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    1. this can be if you use those two little words, followed by a negative

    2. So don't use the words can't, always, never, and try or the words I am in a negative context any longer

    3. Negative thoughts and actions initiate health problems and more importantly do not allow we to recover fast

    4. If they are posting negative things, you are reading that stuff and it’s going into your brain

    5. Older people who have more negative stereotypes about aging have greater hearing loss over time than people with more positive views on aging

    6. Ask questions about their interests, and when you disapprove, keep negative comments to yourself

    7. Negative thoughts are also part of the aging process

    8. negative thought can reverberate

    9. The first character is a negative particle meaning 'not'

    10. If you speak a negative word, that word will proceed

    11. to live and cause a negative influence

    12. become negative, there is nothing else, than the end

    13. Then I had to explain to her that what had put me off her during the last five months was a negative change in her overall behaviour

    14. ‘And that’s not intended to be a negative comment

    15. Leak: A well hidden secret of yours will finally be revealed and this will cause negative changes in your life

    16. Snow: A negative omen, signifying disappointments, difficulties and delays

    17. They gain something out of focusing on negative energy, so

    18. What about the addiction to negative energy,

    19. negative emotion, negative thinking and negative speech

    20. patterns? Can someone really become addicted to negative

    21. themselves out of an emotional addiction to negative energy

    22. towards being addicted to negative energy

    23. At the heart of Negative Energy Addiction is a malfunctioning

    24. Clearly, there are many things hidden at the core of Negative

    25. People who are trapped deep in the addiction of negative

    26. attempts to defend this negative pattern out of a desire to

    27. negative thinking, second thoughts, fears, worries, and our

    28. to slowly dissipate, so negative things may still be affecting

    29. observing reality around us with a negative film over our eyes

    30. an old Vortex of swirling negative energy patterns that still

    31. even bigger negative vortex that then reflects to them all

    32. Craving is the life-‐depleting force that creates negative

    33. Certainly, not all negative thoughts are directed inwards at

    34. ourselves, but even negative thoughts that are directed

    35. They are not serving you except to keep you in a negative

    36. Something has to keep feeding the negative energy frenzy

    37. Eventually, the negative energy vortex collapses in an

    38. In a community that has a vortex of negative energy

    39. This is the law of attraction in action when you allow negative

    40. through a negative vortex that has been built for years

    41. Begin replacing negative emotional charges and negative

    42. and that my dear is what judges others… the negative energy

    43. of you that may be addicted to negative energy

    44. you are flowing in a mixed vortex of negative and positive

    45. Reason, defeated by logic, fades; negative thoughts pounding me from every side, I struggle to rationalise

    46. Your world was so negative Daniel; it was on the brink of total annihilation

    47. In life coaching, we often call this negative voice (“It’s too cold to get out of the bed today”) The Saboteur

    48. surveying a world in negative,

    49. It couldn't be more negative

    50. I let them borrow it because they needed to learn the negative outcomes of being involved in gangs that were highlighted in my messages I had just created

    1. he negatived the remainder of the definition forthwith

    2. If there is even a single body moving freely, then the laws of Kepler and Newton are negatived and no conception of the movement of the heavenly bodies any longer exists

    3. Eshton, observing me, seemed to propose that I should be asked to join them; but Lady Ingram instantly negatived the notion

    4. Yet, this wild hint seemed inferentially negatived, by what a grey Manxman insinuated, an old sepulchral man, who, having never before sailed out of Nantucket, had never ere this laid eye upon wild Ahab

    5. But most people of the upper classes (though in the depth of their souls they had lost faith in the Church teaching) could not or would not act thus, because the essence of that Christian view of life, which stood ready to be adopted when once they rejected the Church faith, was a teaching of the brotherhood (and therefore the equality) of man, and this negatived those privileges on which they lived, in which they had grown up and been educated, and to which they were accustomed

    6. Negatived by a considerable majority

    7. Motion to adjourn negatived

    8. The resolution was negatived by the committee—49 to 31

    9. 's motion was negatived by a very large majority

    10. Clopton was negatived, 59 to 35

    11. Milnor was negatived, 57 to 53

    12. Sawyer's amendment was negatived without a division

    13. To-morrow was named as the day on which it should be read a third time, and negatived, ayes, 32

    14. Gardenier, and negatived without a division

    15. And the motion to strike out was negatived, yeas 57, nays 54

    16. Negatived, 57 to 43

    17. The motion for indefinite postponement was negatived, ayes 23

    18. Smilie's amendment was negatived

    19. I shall vote to continue the Navy, and I hope that this proposition, and any other to reduce the Naval Establishment, will be negatived; for on this establishment depends the protection of our maritime border, and safety of the people upon and near it

    20. But, unfortunately, he could not produce one title of authentic evidence to establish his position, a position absolutely negatived by the official letter to M

    21. Motions negatived; the first 65 to 10, the second 66 to 8

    22. This motion was negatived, 58 to 48

    23. The resolution recommended by the report was negatived, 54 to 31: and a resolution offered by Mr

    24. Rhea moved so to amend the bill as to fix the dock yard in the navy-yard at Washington City; but this motion was negatived by a large majority

    25. Little to recommit the bill, and negatived

    26. The motion to strike out the section was then negatived by a large majority

    27. Sundry other amendments were proposed in the committee, after the bill was reported to the House, and negatived

    28. The motion to strike out the first section was negatived, yeas 24

    29. Pitkin renewed the motion to strike out the first section of the bill; which was negatived by a large majority

    30. Randolph's proposed amendment was negatived by a large majority; and the resolution was agreed to without further debate or opposition

    31. The question was then taken on the motion to strike out the seventy-fours, and negatived

    32. There was no pressing emergency to hurry the bill; and he, therefore, moved to postpone the further consideration of it to Monday, which was negatived

    33. Clay's motion, and negatived

    34. The question on striking out the section was negatived by a very small majority; and the committee rose and reported the bill

    35. After some conversation, the motion was negatived by yeas and nays—for it 40, against it 80

    36. This motion was negatived

    37. amendments negatived and bill ordered to third reading, 584;

    38. motion to strike out seventy-fours negatived, 606;

    1. the negatives, the lack and the can’ts in life

    2. bad as attaching to negatives; they both clog up the system

    3. Negatives will get you nowhere

    4. technology has come, it still gives us false negatives at times

    5. negatives in his life

    6. To dream that you have tan lines in your dream represent the positives and negatives of a situation

    7. did not have time to dwell on the negatives of whaling

    8. He remembered all the things he had mourned, all the negatives he had focused upon whilst positives drifted away unnoticed

    9. We should have the negatives within a half an hour, prints shortly thereafter

    10. tives and negative to negatives

    11. Marilee never saw the negatives in her daughter either, but I do know that she knew what was going on, as she started to lessen the weekends she stayed with me, and go to Portsea more

    12. God knows what I did with the negatives, or why I did not have the presence of mind to have made and kept for litigation purposes duplicate prints

    13. negatives (all the negative consequences,

    14. Getting into real estate investing can be exciting and lucrative, but you have to be willing to deal with the negatives as well as the positives

    15. She said, “One of the biggest negatives against staying is that I’m not up to facing any more challenges in our relationship

    16. Do you have any regrets about this life or can you see any negatives of this lifestyle?

    17. Are there any negatives to this life and do you ever feel trapped or that you want to stop?

    18. On the other hand there were several financial negatives for the insurance

    19. positive and negative charge, and positive and negative spin; so that the positives and negatives cancel as to net quantity of each attribute which is generated in the process

    20. tially offset some of the negatives? Can supple-

    21. than by negatives; whereas it ought properly to

    22. by negatives, whereas it ought properly to hold itself indifferently disposed toward

    23. negatives and all the copies you have of those photographs, along

    24. Suddenly out of nowhere all the negatives

    25. What do you perceive as being the bonuses and negatives for being in this price bracket?

    26. Negatives - Well, at

    27. Avoid negatives like the plague


    29. luck?" are a few of the negatives she frequently used

    30. earlier in this chapter to the effect that the negatives we have in mind often

    31. Be positive, but be ready about the negatives

    32. Like positives and negatives in an equation

    33. The one tiny positive in amongst all the relentless negatives was that a warm air front was now rolling across the country

    34. Once you do this; then all the negatives of the Western

    35. misunderestimate – probably not a word, but if so, the double negatives cancel and it reduces to estimate; also, the guess that was way off is even worse

    36. She will think too much negatives

    37. reminded himself of all the negatives of the situation—not having

    38. negatives in the universe; certainly that fact is a constant notation

    39. negatives into positive action, and make a glowing, most brilliant

    40. Still though, if there indeed are any negatives,

    41. credit positive attributes to the divine, but that assumes there are also negatives or opposites

    42. and the list of negatives goes on and on

    43. The destructive negatives will then be weighed against the splendid positive

    44. since all of the negatives dramatically

    45. There were some negatives they found that had to face because of their location

    46. I mention the negatives because it played a role in planning their outreach

    47. Delayed land clearances, contentious tax amendments, FIRs against leading industrialists, high expenditure on social welfare programmes in a period of low growth—bombarded with such negatives, corporate India was desperately looking for their white knight

    48. Fear is that little darkroom where negatives are developed

    49. introduces the concept of positives and negatives

    50. the negatives don’t result in fear

    1. Jaggers shook his head,—not in negativing the question, but in altogether negativing the notion that he could anyhow be got to answer it,—and the two horrible casts of the twitched faces looked, when my eyes strayed up to them, as

    2. Take away this power and a Governor will still have left the power of negativing all acts, so that none can pass without his assent; and, being the agent of the General Government, he would give consent to no law incompatible with the interests of the United States

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