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Frasi con pull (in inglese)

  1. I pull her to me.
  2. I had to pull over.
  3. I pull it from my.
  4. I pull up the flaps.
  5. I pull out my phone.

  6. I pull my hand away.
  7. But there is no pull.
  8. I still feel the pull.
  9. Please pull up a seat.
  10. I had to pull her out.
  11. But the pull is great.
  12. We can pull out more.
  13. Try to pull you up.
  14. He was about to pull.
  15. We pull into the drive.

  16. She tried to pull free.
  17. Pull out all the stops.
  18. She also has some pull.
  19. If I can pull this off.
  20. Then it started to pull.
  21. We pull up to the hotel.
  22. You can pull it off.
  23. The pull on her heart.
  24. Sure, pull up a chair.
  25. I couldn’t pull it out.

  26. He watched her pull off.
  27. Pull her to the surface.
  28. We have to pull back.
  29. I pull one of the cards.
  30. How'd you pull it off?
  31. Pull your chair up close.
  32. But the pull to that end.
  33. The guys started to pull.
  34. I let the moon pull me in.
  35. I pull Eugene in with me.
  36. To pull Jim, to draw Jim.
  37. You won't pull these off.
  38. You can't pull them off.
  39. Pull down the blind, love.
  40. Pamela tried to pull away.
  41. I really should pull away.
  42. She’d heard him pull up.
  43. Generally I pull them in.
  44. You pull the hood tighter.
  45. They just pull it out as.
  46. Next, she will pull it out.
  47. Or I will pull the trigger.
  48. I pull her head into my lap.
  49. In the meantime, pull back.
  50. He should pull through now.
  51. I doubt she would pull.
  52. Pull it more to your side.
  53. Not to pull out the weapon.
  54. The man wanted to pull the.
  55. I hope he can pull this off.
  56. She’d tried to pull them.
  57. Reese took a pull on his ale.
  58. I heard a car pull up outside.
  59. I decided to pull out the Dr.
  60. The car started to pull away.
  61. Pull a Buckler out for me.
  62. It was too close to pull out.
  63. Detailed attempts to pull a.
  64. I will pull you out of this.
  65. I expected Pick to pull his.
  66. I try to pull myself together.
  67. Pull the live end to tighten.
  68. Chased, laid waste, the pull.
  69. Why would you pull down the.
  70. She tried to pull the fabric.
  71. Let me help you pull this off.
  72. He used it to pull himself up.
  73. I had not heard a car pull up.
  74. Then pull out the middle bit.
  75. Jacob tried to pull his hand.
  76. She tried to pull the stones.
  77. But he didn’t pull her close.
  78. She allowed me to pull her up.
  79. I pull his mouth down to mine.
  80. He had to pull his Dragon back.
  81. She couldn’t pull the trigger.
  82. What he did do was pull out a.
  83. Pull it out, Song suggested.
  84. She hoped she could pull it off.
  85. There is no mass that can pull.
  86. Our cheeks touch as I pull away.
  87. He was unable to pull a breath.
  88. Help me pull him up, please.
  89. The common factor was the pull.
  90. She could pull a truck with it.
  91. She did not pull her hand away.
  92. Now pull, slow! he called.
  93. I let him pull me to my feet.
  94. Pull the curtains closed please.
  95. Roman had to help me pull it in.
  96. It’s not too late to pull out.
  97. Then take the cord and pull.
  98. How else could he pull it off?
  100. The corners of his lips pull up.
  1. I was pulling on my.
  2. Pulling me by the hair.
  3. Fred was pulling a face.
  4. Are C5 pulling him? D.
  5. Pulling in front of the.
  6. After pulling it out of.
  7. There must be no pulling.
  8. The earth is pulling the.
  9. It is still pulling on it.
  10. Pulling my knife from my.
  11. Pulling a small radio 365.
  12. I was pulling out all the.
  13. Pulling him close so that.
  14. He had to be pulling my leg.
  15. You could just keep pulling.
  16. That serves the term pulling.
  17. As if she needed any pulling.
  18. Pulling the weight load was.
  19. Someone pulling at her jeans.
  20. I’m just pulling in, sir.
  21. She tried pulling her arm away.
  22. The merciless pulling off of.
  23. Then the mass is pulling the.
  24. They are pulling out of Athens.
  25. We’re pulling out of Greece.
  26. Pulling a black robe out of a.
  27. She nodded, pulling out her gun.
  28. The pulling force let go of me.
  29. In pulling his hands away the.
  30. Pulling out into the oncoming.
  31. Gastolde began pulling on his.
  32. The hand takes mine, pulling me.
  33. But he was already pulling away.
  34. I felt like pulling my hair out.
  35. He dove at her, pulling her to.
  36. Then, without even pulling his.
  37. The EMS guys are pulling up now.
  38. The man answered while pulling.
  39. This is what is called pulling.
  40. Pulling and tying nets all day.
  41. Only his strength pulling me up.
  42. She stopped pulling out her hair.
  43. Rory told him, pulling no punches.
  44. But instead of sleep, a pulling.
  45. He felt it pulling him toward it.
  46. He stands, pulling me up with him.
  47. Pulling in alongside, the others.
  48. You are pulling back too far.
  49. Tarmon, he said, pulling up.
  50. That's called pulling the strings.
  51. As he drove cars were pulling to.
  52. He began pulling at her underwear.
  53. Brock was always pulling that gag.
  54. They weren’t pulling hard enough.
  55. If he was pulling out of the City.
  56. The term pulling does not suggest.
  57. He leaned back, pulling away from me.
  58. Come on, he said, pulling Nico.
  59. She felt Nicolas pulling on her arm.
  60. He surged ahead, pulling his friends.
  61. In Car, Amy starts pulling at his leg.
  62. She or he withstands all pulling of.
  63. They had missed pulling at his arms.
  64. Pulling on his beard he finally said.
  65. Now he’s pulling emotions from me.
  66. It was pulling a worm out of its head.
  67. Pulling weeds is a symbolic act for me.
  68. Sheah edged back, pulling me with her.
  69. Pulling loose, she shrank far into a.
  70. I was pulling a black trunk behind me.
  71. Cherish pulling her arm from his grasp.
  72. It was as if he was pulling her to him.
  73. Meowing for the camera, pulling what.
  74. They ducked, pulling hard to the right.
  75. Charles is pulling the car around now.
  76. Pulling up the accessed data history.
  77. Yes, I said, pulling my arm away.
  78. She steps back, pulling Sloth with her.
  79. Kernan, closing his mouth and pulling.
  80. The girl was pulling at the restraints.
  81. Pulling herself away, she stared at him.
  82. As if someone were pulling the strings.
  83. Pulling out the crystal that held the.
  84. Keem he said, pulling on her hand.
  85. Moments passed with pushing and pulling.
  86. Someone was pulling him along by an arm.
  87. She was pulling at Chevalier's fingers.
  88. Someone was pulling at Jess’s shoulder.
  89. He’s pulling off of the interstate now.
  90. He grabbed her elbow, pulling her to him.
  91. He thought she had been pulling his leg.
  92. Pulling out her necklace she joined the.
  93. Betty! he said, pulling out a chair.
  94. After pulling the gloves on he returned.
  95. After pulling herself together, she said.
  96. As the opponent retreats by pulling the.
  97. She heard the sound of a car pulling over.
  98. He sensed someone pulling him by his coat.
  99. Pulling within themselves to be rid of it.
  100. Only pull, and keep pulling; nothing more.
  1. I pulled out my M9.
  2. I pulled to a stop.
  3. I pulled at the cord.
  4. I pulled out my P99.
  5. He pulled up to the.
  6. He pulled me into him.
  7. I pulled out the roll.
  8. Quonez 2 pulled it up.
  9. Pulled up by the pout.
  10. The man pulled out a.
  11. He pulled on the door.
  12. He was pulled out of.
  13. She pulled my chin up.
  14. When he pulled at my.
  15. I pulled a grenade out.
  16. But as she pulled her.
  17. She pulled her arm away.
  18. I then pulled out a CD.
  19. She pulled away as if.
  20. The games are pulled out.
  21. I pulled my trousers up.
  22. She pulled the hood of.
  23. She pulled her hand away.
  24. She pulled on the jeans.
  25. Sarah pulled a face of.
  26. He pulled her to her feet.
  27. He pulled out an almost.
  28. Noah pulled off his shirt.
  29. He pulled back onto the.
  30. And pulled out a revolver.
  31. God pulled out His wallet.
  32. The boys pulled up short.
  33. He pulled out his Bowie.
  34. Roy pulled me to face him.
  35. He pulled out his phone.
  36. Marjory had pulled it off.
  37. As we pulled the trailer.
  38. Eliza pulled her hand back.
  39. He pulled her towards him.
  40. Have you pulled the wool?
  41. He pulled her close to him.
  42. He pulled back the covers.
  43. Lachey pulled at his tunic.
  44. He pressed it and pulled.
  45. He blinked and pulled back.
  46. When they pulled into the.
  47. He pulled up to the store.
  48. He then pulled out a char.
  49. The women pulled in behind.
  50. I pulled out my AK-47 and.
  51. When she pulled the Cloud.
  52. She pulled him close to her.
  53. She’d pulled one of her.
  54. Doc pulled the bottle back.
  55. He pulled back on the yolk.
  56. I pulled off my sunglasses.
  57. My lips pulled into a grin.
  58. Then, I pulled the trigger.
  59. They pulled him out quickly.
  60. He got his bad teeth pulled.
  61. She pulled over and stopped.
  62. She pulled out an American.
  63. We pulled into it and woke.
  64. He trembled then pulled back.
  65. The skin is pulled back in.
  66. Huss pulled out one of them.
  67. Xavier pulled out his Glock.
  68. I immediately pulled him up.
  69. Without a word, she pulled.
  70. He pulled up a chair for me.
  71. As she pulled out the blue.
  72. He pulled out his trump card.
  73. He pulled the trigger and a.
  74. The blade sang as he pulled.
  75. I pulled the screen open too.
  76. It was only when she pulled.
  77. He pulled a chair out and sat.
  78. You are pulled from yourself.
  79. So I pulled out the roll.
  80. I'd just pulled up to a red.
  81. I pulled my thoughts together.
  82. He pulled out his phone and.
  83. Once again, he pulled out a.
  84. I pulled back to look at her.
  85. Hussein pulled out his iPhone.
  86. He pulled back His shoulders.
  87. June pulled the blanket closer.
  88. Then he pulled it up and down.
  89. She wiped him off and pulled.
  90. Once inside I pulled out my M9.
  91. Charly pulled the child to her.
  92. Trevor pulled away and watched.
  93. Caroline pulled up beside her.
  94. Raekwon pulled out the Glock.
  95. Then she pulled back and said.
  96. But as she had pulled through.
  97. He pulled up to his farm house.
  98. I pulled hard and it loosened.
  99. He pulled out a pack of mints.
  100. Either way, she pulled it out.
  1. He pulls her to him.
  2. He pulls out a chair.
  3. He pulls the cover off.
  4. If mass pulls mass as.
  5. She pulls her hair out.
  6. He pulls out the torch.
  7. She pulls away from me.
  8. Aaron pulls me from knees.
  9. He pulls with full force.
  10. The boy pulls the trigger.
  11. He pulls me into his arms.
  12. She stands and pulls the.
  13. He pulls out a calculator.
  14. Alan pulls back with a gasp.
  15. Jayson pulls into the drive.
  16. She pulls away from the hug.
  17. He pulls out of me suddenly.
  18. The dark blue car pulls off.
  19. As the opponent pulls back.
  20. Pulls himself up on the sill.
  21. Just needs a few more pulls.
  22. She pulls out a large photo.
  23. I cry out as he pulls me back.
  24. Channing pulls me in for a hug.
  25. It is said that mass pulls mass.
  26. She pulls out a stuffed animal.
  27. Dad then pulls out the tripod.
  28. Her uncle pulls off the headset.
  29. Marie-Laure pulls at his sleeve.
  30. She pulls the covers around her.
  31. Steve pulls out the photos the I.
  32. Caleb pulls me up from the bench.
  33. He pulls a note out of his pocket.
  35. He pulls back to look into my eyes.
  36. The magic pulls away from me….
  37. He hesitates then pulls her closer.
  38. I grab his arm, and he pulls me in.
  39. He pulls back with a puckered brow.
  40. He smiles at her when he pulls away.
  41. Xzavier pulls out his Robot Revolver.
  42. Her voice pulls me back to the stars.
  43. Elmer taps the horn as he pulls away.
  44. As he pulls me close I find it, too.
  45. He pulls their legs off first though.
  46. The earth has mass that it pulls with.
  47. Her voice pulls me out of my thoughts.
  48. Kate pulls me to the couch and we sit.
  49. He pulls her in as they hug once more.
  50. Frank comes to his senses and pulls.
  51. The truck has mass that it pulls with.
  52. At which point I stop the daily pulls.
  53. He pulls away and stares into my eyes.
  54. He releases the safety and pulls the.
  55. Roug pulls the damaged ejection handle.
  56. Come on, he says as he pulls away.
  57. Laden pulls me into his hot, hard body.
  58. Gary pulls over to the side of the road.
  59. Nicolas pulls off with the Charter Bus.
  60. He grabs my arm and pulls me to his bed.
  61. Now FB pulls in to the IPO price of $38.
  62. She pulls the cigarette from her mouth.
  64. Reaching into it he pulls out a grenade.
  65. He says the moon pulls the ocean back.
  66. Quasi surprised he pulls up his eyebrows.
  67. At the end of the week, Cap pulls anchor.
  68. She pulls out three condoms with a smile.
  69. Glaring at her, he pulls it to his chest.
  70. He pulls into the layby opposite my house.
  71. Teresa nervously pulls out her cell phone.
  72. Miles pulls the air, along with all the.
  73. The great car squeals and pulls to a stop.
  74. He pulls an old newspaper out of a stack.
  75. Anísya (laughs and pulls him by the arm).
  76. Aaron pulls the wrapping from his sandwich.
  77. A gunmetal van pulls off, windows blacked.
  78. Future Miles grabs the hilt and pulls it.
  80. I watch as the second man pulls Seth aside.
  81. Jerry pulls his guides towards the weapons.
  82. He pulls the frozen spear-shaped torrent.
  83. She ignores him and pulls on the sweatpants.
  84. He pulls me closer, wrapping me so tightly.
  85. He drops his arms and pulls me to his chest.
  86. She pulls her foot, but is unable to free it.
  87. The woman pulls her camera out of her pocket.
  88. He pulls her closer and she doesn’t resist.
  89. It pulls the nearest soul toward its center.
  90. Jaden pulls on the door harder as he panics.
  91. He pulls up a ring in the center of the floor.
  92. She pulls the unlit cigarette from her mouth.
  93. She pulls the covers up over her and the gun.
  94. Then he pulls away, reaching into his pocket.
  95. Lovejoy pulls into the Convention Center valet.
  96. Helen pulls on a pair of trainers as he speaks.
  97. Out of his jeans’ pocket, he pulls out a pen.
  98. She grabs his wrist with both hands and pulls.
  99. Willie jumps and pulls the cord to deploy the.
  100. Marj pulls it back to hide her gross birthmark.

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