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Frasi con manoeuvre (in inglese)

  1. This was to be a cat and mouse manoeuvre.
  2. This manoeuvre is peculiar to the hunted stag.
  3. This manoeuvre was incomprehensible to Dantes.
  4. A satisfactory small gasp followed that manoeuvre.
  5. The next manoeuvre was going to be a little trickier.
  6. Stabler Arena first had to manoeuvre past 400 monks and.
  7. During the pull-out manoeuvre, he experienced an astonishing 11.
  8. This manoeuvre, as she well knew, could drive Gania distracted.
  9. The kick was an upward manoeuvre that caught the man’s wrist.
  10. He then sat down to do the calculations on his Sun grazing manoeuvre.
  11. His manoeuvre, however, merely served to increase the animal's frenzy.
  12. It was a difficult manoeuvre under the circumstances but Morgan was a.
  13. The speed and violence of the manoeuvre shocked them al into taking a.
  14. They had to manoeuvre to get to the stile, because of the pools of water.
  15. Vulnerable as I was in the drivers seat, I managed to manoeuvre that car.
  16. It was a tricky manoeuvre which could actually break the ship in half if.
  17. Given time he could manoeuvre much of it over fences and on to the street.
  18. Following a fast but uneventful journey the deceleration manoeuvre was the.
  19. Sun in six days time and the next manoeuvre would be in fourteen days time to.
  20. Shoop up, stal for time so that they could manoeuvre themselves into a fighting.
  21. Once the manoeuvre was complete, she re-engaged the autonav and slugged what was.
  22. The Americans wanted to out produce Hitler; the British wanted to out manoeuvre him.
  23. Robbie replied that it was pretty difficult and too much of an effort to manoeuvre the.
  24. Possible dissimulation notwithstanding, the upshot of the ordeal is that the manoeuvre.
  25. The Captain laughed once more as placed his hand around her to manoeuvre her across the room.
  26. When Zeke pulled the bar in, it just kept accelerating until he pushed out into his manoeuvre.
  27. He considered trying to manoeuvre the ship to see if it could shake off this strange temporal field.
  28. If the victim cannot speak use the Heimlich manoeuvre with adults, but see other methods for special cases.
  29. The theory and planning had been intricate and shared, but in practice the actual manoeuvre incredibly simple.
  30. When you handed your memorandum to Eden you are reported as allowing the British delegation room for manoeuvre.
  31. Vampires are much stronger creatures than humans, and hence his manoeuvre knocked the girl over onto the ground.
  32. Barrad was pleased with how well the men carried out the difficult manoeuvre; the endless practice had paid off.
  33. Lucy meanwhile was spending the whole day with Bob trying to teach him how to manoeuvre the wheel chair on his own.
  34. I tried to manoeuvre my way out of his grip but it was impossible; he was over six feet tall and built like a tank.
  35. After passing the gaily decorated platform the crew executed an about face manoeuvre and came to a halt facing the ship.
  36. He managed to manoeuvre himself into a position where he could declare Indonesia independent in 1945, at the end of the war.
  37. The stupid bugger is in love with Maggie Heard, whatever that means, so maybe there is some room to manoeuvre in that direction.
  38. The school was just a means to an end; a calculated manoeuvre to encourage the descendant of Rose McFadgen to return to Kirkfale.
  39. So without desiring to, I covered my bare shoulders in my jacket as my body reacted strongly against the manoeuvre, I was boiling.
  40. Within seconds Bryony’s legs were freed, but she needed Zach’s help to manoeuvre her portly pig body into a standing position.
  41. They circle once more and land next to the largest of the oak trees, one after the other, a manoeuvre perfectly timed and executed.
  42. Leaning a little back on my bench, I could see the looks and grimaces with which they commented on this manoeuvre: it was a pity Mr.
  43. He managed to manoeuvre himself to be last in the line and orchestrated a stumble that put him out of sight of the rest of the group.
  44. Very different from the modern lightweight, collapsible, pneumatic tyred vehicles that the disabled can manoeuvre with such dexterity.
  45. At this point, I wondered if I might have to use the Heimlich Manoeuvre on MC as he looked like he would expire from inhaling his steak.
  46. This manoeuvre meant the Saxons, if they wanted to keep presenting us with a solid barrier, would have to move their front line to face us.
  47. The young policeman sagged to the ground gurgling for a moment before Mark used the same manoeuvre with the manacles and broke his neck too.
  48. Conventional rocket fuel was held in smaller tanks in the mid-section to supply the thrusters which allowed the vessel to turn and manoeuvre.
  49. They were tough men but defeat is difficult to forget and besides, they would be better used in an attacking manoeuvre, rather than in defence.
  50. When I was doing business I was always really polite to the cops, I found it was the best way to try and manoeuvre around them and often it worked.
  51. If the sun is at such an angle that this manoeuvre does not work bring the mirror close to your eyes and a hand lined up between you and the contact.
  52. I think he thought I would be so far away that he still had time to manoeuvre and shaft me before I could return to our home city and take the reigns.
  53. Dave stands behind Carol and tries to put an arm around her shoulder, to put his hand on her back, but he finds it impossible to complete the manoeuvre.
  54. He also figured that if Ken missed, or only cut one or two streamers, he would have lost enough height in that manoeuvre to fly himself into a disadvantage.
  55. I tendered my resignation, for when you have gained your epaulets on the battle-field, you do not know how to manoeuvre on the slippery grounds of the salons.
  56. That night we shoved the frames out onto the top of the parapet and then we followed them we then began to manoeuvre them into position in front of the trench.
  57. The problem was how could we manoeuvre the Teoti to believe we numbered only two thousand, this problem Jodas generously said he would leave to Coatl and myself.
  58. I grabbed his hand on the back of my neck with mine, trying to pry his fingers, his touch off my form, but the manoeuvre only made Adrinius more persistent in his clutch.
  59. He left the garden in the same manner, but backwards, being obliged, in order to keep the dog respectful, to have recourse to that manoeuvre with his stick which masters in.
  60. The necessity for his men to expose their faces as they looked upwards on the steep track would make them vulnerable to archers and it would also limit their room to manoeuvre.
  61. Beyond the immediate sprawl of the hospital buildings Barnstaple fades quickly in Billy's rear view mirror, not that he is at all aware of the mirror, signal, manoeuvre process.
  62. This manoeuvre exposed a narrow altar jammed against the wall of the revealed alcove, replete with white cloth, two candles in cut-glass holders, and a large, shiny brass cross.
  63. As the invasion began, the traitorous commanders’ final tasks had been to manoeuvre the Tanarian forces into tactically unsound positions or to lead them directly into ambushes.
  64. On soil where an imprint of the track may be left, this manoeuvre possesses, among other advantages, that of deceiving the huntsmen and the dogs, by throwing them on the wrong scent.
  65. On the rare occasion when repeated attempts with the Heimlich manoeuvre fail to dislodge an obstruction, drastic action is required: a cut into the patient’s throat below the obstruction.
  66. The machine was heavy, judging by the time and effort it took the scarecrows to manoeuvre it into a position where the metal chute reached the end of the trailer parked at the top of the wooden ramp.
  67. This time he struck at the other side and was blocked by Donalds sword, but immediately twirled into another similar manoeuvre but lowered his sword so as to strike in a downward diagonal direction.
  68. If she had not been attached to him in so unladylike a position, her legs wrapped around his waist, the manoeuvre might have counted as one of the more romantic gestures of Brad’s bedroom conquests.
  69. Strife was internecine during the next fortnight, but I suffered the more, for my father had greater reserves to draw on and a wider territory for manoeuvre, while I was pinned to my bridgehead between.
  70. The well disciplined Aristrians followed their Commander’s instructions and two long horn blows sounded the manoeuvre, with a renewed effort the infantry began to force the Tanarians back up the hill.
  71. If I endeavored to overtake him in a boat, in order to see how he would manoeuvre, he would dive and be completely lost, so that I did not discover him again, sometimes, till the latter part of the day.
  72. But her vagrant mind must be reduced to order: there was an art in self-discipline; and she walked round and round the brown library considering by what sort of manoeuvre she could arrest her wandering thoughts.
  73. So, according to the conspiracy theory, the objective of the President and his senior staff was to manoeuvre Japan into firing the first shot in order to leave no doubt in anyone's mind as to who are the aggressors.
  74. The pointed bow finishing with the Raven’s beak directly in line with the mark that Coatl had earlier scraped in the sand, this manoeuvre sent the people wild with appreciation for the skill needed to complete such a feat.
  75. In 1868, Jay Gould and Jim Fisk raised capital for the Erie Railroad with a masterful "lock-up" of currency and the manipulation of Erie Railroad stock, skills that would later assist them in the Gold Ring manoeuvre of 1869.
  76. After roping it tightly against the jetty, he had it bailed to around the halfway mark before he saw water leaking in between the planks, but enough weight had been reduced to allow him to manoeuvre it to the workshop slipway.
  77. Mr 3 was staunch to the end, his only extra manoeuvre was to tell the courts that the people we had robbed were drug dealers and that they deserved it, hence the fact he received a slightly longer non-parole period then the others.
  78. Stealthily, she drew me apart from the rest as though the more completely to separate me from them; and, though no harm came of her doing so—for it was merely a stupid manoeuvre, and no more—I found the situation very unpleasant.
  79. Jiva had the remnants of a smile on her face, the sides of her lips twitching faintly, and I exhaled at the simple natural manoeuvre synonymous to all creatures, that still, after all these years, managed to calm the nerves when shared.
  80. The order came to wheel sideways towards the right and that’s when the trouble started the manoeuvre we had just made should have taken our advance up the main spur towards Krithia but in between the spurs was rough terrain that contained gullies and thick bush.
  81. His intention was to methodically sweep the entire area, a manoeuvre which brought a growing sense of panic to Tress as she was still inside the cordon of men and now her retreat back into the mine entrance was also blocked by the large contingent that searched it.
  82. The Sea rose in vast Mountains and gap’d in great Valleys, and the Tars of the Cassandra were engaged in furling Sail, (for she had such great Quantities of it, on all three Masts, that it took well-nigh fifty Men just to reef ’em), whilst we could manoeuvre much more rapidly.
  83. I’d seen Jackie Chan do almost the same stunt in movies countless times before; I thought why couldn’t I do the same manoeuvre? I waited until the nurses were busy getting Patrick ready for the day and then I pulled the red call button in Emma’s room (she was a new arrival at C.
  84. And was it worth while, after all that had happened, to contend with these new trivial difficulties? Was it worth while, for instance, to manoeuvre that Svidrigailov should not go to Porfiry's? Was it worth while to investigate, to ascertain the facts, to waste time over anyone like Svidrigailov?
  85. The gate opened with a thundering noise, the clattering of the chains became louder, and the convoy soldiers, dressed in white blouses and carrying guns, came out into the street and took their places in a large, exact circle in front of the gate; this was evidently a usual, often-practised manoeuvre.
  86. The Treaty of Versailles (see Chapter 3) put a cap on the size of the German army and banned the German air force, which is why the German police and fire services suddenly got thousands of new recruits all learning how to march and carry out a flanking manoeuvre and hundreds of young men enrolled in flying clubs.
  87. Clearly, he said, we are concerned with that part of geometry which relates to war; for in pitching a camp, or taking up a position, or closing or extending the lines of an army, or any other military manoeuvre, whether in actual battle or on a march, it will make all the difference whether a general is or is not a geometrician.
  88. The Biscayan, seeing him come on in this way, was convinced of his courage by his spirited bearing, and resolved to follow his example, so he waited for him keeping well under cover of his cushion, being unable to execute any sort of manoeuvre with his mule, which, dead tired and never meant for this kind of game, could not stir a step.
  89. Some just did a simple, but graceful, approach, flying efficiently, extending their glides as long as possible, while others flew out over the valley with plenty of altitude and executed a spectacular aerobatic display, performing stalls, dives and over the top wingovers, often entering their last manoeuvre dangerously close to the ground.
  90. For a moment Ken wasn’t sure where Glenn was, and while he wasn’t reacting, Glenn swooped into a mentally pre-rehearsed manoeuvre in which he pulled into a much steeper dive, gaining substantial speed, diving below the level of Ken’s glider, pulling up underneath the streamers, cutting two of them on the way up and then banking away back towards the hill in an efficient climbing left turn before Ken even knew what happened.
  91. The irrepressible Bloom, who also had a shrewd suspicion that the old stager went out on a manoeuvre after the counterattraction in the shape of a female who however had disappeared to all intents and purposes, could by straining just perceive him, when duly refreshed by his rum puncheon exploit, gaping up at the piers and girders of the Loop line rather out of his depth as of course it was all radically altered since his last visit and greatly improved.
  92. However, to counterbalance her personal defects, the marquise gave her daughter a distinguished air, subjected her to hygienic treatment which provisionally kept her nose at a reasonable flesh-tint, taught her the art of dressing well, endowed her with charming manners, showed her the trick of melancholy glances which interest a man and make him believe that he has found a long-sought angel, taught her the manoeuvre of the foot,—letting it peep beneath the petticoat, to show its tiny size, at the moment when the nose became aggressively red; in short, Madame d'Aubrion had cleverly made the very best of her offspring.
  93. The hot contention of opposing fronts, the long manoeuvre,.
  94. It was difficult to carry out this manoeuvre while he was being rolled around,.

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