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Frasi con play (in inglese)

  1. We play it by ear.
  2. Do not play with me.
  3. I had to play dumb.
  4. I wanted to play too.
  5. On the card in play.

  6. He had to play along.
  7. We can play to that.
  9. He wants a play toy.
  10. He'd play it by ear.
  11. This is how we play.
  12. The play was at home.
  13. I knew I could play.
  14. Go and play with him.
  15. All work and no play.

  16. A huge child at play.
  17. Time to stop the play.
  18. I wanted to play on.
  19. You can play with him.
  20. Or by the Way of Play.
  21. To play in her waters.
  22. Two can play this game.
  23. Stu can stay and play.
  24. He wanted to play more.
  25. Then I Started to Play.

  26. To play with that fire.
  27. Play an end users role.
  28. I play with my flute.
  29. Two can play that game.
  30. I decided to play dump.
  31. It wanted to play again.
  32. You WILL play the cards.
  33. Play a damn good chess.
  34. I don’t play that way.
  35. He used to play squash.
  36. I was glad to play, sir.
  37. I play the beer bottles.
  38. Eager to play with them.
  39. Don't play dumb with me.
  40. And she can play tennis.
  41. Hey, he wants to play.
  42. Even little kids play it.
  43. He pushed the play button.
  44. Power Play in the Palace.
  45. They didn’t play a game.
  46. I decided to play stupid.
  47. Play is a purifying agent.
  48. They have a role to play.
  49. We decided to play cards.
  50. She needed to play along.
  51. I can play this game too.
  52. You are here to play.
  53. I begin to play the notes.
  54. You could play like this?
  55. She wants to play with me.
  56. We can play it in the car.
  57. Barkley asked him to play.
  58. He considered what to play.
  59. She and Henry went to play.
  60. We play over the Internet.
  61. Now, he was ready to play.
  62. My late wife used to play.
  63. But the game WAY of PLAY?
  64. She could play it cool too.
  65. I play cards with the Fox.
  66. I was prepared to play God.
  67. So we could play the game.
  68. There is no play of chess.
  69. And play with tricky fate.
  70. You should play it, sir.
  71. To play with the treasures.
  72. Here, we can play with.
  73. Do not play stupid with me.
  74. Turnabout is fair play, Ms.
  75. She was fun to play against.
  76. The final game was in play.
  77. My advice is play it safe.
  78. You have a role to play.
  79. We could all play together.
  80. Don't play stupid with me.
  81. Best to play dumb for the.
  82. Don’t play that with me.
  83. You can play with her later.
  84. The reason why they play a.
  85. Music started to play there.
  86. To play with fire fun fear.
  87. Do not play games with me.
  88. I’m too old to play games.
  89. Some say it is God’s play.
  90. He idly hit the PLAY button.
  91. Brett went upstairs to play.
  92. Play music or turn on the TV.
  93. Really play with each other.
  94. The play is being reviewed.
  95. We can play all the better.
  96. Of course, it was only play.
  97. The birds play in the trees.
  98. And I did not play the ball.
  99. It is a painful part to play.
  100. It was fun to watch them play.
  1. She is playing with me.
  2. Playing tag on the run.
  3. Playing on the old banjo.
  4. That are playing on you.
  5. I think he was playing.
  6. And the music is playing.
  7. The Red Sox were playing.
  8. We are playing in a bank.
  9. Who is playing with you?
  10. So I was playing it safe.
  11. The game he was playing.
  12. Playing with a cat is fun.
  13. And when they were playing.
  14. It makes one warm playing.
  15. It’s like playing the U.
  16. He’s playing a game now.
  17. Tim was playing with Limpy.
  18. A small boy playing in a.
  19. I quite enjoy his playing.
  20. They kept playing the game.
  21. The music is still playing.
  22. I'm not playing games here.
  23. As I was saying, playing.
  24. Just play and keep playing.
  25. What angle was he playing?
  26. When the Band Quits Playing.
  27. I was just playing with you.
  28. They were playing the Cards.
  29. Now you are playing with me.
  30. After playing the game once.
  31. We aren't playing that game.
  32. They were like playing cards.
  33. Trading is not playing poker.
  34. No doubt, we were playing a.
  35. I think he’s playing in it.
  36. Guys though are playing the.
  37. Thomas was playing the guitar.
  38. One Saturday he was playing.
  39. We have the playing card of.
  40. Why are you playing Cupid?
  41. They were playing with a toy.
  42. He was playing Mozart on a CD.
  43. Playing with it, running his.
  44. He won’t be playing tonight.
  45. He enjoyed playing with women.
  46. He was playing the crowd well.
  47. La Mer would be playing.
  48. By the second playing he was.
  49. Now they are playing with sand.
  50. I was playing a dangerous game.
  51. We started playing little games.
  52. I told you to stop playing.
  53. The Giants were playing the St.
  54. As if it were playing with him.
  55. I started playing tennis again.
  56. We spend all day playing poker.
  57. Someone playing a joke on us.
  58. He liked playing with the sand.
  59. That was definitely us playing.
  60. Peter, playing the big brother.
  61. After some time playing in the.
  62. The woman's pipe playing stopped.
  63. Annie started playing the organ.
  64. He nodded slowly, playing along.
  65. A deep cello started playing a.
  66. She heard the television playing.
  67. It didn't stop him from playing.
  68. Do you mind playing with me?
  69. Playing, laughter and other joys.
  70. While Flute Playing, He Composed.
  71. I’m sure Dale was playing dumb.
  72. The children are happily playing.
  73. Spending hours playing with them.
  74. One day, when he was playing in.
  75. A lad was playing about the close.
  77. No harp playing on clouds for us.
  78. That’s me, playing in the cold.
  79. Suddenly the music started playing.
  80. Was she not just playing a silly.
  81. I have The Fairy Ring playing now.
  82. Adi was playing the question mark.
  83. Inside the taxi a song was playing.
  84. This is Role Playing in the genre.
  85. As the music started playing, my.
  86. The video stops playing the rescue.
  87. When is the guy playing, Ian added.
  88. They should be playing games and.
  89. Bedwyr! He was playing with me.
  90. He started playing with the.
  91. I breathed out and started playing.
  92. He was playing all cool and aloof.
  93. Chapter Six: Playing By The Rules.
  94. It was a game she started playing.
  95. We’re playing the game already.
  96. Leschetizky said that playing is.
  97. We were both playing a waiting game.
  98. Playing it up for all it’s worth.
  99. The next step was playing for the.
  100. He stopped playing in a cacophony.
  1. So she played a game.
  2. He Then Played A New.
  3. He played for a hour.
  4. He played a double six.
  5. Played a game with it.
  6. The man played a song.
  7. Mom read and I played.
  8. I played along with Dr.
  9. The last role is played.
  10. Then they played a game.
  11. He played with a truck.
  12. I played the part dumb.
  13. Dead Rock is played out.
  14. He played with my body.
  15. And then it played on.
  16. She had not played fair.
  17. All of them played along.
  18. The air force played a.
  19. The last rôle is played.
  20. Tom played with her mane.
  21. She played she could die.
  22. All the facts played out.
  23. The family played it cool.
  24. They played on for a while.
  25. Niya played piano very wel.
  26. I once played with these.
  27. Extra time would be played.
  28. Evil played on that wound.
  29. I played with his T-shirt.
  30. He played with the buttons.
  31. The stars played tag with.
  32. Time played on their minds.
  33. He had played games before.
  34. Havent played in a year.
  35. I just played him on TV.
  36. DJ and I played this course.
  37. So he played a trick on.
  38. He played in the yard alone.
  39. A band played in the gazebo.
  40. But it played into his hands.
  41. As they played through the.
  42. He played sports; I studied.
  43. Then he played his ace card.
  44. With Snow Flowers He Played.
  45. They almost played you guys.
  46. Darren played his trump card.
  47. The ones who played badly.
  48. They played you for a player.
  49. Carter played the first bars.
  50. Abet knew how I played chess.
  51. FAUST was played without her.
  52. You played a good game today.
  53. He had not played for months.
  54. He played watching the stage.
  55. This is how the game is played.
  56. Then Sam played his last trick.
  57. He closed his eyes and played.
  58. Mandy played and taught piano.
  59. She always played the forward.
  60. Smith played the message again.
  61. We played tennis all day long.
  62. We played tennis all the time.
  63. Have you ever played ball?
  64. If anything, it was played up.
  65. This Game is being played by.
  66. Pengrove had played him like.
  67. However, the girl played along.
  68. It was only a game she played.
  69. Taggart played his trump card.
  70. The pair played cards, sewed.
  71. They ate and drank and played.
  72. I looked on while he played on.
  73. Two children played on the rock.
  74. I played a little sneaky this.
  75. We played together as children.
  76. Thomas had played soccer as a.
  77. I think he played with himself.
  78. These actions have not played.
  79. He had played this card already.
  80. I played the recording of Lt.
  81. Jaggers, has played his cards.
  82. They played cricket in the sand.
  83. They all ran, jogged and played.
  84. His life was being played out.
  85. Naria now played her trump card.
  86. She has played with my emotion.
  87. Have you never played it?
  88. Rory played it cool and didn't.
  89. You have played the fool enough.
  90. But now the song has played out.
  91. Juan played with his only truck.
  92. Played the Huastecs at El Tajin.
  93. Was I being played for a fool?
  94. Paul played on without answering.
  95. Dick's son Ryan played forward.
  96. She meditated and played Numero.
  97. Their lives played heavy on them.
  98. He played himself in every film.
  99. We are ignorantly being played.
  100. The wife played the violin badly.
  1. He plays on our team.
  2. It plays as a filter.
  3. The ego plays with us.
  4. It plays with us here.
  5. Pooh plays it with Piglet.
  6. Since the liver plays an.
  7. Probably plays in the NFL.
  8. But the music still plays.
  9. Fate plays a smaller role.
  10. I mean, we have the plays.
  11. The mind plays a guessing.
  12. You trade these plays well.
  13. His plays have been staged.
  14. He plays the guitar really?
  15. Father plays golf every day.
  16. Let's see how well he plays.
  17. The sweetest melody he plays.
  18. The mahu plays the blue flute.
  19. Always plays it low and quiet.
  20. The mahu plays his blue flute.
  21. Firelight plays across the hall.
  22. The only aspect that plays no.
  23. A glance at the list of plays.
  24. He plays, and plays well, and.
  25. A CNN report plays on the TV:.
  26. The Oedipus Plays of Sophocles.
  27. Round Table plays a leading part.
  28. Wait and see how this plays out.
  29. Updates to the Propulsion Plays.
  31. This plays a vital role in human.
  32. The plays are written by the Bard.
  33. The girl plays with the blue ball.
  34. Plays slightly flat on the tonic.
  35. The interviewer plays a dual role.
  36. Boarding, Gary plays the role of U.
  37. Who plays the role of Masters thee.
  38. Most of the plays of Lope contain.
  39. But Rechaka plays a prominent part.
  40. My brother plays them all the time.
  41. Your brand plays a big part in this.
  42. Plays a chime when a fish is hooked.
  43. Summing Up the HOLP and LOHP Plays.
  44. Probably plays in the NFL….
  45. Jake plays for the Irish rugby team.
  46. It is life that plays tricks on you.
  47. A slight smile plays about his lips.
  48. In cosmic reality mass plays no part.
  49. It's a kindly trick Time plays on us.
  50. All plays turned on the same subject.
  51. The boy plays with dark magic!.
  52. Lady of the Camelias) and other plays.
  53. Plays, theater, mushy peas and chips.
  54. Emotional health plays a role in how.
  55. These plays require a lot of patience.
  56. Besides one who plays a mean game of.
  57. You, Lisa, say that Tónya plays well.
  58. The wind outside plays with the trees.
  59. We see how this plays out in Tables 3.
  60. But sometimes life plays funny tricks.
  61. This is where spirituality plays a role.
  62. Everyone plays games here most days.
  63. And it plays a great role in boosting.
  64. Someone not far away plays a saxophone.
  65. A good site plays an enormous role in.
  66. Obviously, time also plays a part here.
  67. Two plays later, his Tight End got 19.
  68. Prayer plays a central role in devotion.
  69. She stressfully plays with her necklace.
  70. If it plays out right, Garcia said.
  71. I encouraged alerts set for these plays.
  72. In which it plays the happiness and game.
  73. One that plays to Wishful’s strengths.
  74. Evolution plays no role in good and evil.
  75. She plays everything close to the vest.
  76. Calderón's plays performed at xxxviCadiz.
  77. The world plays the money game for power.
  78. All the best plays were run over in vain.
  79. Second, these plays have specific targets.
  80. Plays upon his nostrils for lack of a reed.
  81. On this chessboard, Papandreou plays with.
  82. The instinct plays the element in the stock.
  83. The wind kicks up, plays with Sally’s hair.
  84. The interest-rate component plays two roles.
  85. He only barks when he plays and gets excited.
  86. She leans back again and plays with her shawl.
  87. A radio plays at a low volume in the kitchen.
  88. Best friend plays a crucial role in our life.
  89. This all plays into your idea of tail risk.
  90. I can see how the rest of the story plays out.
  91. Fear also plays havoc with our relationships:.
  92. I mean she plays down there, y’know? I’m.
  93. Except that it plays into the overall.
  94. Plays such fantastic tricks before high heaven.
  95. This situation plays out on too many occasions.
  96. One plays the concertina and gets her to dance.
  97. Show me any evidence that mass plays any role.
  98. Clark: Eugene O’Neill, the Man and his Plays.
  99. I watch how the light plays miles into the sky.
  100. The organ plays in a thousand arching churches.

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