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Frasi con jot (in inglese)

  1. He could jot a note.
  2. Pips don't matter a jot.
  3. I shall jot down the facts.
  4. Not a jot – not until now, maybe.
  5. In that notebook, jot down some ideas.

  6. Here, let me jot down a list for you.
  7. I will jot things down as I remember them.
  8. And it wouldn’t matter a jot if she was.
  9. Margolis continued to jot notes as she talked.
  10. For there was not a jot of affection in this whole affair.
  11. I was too excited to jot down any pointers so I’m directly typing.
  12. Often he would pause in his studies to jot down the moving thoughts.
  13. You must jot it all down upon paper, and let me have a note of the amount.
  14. On the ride out to hYanigooteh he had some time to jot down a little note.
  15. It only took a jot in time to move outside Our astral forms into a realm—.

  16. If you are reacting to every jot of the indicator, you are missing the point.
  17. After running a life, it often helps to jot down the impressions you have of it.
  18. It might be wise to jot down any suggestions and ideas for Christmas decorating.
  19. He became enchanted with following God in every little jot and tittle of the Law.
  20. With you spouting off like that?! You were supposed to just jot a couple of notes!.
  21. Grab a pen and spend 20 minutes to jot down anything that could exceed your wildest.
  22. We get some weird calls coming into the control room but not a jot of real information.
  23. I jot down everything that I’m thinking of, even though I don’t know what it means.
  24. After your last hot shower, did you jot a note of thanks to your local power company? I.
  25. Travis didn't look convinced, but he took out a note pad and began to jot down a map with a Biro.

  26. They realize that they themselves are doomed from the moment they abate one jot of their severity.
  27. While Tatyana was speaking to her parents, I had time to jot down in my diary some of Sensei’s words.
  28. He was quick to jot down the things he would need to create what he had envisioned it would look like.
  29. It mattered not a jot that she was a dancer, that she had been educated, that she was a human being even.
  30. Any of the messages which weren’t left by him, she asked the two men to jot down for her to look at later.
  31. And as she drove she whispered notions, concepts, ideas, immense truths, fabulous lies, which I hastened to jot down.
  32. Even if he did make those tracks, it wouldn’t advance the case by one jot - seeing that he certainly didn’t kill himself.
  33. But if the good reverend really was on our side, Nick, as you had every reason to believe, it wouldn’t have mattered a jot.
  34. The law was kept and worshipped with every jot and tittle in place, every letter of it paraded in every form of the imagination.
  35. The important thing to note is that as I started to jot it down there didn't seem to be any dark clouds on that particular horizon.
  36. We have received no information, not a jot, from the public that might be helpful in tracking down the individual responsible for the murders.
  37. Jot: The smallest Hebrew letter; an iota; the smallest letter of the Greek alphabet, used metaphorically or proverbially for the smallest thing.
  38. He wondered whether to jot that down in his notes – did he really need to remind himself of that in the future? – before deciding, Oh, what the hell.
  39. Why he commits this deed,;� we must still do some searching,� Steve comments as he rises from his chair and has Linda jot more facts on the chalkboard.
  40. But, as in his narrow-flowing monomania, not one jot of Ahab's broad madness had been left behind; so in that broad madness, not one jot of his great natural intellect had perished.
  41. To help you make this a consistent priority, be strategic about your contacts - jot down regular reminders in a planner or electronic organizer so that you don't leave your connections to chance.
  42. After submitting application forms and resumes to the respective companies, keep track of the progress by creating a chart where you can jot down the name of the company and when the application was submitted.
  43. One old-fashioned point of view he enforced upon his children’s vision: the elder daughter must supervise and chaperon the younger ones to the last jot, and it must be done without disturbance of the business atmosphere.
  44. It would take most of the afternoon, and as she began to jot down notes, she observed that her entire profession was part of a giant game in which the object was to amass billable hours, making attorneys the only guaranteed winners.
  45. Akim Akimitch, who was a decided opponent of everything that savoured of complaint, or that could interfere with discipline and the usual routine, waited with great phlegm to see the end of the business, about which he did not care a jot.
  46. She had conceived an idea that, during the term of our residence together, it would be well if I were always to walk behind her with a paper and pencil, in order to jot down exactly what she spent, what she had saved, what she was paying out, and what she was laying by.
  47. The official explanation for this was that they needed to hone their spells to perfection, but this was balderdash as far as Martha was concerned; magic was a natural ability, and no amount of classes would make a jot of difference to the talents they had when they first arrived here.
  48. Okay then, so firstly I want to just open up several scriptures - so they're not written down in your notes - you can just jot them in somewhere when you get to diverse kind of tongues, and in Section 13 you could just, in the corner there on the left hand side at the bottom, just jot a few scripture notes down.
  49. I am sure you would not jot the plans down on a beer mat, pop down the local do-it-yourself store and have the materials delivered before the next bank holiday weekend, so you would have time to build it, would you? It might fly, but for how long and how far? What about the safety aspect? I believe your future deserves better, don’t you?
  50. May be so: but was my condition, strictly considered, one jot more exalted? or, had I really been much above him, did not his capacity of giving such exquisite pleasure sufficiently raise and enoble him, to me, at least? Let who would, for me cherish, respect, and reward the painter's, the statuary's, the musician's art, in proportion to the delight taken in them: but at my age, and with my taste for pleasure, a taste strongly.
  51. Though, in overseeing the pursuit of this whale, Captain Ahab had evinced his customary activity, to call it so; yet now that the creature was dead, some vague dissatisfaction, or impatience, or despair, seemed working in him; as if the sight of that dead body reminded him that Moby Dick was yet to be slain; and though a thousand other whales were brought to his ship, all that would not one jot advance his grand, monomaniac object.
  52. But unlike Captain Peleg—who cared not a rush for what are called serious things, and indeed deemed those self-same serious things the veriest of all trifles—Captain Bildad had not only been originally educated according to the strictest sect of Nantucket Quakerism, but all his subsequent ocean life, and the sight of many unclad, lovely island creatures, round the Horn—all that had not moved this native born Quaker one single jot, had not so much as altered one angle of his vest.
  53. How few laymen know anything about Church work in their own diocese! How few care one jot for Convocation! How few could tell you, if their lives depended on it, who are the proctors of their diocese! How few understand the meaning of the great doctrinal controversies by which their Church is almost rent asunder! How few exhibit as much personal interest or anxiety about them, as a Roman spectator would have exhibited about the fight of a couple of gladiators in the arena of the Coliseum! How few could tell you anything more than this, "that there is some squabble among the parsons; and they don't pretend to understand it!"�This is a melancholy picture; but I fear it is a sadly correct one.
  54. Then gazing at his quadrant, and handling, one after the other, its numerous cabalistical contrivances, he pondered again, and muttered: Foolish toy! babies' plaything of haughty Admirals, and Commodores, and Captains; the world brags of thee, of thy cunning and might; but what after all canst thou do, but tell the poor, pitiful point, where thou thyself happenest to be on this wide planet, and the hand that holds thee: no! not one jot more! Thou canst not tell where one drop of water or one grain of sand will be to-morrow noon; and yet with thy impotence thou insultest the sun! Science! Curse thee, thou vain toy; and cursed be all the things that cast man's eyes aloft to that heaven, whose live vividness but scorches him, as these old eyes are even now scorched with thy light, O sun! Level by nature to this earth's horizon are the glances of man's eyes; not shot from the crown of his head, as if God had meant him to gaze on his firmament.
  55. The wife, and she is not one jot less than the husband,.
  1. Puller had been jotting notes down.
  2. Jason had been jotting some numbers down.
  3. Hynes jotting down something in his notebook.
  4. He wasn’t jotting notes, sarcastic or otherwise.
  5. Sold! Said Smith while jotting down another note.
  6. Cleo herself sat at the worktable, jotting notes on a.
  7. Travis pulled out a yellow legal pad and began jotting.
  8. Travis continued jotting notes while Carter gazed at the.
  9. Shinds was jotting down notes and keeping his eyes off of.
  10. Newt hadn’t moved from his chair, where he sat jotting notes.
  11. Do you think she’s a slut? he asked me, jotting something.
  12. It will require more than just jotting down a few notes here and.
  13. Kennedy was hastily jotting down some notes on the back of an envelope.
  14. It’s always good for jotting down ideas, share prices and bits of info.
  15. We did not find your car anywhere, he replied, jotting on his notepad.
  16. It’s also obviously handy for jotting down phone numbers and losing them.
  17. She did so and Puller started to count, jotting down numbers in his notebook.
  18. While the majority of the reporters simply stared at him, a few were jotting.
  19. As Steve made himself comfortable, Maureen was jotting some notes down in her notebook.
  20. She writes dozens of thumbnails, jotting down ideas in a notepad she keeps with her always.
  21. Instead of jotting down the brief history Fulszer wrote down the young man’s aspirations.
  22. Opening his file cabinet drawer, he removed a folder and reviewed the file, jotting a note in the margin.
  23. Your husband has had numerous affairs, is that right? the attorney asked, jotting something down on the pad.
  24. Jotting down a list would definitely be the best way to define your capabilities; second, to know your limitations.
  25. So anyways everyone was jotting down the answers on palms, erasers, on tables to some of the multiple choice questions that Mr.
  26. Nicole adjusted herself in the chair opposite Gavin's desk and poised her newly acquired on her knee, jotting down notes as he.
  27. He had added a new chant to his calls recently, FERA, noting it in his scrapbook and jotting next to it, Obscene, refers to Ebright.
  28. One telling the other how many planes were available, results, mission requests, latest intelligence, at either end jotting notes and thinking furiously.
  29. Was that a break in Amelia's guard? Gently withdrawing, he yanked her up and flipped her over onto her knees until she knelt, butt jotting out towards his straining cock.
  30. We’ve done our duty by baptiz-ing them, Úrsula would say, jotting down in a ledger the name and address of the mother and the place and date of birth of the child.
  31. Sohrab's bed is the last one around the corner, the one nearest the nurses' station where two nurses in green surgical scrubs are jotting notes on clipboards, chatting in low voices.
  32. The raven kept to no earthly route, but danced the sky-path’s song so their journey was a mere jotting of the time-cycle it would have taken Simon to traverse it, even without the pain.
  33. Then I brainstorm, jotting down ideas about who could be suspects and why they would be involved with this set of characters with lines and arrows connecting different people in the story.
  34. Doug stood up and began to walk around the room, stopping to study the carvings above the arches, or the torches mounted in regular intervals along the walls, jotting down notes as he did so.
  35. Jotting down notes here and there, he asked a few more questions and then dismissed us to go rummage through the care packages and mail that finally made it into the city with the resupply convoy.
  36. The peasants returning from the fields at a trot and jotting in their empty carts, took off their hats, and, in their surprise, followed with their eyes the extraordinary man who was walking up their street.
  37. Christ’s words being initially transmitted and communicated orally to others, because His disciples and followers did not follow Him around with a pen and note pad jotting down His every move and articulation.
  38. Wickland immediately sat upright and, in one motion, swung his feet over the side of the bed and grabbed a small jotting pad and pen that lay next to his antiquated landline telephone with rotary dial on the nightstand.
  39. Clashes with BJP workers, detentions and acts of stoning had met him in Gujarat, where armed with a notepad he was seen jotting down the number of dysfunctional schools and badly staffed clinics to arrive at his conclusion of a non-existent Gujarat model of development.
  1. I have jotted down nothing.
  2. Here, I have jotted it down.
  3. I jotted down the following:.
  4. The dean jotted a note on his pad.
  5. I will write out all that I jotted down:.
  6. Carroll jotted down a few notes to himself.
  7. He jotted the number down on his note pad.
  8. I jotted down nothing: there is much bustle.
  9. The dean jotted a note on his writing block.
  10. Shinds grunted and quickly jotted more notes.
  11. Paul jotted some of that down on his legal pad.
  12. He picked up a piece of paper and a pen, jotted.
  13. A small note was jotted down to keep an eye on Mr.
  14. He jotted down the number, remembered by heart, and.
  15. The innkeeper jotted down the name with a practiced hand.
  16. Cox jotted down a few more notes and headed out the door.
  17. Shinds jotted Buddy's statement down quickly then looked.
  18. He took out a little notebook and jotted down a few notes.
  19. As Vinny jotted down the answers to his baneful dice game.
  20. Shinds jotted some notes on the yellow pad and then looked.
  21. She quickly jotted their orders down on her notepad and left.
  22. He jotted down all the dimensions, and re-measured certain of them.
  23. There was much more that he had jotted down and added to the description.
  24. The mirror had codes that Peter quickly jotted down on his piece of paper.
  25. Carol checked the caller ID, and jotted down the previous incoming number.
  26. He shook his head and jotted a reply then turned the pad to face the nurse.
  27. He had a stack of folders in his lap and he jotted down the occasional note.
  28. The thoughts were in the form of quotations and I promptly jotted them down.
  29. He flicked beads on his abacus and jotted sums down on scraps of spare paper.
  30. But I jotted down several calls to other telephones throughout Japan as well.
  31. Smith rose an eyebrow at that and, grabbing a pen, jotted down a note on a pad.
  32. Richard took out a scratch pad, jotted down the coordinates and handed it to her.
  33. I had jotted down at least a dozen theories on the watcher whom Nina Cerisier had seen.
  34. This note jotted down on the margin of Angles' report, we will return to our four couples.
  35. He stood by the porch and jotted down in his notebook a thought that had occurred to him.
  36. He made several sketches, and jotted down some notes on the map, but it was all a waste of time.
  37. Somebody probably got the information from the chron-file and jotted it down, Butterfield replied.
  38. Detective Lance CoolWater looked over the statements he jotted down on his notepad from the Korean bartenders.
  39. When Ulbrickson got back to the hotel that night, he jotted a simple commentary in the logbook: Quite a day.
  40. Edgar had been listening attentively, but he paused her there and jotted a series of notes, although unconvinced.
  41. As he went, he jotted down key lessons on growth investing from the trading books which he thought may be important.
  42. Edgar dutifully jotted the information in his notebook releasing a patient sigh as he resigned himself to a long night.
  43. He even did the tipping for me, put the note into the man's hand and jotted the amount down then and there in his note-book.
  44. While surveying the Alaskan coast, travelers must bear in mind, or have jotted in paper easily accessible, their exploration plans.
  45. Instead, he jotted into his notes that, in his view, Marilyn was extremely disturbed and also potentially self-destructive.
  46. Honey, the new stock came through this morning, could you be a darling and sort it out? Tony jotted down their total sale for the day.
  47. Nicholas jotted this information down on a note pad, before looking at her, as if judging how best to ask his next question, before continuing.
  48. They got a paper and pencil after lunch and jotted down a few essential things to do in Cairns when they got back there, and orders to be placed.
  49. It needs to be jotted down and kept somewhere safe before you buy, and referred to whenever you’re thinking about your next steps with a share.
  50. In the safety of the back seat, Sound took a small pad of paper from his pocket and jotted down their take: nine-thousand and change–Las Vegas Hilton.
  51. A call came in then, and she quickly jotted down the time and woman's first name and birth date on the log sheet and brought the chart up on the monitor.
  52. She efficiently passed them to their intended recipients, jotted down several new orders as they were called out, and was gone again in less than a minute.
  53. He jotted down an extra sentence for the summary section of the report, suggesting that such loose supervision could invite staff dishonesty, but decided to go no further.
  54. Melissa listened carefully and jotted down notes as Darren gave her the list of items he wanted one of the production assistants to pick up on what might be their only run outside the studio.
  55. Edgar jotted quickly, trying to record every event: such attention to detail could prove invaluable when he returned in three months for the drug interception that would rock the entire nation.
  56. Intending these notations for the instruction of posterity, it would not be altogether becoming of me to speak of the domestic effects which many of the things that I have herein jotted down had in my own family.
  57. Miss Ashton had quickly jotted down in her notebook the best description we could give of the missing girl, her address, and other facts about her, and a list of those whom she meant to start at work on the case.
  58. She complied, and watched in amazement when he not only jotted this information down in the notebook, but verbally repeated it back to her, to make sure he’d written her address and phone number down correctly.
  59. But I’ll have to head home to clean up before we go out, so is it okay if you meet me at the gym? When she nodded, he gave her the name of the gym, and she jotted her home address on the back of her business card.
  60. In a third column he put down street names and common terms for all the substances and finally in the last column he jotted down diagnostic signs and rehabilitation and treatment centres, making a careful note of any the withdrawal indications.
  1. He jots a note on his holotab.
  2. For example, if the secret word happens to be eerie, guesses of means and level would result in 1 and 2 jots respectively.
  3. Being filled with the Holy Ghost is deeply connected with knowing the will of God, and he jots in there this thing about not being drunk with wine.
  4. This is done by offering other five-letter words with a response of from 0 to 5, depending on the jots, or common letters in the secret word and the word guessed.

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