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Frasi con inadequate (in inglese)

  1. It is an inadequate warning.
  2. If Brandor was inadequate to.
  3. Her love was not weak or inadequate.
  4. My vocabulary is totally inadequate.
  5. Should this woefully inadequate young.

  6. People with inadequate stomach acidity.
  7. Not once did the hopelessly inadequate.
  8. The facilities were hopelessly inadequate.
  9. The ferry was brilliant – but inadequate.
  10. We may have had poor and inadequate early.
  11. I tried to explain with an inadequate shrug.
  12. We felt inadequate and, at times, hopeless.
  13. Forget inadequate comparisons with this life.
  14. My dear girl, he said, how inadequate.
  15. It comes from feeling inadequate and trying to.

  16. It was too good for him, and he was inadequate.
  17. Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
  18. Their labour was quite inadequate for the work.
  19. The inadequate resolution, however, caused the.
  20. I felt so powerless and inadequate as a man to.
  21. The words were thick and inadequate in her mouth.
  22. Well, I know "Yes" was inadequate but that was.
  23. The Ten Commandments Very Relevant but Inadequate.
  24. When soil has inadequate moisture, the soil resist-.
  25. Apparently my inadequate piloting abilities amuse him.

  26. Thank you, she said again, the words inadequate.
  27. They sang carelessly, as if her singing was inadequate.
  28. A worshipper with inadequate knowledge is at the Shudr.
  29. It can feel like you are small, inadequate, or unworthy.
  30. Learning that she was sexually inadequate was exciting.
  31. It seemed inadequate simply to be wearing dress uniform.
  33. Tony felt inadequate being in the same room with this man.
  34. The resources of the Church within herself are inadequate.
  35. However, Ned Land still found these provisions inadequate.
  37. Because of the perpetually and purposely inadequate money.
  39. A price bitter enough to make any archbishop feel inadequate.
  40. I would need a life time and that may still prove inadequate.
  41. Words are inadequate to describe it, she said, approving.
  42. They left Finn to his own inadequate devices for the time being.
  43. The guys in here regularly hear my moans about being inadequate.
  44. Each mystic had to form those inadequate words into the symbols.
  45. I'm sorry, she said, feeling that her words were inadequate.
  46. The telephone was a wonderful invention, but sometimes inadequate.
  47. In essence because of these inadequate Medicare/Medicaid payment.
  48. The shortage of primary care physicians has also led to inadequate.
  49. The animal sacrificial system was inadequate for a number of reasons.
  50. But fat was too small a word, and plainly inadequate for the occasion.
  51. Schools, as they are presently conceived, are inadequate to this task.
  52. Giving up his new gloves to a little girl whose own were inadequate.
  53. It then goes from that point into how our idea of faith is inadequate.
  54. I squinted; my twenty-twenty mortal vision was inadequate in this case.
  55. Most of the time the flow rate in our tanks is inadequate, especially.
  56. But that is a poor, inadequate basis for the understanding of anything.
  57. This is why the solution he finds is only partial and remains inadequate.
  58. Feeling incompetent and utterly inadequate as a man, Jerry realized the.
  59. If all you have to explain your profitability is a typically inadequate.
  60. A mass of well-raised bread gives no inadequate idea of its configuration.
  61. Claire returned home to her family’s estate, but always felt inadequate.
  62. In this case the Anacostia company’s earnings coverage was inadequate (1.
  63. He felt inadequate as the guardian of the eleven-year-old angel beside him.
  64. They are inadequate to sustain you, and they always become stale over time.
  65. We'll just have to terminate him on the grounds of inadequate performance.
  66. So where did my thinking I was inadequate come from maybe being told by my.
  67. Inadequate ventilation, afternoon sun and slick skins made holds impossible.
  68. It is not such an inadequate life, to live among humans, she said softly.
  69. The whole colony was showing the same signs of ageing and inadequate maintenance.
  70. The globe emitted an eerie light that made the rest of the world seem inadequate.
  71. It was totally inadequate against the force of heavily armed men heading his way.
  72. That is why any mathematical model of the actual universe is hopelessly inadequate.
  73. Some see the need to retaliate as they feel used, abused and inadequate and rejected.
  74. We feel that the material analogy is inadequate because the material conception of.
  75. But God needed the weak and inadequate to demonstrate His ‘Product’ – Himself.
  76. In the inadequate light he saw a square room roughly the size of the two rooms above.
  77. I can’t even sustain a decent relationship with Nuke, and I feel pretty inadequate.
  78. Many years ago, two researchers reported that some individuals with RA had inadequate.
  79. The Computer Centre people had been careless, true, but the rules were inadequate, too.
  80. No force, either adequate or inadequate, has been stationed for carrying it into effect.
  82. My sole, inadequate defence has been to attempt concealment under a shroud of conformity.
  83. The conversion feature has most often been offered to compensate for inadequate security.
  84. The best description she could give, and it was sorely inadequate, was, I just feel it.
  85. It doesn’t matter how inadequate the book is, as long as it encourages children to read.
  86. Realizing that excess capital is being raised (or that retained earnings are inadequate to.
  87. In fact, inadequate nutrition, and incorrect nutrition, comprise a "hidden disease" in the.
  88. The coverage for the preferred stock was clearly inadequate from any investment standpoint.
  89. Inadequate or unfamiliar procedures, no effective supervision, very little user sensitivity.
  90. If indeed net income rises and the calculated amount of capital proves inadequate, there is.
  91. He set the pattern for the Left of drawing conclusions from inadequate (or no) documentation.
  92. Mine is another very well-wrapped empty box, which isn’t so much inadequate as frustrating.
  93. I couldn’t move, I was paralyzed, as much by fear as by having inadequate space to move IN.
  94. For me, it was fear of being abandoned; for Stephen, it was becoming irrelevant and inadequate.
  95. And when they try to describe it: others gape or jeer at their pathetic, inadequate description.
  96. Had produced children which I adored and felt helplessly and hopelessly inadequate towards them.
  97. In the first case the opposition actually admits that the laws are inadequate and that it would.
  98. Excessive moisture and inadequate ventilation are the main conditions that promote their growth.
  99. He was a master at this and she felt woefully inadequate of being up to the task of stopping him.
  100. They felt they learned every day how inadequate they were then and continued to be in the present.

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