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    1. You do not have to take control of the conversation; let your grandson steer it in a direction that interests him

    2. "What can that map show in this wasteland that we can steer to?" Ava asked him

    3. Stephen said that she tried to steer onto the hard shoulder but skidded on something and went into the bridge

    4. I have to pretend steer the stupid ship, too, because Staas Company only wanted three, non-union bridge officers

    5. It was better when I didn't know, but you did try to steer the conversation into telling me this

    6. Along here you just have to steer between the banks and don't hit another ship

    7. ‘But I’d recommend that you steer clear of erupting volcanos for a while, young woman

    8. As we returned to shore, Nikos encouraged Alessandra to steer the boat

    9. So although it was their first time on a sailing vessel for which they had to trim sails, steer, and navigate through the wind, they were exceptionally capable sailors from the outset

    10. He tried to steer him in the right direction, “What leads do you have from the other end?”

    1. As they came to the bottom of the stairs, she steered him towards the back of the house, towards the kitchen entrance

    2. Roman steered the van off

    3. I steered the Pinto with one hand and pulled

    4. waited as he steered his craft to the bank

    5. With great skill and experience, Father steered our boat into the cove

    6. He didn’t pursue the matter, but steered the conversation in another direction, noting her discomfort and the tension at the mention of his name

    7. Nerissa steered due

    8. Ben steered his front carriage by positioning his weight from side to side and occasionally tugging at the hand rims on the wheels

    9. The powerful blue field emanating from Danny's body reached out with a second pod-like arm toward the diamond and steered it out of the Leader's way

    10. He was being steered into the tunnel entrance as though he were a prize fish

    1. " He concentrated on the traffic, the steering was very, sluggish and he had started to yaw back and forth

    2. How on earth do you know which ones to press and when? Then the array of dials set into the surface above the steering wheel caught her eye … what did they all mean? She’d been in taxis many times but never in a personal vehicle like this

    3. Nothing about their steering, strictly personal

    4. Berndt is talking to Drens in the steering cabin place at the back of the boat … the stern? … Joris hasn’t appeared yet

    5. In all his previous trips to the Kassikan, the farthest he'd been was level 121, the balcony of the Astronomical Research Steering Committee that he often pleaded for funding in front of

    6. It could be the Curitiba that was steering the impactors using the same technology that Major husband was discovering

    7. ’ I said - very conscious of him sitting there leaning on the steering wheel beside me

    8. He parks outside his house, turns the engine off and sits, his hands on the steering wheel, staring straight ahead

    9. He manages to edge the car onto the hard packed ruts of a field entrance and, bending forward, he rests his head on the soft plastic of the steering wheel

    10. With his mention of Jasari, Alex tightens his grip on the steering wheel again, hammering through bends to keep the Lexus in view

    1. ’ My persistent daughter commented as she steers the empty buggy round a corner

    2. John points southwest and Dave steers the boat in that direction

    3. He swings his prayer beads lazily back and forth while he steers the bus with his knees and smokes a cigarette

    4. that gathers itself up and steers the tethered land towards dusk

    5. I’ve come to a full stop in the middle of the pavement but he takes my elbow and, jolting me back into motion, steers me towards the park that backs onto our office block

    6. It says much for Karen’s power in the classroom, that Lucy mumbles a ‘sorry’ in my direction … before I can respond, Karen grasps my elbow and steers me away towards another group

    7. Dave steers towards the path of least resistance

    8. Johanna steers us toward the rendezvous point, where she saw Uriah and Cara

    9. The 4H and FFA clubs throughout the region show hogs, lambs, steers, rabbits, and other animals

    10. That is the belief that a given child is a blank slate, and he will become whatever his environment steers him to

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    bullock steer confidential information hint lead tip wind channelise channelize direct guide head maneuver manoeuver manoeuvre point pilot fly conduct navigate