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    1. Their ship was the last of the great daedelus sleepers and traveled so slowly that it reached Narrulla's null point late in the Earth year 2342, a hundred ninety four years from its launch

    2. "We're still in the null point between the moon the natives call Narrulla and the planet they call Kassidor

    3. Even without the missing years, she'd spent more of her life on Gordon's Lamp than at Sol, a good part of it here in this null point and most of her last eight years in this base

    4. He had the most recent plates with him, a whole series of observations of the null point asteroids and their unexplained motions of the past year

    5. In this one Narrulla and the asteroid remaining at the null point had swung around in it's orbit so it was opposite the string of asteroids that were moving away in the direction of Kunae

    6. Most of the presumed boulders had fallen from the null spot, swooped by Narrulla, missing it by only a few hundred miles, and been flung out of the system in the direction of Kunae

    7. They knew nothing of where the ship came from or where it went other than, 'the sky,' but Brancettrabble was pretty sure it came from that boulder up in the null spot

    8. It didn't seem a great leap to surmise that it was the smaller body that was seen falling from the asteroid in the null point

    9. // The Null Case: this NullAnimal class should be instantiated and used in

    10. /* Instead of using C# null, use a NullAnimal instance

    11. One of the astronomers up there had written about what were believed to be some asteroid fragments that had become trapped in the gravitational null between Narrulla and the world this decade

    12. There was a great deal of speculation in his article on how the objects came to be trapped in that gravitational null

    13. Nuplayy, the astronomer who published the article, also re-published an old proof that showed that this null wasn’t stable and that all the bodies would eventually crash to the surface

    14. Now a Nuplayy of Ebnaiyah out of Kln has published some observations on the new and tiny chain of moons, stuck in Narrulla’s null point

    15. I believe that you are actually located in the piece of your ship which remains parked in Narrulla's inner null point

    16. He eventually won me over, he has too much data, there was the attack Luray wrote about, and the astronomical press is full of the moonlets in the Narrulla null point

    17. They were pretty sure from observations Alfred made while on the surface that native astronomers had actually been observing Gordon's Lamp for years, even before they first parked in the null spot between the planet and the moon

    18. At first it had been believed that they were asteroids that had been trapped in the gravitational null, but it seemed that the natives not only possessed telescopes that could see the ship, they possessed enough understanding of gravitational mathematics to know that the bodies could not have come to rest in that spot by natural means

    19. In effect nobody else got a chance of being elected as he would declare a winning opponents election null and void

    20. "Sir, our ship was observed from the time we parked in the moon's null spot

    21. Timed to the microsecond with breaking free of the null point, the reactor was brought to life to begin its task of taking the now re-deployed string of moons ever further from the null point at

    22. All astronomers agreed there was still an asteroid stuck in Narrulla's inner null point, but a sizable fraction of astronomers still say cometary outgassing could account for the behavior of the other bodies

    23. But, even if—-by some cosmic fluke of a miracle---they did, they'd still have to break the encryption! A statistical null

    24. When the two parties in a union wanted to declare that union null and void, the tablet of their contract was brought forth and broken into pieces in front of witnesses

    25. The nurse had now approached, presenting Jimmy with a wet flannel and an instruction to null the pain with it

    26. A good start would be in declaring null and void all the executive

    27. After the mercury filters have been installed and they stop throwing our bones in a ditch, this argument is null an void

    28. The counting ends at the first null character

    29. automatically rendered null and void when a DMAS switch’s ON the hazard

    30. Hypothesis testing consists of a null and alternative hypothesis:

    31. • The null hypothesis states that the members of the comparison are equal; there is no difference (a concrete, default position)

    32. • The alternative hypothesis states that there is difference; it is supported when the null hypothesis is rejected

    33. The conclusion either rejects or fails to reject the null hypothesis

    34. Remember the basis of this test is only based on null hypothesis and it’s always the data are equal (sample belong to same population), and when a null hypothesis fails automatically we select alternate hypothesis

    35. 05 (considering significance level of 5), then we reject null hypothesis as it’s in the lowest probability region which is an error region (alpha)

    36. 05 than we don’t reject Null, when P value is lower than 0

    37. 05 than we reject Null Hypothesis

    38. For example, Code review rate is 100 lines/hour and after change in process and introduction of tools, when we plot in control chart, we identify many points are going beyond the control limits and we would like to see if there is improvement in process behavior, so we select two sample hypothesis test to test if there is significant change, and if the null hypothesis is rejected (P value is less than 0

    39. Null Hypothesis: Both samples are equal

    40. 05 which means reject null hypothesis, so the sample are not equal and it means there is significant change in process

    41. stitutional, and therefore null and void

    42. There was always a chance he could make my life miserable enough to force me to resign, rendering the agreement null and void

    43. been rendered null and void because of what had happened

    44. Since the account was closed, the bank in which the account was held has changed ownership twice and the EIN (Employer's Identification Number) has been rendered null and void

    45. conscious in any traditional sense, it also does not have a null value for Φ according to the ITT

    46. His activities would be nil, null and void

    47. were precipitous and should be regarded as null and void

    48. Another type of hypothesis you need to be aware of is the Null Hypothesis sometimes

    49. statistical testing at the end of the experiment you will either reject or retain the null

    50. the difference is down to chance and the more likely you are to reject the null

    1. live with this pain, at least before they are Nulled

    2. children have not been Nulled

    3. have not Nulled, Bucca hopes this will prove

    4. Besides, he wasn’t even Nulled

    5. ‘He told us not to trust anyone who was Nulled

    6. and he had not been Nulled

    7. It was strange, Elowen was used to seeing Nulled

    8. was about to ask about them not being Nulled but then he

    9. All were Nulled

    10. While frozen, a Nulled Fae is completely powerless, but the higher and more powerful the caste of Fae, the shorter the length of time it stays immobilized

    1. be friends, even after the Nulling

    2. never asked about the Nulling

    3. she stopped, years of being told never to discuss the Nulling

    4. Redeemer on the Day of Nulling

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