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Poor in una frase (in inglese)

He was a very poor.
He was a poor loser.
I grew up dirt poor.
Poor guy, he had a.
A poor boy was hungry.
Rich Man, Poor Man, n.
Of men must stay poor.

It was a poor showing.
I know, the poor thing.
The poor of them, in.
Where the poor is free.
But how can the poor.
You are as poor as job.
That you should be poor.
The poor man spoke in.
He Helps The Poor Ones.
The poor fellow got a.
They are a poor people.
Better is the poor who.
He preferred to be poor.
The Poor, (when Grow in.
And a Poor Boy sandwich.
The poor bastard is dead.
To the rich, to the poor.
We are too poor for that.
I was a poor sheepherder.
To-day, all day the poor.
The poor little child is.
But the poor Sea Serpent.
Then, the poor doggy died.
Poor woman, she was crazy.
He who oppresses the poor.
But this is a poor excuse.
Tell that to poor old Bob.
His poor master was shot.
Tell it to poor old Vince.
The poor family is cursed.
Poor child, you were abused.

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