painful frasi

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Frasi con painful (in inglese)

It was painful to live.
It is a little painful.
Painful to be that Fat).
One of the most painful.
It was still too painful.
They will have a painful.
That's painful I tell you.

Ah, how painful it is!.
It must have been painful.
In that painful moment of.
A painful swelling in her.
It was painful and useless.
Of course it is painful too.
This was going to be painful.
It was painful because she.
Liam stifled a painful laugh.
A nodule may be very painful.
Burying Toby was very painful.
It's actually a painful and.
This next bit makes painful.
I hope his death was painful.
A painful groan came from him.
This is going to be painful.
It is a painful part to play.
The work was slow and painful.
Learning the truth is painful.
For them is a painful torment.
A painful torment awaits them.
It was very painful to hear it.
This is not painful for a bird.
Was not the most painful thing.
She took a deep painful breath.
During these times of painful.
Some were very painful as the.
A painful doubt filled her soul.
Telling him no would be painful.
They were painful, but worth it.
Paul said it was too painful.
Now, that was incredibly painful.
It will be very painful for you.

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