jessicas monitor alarms went off in the nursing unit.
  60. Close by a very young woman was nursing another child.
  61. An Imam from the mosque saw Abdul nursing his injuries.
  62. The nursing home staff knew that day would be her last.
  63. There is nursing home and home visitation ministries.
  64. Only Kerchak hung back, nursing his hatred and his rage.
  65. He lowered his throbbing head, nursing it in his hands.
  66. We’d arrived at the correct godly nursing home—the.
  67. Lena came quickly and started nursing the ravenous child.
  68. Tony chilled in his recliner nursing an Old Crow tumbler.
  69. If it is red invest in nursing homes and bridge builders.
  70. And I was just nursing my wounds for the rest of the trip.
  71. Rex excused himself and she stood there nursing her drink.
  72. Sarah entered into the nursing home as Tanya and the kids.
  73. She had spent the last years of her life in a nursing home.
  74. She was admitted to the nursing home by her two daughters.
  75. The Doctor has taught me reading and writing and nursing.
  76. They were still nursing their hangovers when Myra showed up.
  77. Born in the Philippines, she attended nursing school there.
  78. For Mary, she was able to practice her nursing skills on him.
  79. It would eliminate the need for hospitals and nursing homes.
  80. It looked like her housecoat; according to nursing home staff.
  81. Do you really think she’s still nursing a broken heart?
  82. And her mother was admitted to Äppelviken nursing home.
  83. On the 12th I was flying to New York nursing a drawdown of 38%.
  84. Sachie and Seko sat eating hot stew and bread at a nursing home.
  85. Believe me, I see a lot of this in my nursing profession which.
  86. Although the part of the nursing pads that actually touched my.
  87. This form would be completed at each hospital and nursing home.
  88. Cruelty, is keeping people alive as vegetables in nursing homes.
  89. Surely she wouldn’t fight tomorrow, not when she was nursing?
  90. I walked into the precinct nursing the cup of coffee in my hands.
  91. Sandy was still in bed nursing a hangover after a late night out.
  92. This could have been a small, 1950’s retirement or nursing home.
  93. A nursing home recipient is allowed a maximum of $2,000 in assets.
  94. Then I repeated endearing words internally, nursing my small seed.
  95. Ask to see the nursing home’s last annual state inspection report.
  96. She noticed the Captain nursing his broken arm and Ca minus an ear.
  97. Katie talked about nursing and how she wants to train in that field.
  98. John was nursing his goblet and Harald was polishing his eyeglasses.
  99. Nursing her infant and hard labor had emaciated Ainura to the point.
  100. For the better part of ten days he did all the rough nursing I needed.
  1. I nursed them all three.
  2. Who nursed thee when a babe?
  3. I have nursed a child in love.
  4. Rostow nursed a luke warm coffee.
  5. When I nursed my poor master, Mr.
  6. But he who by the Muse was nursed.
  7. His wife nursed them back to health.
  8. And you nursed me! he repeated again.
  9. The Arabic literature is nursed by poetry.
  10. Caris put on her linen mask and nursed him.
  11. She cried and cried and I nursed her, like.
  12. Hassan and Farzana nursed her back to health.
  13. I nursed my one drink and watched and waited.
  14. His mother nursed him; he told her about it.
  15. And the women took the child, and nursed it.
  16. It’s the same cabin Cherrie had nursed my.
  17. Joyce nursed Joseph as he told her what happened.
  18. Richard nursed a strong antipathy towards friars.
  19. As the baby nursed, she held his hand and watched.
  20. The mother had nursed him, but she did not love him.
  21. The machine breaks down and is nursed back to health.
  22. And he said no more, but sat and nursed his bad temper.
  23. Last night, he had nursed himself to sleep in her arms.
  24. Bridget took her seat on the sofa again and nursed her.
  25. She sipped on a glass of Prosecco while he nursed a beer.
  26. He nursed a strong desire to slap the hell out of her to.
  27. He sat down by her and nursed her fair head on his breast.
  28. She had nursed him and Alphy too; and Joe used often say:.
  29. Travis nursed his beer silently, looking out over the water.
  30. The soldiers brought him in and I nursed him back to health.
  31. Together, Gwog and Karnis nursed him through the worst of it.
  32. He poured them both another, which Alfred nursed from then on.
  33. She sought me out and for two months nursed me back to health.
  34. Emily shut her eyes for a moment and relaxed as the colt nursed.
  35. What if the ex-slave has had to be nursed! All babes are nursed.
  36. Why should I not care for them? I nursed them with my own breast.
  37. The baby still nursed, its head up under the girl’s shirtwaist.
  38. He nursed me to health, and my love for him grew a thousand times.
  39. He was nursed back to health, save that he lost the sight of one eye.
  40. Sparta and she had nursed him in 1863 when he had a wound in his shoulder.
  41. Her breasts pointed downward and out; she had nursed two children already.
  42. I nursed him for three or four months—he was in a state when he came in.
  43. As for Miss Rosseter, she had nursed cancer, and now painted water-colours.
  44. As soon as they saw her exposed nipples, they latched onto them and nursed.
  45. Alec nursed his drink while watching the stars in the sky shine down on him.
  46. When Chantry had nursed me back to health it had been on an estate in France.
  47. The two men nursed their scotch as the PM told the governor general about his.
  48. The assassin nursed his small cup of coffee, and leaned back on his left elbow.
  49. The sisters had at first only received and nursed "that woman" with repugnance.
  50. No mother could have nursed an only child more devotedly than Edgar tended her.
  51. Sam did not know about his paternity, but Ralph nursed the secret with pleasure.
  52. He refused to have sex with her but took her home and nursed her back to health.
  53. He nursed his cheek in the palm of one hand, while the other sustained the elbow.
  54. It was Churbanov who had nursed Yakov back to emotional stability after he had lost.
  55. He had the best part of an egg this morning and I've nursed him several times today.
  56. Fantine had nursed her child, and this had tired her chest, and she coughed a little.
  57. In Normandy, she had nursed a vision of England as a place of tranquillity and peace.
  58. She’d nursed ‘til she could give no more, then went right on nursing those in need.
  59. Later, hiding his mind in the sandpile like an ostrich, Douglas nursed his dreadful pains.
  60. Instead she turned to Teller who nursed his jaw and seemed to have withdrawn into himself.
  61. Surely, these people knew her heart; she had nursed them, healed them, and counseled them.
  62. I nursed my own part of the anger that bloomed, glutted with exhibits of paralyzed children.
  63. The owl had never forgotten how she’d nursed him back to health, and fixed his broken wing.
  64. For you have forgotten God who brought you up and you have grieved Jerusalem that nursed you.
  65. It was Gretta who had nursed her during all her last long illness in their house at Monkstown.
  66. He was as pleased and soothed as a naughty infant when it is lifted from its cradle and nursed.
  67. She ordered an over-the-counter decaf, and nursed it behind the wheel as a fight raged within her.
  68. The man bent his five-ten frame down over his mug, and nursed in a few sips more of the bean juice.
  69. All night long she nursed him and I thanked Ambrosius for finally doing something caring for Arthur.
  70. And the money drove away whatever insecurities he might have nursed for his lack of means till then.
  71. Much later, hiding his mind in a pile of sand in the sand-box, like an ostrich, Douglas nursed his pain.
  72. Nursed her as a baby, and came with her to England when they first left Australia eighteen months ago.
  73. Nursed her as a baby, and came with her to England when they first left Australia, eighteen months ago.
  74. He was found collapsed in his cell, much to the abbot's consternation, and had to be nursed back to life.
  75. The softness of her manner should’ve seeped into the soft centre he could have nursed for me in his heart.
  76. And then I said that he only thought he loved me because I had nursed him back to health and he was grateful.
  77. She gazed upon her daughter asleep in her arms with the air peculiar to a mother who has nursed her own child.
  78. His wife had an estate in that province, and she nursed him back to life out of the house of death and captivity.
  79. His partner in his station life, and the old friend who found him deserted and dying, and nursed him back to life.
  80. Imagine, my dear, cried the general, it turns out that I have nursed the prince on my knee in the old days.
  81. And it gained its point after all, for I saw it through the window within a few minutes, being nursed by little Jane.
  82. Joe Billie nursed the bottle and droned on, relieved to unburden his mind, if not his soul, to an understanding human.
  83. Surely, this episode would have soared Muhammad’s spirituality, nursed in the caves of Hira, straight to the heavens.
  84. As for the baby, he made no secret of his affection for the lodger, who nursed and played with him for hours at a stretch.
  85. When the accounts of Priscilla's wedding filled all the papers she became so ill that she had to go to bed and be nursed.
  86. Sometimes in the story the survivor dies after leaving directions with his rescuers, or again he is nursed back to strength.
  87. Though Mother said that newborns could see little, he’d stare for minutes at her as he nursed with perfect trust and love.
  88. They had nursed the wounded, closed dying eyes, suffered war and fire and devastation, known terror and flight and starvation.
  89. Brooke's kindness, the prospect of a fine day tomorrow, and the happy times they would have when Father came home to be nursed.
  90. There was a moment in the hospital when I had him in my arms, looking down at the soft red fuzz on top of his head as he nursed.
  91. He would leave that forever behind him with the great hopes he had nursed there of finding his own race and becoming a man among men.
  92. She was a good baby, for the most part sleeping during the day and only needing to be nursed at the noon break and before and after work.
  93. He’d spent some time with a tribe of forest dwellers, who had nursed him back to health from an injury he had suffered during the mission.
  94. As he let the anger seep from his body, he nursed his throbbing hand, rubbing the bridge that extended from his wrist to the end of his pinky.
  95. The unimaginative, hard-working men, great and small, who served this flag afloat and ashore, nursed dumbly a mysterious sense of its greatness.
  96. Ruminating as they chewed their cud and nursed the young, who were covered with a blanket of long, soft-looking pink fur, they seemed docile enough.
  97. Menachem and I nursed each other through the dull, closed days of January, meeting Aban and the increasingly skittish Beniamin at the whim of our guards.
  98. Of all those present, evidently he alone was not seeking anything for himself, nursed no hatred against anyone, and only desired that the plan, formed.
  99. She had fought and schemed and nursed them through the dark times when Yankee confiscation loomed, when money was tight and smart men going to the wall.
  100. Marcia gave her own stiff little nod and Karla suddenly realised that for all the years that had passed, this woman still nursed deep feelings for Frank.
  1. They worked as nurses at.
  2. Nurses the soul it is apparent.
  3. Only three of the nurses lived.
  4. Both of the nurses look startled.
  5. God bless the surgeons and nurses.
  6. The nurses have long since retired.
  7. Doe to the nurses and armed guards.
  8. But the nurses loved God and were.
  9. Two nurses nodded and smiled at him.
  10. I happened to know quite a few nurses.
  11. He handed one belt each to the nurses.
  12. One of the Nurses walked over to them.
  13. I looked around the room at the nurses.
  14. And he said No, you’re not nurses.
  15. Eventually, they grew and became nurses.
  16. Con thought they were the other nurses.
  17. So the Lord blessed these nurses, and.
  18. One of her nurses went to pick the boy.
  19. I saw one doctor and two volunteer nurses.
  20. The nurses weren’t telling me anything.
  21. Dunit gave the three nurses intent stares.
  22. Only a few of the nurses cared, and none.
  23. With the party were two nurses and a maid.
  24. She paged one of the nurses to the front.
  25. Prissy was not the most adequate of nurses.
  26. Didn’t the nurses try to stop him?
  27. Two nurses burst in wheeling in another bed.
  28. One of the nurses looked up at Nancy briefly.
  29. One of the nurses took her orf to the morgue.
  30. Streum and the other nurses with the wounded.
  31. He wasn’t used to nurses being so friendly.
  32. There were ladies like nurses who helped the.
  33. The nurses and Dr Fiona played games with me.
  34. Most women that come to Willstown are nurses.
  35. No, one of the black haired nurses said.
  36. There were several nurses working on each boy.
  37. There is no doubt that nurses and doctors are.
  38. Nurses swarmed into the hallway and helped Mrs.
  39. The nurses took the rest of the stuff back out.
  40. We see Kevin on table with surgeons and nurses.
  41. The two nurses urged John back, out of the way.
  42. Many of the nurses, aides, and patients on the.
  43. The four nurses looked at her with some surprise.
  44. You both will go at once to aid the other nurses.
  46. All the nurses, male and female wore white robes.
  47. That is not possible, one of the nurses said.
  48. Yours are better than the nurses, Bohdan said.
  49. To start with they will be nurses and medics from.
  50. You can take it at the nurses station if you wish.
  51. This nurses aid, who was she? Von Braun asked.
  52. There wasn't any hot male nurses at the hospital.
  53. Ill ask one of the nurses to put them in a vase.
  54. There are civilian surgeons and nurses here as well.
  55. One of his nurses waved at me! a young lad said.
  56. The nurses explained to me that government subsidies.
  57. Tony demanded as a group of nurses swarmed in to assist.
  58. The doctors and nurses didn’t know the child was mine.
  59. One of the female nurses then stared at Miriam’s face.
  60. The doctor had been too pleasant; the nurses too sweet.
  61. Said he wanted to have one of the nurses read it to him.
  62. I grabbed Deitus and held him as one of the nurses gave.
  63. Alexandrovna saw at once that Anna, the two nurses, and.
  64. According to Hart, the nurses were chatting about their.
  65. He uses his arm and his leg to push or whack the nurses.
  66. Fables of nurses; bugaboo for children; Jehovah for men.
  67. We don't want nurses in the house before they are needed.
  68. Encarna dragged me to the nurses station to show me what.
  69. Encarna charged in and demanded to know where the nurses.
  70. Just then there came along two nurses with a young lady.
  71. One of the nurses turned out to be Randi who was on duty.
  72. One of the nurses brought me dry clothes from her locker.
  73. One note to the nurses was ‘a wire to clean my teeth’.
  74. Repose is our only joy as the nurses don’t allow suck-.
  75. The nurses leaned in closer and took a look for themselves.
  76. The doctors and nurses in the ICU did their best to help.
  77. Her shouted order finally got the doctors and nurses moving.
  78. Medics and nurses were brought in from the mobile hospital.
  79. The next day, Thomas and Cindy met with nurses from the ICU.
  80. Doctors, nurses, patients and visitors al ran to avoid the.
  81. I went into the training room, followed by both psych nurses.
  82. Before we left, one of the nurses in the Critical Care Unit.
  83. Ignoring the man’s tortured cries, he turned to his nurses.
  84. So that’s why all the nurses were hanging around the patient.
  85. He was flanked by two nurses, each a good foot taller than he.
  86. His blood pressure is dropping! one of the nurses yelled.
  87. The doctors called over the nurses to be introduced to Colling.
  88. The nurses were mainly Polish, who volunteered their services.
  89. My face whitened and he checked me out, calling for the nurses.
  90. Of course the blame does not solely rest on doctors and nurses.
  91. An hour and a half later, three nurses came sadly into the room.
  92. Many of my nurses commented that they were in love with Michael.
  93. The nurses pulled the drapes around his area and Liza had them.
  94. As the nurses carried out their orders, he left, quite satisfied.
  95. Your patient John Fisher is waking up, one the nurses said.
  96. The other nurses and I did not know if you love her or hate her.
  97. At last, two nurses entered Marilyn’s cell, their eyes blazing.
  98. I called the hospital and the nurses did some quick rescheduling.
  99. Nurses are the foundation of any health care system and will be.
  100. She remembered seeing one of the nurses, Jane, talking about him.

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