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Frasi con tinge (in inglese)

  1. They have a red tinge to them.
  2. Eventual y the red tinge of the.
  3. A tinge of guilt went through her.
  4. A pink tinge stained Fritz’s neck.
  5. There was a sad tinge to the thought.

  6. The pink tinge moved to Fritz’s cheeks.
  7. There is a tinge of sadness in some of Mr.
  8. There was no red tinge in the ocean here.
  9. He rubbed his eyes, blue with a tinge of tired.
  10. There’s always that tinge of the supernatural.
  11. There was a tinge of mockery in his friendly smile.
  12. Pedro? he asked, feeling a tinge of jealousy.
  13. With their excitement was a tinge of disappointment.
  14. Iain looked up at this, a tinge of pride in his eyes.
  15. He is going to put in a tinge of Socialism, he says.

  16. It had a pink tinge and initially made his eyes water.
  17. Is there a pink tinge to his cheeks? Is he blushing?
  18. What is there for us to pack? There was a tinge of.
  19. The eyes are reddish with a tinge of brown, the mouth.
  20. But in her eyes and Mei Yinxue, flashed a tinge of anger.
  21. The sauce will have a brown tinge to it from the walnuts.
  22. The moon silvers the mountain with a faint merlot tinge.
  23. The bluer the tinge the colder it is, said Rosecare.
  24. The slight tinge that had been present for days had gone.
  25. The tinge of unpretentious, inoffensive vulgarity in Mrs.

  26. This stuck Tabitha head-on, with a tinge of disbelief and.
  27. Its colour is not so strongly marked with the bluish tinge.
  28. Stacey turned to his father, a tinge of urgency in his voice.
  29. A faint tinge of irritation moved in his impassive cold face.
  30. There was just the faintest tinge of bitterness in his voice.
  31. Of course, Cap’n’s response had a bad-mouthed tinge to it.
  32. Garth returns my smile, with a tinge of appreciation for my act.
  33. It was a sickly white color, with a green tinge upon its scales.
  34. Her flushed face had a tinge of blue in contrast to Joey’s red.
  35. A haze of acid filled the air, giving the world a greenish tinge.
  36. Even the look on his face was icy cold and not a tinge of emotion.
  37. Its colour, which is naturally white, had a slight tinge of yellow.
  38. The red sun still illuminated everything with a distinct pink tinge.
  39. With each passing second, a red tinge slowly began to creep over my.
  40. There was a tinge of mocking from the eyes of Ye Manqing yet she sat.
  41. She was wearing caked on make-up and had a tinge of blue in her hair.
  42. The beautiful maiden who was dressed in white robe carried a tinge of.
  43. The arrow was five times the size with a purple tinge and a longer tail.
  44. There was a tinge of reflection in Nangong Ping’s eyes and he shot it.
  45. A tinge of guilt ran through Than as he told himself to show more control.
  46. Together, he said, the two would wipe away every tinge of oppression, pain.
  47. But there, damn the fellow, he can put in a tinge if he likes, I don't care.
  48. Coincidence then? Del suggested with a tinge of reluctance in his voice.
  49. He read the thought upon my features, and his smile had a tinge of bitterness.
  50. A tinge of emotion in the speech helps the audience to identify with the speaker.
  51. Are you the one I should see? The visitor asked with a tinge of incredulity.
  52. As she watched he swallowed convulsively; the green mist took on a tinge of yellow.
  53. Oh, haha, hi beautiful, she sits up, a tinge of embarrassment across her face.
  54. The trench was filled with liquid: a murky liquid with an ominous greeny tinge to it.
  55. Everything had a bluish tinge as the giant star cast its burning rays onto this world.
  56. That’s the Daedalus Observatory, Shin said, with a tinge of pride in his voice.
  57. She sniffed it, and bile surged up into her mouth with her skin getting a purple tinge.
  58. Ailia looked at Lucia and thought she saw a tinge of pain in her sister’s smiling eyes.
  59. Thank you, she said softly, a tinge of humor still in her tone as she turned to leave.
  60. The fall air was still warm, but the tinge of winter’s bite was lurked at the edges of the.
  61. Of a deeply religious temperament, there was inevitably a tinge of the devotional in his mood.
  62. And here you thought vampires are malevolent creatures, she said with a tinge of sarcasm.
  63. If he didn't look so cut and hard, Lov would have said the green tinge to his skin was sickness.
  64. What kind of work are you getting these days? Acid asked with a jealous tinge in her voice.
  65. Even she had felt a tinge of jealousy by Garcia’s distraction and the intensity of his fixation.
  66. Did you, said the Dangler with no tinge of it being a question, no hint of wanting to banter.
  67. Dazedly he glanced at the crystalline water around him and noticed that there was a red tinge to it.
  68. Its voice was the same as that of the moaner--female and dark, but with a tinge of demand to it now.
  69. He’s alive! exclaimed Leofric, and Rana noted with irritation the tinge of relief in his voice.
  70. There may be a tinge of romance in them, but it does not destroy the purity—the honour—of the girl.
  71. I feel a small tinge of guilt, but not enough to wipe away even a millionth of the pain he has caused me.
  72. Glancing down, Simon saw a faint blue tinge to his fingers, as if something was lying just below his skin.
  73. Then he realized—with utter annoyance and a tinge of malice—that she would, most likely, blame him for it.
  74. But we perhaps exaggerate the gray or sable tinge, which undoubtedly characterized the mood and manners of the age.
  75. Over the last couple of days she had taken on a grey tinge and around her eyes and mouth there was a definite hint of yellow.
  76. Her hair and her skin were both pure white with the slight blue tinge of new snow, and had been so since the day she was born.
  77. This and a certain tinge of superstition were the only unusual traits in his character which his brother officers had observed.
  78. With a tinge of humor to her tone she replied, as her head rested against his shoulder, We Britts are a tough lot to swallow.
  79. The energy was building in the clearing, the air currents taking on an electric blue tinge that I wasn’t sure only I could see.
  80. More rumblings broke out, and Newt wrote something on his pad, shaking his head the whole time—which gave Thomas a tinge of hope.
  81. A tinge of emotion- a raw nerve was touched and then I continued in a heavy voice, … to my father who would be so proud today.
  82. His face was expressionless, but the tinge of anger and resentment could be seen in his eyes, particularly when directed at Graisco.
  83. Such a ghastly extra tinge of wickedness it gave Miles's sinning, that he should have committed it with God's sun shining in on him.
  84. I believe he’s had it since university and the battered, brown leather sort of matches the classical tinge to the music it carries.
  85. He did feel a tinge of guilt, since he was the one who asked Annie to push it further, but he wasn't going to beat himself up about it.
  86. Both men and women loved him devotedly and for what he was, not with any tinge of self-satisfaction or desire for affectionate possession.
  87. If the offers are firm and have a hostile tinge I would hold but when they are vague as in 600 Group and from an opaque source I will sell.
  88. What are you? The words came out not in the smooth deep baritone of before, but a rich alto, the first actual tinge of fear coloring it.
  89. We feel a tinge of sadness driving away and often cushion our remorse with lively discussions of how Diego might pass the time in our absence.
  90. Reese’s voice had a tinge of hoarseness as he asked Em, Can I ask what is likely to happen next? Once you choose one of the candidates, I mean.
  91. He felt a tinge of disappointment as he noticed the holodeck was already in play, decided his quicky would have to wait, and started to leave.
  92. I’m not a risk taker, but the ball of nervousness that had been rolling around my stomach had been replaced by the electric tinge of anticipation.
  93. And I saw too a tinge of sadness in his eyes and unconsciously, I suddenly thought of the plains over Tianshan, and the setting sun over the plains.
  94. You’ll have to explain what significance that has to anything before I answer that one, she said, a tinge of coldness coming into her expression.
  95. Relieved, though she couldn’t explain why precisely, she went on, the only residue of this experience a wary tinge of respect for the nature surrounding her.
  96. Though you would still feel yourself in love but this love would not bear any personal stamp, here love would sustain without the tinge of any proprietorship.
  97. Thaniel stood at the foot for a while, waiting for the whining sound to stop throwing its greenish tinge over everything, his hand closed around the steam toy.
  98. Her obvious sincerity drew a tinge of self-pity deep within; the long tattered rope that represented his sanity had suddenly become precariously short and tight.
  99. For a moment he had staggered and nearly fallen, but the brandy brought a tinge of colour into his cheeks, and he sat staring with frightened eyes at his accuser.
  100. I'm sure everything is fantastic, she said without any trace of sarcasm, but with a new tinge of exceptionalism and a prematurely born Been there done that.

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