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    1. LORD; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee,

    2. lives of those they have direct or in direct issues with

    3. While it has not been proven scientifically that emotional stress causes coronary artery disease, it is associated with behaviors that do produce coronary artery disease, and there is suggestive evidence that it may even have a direct effect in producing coronary disease

    4. This mold is created as a direct result of insects such as aphids, scale, whiteflies and mealybugs

    5. a direct result of the vague hope I had felt on hearing that the Inspector believed me …

    6. Porches, decks, and other wooden structures should not be in direct contact with the soil

    7. They were poorly trained things that were hard to direct from the get-go

    8. Ant memory works in a very direct way

    9. Allow to soak in the direct sun and moonlight for 24 hrs

    10. This site provides information about all the recent government announcements and important judgements related to direct and indirect taxes and related laws

    11. ’ he said sounding truly concerned … I suppose in a way my losing my job is a direct result of him taking me in for questioning … but the man was only doing his job

    12. black rimmed eyes of the widow through a child’s direct but uncomprehending gaze

    13. " Theo worked for both agencies with direct responsibility to Europol and the Interpol hierarchy above that

    14. and engaging Billie Tuke-Hastings, but the direct line of this once numerous family of

    15. Faith is the direct opposite of fear, so it has an opposite effect in man’s

    16. The Heavenly Mother is coming in too hot to make a direct stop here

    17. He believed at a time when the physical nature of things was in direct

    18. Direct connection to the international skin-trade and human organ trafficking was a recent addition to his portfolio of accomplishments

    19. There is a direct connection: from sin -to disease,

    20. Now she relied only on her own direct contact with the central hub, the main server within the company that could perform the same activities but with a layer of personal filtering in between - unobtrusive, in other words

    21. relationship that grows in direct proportion to the amount of time we

    22. direct the rampaging animal as best he could

    23. I stand and direct the crowds that surge through the shallows of

    24. Often good works are not completed because no one had the direct responsibility of such

    25. "It means were going to have to collide the particle streams we fire at a more direct angle

    26. As far as external stimuli are concerned I remember little other than a dull ache of occasional electric light and the return of Smiler’s simple, direct and low-level violence

    27. Once our troops are in their secret laboratories, they will mold this world as we direct

    28. How does the Bible authorize? It authorizes by direct command

    29. Having shown that the Bible authority is established by direct command, approved

    30. selected by the elders in carrying out any obligation of the church, that obligation growing out of that for which there is approved example, necessary inference or a direct statement

    31. He wanted something to happen so that he could justify taking direct action

    32. On that brilliant night there began the simplest and most direct of loves, a love that bound us together through the days to come

    33. It was coming from well off the direct line to Sol and was not accompanied by drivewash, meaning the ship was trying to enter the system unobserved

    34. Occasionally, when asked a direct question, our guards might tell us what month it was by their calendar, that it was October or November

    35. The Al-Harron would have noticed the actual direction of travel the asteroid was on after the first explosion and calculated what missiles they would need to nudge it onto a more direct path

    36. He pulled off his shirt as he began the long walk out the pier in the direct rays of the setting sun

    37. She spun webs of silver thread through the evening air, always making direct eye contact, always drawing him in towards her desperate need for love on this particular night

    38. The priest will then direct you as to how to offer your sacrifice

    39. In fact, I believe that when it mentions that by wisdom God created the world that that is a direct reference to the Spirit

    40. Danton’s fellow revolutionaries, compressed as they were into such a small space, gave vent to their frustration and pain in rivers of blood, and he, the great Danton, could do nothing now that the beast was off its chains but try to direct the rampaging animal as best he could

    41. I stand and direct the crowds that surge through the shallows of our old world on waves of violence

    42. In personality Desa was more outspoken, more direct, Luray was somewhat more aloof

    43. I have taught you how to control and direct your ability

    44. It is, in fact, a methodology based on the old Dickensian philosophy of serialization, but rather than stories appearing once a week in a magazine, new stories appear pretty much once a week across the globe in electronic format, using aggregators and direct publishing at sites like Smashwords

    45. She was more like a dragon; and he did prefer dragons and their direct approach to things

    46. She felt that she finally had something to offer to these discussions, basing her opinions on her direct experience with these poor unfortunate people

    47. I would much rather go through this than a life time of struggling with the direct afflictions of an imbalance taking affect daily and maybe that's why it did

    48. Scientology isn't just dangerous for someone who needs medication; its direct purpose is something other than what the members are aware of

    49. Be direct and tell them you’re not interested

    50. Be direct and assertive and that unwanted attention should go

    1. Nancy looked away, trying to appear casual, before acting surprised that the question was directed at her

    2. "I don't want hostility directed at me and what I'm trying to accomplish

    3. hair, and directed my words to the face

    4. Leonora had been wandering aimlessly around town, and not happily, but it wasn't until she found herself directed back towards the Burger Joint that she really began to wonder about it

    5. The Al-Harron's drive was deliberately aimed off the true course so there would be no plume of radiation directed at their target

    6. Full of contempt - Even though this was initially directed toward God it led him to act contemptuously toward all others

    7. " So do I but I must recognize that not everything the Bible says is not directed to me

    8. "You didn't tell him?" I know that question is directed at me

    9. with the blade while blocking another blade that was directed at his heart

    10. Lyla directed Son to their quarters

    11. Certainly, not all negative thoughts are directed inwards at

    12. ourselves, but even negative thoughts that are directed

    13. It is wrong to put them above the Holy Spirit and make it so that the only way people are directed and communicated through is if they have some sort of title or credential

    14. Everything in the life of Christ seemed to be directed by the hand of the Father

    15. “The appeal needs to be directed to the Royal Courts of Jodechi”

    16. Most of these he directed at Jake, and Kate

    17. There was a lot of ‘hellos’, and ‘welcomes’ directed to James

    18. thought is directed intentionally, it can impact

    19. “I know I directed you to get answers and told you that you had priority, but that didn’t mean you should have no oversight

    20. They walked where directed and marched in step with their girls

    21. directed to the animal, and weak when incongruent

    22. questions are directed to the animal, the connection

    23. They were directed to a room with benches on both sides and a huge bowl in the middle

    24. the yard and directed to the upper floor to the barn to settle in

    25. stodgy food, they were directed to the main activities of that day and

    26. Evidently following the landlady’s instructions, Bram directed

    27. afternoon, the old mechanic had quietly directed Tom into the

    28. The hurtful comments and slurs directed toward the Livingsons, by those same shallow people which had for years been seemingly benign, now began overnight to rise in pitch and derision

    29. students would be directed to join a Watch at the crossing

    30. The group of travellers were directed by Sergeant Brasham to one

    31. George had custom rod orders to fill and set Harry to the task of sectioning and planing the strips while he directed the girls in wrapping the guides, strippers and tips

    32. It was of course George's Great-uncle Fong Li who had directed the construction, and it was Fong Li who meticulously explained the subtleties of sailing a small craft to Belle and George during the long construction process

    33. Sergeant Brasham, who was the Duty officer, directed the

    34. Other groups had been directed to communicate with the

    35. It’s all about the knowing, and Alex already knows how the man will shape up, knows where his weight will be, where his mass and energy are directed

    36. George and Belle gave a bit of a wave for the congratulations now directed to them

    37. Mandy Hill was tearing up, she kissed him on his cheek, shook George and Belle's hands and directed the setting of the meal

    38. He is directed to the first floor of the Ladywell building on the far side of the hospital, and taking the advice of the porter, Alex heads off in the direction of the link corridor on the ground floor, two floors down from the current level

    39. He separated out daily expense funds and then locked the bulk of his bank away as directed, and so joined his elder companion on the walk through a couple coaches up to the Dining car

    40. When they walked to the nearby stream on washing days, or when they were due for a bathe, it was then she directed Harry how to gather the wild herbs and wildflowers for the medicine chest and pantry

    41. Roman’s attention was directed over to Johnny’s table

    42. The young pretender then quickly excused herself from the young gentleman and when she was at once in the street, she was immediately joined by the taller lady who took the girl's elbow in her hand and directed her to the hotel and on into the lobby

    43. Allcock directed the coachman

    44. aspersions that had been cast had been directed at

    45. “I did not take the charges as being directed specifically against Althart, I took it as within my prerogative to investigate any who might have gained by the availability of the body Ava was put into

    46. interest was directed at something down in the main hall,

    47. Roman gripped her chin and directed her eyes toward his

    48. "She probably hoped she could claim one of them" Jim cut her off rudely, and with a dirty look directed at his mother that Emma couldn't help but notice, silenced her

    49. Jameson led out the servers and directed the placement of each dish, making comments as to each dish's ingredients and preparation as he did so

    50. Then he softened, put his arm around Harry's shoulders and directed him to walk a little more with him

    1. The woman called Ava is directing you

    2. him before directing his colleagues to their respective seats

    3. "Well?" He said, directing himself to me

    4. prayer when it comes to directing the affairs of the church

    5. ’ She instructed, directing a straw between the swollen lips of the recumbent woman

    6. correct method of directing the thoughts towards positive

    7. The rest of the day goes in a whirl of activity – I am taken to a bird house where half a dozen birds are acclimatised to my tawstones and I am instructed in the mysteries of directing a bird

    8. ” James was directing his comments to Daniel

    9. directing them to the universe, but simply reciting positive

    10. enable yourself to love, you need to consider directing this energy

    11. directing all of them into the farmhouse

    12. directing them to chairs in the kitchen – “to keep you from cluttering

    13. One officer is directing late night traffic and moving people on

    14. It was Belle who, once the twins accepted the task, began directing their lessons on the new boat and arranged the course of exercises at home with George

    15. As for their parents, when their voices became weary of directing their daughters' defense, they simply watched and Harry redoubled his onslaught in leaps and spins which at times seemed to defy gravity in their height and duration

    16. The girls had made all their gifts, well nearly all, and insisted upon directing the holiday's main event

    17. “You'll have to start really slowly, directing their motion intentionally with your thought, then try to speed up and see how rapidly you can roll them and really keep up mentally

    18. Allcock was directing porters to the correct compartment to unload their things

    19. horse and directing its nose in the opposite direction to the

    20. he added, directing the instruction towards Jean

    21. my family,' he said, still directing his comments to

    22. directing his anger towards the Knight

    23. directing a scowl of disapproval towards the ground

    24. ‘Are you sure about that?’ said Ducroix, directing a

    25. directing his question to the Dean of the Guild

    26. women,’ – here he couldn’t help directing a look of

    27. that prophecy is always confirming rather than directing, and no Body of Christ

    28. Enid, the boys and our luggage, and I began directing

    29. A uniformed doorman sat behind the counter, directing girls in transparent flowing robes who hurried by with trays of steaming food

    30. spare the herd?’ asked Rene, directing a sidelong glance

    31. Ome was on the verge of directing the Elders and Chosen into defensive formations, maybe barricade themselves within the Hangar before the Dark Army found them, when suddenly a Chosen shouted out in warning

    32. plod on resolutely, however, all the while directing

    33. While I was directing toward the

    34. ” I was an expert at directing the elements

    35. be assured that the work they do directing traffic to your site is not in

    36. By preferring the support of domestic to that of foreign industry, he intends only his own security ; and by directing that industry in such a manner as its produce may be of the greatest value, he intends only his own gain; and he is in this, as in many other cases, led by an invisible hand to promote an end which was no part of his intention

    37. To dream that you are directing traffic implies that you have power and control over the path or destinations of others

    38. The soldiers were directing the exiles towards the registering point where Ashpenaz and his officials were ready to commence the massive task of cataloguing the exiled families

    39. He immediately put her mind at ease on the issue and said that Helez would be planning and directing the whole event

    40. ” In meditation, to be one-pointed means to have a mind that is capable of being aware of only the object of meditation, without directing attention to any other thoughts or emotions

    41. He figured Delvin was doing a capable enough job directing things in the meantime

    42. directing his words to Victor

    43. directing it to the Crystal City

    44. However, directing this vessel back to your home world undetected will be a challenge

    45. He purred with delight at the slightest touch, nestling his head in our hands, directing our strokes, lifting his chin, as if he were smiling

    46. And let"s not forget the calls he made, again from his White House office, directing Immigration and Naturalization officers across the country to relax their screening standards for immigrants who wished to become citizens

    47. the earlier telegram from the secretary directing a search for the Shenandoah, and that the Saranac and Suwanee were both in pursuit of the rebel ship on that date

    48. A middle-aged woman stood up next, directing her question at Millicent

    49. ” Manna answered, directing everyone’s gaze back to the serpent, the body had continued swaying and another head was replacing the first

    50. But he stayed resolutely with his men, and, too ill to stand, I have seen him wrapped in his cape and propped above the mud and water by ammunition boxes, directing operations night and day

    1. Baker directs John to one of the armchairs, unbuttons his jacket to reveal a gold tie chain, and sits in the other one, leaning forward in John’s direction

    2. Russ directs traffic as John and Khalid log the moonshine crates as they trundle up the conveyer belt into the belly of the plane

    3. Trying to keep out of the way of the crew, all rushing around doing totally incomprehensible things very efficiently while Drens directs operations, I duck under some ropes to stand by the rail taking in the scene on the shore

    4. can upload your videos to video-sharing sites with a call to action that directs

    5. They naturally, perhaps necessarily, follow the mode of the times ; and their expense comes to be regulated by the same extravagant vanity which directs that of all the other great proprietors in their dominions

    6. When our country gentlemen, therefore, demanded the establishment of the bounty, though they acted in imitation of our merchants and manufacturers, they did not act with that complete comprehension of their own interest, which commonly directs the conduct of those two other orders of people

    7. The charioteer is the master of the chariot and directs the horses

    8. A wholesome environment, that is morally and spiritually instructive, guides and directs the activities of an individual

    9. It is arguably the most important faculty we possess as human beings in the manner it controls or directs behavior by giving pause to questions relating to right and wrong and good and evil, even when such distinctions are oftentimes unclear

    10. It might be culturally closer to Arizona, where much of the white population directs their still deep racism at Natives rather than invents fanciful stories of an Indian in the family as southerners do

    11. hear His voice, and to follow god in all of the ways He directs you

    12. We have senses, feelings and hopefully logic, but regardless of what the latter directs us to do, even if we vividly realise what we are doing is wrong, we acquire a false sense of “everything will be okay”, as long as I am part of the group which guarantees that I will fit in, socially, politically and yes, spiritually as well

    13. 3 He directs it under the whole Heaven, and his lightning to the ends of the Earth

    14. Now I understand that there are ordinances, statutes and examples and yes, also punishment should we disregard what scriptures directs us to do in terms of our remains

    15. All I ask is that someone directs me to the scripture which proves or disproves the “challenge”

    16. than having great incomes without justification; man's heart devises his own way, but the Lord directs his steps; A divine sentence is

    17. hardens his face, but as for the upright, he directs his way

    18. … Phishing is typically carried out by email or instant messaging and it often directs users to

    19. It directs the header file to include all

    20. wisdom, and directs the wise

    21. fate, or luck, but there is an Almighty God, Who directs our footsteps, and has His

    22. directs our footsteps, and has His hand on other people’ lives in order that

    23. It directs attention away from their efforts to suppress and punish those who are not seduced by their global warming hysteria, or the madness of government spending, but speak of the horror that is building for future generations

    24. the sadguru, the inner Guru, who directs and helps from within

    25. The self-object directs attention at the thought, but more than temporary selective attention, the thought tends to maintain a large value of the attentional field across time

    26. ” He says as he places her on the kitchen counter and directs her hand to his heart

    27. “I remember now, your down thirteen percent last year right” I said, I remember the company now it was a project I didn't want to take on but one of the directs asks for them to have a chance so I invested into their company by buying shares

    28. All we need do is obey and trust Him as He directs us where we should go!”

    29. Gifts shall be opened as the Giver directs

    30. directs us where we should go!”

    31. Walter Williams8 reports that he is afraid that most Americans indeed do believe that government should be able to force people to do what the government directs in their health and welfare interests

    32. This reality directs and shapes our life's

    33. of the comedies that Woody Allen stars in as well as directs, he plays an inept klutz whose good

    34. “You should have killed him, Saul, as the Lord directs,” Samuel said

    35. working in harmony with the Logos who directs it

    36. directs the world and the solar system

    37. them at that stage, while the Mahachohan directs the minds of men so that

    38. directs the whole of its evolution-- not that of humanity alone, but also the

    39. the non-rational creatures of God, which the saint helps, heals and directs – while they in return serve, protect and watch over the saint

    40. He guides and directs, but without self-assertion

    41. Said the Adjuster: "I will, as you have directed, enjoin the employment of this attendant host of universe intelligences in any manner in connection with your earth career except in those cases where the Paradise Father directs me to release such agencies in order that his divine will of your choosing may be accomplished, and in those instances where you may engage in any choice or act of your divine-human will which shall only involve departures from the natural earth order as to time

    42. Why is it that you show such disrespect for the traditions of the fathers and the laws of our elders?" And when Jesus heard him speak, he answered: "Why is it that you transgress the commandments of God by the laws of your tradition? The commandment says, `Honor your father and your mother,' and directs that you share with them your substance if necessary; but you enact a law of tradition which permits undutiful children to say that the money wherewith the parents might have been assisted has been `given to God

    43. You well know the commandment which directs that you love one another; that you love your neighbor even as yourself

    44. Brick, with Chee-Chee on his shoulder, directs a group of uniformed soldiers where to put the stolen cargo containing the Shelto

    45. If you have read and studied the book of Revelation, you may have noticed that God directs

    46. When God (not antichrist) directs the enemies of the Jews to invade Israel, God will

    47. Although free-will directs our behavior, ultimately, God is sovereign

    48. It directs all local Japanese commanders to exterminate all the Allied prisoners in their custody, both military and civilian, if enemy forces are either about to invade their zones of responsibility or about to invade Japan itself

    49. computer network which directs matter, energy and forces anywhere in the universe at

    50. foundation of our universe and, even as the computer directs the matter/energy/forces in

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